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rubric please!

Does anyone know what the rubric would be for extremely itchy hands ameliorated by burning or very, very hot water?
  maryo on 2006-12-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Can be very close.

Knerr ] [Upper Limbs]Hand:Itching:Night, at, from no apparent cause, better by very hot water:

Total Drugs : 1

Drug Mark Remedy Remedy Full Name

3 Lith-c Lithium carbonicum
sajjadakram635 last decade
Thank you, Sajjad. It's not only at night. It's throughout the day also. The other thing is the itch is ameliorated but the skin is damaged after running the hot water on it. I get little pustules and swelling as a result. I looked in a few repertories but couldn't find anything like that.

I'll check out the Lith c.
maryo last decade
warm bathing ameliorates may be helpful.
erika last decade
you may be burning the exposed skin by bathing too hot. Try some cantharis or urtica urens (considering the itch this may be better) to calm things down from the burn initially.
erika last decade
For research let us consider this also.

CO] itching hands hot app >:

Total Drugs : 163

Drug Mark Remedy Remedy Full Name

3 Agar Agaricus muscarius; Amanita muscaria
3 Sulph Sulphur
2 Alum Aluminium oxydatum
2 Anac Anacardiun orientale
2 Anthr Anthracinum
2 Berb Berberis vulgaris
2 Bov Bovista
2 Camph Camphora officinarum
2 Carb-an Carbo animalis
2 Carb-v Carbo vegetabilis
2 Caust Causticum Hahnemanii
2 Cit-v Citrus vulgaris
2 Hep Hepar sulphuris calcareum
2 Kali-c Kali carbonicum
2 Kali-s Kali sulphuricum
2 Lach Lachesis
2 Lyc Lycopodium clavatum
2 Merc Mercurius solubilis hahnemanni
2 Nit-ac Nitricum acidum
2 Petr Petroleum
2 Ph-ac Phosphoricum acidum
2 Phos Phosphorus
2 Psor Psorinum
2 Rhus-t Rhus toxicodendron
2 Sep Sepia succus
1 Acon Aconitum napellus
1 Aloe Aloe socotrina
1 Alum-p Aluminium phosphoricum
1 Alum-sil Aluminium silicata; Feldspar
1 Am-c Ammonium carbonicum
1 Am-m Ammonium muriaticum
1 Ambr Ambra grisea
1 Amyg-p Amygdalus persica
1 Anag Anagallis arvensis
1 Anis Anisum stellatum; Illicium stellatum; I.Parviflorum; I.verum
1 Ant-s Antimonium sulphurtum auratum
1 Ant-t Antimonium tartaricum
1 Apis Apis mellifica
1 Arg-m Argentum metallicum
1 Arg-n Argentum nitircum
1 Ars Arsenicum album
1 Ars-i Arsenicum iodatum
1 Asc-t Asclepias tuberosa
1 Aur Aurum metallicum
1 Aur-ar Aurum arsenicum
1 Aur-m Aurum muriaticum
1 Bar-c Baryta carbonica
1 Benz-ac Benzoicum acid
1 Bor Borax veneta
1 Bry Bryonia alba
1 Calc Calcarea carbonica Hahnemanii
1 Calc-acet Calcarea acetica
1 Calc-f Calcarea fluorata
1 Cann-s Cannabis sativa
1 Canth Cantharis vesicatoria; Meloe vesicatorius
1 Carbn-s Carboneum sulphuratum
1 Cench Cencheris contortrix; Igonocephalus contortrix
1 Chel Chelidonium majus
1 Chin-s Chininum sulphuricum
1 Chr-ac Chromium acidum
1 Chr-o Chromium oxydatum
1 Cimic Cimicifuga racemosa; Actaea racemosa
1 Cina Cina Maritima; Artemisia maritima
1 Cinnb Cinnabaris
1 Cocc Cocculus indicus
1 Colch Colchicum autumnale
1 Coloc Colocynthis
1 Com Comocladia dentata
1 Con Conium maculatum
1 Corn Cornus circinata
1 Cortico Corticotropinum; Acth; Adrenocorticotrophinum
1 Cortiso Cortisonum
1 Crot-h Crotalus horridus
1 Dicha Dichapetalum thunbergh
1 Dig Digitalis purpurea
1 Dios Dioscorea villosa
1 Electr Electricitas
1 Euph Euphorbium resinifera
1 Eupi Eupionum
1 Fago Fagopyrum esculentum
1 Fl-ac Fluoricum acidum
1 Form Formica rufa
1 Glon Glonoine
1 Gran Granatum punica
1 Graph Graphites
1 Grat Gratiola officinalis
1 Ham Hamamelis virginica
1 Hydr Hydrastis canadensis
1 Ind Indium metallicum
1 Indg Indigo tinctora
1 Ip Ipecacuanha
1 Jatr Jatropha curcas
1 Jug-r Juglans regia; Nux juglans; Walnut (Bach flower)
1 Kali-ar Kali arsenicosum
1 Kali-bi Kali bichromicum
1 Kali-p Kali phosphoricum
1 Kali-sil Kali silicum
1 Kreos Kreosotum
1 Lac-c Lac caninum
1 Lap-c-b Lapis calcareus Burren; Lime stone
1 Lim Limulus cyclops
1 Lith-c Lithium carbonicum
1 Mag-c Magnesia carbonica
1 Mag-p Magnesia phosphorica
1 Mag-s Magnesia sulphurica
1 Mang Manganum aceticum
1 Mangi Mangifera indica
1 Med Medorrhinum
1 Menth Mentha piperita
1 Merc-i-f Mercurius iodatus flavus
1 Merc-i-r Mercurius iodatus ruber
1 Merl Mercurialis perennis
1 Mez Mezereum
1 Morg Morgan pure by paterson (Bowel nososde)
1 Mur-ac Muriaticum acidum
1 Nat-c Natrum carbonicum
1 Nat-m Natrum muriaticum
1 Nat-s Natrum sulphuricum
1 Nux-v Nux vomica
1 Ol-an Oleum animale
1 Osm Osmium metallicum
1 Ped Pediculus capitis
1 Peti Petiveria tetrandra
1 Phys Physostigma venenosa
1 Phyt Phytolacca decandra
1 Plan Plantago major
1 Plat Platinum metallicum
1 Plb Plumbum metalicum
1 Psil Psilocybe caerulescens
1 Ptel Ptelea trifoliata
1 Puls Pulsatilla nigricans; Anemone pratensis
1 Rad-br Radium bromatum
1 Ran-b Ranunculus bulbosus
1 Rhus-l Rhus laurina
1 Rhus-v Rhus vernix; Rhus venenata
1 Rumx Rumex crispus
1 Ruta Ruta graveolens
1 Sabad Sabadilla officinalis; Asagrea officinalis
1 Sac-l Saccharum lactis
1 Sal-ac Salicylicum acidum
1 Sars Sarsaparilla officinalis
1 Scroph-n Scrophularia nodosa
1 Sec Secale cornutum
1 Sel Selenium
1 Sil Silicea; Silica terra
1 Spig Spigelia anthelmia
1 Spong Spongia tosta
1 Stann Stannum metallicum
1 Staph Staphysagria
1 Stram Stramonium
1 Stry Strychninum purum
1 Syph Syphilinum
1 Tarax Taraxacum officinalis
1 Tell Tellurium
1 Tet Tetradymitum
1 Ther Theridion curassavicum
1 Thuj Thuja occidentalis
1 Tub Tuberculinum bovinum kent
1 Tub-a Tuberculinum aviare
1 Urt-u Urtica urens
1 Verat Veratrum album
1 Xero Xerophyllum tenax
1 Zinc Zincum metallicum
sajjadakram635 last decade
Well dear,the skin will be damaged by very hot water.It cannot resist.It is quite natural.

