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pcos nadra
NADRA ... PCOS ... Irregular Periods ... Unwanted Hairs … Thyroid …

sherdil 2021-08-24
45   MariaGomez43 5 months ago

how to cure herpes 1&2 permanently
I have Hsv1 &2 last 3 years. How to cure it
krishna reddy2 2017-04-23
23   MariaGomez43 5 months ago

PLease help: 9 year old boy with all his eye lashes fallen out
hi, My son is 9 years old and we moved to Florida in Nov 2021. Since Dec 2021 all his
vidrathi 2022-06-15
18   vidrathi 5 months ago

Toddler can’t hear! Ear help, bad sleep
I have an almost 2 year old son who has otitis media with effusion (aka glue ear, fluid
tifflushers 2022-06-22
9   Kaps 5 months ago

Hypersensitivity of penis skin & premature ejaculation
Plz Sir I am suffering from Premature Ejaculation & Hypersensitivity of Penis plz help me
hamidujjuli 2014-07-31
9   Kaps 5 months ago

Fatigue, muscle & liver pain, palpitations & depression
34 yr old female sick for over 7 years with chronic fatigue, muscle aches and twitches,
Darling787 2022-06-23
2   telescope 5 months ago

Help needed for lung issues related to Covid 19 exposure
I tested positive for Covid 19 last Saturday after visiting dental office. My symptoms
declan 2022-06-16
6   telescope 5 months ago

Prevention for the reoccurrence of a fast growing benign tumour in the groin area
Please could you suggest a remedy for the prevention of the reoccurrence of a benign
Smidge 2022-06-23
no replies yet

Restless legs and muscle spasms in lower legs, ankles, and feet
I am taking 3 pillules (12 total) 30C of zincum met, kali phos, calcarea carb, and
ajs736 2022-06-23
6   telescope 5 months ago

Rectal bleeding
I am 70 years aged low weight woman. For last three days I am suffering from rectal
Sadhana Singh 2022-04-17
17   anuj srivastava 5 months ago

Infertility problem
Dear sir, can you help me in solving this ED problem?. Please suggest me some
Moorty 2020 2021-10-11
3   Kaps 5 months ago

Constant runny nose and now nose is blocked
My 6 year old daughter, constantly have runny nose. There wasn’t a single day when
Ddevassy 2022-06-19
7   telescope 5 months ago

Hormonal mother. Constitution help
I am a 27 year old female and mother of two toddler sons. I am new to homeopathy, but
tifflushers 2022-06-21
3   simone717 5 months ago

numb finger shoulder tingling
Propose remedies for these symptoms. Light tingling on the lower part of the left
Lola1234 2022-06-21
4   Lola1234 5 months ago

ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
Hi! I’m a 55yr old female who has recently been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD Attention
Annie888 2022-05-30
3   Kaps 5 months ago

Gall bladder poly size 4mm
I have gall bladder polyp of size 4mm and kidney stone 5mm. The medications that I am
bhaskar3 2022-06-21
no replies yet

Repertory - stool smells like sheep/goat poo.
Does anyone have an entry like the one from the title in their
Aulish 2022-06-20
5   anuj srivastava 5 months ago

Sabina 6x for heavy periods
Could anyone provide the dosage of Sabina 6x dilution for heavy menstrual bleeding? Is
diya20 2022-06-20
5   Kaps 5 months ago

Std problem
Dry small warts on my penis since last 5 years : But sometimes there is very severe pain

Sameer10 2022-03-24
28   anuj srivastava 5 months ago

Post covid cough
I have koughcure of lords can it be used for cough after
netwiz87 2022-06-20
no replies yet

Covid cough
itv koughcure of lords, is it ok to be used for covid
netwiz87 2022-06-20
no replies yet

Nux Vomica - Aggravation question
Hello, My homeopathic doctor prescribed me a nux vomica for some mental health issues
Elenii26 2022-06-19
3   telescope 5 months ago

Weight gain, fat, swollen, tired
Would someone help to recommend a remedy for me for weight loss? I'm feeling
Coneja 2022-06-19
6   Coneja 5 months ago

eye health
Epi-retina membrane in right eye. Looking for homeopathics to support eye
deepwintersnowpack 2022-06-14
2   deepwintersnowpack 5 months ago

Persistent respiratory infection
I cant seem to shake an infection that was deep in my chest but has moved up to my
NzHomeopath 2022-06-16
8   telescope 5 months ago