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Bacopa monnieri
Please give guidance that the Bacopa monnieri is more effective in Q or 6 potency ?
vkg1 2018-03-01
2   maheeru 7 months ago

My baby accidentally ate homoeopathy medicine powder but it was less amount of medicine..
Komathnimmi1 2018-03-01
1   maheeru 7 months ago

Regarding breast enlargement
I'm Nithya.. 35 yrs old..my breast size is 33 ..I want to increase the size.is there
Nithya123 2018-03-01
5   simone717 7 months ago

Mind Diverts or Bored After Some Time
Hello, Am 40. I was facing problem like following. I gets bored after some time. For exam
Arif2 2018-03-01
1   healer21 7 months ago

About masturbataion
Aoa...sir...I am doing mastubration from last 3 year but I am reducing it..last month I do
Talha2 2018-03-01
1   healer21 7 months ago

Excessive masterbation since childhood.
Hi respectable doctors. I have been doing masterbation since childhood from age of 10 ye
brave 2018-02-27
3   healer21 7 months ago

Reoccurring facial sepsis, sinus infection and ear infection
My five year old has not been able to kick an infection since Jan 2nd. We are on our 3 ro
ConnectiveResource 2018-02-25
8   healer21 7 months ago

Brain strock
Sir meri maa ko brain strock huaa hai . aur unka right side kaam nahi kar raha hai . voice
Raju4 2018-03-01
2   kadwa 7 months ago

Acne getting worse after taking homeopathy medicine
Hi, My age is 30 and I used to get pimples around my period and other times just 1 or 2. O
Shalini4 2018-02-28
1   kadwa 7 months ago

feeling weak at the night time
I am feeling weak after 6pm Ihave anxiety. History: I was given aconite 10M around ten ye

sanjayshange 2017-03-14
56   kadwa 7 months ago

Will sepia200 help me how much drop should i have
Hello i m 28yrs old.i got my puberty at 13 since then i bleed heavy with clots.the maximum
Neema1 2018-02-20
7   kadwa 7 months ago

Brain strock
pl reply
Raju4 2018-03-01
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Frozen shoulder
Left shoulder got frozen. Difficult to move arm. It all started with high BP which resulte
Irshad1 2018-02-28
1   homeo_helper 7 months ago

Suffering from alopecia areata please help me
Dear Dr. I am 27 years old .I am suffering from alopecia areata . Last 3 years.Hair lost f
anu7 2018-02-02
7   anu7 7 months ago

Any doctor please suggest(About potency)
I have taken Argentum nitricum 30 for my problems. Now I want to take LM potency. Which po
kamrul 2018-02-28
1   jawahar 7 months ago

where to get Materia medica pura 1st edition - provings
Hello members, May I know where can I get where to get Materia medica pura 1st edition &n
thes 2018-02-28
no replies yet

need help
so i had an allergic rx severe 2 weeks ago, and have had diarrhea every since, plus cough
AnnKerti 2018-02-26
3   homeo_helper 7 months ago

Hello, I’m a college student and would like to join the group. My wife and I use h
dnt711 2018-02-26
3   homeo_helper 7 months ago

My daughter is having loose motions and vomiting..I have given her arsenicum album200 but
bansalruma 2018-02-27
1   healer21 7 months ago

Sex problem
Hello sir. I am from Punjab I am 28 years old .kafi time se masturbate karta hu mai .now m
Abhi2 2018-02-27
1   healer21 7 months ago

0antivirus0 -Knowledge required (help)
Can three remedies be taken on the same day , same time , as prescribed by a homeopath.
Oujejoo 2018-02-13
7   0antivirus0 7 months ago

For Alopecia
Sir, I am using Jaborandi Q directly on scalp. I just want to know Can i take Jaborandi Q
Pankaj Kumar2 2018-02-26
1   Pankaj Kumar2 7 months ago

Weak Nerves, General and Social Anxiety, Depression, Premature Ejaculation and Sleep Paralysis
-------------------------------- What I’m looking from this Forum ------------------

Erfeach 2017-07-18
26   Nurz 7 months ago

Swelling of eyes of two year baby
Hi....my daughter is two year old...she has swelling on eyes in morning ....it persist thr
M.kousar 2018-02-26
4   M.kousar 7 months ago

