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Depression - complicated case

I have clinical depression from the past 6-7 years, which is very treatable with allopathy - fluoxetine (Prodep 20 mg). But, I want to stop it hence trying homeopathy.
I am a 29 year old female (5ft, 7inches tall, fair, with a reddish complexion, had lot of acne in teenage)
Have a son - 4.5 years old. I live with my husband and my son.
Symptoms - One single thought rotates in the mind all the time. Every time the depression occurs the thought is different. First time I kept thinking I have an ulcer in my stomach, next time I kept feeling guilty about every small mistake I had made and wanted to apologise to everyone, next time I kept thinking something will happen to my eyes.
Basically, it could be any thought, it won't leave my mind
Early morning awakening - 4 a.m, cant sleep, in fact sleep during day will aggravate the depression
Thought of food, smell of food causes nausea. Otherwise, I LOVE food.
Feel better by walking or by talking to someone
My doctor first gave me Silicea 200, then 1M.
When it didnt work he gave Thuja 200, 6 doses once every 5 days. This worked well and I started tapering allopathy.
Next time he gave Thuja 1M, worked brilliantly.
Some symptoms started returning after 15 days, again Thuja 1M, again it worked. Thuja 1M was given 2 times after this with a gap of 1 month each and gave relief.
Again symptoms returned and he gave Thuja 10M. Worked amazingly, couldnt believe it.
Mental symptoms gone + gums stopped bleeding, feet were cracked (had tried creams for 6 years, but with Thuja, the cracks just disappeared). Sleep became wonderful, no dreams, no waking up in middle of night
Some symptoms returned after 20 days, but he told me to take Thuja 10 M again after another 20 days(total gap b/w the 2 doses of Thuja 10M was 40 days)
After about 8 days, symptoms started returning, did not go away and the severity increased so much that it was a full blown episode.
I could not eat, could not sleep, was desperate. The last dose was taken on 28th July, 04.
I started allopathy on 11th Sept, 04 as my condition was unbearable, I had lost 5 kgs of weight in 15 days
I also developed a severe itching in the armpits, in the genitals, anus and on the breasts.
The itching in the genitals etc is reduced greatly now, but the armpit itching is still continuing, almost 2.5 months after the last dose.
The depression symptoms are a lot better now, but they are still there (I am taking allopathy)
Interestingly, my menstrual cycle for the last 2 months is exactly 28 days. Before I started Thuja, it was 32 - 33 days. After starting Thuja, it came to about 30-31 days. When I had started menstruating at 13 years, my cycle was clockwork 28 days and lasted that way till the first episode of depression.
What I want to understand is - Is this an aggravation caused by repeating a dose when it was not required, or is there a different remedy for me
  abcgul on 2004-10-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I look forward to hearing from you, your expertise would be of great help. Please do let me know
abcgul last decade
if any symptoms ocured after using thuja were new(never experienced at all in life) , then new remedy is indicated...

also if there was an immediate amelioration--there is indication that thuja only cover case partially..

point by point (physically-mentally-emotionally)---what symptoms actually returned back to before thuja use ? please explain this thoroughly.....make clear what symptom was noticed before allopath medicine resumed and which symptoms were after allo medicine resumed.....
John Stanton last decade
what occur prior to depression beginning (6-7 years ago)?please explain thoroughly circumstances and such...
John Stanton last decade
Thanks for your response. I am giving information here which may be of help
Childhood - I am 3rd daughters (2 elder sisters). In our country, daughters are considered a burden. My parents were expecting a son when I was born, and my father was very upset when I was born. My parents looked after me well, did not neglect me ever, but I always wanted to be a "good" girl, that my father should approve of me always. I love him a lot and dont want to hurt him. My mother also suffered from depression and even attempted suicide, though she survived. I am fond of her, but like other girls tell everything to their mother, like friends, I did not have that relationship with her. I felt that she would'nt understand, I was not close to her during adolescence.

First episode of depression occured at 22 years. A year ago, some boys generally teased me that I was fat (though I am just healthy, not even plump). Then, I just took it to heart and reduced eating so much that I lost 12 kgs of weight. Then slowly I developed gastritis and then this depression. I kept on thinking there is an ulcer in my stomach and if my father comes to know he will scold me and say what a stupid girl to do all this dieting. Mornings are the worst times, severe anxiety and the thought keeps rotating in the mind all the time (whatever the thought may be).

