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ATYPICAL facial neuralgia - Can you help ?

Hi from France,

I felt on your Web site skimming over Google and found it very interesting about ATYPICAL facial neuralgie, which is more difficult to treat than 'vascular' TN.

I'm French, 57 years old and have been enduring 'ATYPICAL' facial neuralgia for 20 years, after dental and gum surgery due to a deep dental infection (the surgeon failed me, I'm sure because I had nothing before).

Symptoms: awful relentless & burning pain at the junction of gum and internal ckeek, cheek tics, dental phantom disorder on the nerve V2 right side 'only'.

Unfortunately, the pain was some days so intense that I lost sleep over, felled into depression and it turned out to ruin my Dipl. Engineer carrier.

I'm followed by the top Pain Research and Treatment Center of Strasbourg, who sent me to Hospital 'Lariboisière' Paris 2 years ago, the top of France in terms of TN for a face anesthesis test. Unfortunately the test didn't succeed, so they feared to do something that could make my situation worse, due to the 'atypical' kind of the affection.

I tried all kind of medics:
TEGRETOL: no effect.
LIORESAL: no effect.
NEURONTIN: first worked for 3 weeks, but afterwards the doses were so high that the side effects were impossible to manage.
LAMICTAL: little relief but same side effects as NEURONTIN.
Recently, a new medic called RINUTEK: no actual relief, immediate awkward side effect, memory losses, un-decision status of mind, ...
And, of course, anti-depressors which didn't work better.

I even had to meet a Psychiatrist (no help, my problem is only pain, no mind trouble).

I'm a little relieved with TOPALGIC 3 * 50mg / day (chlorhydrate of tramadol, just before opioids), RIVOTRIL (clonazepam) 3 * 10 drops / day and LAROXYL (amitriptyline) also 3 * 10 drops / day.

Is my case desperate ?
Do you know any better medic I could try ?
If you've got any advice that could make my live better, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

