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thick skin on hand fingres and foot
Hello Doctor, i had followed the steps in Remedy Finder and got one grid. i had saved als

harerama9714 2016-01-29
172   harerama9714 10 months ago

Hypothyroidism - Help needed.
Hi to anyone that can help. Firstly I will say I am fully aware it is best to seek out m
HypoHelp 2018-04-04
6   HypoHelp 10 months ago

Scalp psiorasis
Sir,i am suffering from scalp psiorasis since 5-6 years.. i met several english and homeop
ujvl 2018-04-06
1   Poush 10 months ago

Staphisagria- Aggravation
I had been advised for Staphisagria I M - 1 Does per week initially for 4 weeks and then f
sajidnazir 2018-03-26
11   simone717 10 months ago

posterior low lying
Dear Sirs, need help for POSTERIOR LOW LYING for a lady 12 weeks pregnant

skmangal 2018-03-09
17   maheeru 10 months ago

What interferes with remedies?
Does activated charcoal interfere with homeopathic remedies when taken orally?
Veggielover1 2018-04-06
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My daughter is 3 years 3 months old. She has been having loose motions for the last 9 days
dhuandhar 2009-07-27
3   suresh5 10 months ago

Stomach problem
hello doctors, ik problem hai mera ladka 20 yrs. ka hai uska prob. yeh hai ki usse hamesa
rameshkumarmoa 2018-03-21
4   Nishat Parveen 10 months ago

No errection
hello my age is 28 i am facing a problem of no errection next month i am getting married.t
Jam Rizwan 2018-04-05
1   Tui 10 months ago

Sciatica or not
I had sciatica a few months back probably from a back injury. I went to a homeopathic doct
Prartea 2018-04-05
3   simone717 10 months ago

I am 55 year old man . I am suffering from piles and anal fissure. there is a blood in my
hkdobhal 2018-04-05
1   kadwa 10 months ago

4 year old sleep apnea/large tonsils and adenoids
My 4 year old daughter has very large tonsils and adenoids and sleep apnea. She is also a
louin16 2018-04-05
1   kadwa 10 months ago

Early ejection or less harder penis
Hi there I am 31 years old. I am married for 6 years. My sexual desire is okay. I love sex
tonmoy1 2018-04-04
1   kadwa 10 months ago

remedy for very large subserousal fibroid
I need medicine for subserousal fibroid which is about 16 cm.There is no pain or any other
aradhyamathur 2018-04-04
1   kadwa 10 months ago

Homeopathy treatment for varicocele
Dear all, I suffer from varicocele and I wondered if you could recommend some homeopathy
Lionel2015 2018-04-03
1   kadwa 10 months ago

Treatement for Warts
I have warts on my neck and underarms, request a treatment for the same. the warts on unde
Amar4 2018-04-03
1   kadwa 10 months ago

hand tumor
my father agc 55, suffering small tumor in hand. plz
maneek01 2018-04-03
1   kadwa 10 months ago

Premature Ejaculation due to sensitivity
I am 34yr old I have two kid. I am a software professional sometime works in late night. I
forfeit1 2018-04-02
1   kadwa 10 months ago

Inflammation in body
Is there a remedy that would help reduce inflammation in the body. I am reading so many p
kohler 2018-04-04
2   kohler 10 months ago

Hi My father is 76 years old. He developed hernia for which he got operated around three

RashidMunzur 2017-11-13
18   kadwa 10 months ago

Hi, can any one suggest me a medicine for PMS , i am 47 yrs old getting close to menopause
Ana2 2018-04-02
3   kadwa 10 months ago

Dose of Arsenic Iodatum
Please suggest me dose and potency of Arsenic Iodatum for skin disease
vkstomar 2018-04-01
3   kadwa 10 months ago

Help please, dr kadwa
Thin, extremely thin arms, want to gain flesh. height- 165cm, wt-54kg
Tiard 2018-03-30
3   kadwa 10 months ago

cold, tinkling & itching in nose and throat, sneezing, watery nose & eyes, then cough wheezing, problem in breathing
from last ten years I am suffering from cold or allergy I dnt know but symptoms are in fir

mAn85 2018-02-02
16   mAn85 10 months ago

dyshidrotic eczema
My dad gets these blisters on his hands during winter from many years. He went to dermatol
dhanda01 2018-04-04
2   dhanda01 10 months ago

