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For the attention of Dr Joe Livera ':

I am 47 year guy, medium built, working as an engineer in Bangalore, India. I have been a homoepathic patient under the guidance of several consultants for the last 15 years. Have been suffering in the past from problems like indigestion, slow digestion, gas, bloating and morning diarrhoea which have been kept under control by the usage of different types homoepathic drugs(list too long to elaborate) from time to time. Homoepathy used to work well for me and I have become an ardent fan. I have even studied the subject very closely for many years.I do not remember of having suffered from any other major disease and even recent medical examinations by health agencies have not found any trace of organic disease.Only mild BP (130/90) is detected for this I am taking Repace 25mg one tablet daily.

For the last 2 years my problems have aggravated and they are mainly gastric in nature viz constant feeling of bloating with mild relief after food. All GERD symptoms like pain in underarms, presure in chest and diaphraghm when starting to walk, dryness of mouth, mental depression is present.I keep constnatly thinking of my problems and how to cure them. This makes my nervous worrying about the future of my family who are dependant on me and my job.

It is worthwhile to note that of late only( last 2 years) I have become very idiosyncratic and homoepathic drugs are not making any lasting result( may be due to long usage of homoepathy for the last 15 years). I have become over sensitive to homoepathic drugs. Repetetion of any drug in the lower potencies also create aggravations which last for weeks. For example, if I am taking Nux Vomica30, I take only one globule in a glass of water and then consume only 2 spoonfuls from it. Any more medicine aggravates all symptoms and normally I do not repeat any potency for fear of aggravation. You may conclude that I have become as oversensitive as provers(This is for last 2 years only. Before I could take normal doses with good effect)

I have a fairly good knowlegde of the materia medica and am able to tell the progress of the sysmptoms well. All the medicines I have taken in the past are either of the centicimal scale or the 50 milliesmal scale.

Seeing your postings I had taken Nat Phos 6x also. I had been taking 2 tablets 2 times a day. I had relief for a week or so before aggravation of gas symptoms(oppression in the chest) forced me to discontinue.

I would like to have your suggestions.

  gautammazumder on 2006-11-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
have you tried naturopathy for GERD?

or water treatment?
rishimba last decade
No, what is that?

gautammazumder last decade
Case Taking Sheet Part 1

GENERAL SYMPTOMS (Related to you in person)

Age: Sex: Built: Occupation:

1. Do you have any strange, rare, peculiar, unusual or personal symptom, feeling or a recurring thought?
2. Write down all your marked mental symptoms taking the guidelines as suggested below:

- Deliriums, Hallucinations, Fancies or Illusions.
- Dominant emotions in your temperament ( depressed, angry, shame, jealous, absent mindedness, fickle mindedness, hurry, agreeable, arguing, moody, suspicion, others.. etc )
- Your fears and recurring dreams.
- Loss in memory if at all (names, words, streets etc.)
- Propensities ( tendency to do/think about a certain act)

3. Your response to changes in environment

- Feel worse in the morning / afternoon / evening / night.
- Feel worse in cold or hot weather / climates.
- Feel worse in stormy or calm weather.
- Feel worse in dry or damp weather.
- Feel worse in motion / touch / jar / any particular position.
- Feel worse in bright light / loud sound / sharp smell etc.

4. What are your cravings and aversions in food?

- Cravings:
- Aversions:

5. Describe your menstrual affections ( if any )

- symptoms before / during / after
- early / late
- scanty / excessive

6. Write down the diseases running in your family.
7. Write down if you notice any abnormality with your sleep, hunger, thirst and bowel movements.
8. What are the various diseases / surgery which you have overcome from in your life and do you think your present illness is having a relation to the disease or after effects of the drugs taken during the time.

Case Taking Sheet Part - 2

PARTICULAR SYMPTOMS (Related to the parts affected in your body)

9. Do you have any strange, rare, peculiar, unusual or personal symptom, feeling or a recurring pain in the affected parts?
10. Describe your physical sufferings in the specific locations.
11. How does the suffering / pain get aggravated or ameliorated with the changing environment as suggested below:
- Time ( morning, afternoon, evening, night)
- Hot, cold, dry and wet environments.
- Touch, pressure, motion, jar, position, rubbing etc.

12. Do you think there is a specific pattern of occurance of the suffering with regard to time, period or any internal biological changes in the body?
rishimba last decade
To gautammazumder

My apologies that I did not respond to your post as I have been spending a lot of my time on this forum in replying some inane posts by a homeopathic constable who infests this forum like a parasite and provides some entertainment to the regular members with his antics.

I was interested to learn that you have already used Nat Phos 6x but that the dosage of 2 tablets you took did not continue to help you after a few days.

I believe that the reason is that the dose was insufficient. You are advised to take 4 tablets after a meal twice daily and you should observe considerable relief with your first dose.

You must also do some regular exercise to make you sweat it out as this is part of the therapy.

Do not sleep for at least 3 hours after dinner. Do not drink more than a few sips of water after meals.

No coffee, cola drinks and avoid all fatty foods especially sausages, ham, bacon which contain saltpeter as the preservative which will antidote the NP.

Report response in a week or earlier.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,
Thanks a lot for your reply.

I wanted to know that while suggesting the dose whether you have considered my idiosyncratic( over sensitive to potentised medicines) state which I had harped on. As a matter of fact when I was on NP ( 2 tabs 2 times a day , I had aggravation of bloating symptoms after 5/6 days. To this I had responded by reducing the dose to 1 tab daily for 5/6 days and when the bloating persisted, I reduced it to 1 tab every 3 days. In this condition there was no aggravation b but no improvement either. I discontinued after that.

gautammazumder last decade
I would doubt very much that NP 6x could possibly have been the cause of your over sensitivity and discomfort. I believe that it was the lack of the full dosage of the remedy to deal with your gastric juice that made you uncomfortable.

The only way you can verify whether or not the NP was responsible is by taking the full dosage of 4 tablets after a meal and verify what the result is. I feel confident that you will respond positively and that when you continue with the therapy of NP to which you should also add Arnica 30c in the wet dose taken twice daily, that you will snap out of your problem in a short time which will depend on how much erosion has occurred in your esophagus which I believe is badly eroded by the constant regurgitation of gastric juice.

Please use the full dosage recommended and report your response.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Gautam

There are many cases of aggravation from Nat.phos.,on this forum itself.

Don't torture yourself unnecessarily.

Answer rishimba's questions.

You need a remedy to suit YOU.

What worked for X need not worh for Y in homeopathy, as we are dealing with energy medicines, rather than with material doses.

gavinimurthy last decade

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