  szweig on 2006-11-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please fill up questionaire prepared by Rajiv Prasad.
kuldeep last decade
1) I get anxious before an important event. OCC
(2) I have a strong craving for sweet things. OFT
(3) My memory is not very good OCC
(4) I often have a fear of going out, or of walking over bridges, of heights or of closed
places like elevators (lifts). NEV
(5) I often find myself walking fast, even when there is no reason to hurry. OFT
(6) Sometimes I have strong impulses to do strange or dangerous things but I do not
act on them. NEV
(7) I feel more comfortable in cold, fresh air. OCC
(8) I have bloating or diarrhea. NEV
(9) I worry about my own health or about the well-being of my family. OCC
(10) I am fussy about cleanliness. OFT
(11) When I feel anxious I pace about the room, especially at night, sometimes to the
point of exhaustion. NEV
(12) I am a terrible worrier about small things. NEV
(13) I generally do not have much appetite, but I like to sip warm drinks frequently. RAR
(14) I often cannot sleep at night, or I wake up with anxiety. ALW
(15) I am worse when it is cold and better when it is hot. ALW
(16) I have dry, flaky skin. NEV
(17) I have suffered from depression my whole life. OCC
(18) I have considered suicide. NEV
(19) I feel I have to do something important with my life. OFT
(20) Failure is my worst fear. OFT
(21) Music is soothing to me. NEV
(22) Generally I feel better in the summer. ALW
(23) My aches and pains feel better at night. OFT
(24) I crave open air. RAR
(25) I worry about what other people think of me. OCC
(26) I enjoy eating eggs, especially soft boiled. RAR
(27) I work slowly, but I am reliable. RAR
(28) I feel as if I am cracking up and won't be able to cope. OCC
(29) I often wear socks at night because my feet are cold in bed. NEV
(30) As a child, I had a larger than average head. NEV
(31) I tend to put on weight easily. RAR
(32) I am troubled by nightmares. OFT
(33) I sleep with my knees tucked up to my chest. NEV
(34) I have lots of moles and birth marks. NEV
(35) I enjoy travelling. ALW
(36) I enjoy eating chocolate. ALW
(37) I am a perfectionist. OCC
(38) I love a good thunderstorm. OCC
(39) There has been a lot of cancer in my family. NEV
(40) I put other's needs in front of my own. RAR
(41) Injustice makes me angry. OFT
(42) My voice is hoarser. NEV
(43) I am sensitive to changes in the weather. ALW
(44) I am sensitive to the suffering of others. OCC
(45) I sometimes stammer, mispronounce words, or have to repeat a question before
answering it. OCC
(46) I have suffered long lasting stress in my personal life. OFT
(47) I might lose a little urine now and then, especially during coughing or sneezing. NEV
(48) I have had warts near the tip of my fingers or on my face. NEV
(49) I have been hurt deeply in love. NEV
(50) I often find myself sighing. RAR
(51) I get a lump in my throat. NEV
(52) I hate to be consoled when I'm sad. RAR
(53) My muscles twitch. NEV
(54) My physical condition can change very rapidly and unpredictably. ALW
(55) Emotional shock has caused many of my problems. NEV
(56) I am very sensitive to pain, smells or sound. ALW
(57) I am very talkative and tend to wander from one topic to another during a
conversation. NEV
(58) I am a jealous or envious person. NEV
(59) I am suspicious of other people's motives. OCC
(60) People describe me as an intense person. ALW
(61) I can't stand to be overheated. OFT
(62) I feel bad after waking up, either from a short or long sleep. OCC
(63) I blush easily. NEV
(64) I hate clothes that are too tight around my neck or chest. NEV
(65) I don't like to speak in public, or to take on new responsibilities, but I do fine once OFT
I get started.
(66) I am reserved or aloof, and feel more comfortable keeping people at a distance. ALW
(67) I have poor self-confidence. NEV
(68) I prefer small groups of close friends rather than large social gatherings. ALW
(69) I have a low energy period from 4 pm to about 8 pm in the evening. NEV
(70) I may get sentimental and weep when someone thanks me or expresses
appreciation. RAR
(71) I dislike being alone in the house, yet I dislike staying in the same room with
someone. NEV
(72) I frequently suffer from gas or some other kind of digestive complaints. NEV
(73) I like to be near the ocean. ALW
(74) My performance is erratic; sometimes very
good, sometimes bad. OCC
(75) I have had infections or discharges from my genital organs. NEV
(76) I am afraid of closed narrow places, such as elevators. NEV
(77) I remember having sexual feelings a child. NEV
(78) I tend to be lively at night, but I have a hard time getting going
in the morning. ALW
(79) I crave oranges, or sour fruit, or like to chew on ice. OFT
(80) I often have hot feet and like to stick them out from under the bed covers. OCC
(81) I find it hard to cry in public even after very sad news. ALW
(82) People talk to me about their problems, but I don't like others to console me or
make a fuss about me. OFT
(83) I am very sensitive to being hurt or humiliated. OCC
(84) I think about past disappointments, or hold grudges for a long time. RAR
(85) I feel worse in the sun or when the weather warms up in summer. NEV
(86) I get cold sores on my lips. NEV
(87) I suffer from insomnia as a result of grief or insults. OCC
(88) I often have a strong desire for salty things. RAR
(89) I get irritated if I can't get things done right. OFT
(90) I am bothered by sloppiness or inefficiency. ALW
(91) I am an ambitious and competitive person. ALW
(92) I have a bad temper but may feel sorry about it afterwards. RAR
(93) I am irritated by loud noise. ALW
(94) I feel worse in the morning. ALW
(95) I often wake early, and have trouble falling asleep again. OFT
(96) I tend to overindulge in food, drink, or sex. RAR
(97) I am outgoing, and make contact easily, and have lots of friends. RAR
(98) I am very sensitive to other people and also easily influenced by them OCC
(99) I am fearful of the dark, or of thunderstorms, or of deep water. NEV
(100) I readily understand other people's feelings. ALW
(101) I like cold, juicy and refreshing things, like iced water or ice-cream. ALW
(102) I tend to get nosebleeds or bruise easily, or have bleeding gums. NEV
(103) I function on high energy yet I burn out easily, feeling fatigued afterwards. ALW
(104) I get tired quickly and feel better after a short sleep. ALW
(105) I long for affection and like to be hugged or held. OCC
(106) My moods and inclinations change quickly. RAR
(107) I have difficulty making decisions. OCC
(108) When I have a problem, I feel better if I can talk to someone about it. OCC
(109) I dislike the fat on meat, or other fatty, greasy things. ALW
(110) I have pain or discomfort that changes locations frequently. RAR
(111) I have nasal congestion (catarrh) which is worse in a hot room. NEV
(112) I am sensitive to the cold, but I dislike hot, stuffy rooms, and often need
fresh air when others are comfortable. OCC
(113) At times I lose affection for my family and friends. OCC
(114) I have very little interest in sex. OCC
(115) I say nasty things to my family and then feel guilty for doing so. NEV
(116) I do not like to be cold. ALW
(117) When I am depressed, I prefer to be left alone. ALW
(118) I feel better after dancing, intense exercise, or listening to lively music. NEV
(119) I feel nauseated from the smell of cooking, or lose my appetite completely. OCC
(120) I have suffered from sluggish digestion or chronic constipation. OFT
(121) I am afraid of sharp objects. NEV
(122) I have low self-confidence, give in easily, and lack courage when it comes to standing up for myself, or to speaking in public. OCC
(123) I have difficulty making up my mind, because I get caught up in the details, rather
than seeing the big picture. NEV
(124) I feel tired or rundown, but still push myself to finish things. ALW
(125) I tend to develop scar tissue after injuries or surgery. NEV
(126) My hands are cold and sweaty. OCC
(127) My nails break easily and/or my hair is fine in texture. NEV
(128) I get infections easily. NEV
(129) I hold in my anger or sometimes don't even realize I'm angry until
several days later. NEV
(130) I get angry about mistreatment of me by other people. OCC
(131) I have had styes in my eves. NEV
(132) I tend to fantacise or dwell on sexual matters. NEV
(133) I sometimes masturbate to fall asleep at night. RAR
(134) I tend to itch all over my body. NEV
(135) My bladder gives me problems.
(136) I feel sleepy during the day and sleepless at night. OFT
(137) I am intelligent and imaginative, and I can turn useless things into something
useful. NEV
(138) I tend to be messy or untidy. RAR
(139) I have strong opinions and enjoy discussion and debate with others. RAR
(140) I am outgoing and sociable. RAR
(141) I like to eat spicy, rich food. NEV
(142) I don't like to stand for long periods, and I prefer to slouch in the nearest
chair or couch. ALW
(143) I often feel too hot; even in winter, or I have dry burning skin. NEV
(144) I feel thirsty. OFT
(145) I feel fragile like I am made of glass. NEV
(146) I feel phoney or artificial or as if I am hiding something - people wouldn't like me if they knew what I am like. RAR
(147) I am secretive. OFT
(148) I hate onions or onions really upset my system. NEV
(149) I have warts or I used to have many warts. NEV
(150) Some of my health problems started after vaccinations. NEV
(151) My perspiration is sweet smelling or offensive. NEV
(152) I have dreams of falling. OCC
szweig last decade
Dear szweig,