Sebaceous cyst on chest
Hello everyone! Glad to join the community. I had a sebaceous cyst right in the middle of
partheus 2018-04-03
1   Tui 10 months ago

Pregnancy constipation
I just want to know if luzy tablets are safe to use during pregnancy Luzy (Tablets) Reli
Saddy1 2018-04-02
6   Saddy1 10 months ago

Sudden Hearing loss
Hello, I am very new to this forum and to homeopathy. Can anybody who is knowledgeble pl

Praveen 2004-09-28
2617   etmd22 10 months ago

Stammring Assist required
Hello, I am Deepansh Bajpayee I am 24 years old, weighing about 80 kgs and height about
deepanshbajpayee 2018-04-02
4   simone717 10 months ago

Acid reflux nat phos ?
I have a one month old who is on zantec and still seems uncomfortable I purchased nat phos
Giselpapa 2018-04-03
2   Giselpapa 10 months ago

Dr. Reva - antidote
Hi doctor Reva, I´d appreciate some advice if you can. I took lycopodium 200ch for
sacha1 2018-04-04
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Close this website
Plz close this website iff no body is unable to help me.
Rumi 2018-03-29
1   maheeru 10 months ago

Att: dr. maheeru, dr. kadwa - Abnormal appetite & low growth of 13 yrs girl
My daughter has abnormal appetite and low growth, details as under: Age: 13 years Weight:
sajidnazir 2018-03-20
5   maheeru 10 months ago

speech regression in 3 year old
hi i am posting after a
Umeedalam 2018-04-04
1   Umeedalam 10 months ago

4 year old son ADHD and Sensory Seeking Behaviour
My son who will turn 4 in a couple of months seems to be a possible ADHD and SSB kid. The
giayad 2018-03-26
3   Tui 10 months ago

Allergic Issue
My name is Zara. I am here to ask about allergy issue which my daughter is facing.. She&#
Zara 2018-04-03
3   Zara 10 months ago

Frequent allergic Rhinitis + Cold + Cough + Fever
I am having this problem for last 10 + years. Recently I have had this problem 4 times in
golubholu 2017-01-17
5   golubholu 10 months ago

Bedwetting in 11 yo with congenital disorder - getting exhausted
Child's First Name: Linda Age: 11 years Height: 154 cm Weight: 60 Birth weight: 3

kattie_b 2016-10-11
22   kattie_b 10 months ago

Silent Reflux and Weight Issue
My two main problems in life are being thin and underweight and this Silent reflux issue w

tod86 2018-03-14
27   Tui 10 months ago

Dystonia - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Dystonia is a neurological disorder causing involuntary, sustained muscle contractions tha

deoshlok 2006-07-11
24   Tui 10 months ago

Body weakness, sore throat, throbbing headache with low fever
Gender : Female Age : 28 Body built : Average Season : Spring with high 15C/60F and low
sonu_cemk 2018-04-01
2   sonu_cemk 10 months ago

hair loss pcos ?
Will my hair grow back if I'll cure PCOS ??
niki123 2018-04-03
1   niki123 10 months ago

Heel Spurs = Plantar Fasciitis
Question by "sazim", a forum member, in http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/35254/2Wha

Nesha-India 2005-09-23
32   akshayv 10 months ago

Lose of appetite
Dear Sir, My child age 1.5 yr not taking milk or food . Her weight is also 7 kg only more
Raman.dc 2018-04-01
3   HealthyWorld 10 months ago

Help with oily skin/acne/pcos/hirsutism
Hi, So I'm currently suffering from excessively oily skin on my chest, back, face a
Applepeach 2018-04-02
1   Tui 10 months ago

Good Morning, I have a 8 year old who has been diagnosed with ADHD since the age of 6. I
simplychi83 2018-04-02
1   Dr R Basu 10 months ago