My son was born in 2000, I had severe postpartum depression. Wanted to cry all the time, kept feeling anxious that something will happen to my husband, unwanted fears kept coming all the time. One important symptom is that when I am well, I love music, but when I am depressed, I cannot bear to listen to music. I feel like closing my ears or crying or running away from there. I used to feel scared to be alone (this happens whenever I have depression), and I used to get scared of thoughts about harming the child. These thoughts would appear from nowhere, and they scared me a lot. Ofcourse, I would have never never done something like that, and didnt even feel like that. But the thought just came on its own.
In 2003, I conceived, but the depression started again (this was when I had thoughts that something will happen to my eyes - this kept rotating in the mind, then next thought was of guilt over every small mistake.. I was miserable, as the thought wouldnt leave my mind, it drove me mad). And in the 8th week, the foetus died and the doctors did an abortion.

Physical symptoms - During depression when I get up in the morning, there is a flickering in the vision, like a tube light. This started only in 2nd pregnancy. I cannot eat food, because even the thought of food, smell of food gives me nausea (otherwise normally, I am very fond of food). I feel like walking all the time, sleep aggravates the condition. I feel like being with someone, because it distracts me and I am scared to be alone.

After the last 10M dose of Thuja, I got severe itching in the armpits (this has never happened before), and the depression started (this was exactly the same way as earlier - all symptoms were same - single thought rotating in mind, early morning awakening, nausea with smell and sight of food, fear of being alone) After allopathy, all symptoms are gone (appetite is good, sleep is better, though there are dreams - dreamt that sister commited suicide, dreamt that I have exams and I have not studied anything-anxious). When I was small, an often recurring dream was of falling from a height. Another recurring dream is being chased by someone and I cannot scream for help, I am trying but no sound is coming out. Another recurring dream is trying to get up from the bed, but I cannot move even a finger, trying very hard, but cannot do. One more recurring dream is about exams, I know nothing and havent prepared for the exams.
Hope this information helps.
abcgul last decade
what relation like with husband?how open and honest is relationship?please explain
John Stanton last decade
very open and honest, I really love him. Though I fight a lot with him. In fact, I noticed that when this depression begins, I am very very irritable, every little thing makes me angry. I fight with him a lot at that time, dont feel like talking with him, sometimes may feel hatred for him, even though I love him a lot. He is the most important person in my life.
After about 7-8 days of such behaviour, the depression aggravates -single thought rotating in mind, fear of being alond, and then I want him with me all the time, I cant bear to be alone...
abcgul last decade
what was dates of last month's menses (period) ? started?ended?

when (date) next upcoming menses due?

menses--what characteristics of menses? is it regular?how many days in between menses ?how long last? what are characteristics of flow?clotting..heavy..dark..light...odor...etc what complaints just prior to menses?what complaints during menses? what complaints just after menses?
how do you feel during menses?compared to no menses?
any pregnancy(s)?when?what complications?what medicines used during labor? abortions?miscarriages?
experience any outstanding emotional experience?when? what was the occurance?
are /were you using any birth control?what name of product? when ? how long?
any hemaroids after or during pregnacy?

any yeast infections ever? when?how treated?
John Stanton last decade
Another important thing that may help... everytime I took Thuja, there was amelioration for some time but the symptoms would return after 10 / 15 or 20 days...
abcgul last decade
September cycle - Start 14th September, end 16th Sept
October cycle - Start 11th Oct, end 15th Oct. At 13 when I started menses, they lasted exactly 5 days. Slowly, they came down to 4 days. After the first episode of depression, they went haywire, never early, but delayed by 3-4 days. Also, the first day there is a slight spotting, then for 1 full day no blood will come out. After 24 hours flow will start. Similarly, while ending, 3rd day flow will stop completely, after 24 hours, it will start again - little bit and then finally stop.
Symptoms before menses - From the age of 13 - 22, severe pain in back, stomach before menses, better by pressure, warmth. Felt like passing motion. I used to cry because of the pain, sometimes I felt I would faint. Very very sever pain, would take a painkiller - meftal spas or baralgan (now this is banned). Pain stopped after child birth, and also reduced in early 20s. No real emotional changes. Now, from the last 3-4 cycles, I have noticed breast pain, aggravated by movement. Goes away with menses.
2 pregnancies - 1 son born in 2000. 2nd pregnancy in 2003, resulted in missed abortion. During delivery, a C section was done and spinal anasthesia was given. For post partum depression, primarily used Fluoxetine 20 mg.
For birth control, had put Copper T or Multilode. Menses became very heavy because of this (had to change 6-7 times in one day, lasted for 5 days). Mucous discharge increased. Had it from 2000 - 2002. No haemorids, no yeast infections
abcgul last decade
This is the original mail. It has all the details except that I took Sepia 30 and Sepia 200 for 15 days each before bacillinum. I found no change with Sepia or bacill
abcgul last decade
I took Thuja 10M on 28th July. After 10 days of this, severe itching in armpit which lasted for 3 months, though last 20 days it has reduced in intensity, but not still gone. And mental aggravation, one single thought in the mind, cant get rid of it. Nausea all the time, cant eat food, cant sleep, awakening at 4:00 am and must get out of bed and walk around....
abcgul last decade
I dont understand what exactly is a wart... is it like a boil or a pimple.....
abcgul last decade
Wart ...is a skin growth ..can be the size of a pin head...to ....the size of a marble. The big ones are sometimes the shape of a cauliflower.

