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Short Intercourse time & Not Feeling Pleasure during Ejaculation
Dear Respected Doctors I am Naveed and I am 39 years old. I have two children (2 sons).
Naveedansari 2017-02-07
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Chronic Sinus Pain; Pregnant- pelvic pain, sharp stabbing pains, & more
I was told I needed to consolidate my 2 posts into one post. I'll do my best to keep

fitzgrl 2016-08-26
21   fitzgrl 2 years ago

Speech delay/ screaming 3 year boy
Hello I'm desperate for help. I have a 3 year old boy who mostly understands

Am123 2014-10-09
67   simone717 2 years ago

allergic to dog saliva
need specific treatment for the protein in dog/cat saliva that causes allergic reaction.
jjones1 2017-02-02
2   simone717 2 years ago

Attn: Joe De Livera :Reflux in my 8 months old twins
I have 29 weeks twins (twin A and twin B) that are now 8 months old or 6 months adjusted.
shikha1g 2017-02-04
2   shikha1g 2 years ago

tennis elbow
Hi, i am suffering from tennis elbow since a month now. right hand....just got a
arien 2016-12-25
6   arien 2 years ago

RobertW 2017-02-06
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Can you help me find my constitutional?
Can you help me find my constitutional
bluesky77 2017-02-02
7   bluesky77 2 years ago

RA Factor
My wife aged approx 43 years is suffering from Rheumatic Arthritis since last 4 years. We
shahidr100 2017-02-06
1   homeo_helper 2 years ago

Mr. gavinimurthy Dr. Nawaz refer to you
sir below is my and husband case link was looking Dr. Kulkarni but he is not available
human1 2017-02-06
1   gavinimurthy 2 years ago

Help gavinimurthy sir
Sir I want to ask you that can homeopathy cure cervical
mariz 2017-02-05
1   gavinimurthy 2 years ago

Attn: Gavin Murthy Sir
Respected Sir, I am 22 years old. Sir, i am appearing for my final four papers of CA

tapasvi 2016-09-29
30   gavinimurthy 2 years ago

Thick beard and moustache
Hai sir my name is Pavan age 26 but I didn't have a thick beard and moustache
pavan111 2016-12-08
7   pavan111 2 years ago

Severe progressive acne vulgaris all over face back head and now neck !
Im a male 22 years indian wid oily skin . Hav acne since i was 16 or 17 Started as very
Adnan3 2017-02-03
2   Adnan3 2 years ago

Nodulocystic acne
Im suffering from severe nodulocystic acne all over my back since 2009. Please suggest
Ramneek 2016-11-11
6   Adnan3 2 years ago

liver and kidney badly damaged because of taking drug from one year
Sir I have been taking a drug called Sertraliune 50 and Mirtazopine 7.5 for one year
ii_captain 2017-02-05
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Severe depression not responding to treatment
Hello my name is Mel. This is my first time visiting this site. I feel desperate for

Mel 2017-01-30
24   Mel 2 years ago

Sexual Problem
Hi This is Prodip 40years old Man.passing 09years married life But i m not satisfied with
DKProdip 2017-02-04
1   kadwa 2 years ago

How can I bring on menopause
I ahve been to I am in the early stages . This was a clinical diagnoses only. I have
NevaDawn 2017-02-03
1   kadwa 2 years ago

high cholesterol
sir, Suffering from high cholesterol. Please
moni 2017-02-02
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Breathing problem for DNS
I am suffering even after surgery before 3 years. Please
moni 2017-02-02
1   kadwa 2 years ago

mucus in stool
Sir Problem abhi bhi pahale ki tarah hi hai. Subah me khana khane ke turant baad

Kumarbrajesh 2015-08-20
39   Kumarbrajesh 2 years ago

social anxiety, low self-esteem, periods around 20 days
Hello , i am 40 yr old female...friendly,otwardly confident..inwards i have low
sally2 2017-01-23
4   kadwa 2 years ago

nanotech 2017-01-28
11   jawahar 2 years ago

premature ejaculation problem
Hello Doctor, I am 34 yr and have very bad habit of porn movies and phone sex since
umar 2017-02-04
1   HealthyWorld 2 years ago