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Mother Tincher
Please advise can i take Crataegus Oxy Q and Sable serulatum Q
rashidaansari 2020-06-17
1   maheeru 6 months ago

Cervical transverse myelitis
Hii sir iam 20 years young boy.iam suffering with cervical transverse myelitis from one
Sateesh1 2020-06-18
1   anuj srivastava 6 months ago

Not able to digest food properly,sticky stools
1)cant digest lactose 2)cant digest wheat,gluten 3)low appetite. Main problem is stools
Rup1994 2020-06-18
1   Rup1994 6 months ago

Baldness due to too much Dandruff and Sometimes gum bleeding with bad brearth
Hi, I am 30 years Male. height 5'8" weight 57 kgs, Wheaties brown. I am
noordgp 2020-06-14
2   noordgp 6 months ago

Small hard lump in left breast-fibroademona
Hi hard lump left breast upper quadrant, does not hurt benign. Two years has been there.
Uolumba 2020-06-17
3   Aifiorpure 6 months ago

vtechy1 2020-06-17
1   simone717 6 months ago

Lyco 30c
After great success on two doses of lyco 6c when four days after it literally sorted out
Ideal56 2020-06-17
2   Ideal56 6 months ago

I am being watched
I have always been self-conscious and shy. I am mostly over it, but, I am still quite 2020-05-29
6 7 months ago

Psorinum Antidote
Hi All, Does drinking light coffee can antidote the nosode Psorinum? Appreciate your
Banjara 2020-06-16
2   Banjara 7 months ago

Grey Hair
Hello my age is 27 my hair getting grey so which oil is best for black hair and what
zenevatech 2020-06-16
1   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Concha bullosa post fess
Post sinus and nasal surgery ct scan shows concha bullosa.. Left inferior concha
ajinkya1989 2020-06-15
4   ajinkya1989 7 months ago

Constipation, bone joints clicking sound, possible spermatorrhoea
I have over 15 years of constipation. Can't empty bowels fully, stools come in
sonics 2020-06-15
1   freehomeoforall 7 months ago

Rhinosinusitis with swollen turbinates
I had a surgeey of deviated septum And nasal polyp Now i again face a problem of nasak
ajinkya1989 2020-06-15
1   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

need help for dysphagia
Hi, i'm looking to help my father who is paralyzed, c3/4 incomplete sci injury. has

mishelm 2013-03-10
31   Netspider 7 months ago

Antidote sedatif pc
How do you antidote a combined homeopathic remedy? I took sedatif pc and I had a bad
Abou 2020-06-14
1   anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Hi I was advised by a friend to take nux vomica 30 for constipation. I took 5 drops
romel_121 2020-06-13
2   romel_121 7 months ago

Advice needed
Hello I was wondering if I can get some guidance. My wife has been suffering from
Ravirr 2014-09-17
11   Drravibhatt 7 months ago

Erectile Dysfunction
I am 40 years of age and married. I am having problems in marital relations. My problem
King2 2018-05-29
2   rockme 7 months ago

erectile dysfunction treatment
I am 53 year old recently i experience a problem that i could not maintain
malik_sikandar 2020-04-12
2   rockme 7 months ago

Chronic Dry cough and chronic constipation
My 5 year old daughter has dry cough for almost one and half year. This is due to allergy
Erethee 2020-05-22
10   Erethee 7 months ago

Separation Anxiety and Sleep (lack of!) 2 year old
My little boy (just 2) has always been very clingy since birth (Clingy to Mum and nobody
Stief 2020-06-12
2   Stief 7 months ago

Chronic sinus headache
I’m having sinus headache for the past three years.. last year I took homeo
Erethee 2020-06-12
1   homeo_helper 7 months ago

Constipation with abdominal fullness and bloating
Dear physicians I am 28 year old male, i ate some sandwich from market 1 week ago, and
Soliter 2020-06-08
2   Soliter 7 months ago

Bacopa monnieri and clonotrio
I am using anti anxiety medicine clonotril 0.25 mg. May I take Bacopa monnieri along with
Irshad1 2020-06-12
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constant dizziness
I'm 93 years old. About 12 years ago I became dizzy. After seeing various 2020-06-08
3   homeo_helper 7 months ago