sajjadakram635 last decade
well, then maybe the symptom is a bit of a red herring with so many solutions ???
any other symptoms that would help better maryo - such as when it started and what may have caused the initial itching? any burning itching or just itching? anything else?
erika last decade
Also consider erika's suggestion.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Please condider this also.

[Complete ] [Extremities]Itching:Hand:Hot water amel.:

Total Drugs : 2

Drug Mark Remedy Remedy Full Name

2 Rhus-t Rhus toxicodendron
1 Rhus-v Rhus vernix; Rhus venenata
sajjadakram635 last decade
Rhus tox is the first medicine to be considered, and the next in line is anacardium.

However, it is not advisable to take any medicine, without taking a full case, if there are other problems.

In case the patient is healthy in all other aspects, and has only this problem (which is very unlikely), then it may be better to try Rhustox first.

gavinimurthy last decade
The incessant itching is sometimes relieved by 'scalding' the parts, as it is called by some who are poisoned with Rhus, by 'scalding' with water as hot as it is possible to bathe the parts in.

From Kent-Rhustox

gavinimurthy last decade
Thank you, all. I appreciate all your input.

Hi Erika, I don't know if you remember me, but you were helping me about a yr and a half ago. Because I am so sensitive to remedies because I didn't know enough at the time, I was taking too many remedies in such a short time period on my own which created havoc on my vital force.

Anyway, my problems started to exteriorize at too fast a pace, and I went into a Psorinum state and became reclusive for many, many months. During that period I saw a professional homeopath. My body was so out of balance it didn't help. Everything I took gave me terrible, terrible aggravations. I did deep cleanses and colonics and it cleared my skin 75-80%. Also, diet helped.

Now my hands clear up for a while, then the rash comes back again. That rash lasts for months and is not even a fraction as bad as the Psorinum state I was in. My mental state is better now than before I started homeopathy, but the road I took I wouldn't recommend to anyone else.

I have been studying homeopathy in the meantime on my own and taking some sporatic seminars.

I am ready to start taking a constitutional remedy again soon (after the holidays), but I wanted to research on my own the rubrics before I went to back to my homeopath.

One thing I did learn through all this is that homeopathy needs to be respected and used with great care. Not only with myself but with another family member also I have seen damage done by homeopathy not used the right way. Sometimes the damage can be permanent.

You have given me good advice in the past, and it was nice to see your post. Season's Greetings to all!
maryo last decade
Along with itching of hands...what other symptoms do you experience currently?

What ailments have you been through from childhood till now ?

Age ? M/F ?

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi Maryo
yes I do remember you! Happy festive winter season to you too!
I am glad you got professional advice and admire your study of homeopathy!
the rhus-tox suggested by murthy may be the best acute choice here, but as you are sensitive then start low and go slow!
If it is rubrics and not remedies you are researching, as you point out, then carry on and look at rubrics physical and emotional before returning to your homeopath...good luck , cheers for now erika
erika last decade
Sajjad & Murthy are correct re Rhus Tox. If you need further confirmation, go to the George Vithoulkas YouTube video on "AIDS, Skin Diseases and an Anthracinum Case." At 1:58:25 he talks about the peculiarity of Rhus Tox & Rhus Venenata regarding scalding water.

After hearing this, you will need no further deliberation about choosing the correct remedy!

I had thought I was just a weirdo re the scalding water (orgasmic!) on the rash and was still searching for the correct remedy... until I listened to this lecture. What a godsend -- Rhus Tox has been The Answer for me -- and for so many other symptoms besides the rash (for instance, Shingles & RA, AND my hair stopped falling out)!!

Don't know if I can post a link here but I'll try:
Rhustalicious 2 years ago

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