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Attention Simone Help needed for Eustachian tube swelling
Dear Simone, My wife was diagnosed with mild inflammation inside ear, swollen Eustachian
declan 2020-12-12
5   homeo_helper 7 months ago

Diabetes, PE and ED
I was facing mle weakness for last 2 years. Now i am diabetic since last 2 month. Male
Cutejut 2020-12-27
5   Urepierk 7 months ago

Systemic JIA
My 12yr old son has been having skin rash which comes and goes and joint pains across
healththread 2020-12-28
3   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Ganglion on right wrist with pain... Attn..Dr. Jitesh Sharma saheb
Thnks for ur valuable advice. taking calc. Flour 30 as per advice from last 6 days for
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-13
17   Fabeeha 7 months ago

[delete messages][Edited by Mrutyunjay1 on 2021-01-17
Mrutyunjay1 2020-12-22
1   Mrutyunjay1 7 months ago

Pulsatila side effects for my daughter
Seeking guidance to cure my daughter One of homeopath had given pulsatilla for around 8
rahul10 2020-12-26
5   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Semen leakage
Can I use Caladium 30 for semen leakage after stool??? Kindly
Link 2020-12-21
5   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Vomiting with headache
My wife age 28 from afternoon headache very much and vomitting at 9 pm. She is not eating
Wuerzowsh 2020-12-27
2   homeo_helper 7 months ago

Remedy Selection
Suppose a lm potency of 0/30 solved a chronic case. Now after some years there is a
sarvesh1 2020-12-27
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Fur attention of Anuj: rheumatism/ 76 ages
Sir, my mom 76 has rheumatism of small joints since 12years. swelling of small joints,
speddiraju 2020-12-26
1   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Menopausal weight gain...
Hi there... I'm 46 years old and 5'5". I used to weigh around 130-135
Maddie371 2020-10-25
18   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Dr Maheeru, 81 yrs old- gasping/UTI with -ve covid results.
Dr Maheeru, My dad 81 had UTI since 1.5 weeks and fever a week ago. He has involuntary
speddiraju 2020-09-10
6   speddiraju 7 months ago

hi all i have been prescribed this remedy by my homeopath, i cant ask advise for a while
paula1 2020-12-25
5   paula1 7 months ago

8 year old with weight and anxiety issues
I have an 8-year-old daughter who is in third grade this year. She started to gain weight
momofx 2020-09-13
12   momofx 7 months ago

anemia child
Hello and Merry Christmas! What do you recommend for a 2 year old child with anemia. She
Dididecho 2020-12-25
1   Dididecho 7 months ago

Calcarea Carbonica
Can anyone please tell me which potency is best to use in a classic case of calc carb?Hot
saltOftheEarth 2005-07-24
4   greyeminence 7 months ago

"Kreosotum poisoning" - info needed
John Henry Clarke in his materia medica, in Kreosotum chapter, mentions- 'A fatal
Aromatic 2020-12-22
1   Aromatic 7 months ago

Cat suffering cataplectic attacks
Hi, Can anyone kindly assist a 17yr old cat suffering from occasional bouts of
mork 2019-10-29
15   mork 7 months ago

For attention of Anuj or Maheeru: asthmatic symptoms after viral flu
Sir, Since couple of years whenever I have viral flu attack, post to that am getting
speddiraju 2020-12-18
5   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Epilepsy in 4 year old
Hi everyone, I have a 4 year old who was fit and well. Last Sept she had her MMR and
Zoulie 2020-04-13
7   freehomeoforall 7 months ago

Hi I am Emily Burger and currently I am working as a health blogger at Health Naturo.
emilyburger 2020-12-24
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Possible aggravation from Kali Bich 200C
My wife 4 doses of Kali Bich 200C wet dose for ear pain, Eustachian tube swelling.
declan 2020-12-23
1   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Anuj - Please Advice - Suspected Coronavirus Symptoms
Dear Anuj, Hope you are fine. Actually Maheeru prescribes me regularly but now a days he

ahmad88 2020-04-01
256   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Carduus Marianus Q for weight loss?
Hello all homeopaths here, During my hepatitis A, i took Carduus Marianus Q 15 drops
syria 2020-12-22
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Sexual problems plz help asap
hi everyone. My main biggest problem in life right now is related to sex. I have
tod86 2020-11-08
13   tod86 7 months ago