Constipation problem
I have chronic constipation last 3-4 years.I am 38 years old , sex - male , occupation : D
chinmoy007c 2018-02-27
1   healer21 7 months ago

nat phos 6x for 7 week old
I recently purchased this for my 7week old but have no idea how to administer. She was dia
Harlene 2018-02-26
1   healer21 7 months ago

I am 63 years old having hypertension,diabetes,psoriasis,policythemia,chronic swere chroni
ayub shah 2018-02-26
no replies yet

Homeopathy for uterine polyp!
I'm 29 diagnosed with a small uterine polyp (1.4 cm). I don't want surgery and w
naturalgirl29 2018-02-26
1   healer21 7 months ago

Premature ejaculation problem
I masturbate in my early age. Due to this i suffer with premature ejaculation. When i got
bhoot420 2018-02-26
1   healer21 7 months ago

Osteoarthritis problem for my father - Dr Kadwa pls help
Dr Kadwa, My father, age 75 years has osteoarthritis problem in both knees and also knee
vjhos 2018-02-26
1   healer21 7 months ago

Need help with symptoms of menopause.
I entered menopause about 5 months ago. My symptoms are hot flashes and stomach fat which
Veggielover1 2018-02-23
3   Veggielover1 7 months ago

Warts on hands
Warts on hands that will not go away with other medical treatments.treatments of acid base
cassyfaye 2018-02-04
4   Nishat Parveen 7 months ago

Baby sleep issue/silent acid reflux?
Please can you help me to work out what to do with my baby's sleep. We tried pretty m
Matreshka 2018-02-25
3   healer21 7 months ago

Facial hair problem
Hi i got beard issue.i am male 28 of age 5feet 6inch tall and having a weight of 64kg stil
Uchi 2018-02-18
5   kadwa 7 months ago

To Dr. Kadwa only
As per your prescription as, Aurum Mur 30 Sulphur 30 Graphites 30
pratprat 2018-02-25
1   kadwa 7 months ago

Inguinal Hernia
Is hernia be cured by homeopathy??.
Oidgedgow 2018-02-24
1   kadwa 7 months ago

High blood pressure
I was having problems with fluctuating BP and the homeopathic medicine given by the doctor
ajafery 2018-02-23
1   kadwa 7 months ago

Excessive precum
Hello.!Not long ago,i was diagonosed with the problem of excessive precum by a doctor.I am
Etharfiew 2018-02-15
3   kadwa 7 months ago

Last year I was diagnosed with an umbilical hernia as well as a ventral. They are right ne
Ginger707 2018-02-20
3   kadwa 7 months ago

Guinea Pgi with Straining/Constipation and Bladder Infection
Hello, I have a guinea pig who is suffering from a bladder / urinary tract infection.
gochmari 2018-02-24
2   simone717 7 months ago

Masturbation and Digestive/ Bowel Disorder: Expert advice Required
Age: 26 Sex : Male Height : 5 11' weight : 60 kg I have bunch of complex problems i
getset 2010-06-18
12   healer21 7 months ago

Feeling heaviness on eyelid with congestion feeling on forehead.
Hello, Since last one year I am feeling heaviness on eyelid with congestion feeling on fo
ssshhh 2018-02-25
3   healer21 7 months ago

Which mother tincture before drinking to protect the liver?
Hello everyone, I'd like to gather many opinions here. What's the best mother
syria 2018-02-21
3   syria 7 months ago

Hello I have bloating, can't seem to lose weight, very tired, exhausted, hot flashes,
Kate4 2018-02-25
1   healer21 7 months ago

Do higher potencies cause opposite effect on physical problems.
I read that lower homeopathy potencies work on physical sphere and higher potencies work o
rakeshmohan8 2018-02-21
7   rakeshmohan8 7 months ago

family with pin worms
Hello, my five children, my husband and myself, and I am also expecting again seem to have
junick 2018-02-25
1   0antivirus0 7 months ago

Sir, I am 60 yrs male slim figure. From 2007 I am suffering chronic pain in my left ha
skd50 2018-02-25
1   0antivirus0 7 months ago