I have gone through your answers.I suggest that you take just one dose of Medorrhinum 1M and report after 1 month.One dose is 2 small globues or 1 pellet(tablet) or 2 drops.It depends upon in what form you are able to find the medicine.

All the best.

rajivprasad last decade
Thanks Rajiv, this case needed a serious attention so I requested your help.
kuldeep last decade
Good Rajiv

People are recognising that cases needing serious attention will get benefit only through 'proper' homeopathy.

gavinimurthy last decade

Dear szweig,

Another important thing is that homeopathy works a bit differently.There may be an initial aggravation of your symptoms.You should not panic as it would subside on its own after some time.The improvement lasts for a much much longer time than the initial aggravation.Another thing you may notice is that your old symptoms may start to come back one by one.But they will go away on their own and you should not try to trat these symptoms through the medicines that you had taken in the past to suppress them.Homeopathy brings the suppressed and hidden symptoms back to the surface and then cures it.

Also, do not eat or drink anything for half an hour before and after taking the medicine.Avoid the painkillers and allopathic medicines that you are currently taking to manage the pain, for a faster cure.Do not drink coffee. Strong smelling things like camphor fumes, mint, menthol etc. should also be avoided as they antidote the remedy.

All the best.

rajivprasad last decade
Dear Rajiv, dear Murthy,

Thanks for your attention to my disorder and for your fast advices.

As recommended, I'll try trickily Medorrhinum 1M for one month and report afterwards.

I think I can find it at Laboratoires Boiron, on the net.

Best regards.

szweig last decade
I said to take one dose only, which is enough for a month.I did not mean that take one dose every day for a month.I hope that is clear.Take one dose only.Then don't take any medicine for next one month and then report.

rajivprasad last decade
It presumed it was so because of the strong potency 1M.

I thank you one more time.

szweig last decade

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