Pulsatilla to turn breech baby
I have the 30c potency. I am 35.3 weeks and baby is breech. I began doing some breech exer
Mswest37 2018-04-02
2   Mswest37 10 months ago

about potency
Why is there this gap from 200ch to 1000ch? why doctors never prescribe potencies like 4
abcjoana 2018-03-30
1   maheeru 10 months ago

arsenic in rice
I'm trying to figure out a way to remedy arsenic in rice, as it is a problem in the U
ashimada 2018-04-01
4   maheeru 10 months ago

Sepia LM1 Aggravation?
I went to see a Naturopath in January for a bunch of different issues such as bad periods

PollyEster 2018-03-20
16   PollyEster 10 months ago

Erection Issue
A male 51 years old gets normal erection when he sits or sleeps with his wife without any
abid ali 2018-04-02
2   abid ali 10 months ago

Advice on Silica please.....
I've been in treatment with a homeopath for about 5 months and it's going well.
Nikky10 2018-04-01
12   Dr R Basu 10 months ago

Hello everyone. My name is akash my age is 30 I am unmarried. Its been 2 years I have
Akash12 2018-04-02
1   kadwa 10 months ago

Pls help Dr Neil and Dr kadwa ....i m facing acne problem since years...dis is just reduci
Jaz2 2018-03-31
1   kadwa 10 months ago

For Dr Kadwa
I am 32 years old. I have hair fall issue for 3 years i took treatment of elopathic an yea
Imran30 2018-03-11
8   kadwa 10 months ago

Dr Kadwa, Resolve Reflux Induced Hoarseness Issue Please
Dear Sir, My wife is fine. Her upset stomach is totally set right now.Now it's my tu
sandy3 2018-03-24
3   kadwa 10 months ago

Suffered ganglion cyst and urine drops
I have ganglion cyst on back of wrist just above the joint since 8 years. It is very hard
baby 2018-04-02
1   Tui 10 months ago

Grade 3 meniscus tear and partial tear of ACL
I met with an accident on 3/3/2018 I have undergone operation on 8/3/2018 for meniscus t
Ravikiran135 2018-03-28
3   kadwa 10 months ago

I am suffering from chronic constipation for years. I use Luzy tabs - how long ? Looking f
shahwin 2006-07-03
6   Saddy1 10 months ago

Need Expert opinion: Urine problem and Erectile Dysfunction
Dear Dr please help me. Please don't get angry. I am telling you all in detail with t
alik 2018-03-30
3   HealthyWorld 10 months ago

Please help me find my constitutional remedy
I am a 31 year old male. Weight : 70kg. Height 510. Married. Some of my symptoms are a
eurostar 2007-10-22
9   guser1586gmail.com 10 months ago

Masturbation Addiction
Hello Doctor, I have been masturbating when I was 13 years old,and now I am 25,due to th

Aj19911991 2016-11-06
15   Aj19911991 10 months ago

hi all, my friend is having psoriasis, we are looking for the girl who have the same prob
priyainarun 2007-12-24
5   ashish684 10 months ago

Psoriasis Marriage.
Hi everyone, I am Riya Mishra from India.I have been suffering from guttate psoriasis sinc
Riya1 2016-08-14
5   ashish684 10 months ago

Flatulence - Farts
I am suffering from flatulence for last 2-3 years. Lots of allopathic medicines but of no

bad.shape 2006-09-01
30   Akash12 10 months ago

Stomach pain with gas
Hello doctor, I am a 42 year old women. Since the past week or so, I have been experiencin
Simran25 2018-03-15
3   Dr R Basu 10 months ago

facing problem from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
Hi everyone, from last 5-6 months I am facing problem of erectile dysfunction and prematu
raj40016117 2018-02-09
4   raj40016117 10 months ago

Hi, I am 44 years old, female, teacher, live in Canada. I am experiencing a recurring symp

pollen 2018-03-25
15   simone717 10 months ago

Gallstones Issues - may need your help
Hi ! A complete Story about Pain & Gallstones! ---------------------------- Last 6 mont
faisalrfs 2014-02-11
11   Ircoompi 10 months ago

scalp psoriasis
Our ten year old granddaughter has non pustular psoriasis on her scalp and behind her ears
shananda 2018-03-10
7   0antivirus0 10 months ago

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