Constant Nausea, 6 year old boy
My 6 yr old boy had nearly constant nausea for nearly one month from december end to Janua
srushti1 2018-02-22
2   0antivirus0 7 months ago

I've a lipoma since 5 years,,, I'm taking Thuja 1M ,am I doing correct? Plz repl
Biplobsekh 2018-02-24
1   healer21 7 months ago

Sulpher symptoms aggravated with calc carb
6 months back skin eruptions with neuralgic pains cured with sulph.after 6months iIhave ta
chpradeep 2018-02-24
1   healer21 7 months ago

Anal fistula
Hi i am 22 year female..i had anal abscess on both sidesdue to IBS..it drainedand now the

Saima2 2018-02-18
13   healer21 7 months ago

Appetite Loss for 4 years old
Hi , My daughter been fussy from the beginning, when I give her deworming medicine her ap
Riya4 2018-02-24
1   healer21 7 months ago

Lycopodium 200 for inguinal hernia
sir, i am suffering for inguinal hernia from last 4 years . i have no pain in hernia but
designer2cad 2016-07-13
5   Oidgedgow 7 months ago

Premature ejaculation problem or some more
Hey sir, I am 22 year old guy. As I do masturbation sometimes but now I feel weakness and
Oickie 2018-02-23
12   Oickie 7 months ago

hello Sir. Good Morning. i am 23 years old. i am suffering from pcod last 6 years. pls hel

sonia17 2017-11-28
13   healer21 7 months ago

Dr Kadwa pls help
Dear Sir, My Sister is 52 ,Height 5.3 weight 54 kg. She had polyps on nose. sometimes bl
busa2007 2017-11-03
8   manaser2005 7 months ago

Sulphur after Calc Carb
Hi , My daughter is seeing a Homeopath for last 8-10 months. She had speech delay
rxpratap 2009-08-27
7   chpradeep 7 months ago

50 years male; 190cm/68kg, very skinny, weak, vains all over body appearing... Used Nat ph
Male4 2018-02-23
3   healer21 7 months ago

Is it true that homeopathy can prevent and help treat this problem by taking a long term r
kohler 2018-02-21
1   healer21 7 months ago

Premature ejaculation and weak erection
Hi I am 32 year old male, married for 2 years, I have been suffering from PE since the beg
Pho21 2018-02-20
3   elissawilliams 7 months ago

Dr mohla only.. please advise doctor
Dr mohla sir, Can u plz look this case. My wife is 25.years old and we have a 2.years fi
sadman1986 2018-02-22
1   sadman1986 7 months ago

Low Sperm count and less motility
1. Describe your main suffering? -- semen motility is low as 20% and Sperm count is 28 Mi
vinothvsbe 2017-12-30
3   tisasmith 7 months ago

Heart beat Faster than usual
Dear SIr/s, I am a Healthy male, aged 40 years, medium built , tall upto 5'
meharban Ahmad 2018-02-22
2   meharban Ahmad 7 months ago

Pain full Suppressed eruptions on scalp neck
Sir this is Pradeep Fro Bangalore Age 30 Problem is dry itch generates at scalp neck&f
chpradeep 2018-02-22
7   chpradeep 7 months ago

Alternating between excess ego and severe gastritis
When my physical symptoms disappear my mental symptoms come back but both of them don'
Oaferev 2018-02-22
1   healer21 7 months ago

Heavy Sweaty Palm & foot Sole
I was very upset to see that healer21 has been suspended from this forum. As i was on his
sandipan1 2018-02-13
11   healer21 7 months ago

suffering from effects of excessive masturbation
Dear Doctor, I am a boy of 25 year age and I am suffering from effects of over masturbati

amit90 2014-07-16
29   Daniyalali 7 months ago

sleep apnea
Iam 64 years ,diabetic and hypertenive,I suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.the symptoms
Iarsia 2018-02-20
2   Iarsia 7 months ago

Severe Eczema in Daughter
Hello, my three year old daughter has suffered from exzema as long as I can remember. It i
hgibson 2018-02-22
2   hgibson 7 months ago

Vitiligo treatment
I have been a vtiligo patient for the last 15 yrs,tried allopathy and ayurveda but the spr
N.P.Mishra 2017-09-11
2   spatel 7 months ago

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