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Adult Acne issue.
I have acne issue for 10 years. the intensity have increased over the years. now I am
Chuiphinp 2020-11-03
1   anuj srivastava 10 months ago

Bloody urine in dog
Hi , female rottweiler 3.5 years is peeing blood in her urine. Her heat cycle was 2
Gba 2020-11-03
2   Gba 10 months ago

Corona symptoms
Hello, I am having corona like symtomps: 1. Feeling intermediate cold(shivering) from
nur88 2020-11-02
3   A.Singh 10 months ago

Cranky baby
3 month old baby is cranky since 5-6 days , fussy and keeps on crying. Picks up
Gba 2020-11-01
2   Gba 10 months ago

Polyps on vocal cord and voice hoarseness
I have polyps on vocal cord left, due to this my voice is not consistence everyday. Some
AnithaP 2020-10-29
5   AnithaP 10 months ago

Expiration date of homeopathic (Boiron) pills
If I have a homeopathic pill bottle and the expir. date shows as Aug 2020 (it's now
Healthisfundamental 2020-11-02
3   Healthisfundamental 10 months ago

Erectile Dysfunction
I am facing ED from a long time. Have a history of Mastrubation before 6-7 years but not

Aaa 2020-07-16
43   razaraza 10 months ago

Can someone take homeopathic remedies if they are on meds for high blood pressure? For
Lil1 2020-11-01
1   drjitesh 10 months ago

Father Has High Fever
My 71 years old father has 102 degree fever. I gave him a paracetamol which brought it
mayankgates 2020-11-01
1   anuj srivastava 10 months ago

Having Acne on my face since long back
Respected Sir, I am 37 years old. ... Acne has been on my face for more than 15 years,
Amitranagra 2020-10-31
1   anuj srivastava 10 months ago

Help for Brother with multiple chronic conditions
Hi! My 70 year old brother has the following chronic conditions. 3 years ago diagnosed

Sue K 2020-08-25
28   anuj srivastava 10 months ago

Allopathic medicine with Homeopathy
Dear all, I am suffering from anxiety and Insomnia since years. I am on allopathic
merohin27 2020-10-30
2   thakurhimanshi 10 months ago

Anxiety and agitation
Dear Doctors, i am male 29 years old, started having few symptoms as given bellow a few
Soliter 2020-10-30
3   simone717 10 months ago

methods of taking homeopathy
Is it true that for chronic conditions liquid dilution is more effective than tablet form 2020-10-29
4   simone717 10 months ago

Dr Anuj please help with Dandruff issue
Hello Dr Anuj, My wife is 37 years old in good general health. She maintains a healthy
gupta_saurabh 2020-10-19
7   anuj srivastava 10 months ago

Stomach Rash
Hi - I have developed a rash on my stomach and between my breasts. The rash is red and
treezal 2020-09-14
16   treezal 10 months ago

Lack of self confidence
My age is 25. I have a lack of self confidence. Whenever I go outside or be around
Pablo1 2020-10-28
8   simone717 10 months ago

Please Help! Paraurethral Skene's Duct Cyst (Need Remedy)
Hi All, I was diagnosed with a 21 MM Paraurethral Skene's Duct cyst (apparently

Brittany88 2020-08-06
36   Brittany88 10 months ago

Tissue Salts (Cell Salts) vs Homeopathic Preps
Hello, Is it possible to substitute a homeopathic prep for a tissue salt? For example.
gochmari 2020-10-29
1   simone717 10 months ago

Burning Toes and Pain in legs
Dears, I have too much burning and sometimes pain in toes. Skin colour of toe joints
naresh846 2020-10-17
4   naresh846 10 months ago

Humble Request to prescribe Homeopathy Medicine as per the post
Respected Doctor, I am came from India and staying with my daughter's home. I was
sanjeev2020 2020-10-26
2   thakurhimanshi 10 months ago

Why does 6C potency work better than other higher potencies
Hi there: I have a condition (chronic body pain) where I find that 6C of various
ngtoronto 2020-10-28
1   simone717 10 months ago

Persistent Throat itching silent reflux since 3 months and skin fungal infection
Hello, I am 43 yrs old male. Since May end this year have constant itching in throat

User_1276 2020-09-02
36   simone717 10 months ago

falling ill
Hi if someone undergoes ongoing homeopathy treatment and suddenly has a stomach bug or 2020-10-27
2   thakurhimanshi 10 months ago

Premature Ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction and very sensitive penis and taking staphysagria
I shared my problem here and a
Ronthedavil 2020-10-23
2   Ronthedavil 10 months ago