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Antimonium Arsenicicum2
Nux Vomica2

White tongue 3

I am 40 yrs old, 82 kg weight , 5.7 ft height. Recently had had got my routine blood tests and ultra sound done for heart, kidney, liver, gall bladders and prostate done. All was ...
Remedies: Antimonium Arsenicicum, Phytolacca Decandra, Fucus vesiculosus, Antimonium Crudum
Started by reachoutarijit. Last post: 2015-10-22

White tongue 1

my age is 25 yrs ,officer in army ,suffering from white tongue having thivk white coating and migratory red patches on it from last 4 yrs Spices and things having acid further aggr...
Started by Humayunrajput. Last post: 2015-04-22

Sore throat bad breath white tongue 1

my daughter 16 has had bad breath for years and now has sore throat hurts when swallow. Have had merc sol made a lot better but is back. Ray...
Started by raygirl. Last post: 2013-12-30

White tongue 24

I have 16 years daughter.She has always a white coating on her tongue.She has been operated for adenoids and tonsillitis.After that also she used to get continous throat infections...
Remedies: Glycerinum, Angelica Atropurpurea
Started by angel00a. Last post: 2013-06-24

White tongue and laziness in morning ( Dr Kadwa if you can help ) ) 10

Hi, I have mostly white coated tongue and I feel lazy and tired when I wake up in the morning. Also have white mucus few times a day. I think it may be due to the reason that I ...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Phosphorus
Started by hemandeep. Last post: 2013-05-18

White tongue 2

I am developing a white tongue during the night. I also have a dull pain in the stomach with belching and flatulence....
Started by pravric. Last post: 2011-07-16

White Tongue 1

Male, age 22 I suffer from a white coating on my tongue and bad breath Details: 1. The white coating carries an offensive odor 2. The white coating only affects the tongue and no o...
Remedies: Antimonium Arsenicicum, Silicea
Started by Coriantum. Last post: 2010-02-11

Lump in the throat and white tongue 7

I have these problems for the past seven years most likely due to GERD and Hiatus hernia. My homeopath suggested Pulsatilla with no improvement and now Ignatia 20CC also with no im...
Remedies: Pulsatilla Nigricans, Ignatia Amara, Silicea, Natrum Muriaticum, Kali Muriaticum, Bryonia, Nux Vomica
Started by anythingatall. Last post: 2010-02-04

Pnd & sinusitis & white tongue & geographical tongue & bad breath 2

i have bad breath i consulted a doctor he told me, i have geographical tongue and sinusitis & pnd(bubles in my throat), pls help me.......
Started by hari_2005h. Last post: 2009-11-23

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