Some people get bleeding warts too.

Its the itching on your skin (along with other symptoms)which leads to the choice of Psorinum.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
A very important symptom of Psorinum is .....very hungry in the middle of the night.

Do you have it???

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
well, I do have a small growth, slightly larger than a pin head behind my right ear. Soemthing similar on the left pubic area (not genitals). These are brownish black, but not painful at all.... a very tiny seems to have come on my neck too - less than half pin head(left side). Nothing else, I do have many tiny moles on the face (no growth of skin), just a pin size or even smaller dark (brown or black )spot....
abcgul last decade
Oh, I do this very often. Get up in the middle of the night, open the fridge and eat whatever I get.....
abcgul last decade
Psorinum is indicated for you.....middle of the night ravenous hunger!!!!!

What are you waiting for???

Warts are not moles.
Warts grow over the surface of the skin.....did you notice any changes in these pin-heads after taking Thuja??

Pankaj Varma

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I noticed no difference in these pin heads. But, when Thuja was working the results were amazing. I used to have dreams (nonsensical) every day earlier. After Thuja, my sleep was fantastic, no dreams, nothing. I was so energetic. Even the menses have got regulated. Last 3 months they have been at 28 days with the right flow (not scanty, nor heavy). I do believe that these are very deep changes within the body and if something can act so positively, then if given more than required, it can work negatively too.
Hence, I seem to be believing that either Thuja 10 M aggravated OR Thuja stopped working because of obstruction by a miasmatic layer which should be removed by a nosode.

I am also wondering that if Thuja has exhausted its action, then even the smallest potency - 30 C, for 2 days should not cause an exactly similar aggravation - mental and physical (which is happening). I am not able to understand what exactly has happened, and so am hesitant to take Psorinum
abcgul last decade
Go to www.familydoctor.org for a detailed explaination on warts.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
There appear to be two "taints" in the constitution.....(one comes from one parent and the other from the other parent most times). (though not always....matter of detailed discussion).

However, in a nut shell....you need the second medicine after Thuja....which I identify as Psorinum.

(Others can differ, if they like......because I see some people like to differ here....only becos of their vanity....not good to do so .....in the interest of the patient).

Best wishes,
Happy Diwali,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thanks Pankaj,
Wish you a very Happy Diwali too. Thanks for your suggestion on Psorinum. I will wait just a little while longer to see if I can understand this..... else go with your suggestion
abcgul last decade
Fine !
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
dear sir's,

I am sreeram from bangalore, a software engr by proffesion.age :29.

from past 9 years i am having lichen nitidus on my hand fingers and one foot finger. Basically they are harmless eruptions( non itchy+ no discharge). from time to time scaling happens.

I tried couple of steroids as per advice of allopathic dermetologist,but couldn't see any effect and finally started on Homeopathy.

Started with graphite 200 for 15 days and along with KH purifier and after 15 days i ot on to graphite 1000 ,3 doses ( 1 dose for every three days) and again after the couse i have have been given graphite 1m 6 doses to be taken in 3 days gap btween each dose.

I am not finding significant improovement but my homeo docter has mentioned there is some improvement as skin effected area has become soft.

can anyone advice if i am going in right direction.

I would like to get my skin to a good shape.
( other problems i encounter with my skin are
1) massive itching on buttocks at the time of cloth changing in the evening after work.
2) itching on lower legs( elw knees)
3) also i oserve small puss buds on thighs one here and one there and it vanishes after 2 - 3 days , also leaves copperish marks on the skin afterwards.

I request what could be the good way to gain healthy skin.

Thanks & regards,
sreeram last decade
sorry for posting wrongly into this section.

please ignore this i have posted the same in main board.

Thanks ®ards,
sreeram last decade

What was the last medicine you took and when?

bandarbabu2000 last decade

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