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Calcarea Carbonica2

Breast growth and height growth 12

I have not grown height wise, or developed breast wise. I stopped seeing any sign of growth both height and breast wise since middle school. I have given birth to 1 child and was a...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Natrum Muriaticum
Started by Imhu. Last post: 2019-09-15

Height growth for 7 yr old girl 1

My daughter is 43 inch at 7 years old. She is much shorter than other girls in her class. I also got the growth hormone test done for her which came out normal. Dr has predicited ...
Started by Aditid. Last post: 2017-11-01

Height growth 17

Hi, my daughter is soon turning 16. I'm worried about her height, she is 4'8". Her weight is 70kg. She is now on a healthy diet and exercise to reduce her weight. Can you...
Remedies: Tabacum
Started by Susan2. Last post: 2017-07-05

Height growth 2

Dr. Pls help me...iam 21 yrs of male.weight is 43kg...height is 5'4inches...sir are increments possible in height??..if so pls help me sir with the prescription.....
Started by kumarvik96. Last post: 2016-10-12

Height growth 1

My son is 15 year old but his height is 4 feet 10 inch. Me and my wife have height below 5 feet 2 inch. Please suggest me homiopathaic medicines. Please tell your experiences a...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by sanjaygadekar. Last post: 2016-06-25

Height growth by homeopathic medicine 7

Doctor I am a 22 year old boy. My height is 165 cm. My father height is 170 cm my mother height is 162 cm. I want to increase my height 2 to 4 cm more. Sir pls help me....
Remedies: Aurum Metallicum
Started by Rahul singh Tomar. Last post: 2016-04-29

Height growth 2

Hi to all Doctors in this forum.......... my son is 19 yrs old and doing gym .... according to his gym trainer it is not possible to gain height at this age.. he is doing weight l...
Started by jwalavarun. Last post: 2016-01-27

Height growth 0

my daughter is 15 years old and 4'8" only. Her doctor has said that her growth plates have fused and she cannot grow any taller. Can homepathic treatment help her grow a coup...
Started by shellshy. Last post: 2015-08-25

Height growth problem 0

I am 20 yrs old. My height is 161cm i want increase my height at least 170cm. Is it possibe? If yes what medicine can i take?pls help....
Started by Priyangsu. Last post: 2015-07-23

Body height growth 1

Dear sir i was 36 years old i am only5'2" height ,i need to grow up atleast 2 inchesis it possible in homeopathy sir,if yes please please i give me the answer sir. Thank Q fr...
Started by faiz ahmed. Last post: 2015-04-14

Height growth after teenage 8

Hi! I'm a 20 year old boy standing 5.3 and want to grow at least 2-3 inches more. Is it possible for me to grow anymore because I haven't grown tall in years. Please help...
Started by Rockyrocksit. Last post: 2015-02-24

Height Growth 1

dear sir, my age is 25 and my height is 5.3 inches i want to increase my height up to 5.6 inches so could you please help me what i should do to increase my height....
Started by rajashekar16. Last post: 2014-07-09

Height Growth 0

Hello.. I'm 20 yrs old.. My prob is that my height stopped growing when I was in between 14 to 15... I have asthma problem.. I used inhalers at that age....(ie at 14) i read o...
Started by bujji14. Last post: 2014-02-27

Height growth issue 6

hello my name is sushant i am 21 years old my height is 5.8 and weight 68kg. i want to know whether i can get few more inches in my heighti have seen all lot of users talking about...
Started by 10.sushant. Last post: 2014-02-03

Height Growth 2

I am 28yr old female my height is 4'8 kindly suggest me some good medicine for height growth....
Remedies: Sanicula Aqua
Started by Indraseni. Last post: 2013-11-08

Height growth 1

sir, i am of age 20 with 5.5' of height i want grow taller can u suggest me medicines...
Started by zilani. Last post: 2012-11-29

Height growth 0

hi,I'm 20 years old and my height is 4.8.i was taking homeopathy treatment for this bt due to some prob couldn't continue for prescribed months.so i need help to increase...
Started by Rani kulgude. Last post: 2012-06-29

Height Growth 3

Hi I am 23 years old, my height is 5'7'. My weight is 60kgs. I am very healthy, I rarely get sick. I want to grow my height by at least 2 inches. What should I do? I hav...
Started by sakas. Last post: 2012-01-05

Medicine for height growth 0

I'm confused with the medicine names and fullform listed on your website. I don't know which to order. Does Baryta Carb30 means Baryta Carbonica. Silicea 12x4 is mentione...
Started by LIFELIFE. Last post: 2011-03-03

Height growth for 24 year old 3

I am new to this forum. I am 24 years old and my height is 165cm. I would like to be 175 cm tall. Is there any medicines that can help me to grow taller If yes, what is the maximum...
Started by nitz2k. Last post: 2009-03-01

Height growth 0

my question is can anyone grow 2inche's or so tall when they are in their 40's by using the following medicine barita carb 30potancy instead of liquid form combined toget...
Started by abdulshakoor. Last post: 2008-12-06

Height growth 1

can anyone grow tall say about 2inches when they are in their 40's by using barita carb30 potancy,sillicia6x combined together with calcaria flour6x in one bottle in golobals ...
Started by abdulshakoor. Last post: 2008-12-05

Height growth 1

I am sagar of 23yrs old my height is 5ft 2 inches, my mother is shorter than me and father is 5ft 7inches,my weight is 48kgs , i want to increase my height as soon as possible, ple...
Started by sagarhumane. Last post: 2008-11-26

Height growth 3

iam 22, male, 165 cm tall . are there any ways to grow my height.i have heard about baryta carb etc. will it help me if i start with it or is there any other ways out to increase m...
Started by shreylava. Last post: 2008-01-14

Height growth in child 11

Here's the history: client is male, 9 yrs old. Diagnosed with celiac sprue since age 4, adheres to gluten free diet. Heightand weight in the 3rd percentile for age and sex. co...
Remedies: Baryta Carbonica, Silicea
Started by Cordial. Last post: 2008-01-05

Height growth 3

27 years old. 5.5 inches.needs 4-5 inches more.can you help. Does homeophathy has medines.Are they available in delhi,india.cannot afford expensive medicines...
Started by mainak. Last post: 2007-09-07

Height growth 1

hi im 18 years old and havent been growing for the past five years..im only 5 foot 2 at the moment and need something to help me out...
Started by angel88. Last post: 2007-09-07

Height growth 1

Dr really want to increase my height. i am just 5.6 and this is too short for me it also hinders my career. if you could solve or give som remedies i will be gratfull to you. thank...
Started by angam. Last post: 2007-09-07

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