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Breast Milk
BREAST MILK Calcarea Carb. : For increasing Milk.LacVacc. Defl. : For reducing Milk
deoshlok 2006-02-20
2   maheeru 11 months ago

Extreme Constipated 2 years old
my 2 years old son is having extreme constipation since birth, his mother is having same

fizspace 2018-11-13
29   fizspace 11 months ago

Any homeopathy
Any suggestions on which medicine is good for delaying ejaculation? And anything for
Hojahard 2019-03-15
3   Ibrahim3 11 months ago

Clot and bloodish color in Urine
Dear Sir Last week i have sudden pain at right back which ends at right side

babu123abhi 2019-03-05
13   Soul_Spirit 11 months ago

ethiroseclorosis remide
Iam 56 y m diabetic sufring with ethiroseclorosis under went angioplasty in oct 2017,
h.ahmed 2019-03-14
8   simone717 11 months ago

about medicine
Which medicine can I take for proper blood circulation in brain.... Basically for blood
Friack 2019-03-15
3   Ibrahim3 11 months ago

My age 35years old.
Lunk 2019-03-14
1   simone717 11 months ago

Sir. I am suffering from sinus. I had 2times surgery. But not sure. I suffering now. DNS
Lunk 2019-03-14
2   Lunk 11 months ago

A healthy heart
Remide for healthy heart and good blood
h.ahmed 2019-03-14
2   h.ahmed 11 months ago

Dr Kadwa - pls help for 17 yr old immature and angry kid
There is another thread ongoing for long time. Unfortunately, the situation has become

peaks 2018-12-30
13   Soul_Spirit 11 months ago

Hekla Lava for Bone Spurs?
Hello everyone, I have a condition called Hallux rigidus on the left big toe.

syria 2019-03-01
14   syria 11 months ago

Woke up with right parotid gland swollen and earache
Hello, A couple of days ago I took Arsenicum Album 200C one dose before bed due to
OhioGirl71 2019-03-08
7   Soul_Spirit 11 months ago

menieres disease
i am suffering with menieres disease (triad of vertigo,tinnitus and deafness right ear) 2019-03-10
1   Ibrahim3 11 months ago

Swollen Gland On Neck Left Side
Hello I am seeking help with a swollen gland that started last Sunday February 17. I also
Alimp 2019-02-23
9   Alimp 11 months ago

Treatment for Hiv?
Hi, I was diagnosed with HIV 1 three months ago. CD4 count of 245 and VL of 100,000+. Am
hobohoseni 2019-03-07
3   Soul_Spirit 11 months ago

1 month old with Silent Reflux?
Hello, my 1 month old son has been choking and coughing while feeding, after feeding he
Maria9one6 2019-03-08
1   Soul_Spirit 11 months ago

absorption in the body
which calcium get absorbed easily in the body? A calcium tablet like Sandocal or cell
rajapsc 2019-03-07
3   simone717 11 months ago

Mold and toxic chemical exposure
I have been extremely sick for 6 years. I recently found out it was due to exposure to
Tgaruccio321 2019-03-06
1   simone717 11 months ago

Cannabis Indica
Two Cannabis Indica stories In a hotel in a remote mountain town. A group of young
kuldeep 2006-12-15
12   Arsen5 11 months ago

large Uterine Fibroids
There are several threads for uterine fibroids but none of them seem to be a good match
mtranch 2019-03-04
6   mtranch 11 months ago

Cough from chest
Dear sir My wife 32 years old having cough from a month. It is kho kho type. Some amount
Nitesh Kamal 2019-03-05
1   Ibrahim3 11 months ago

Penis Glans Sensitivity and Premature Ejaculation
I am a 50+ male and facing the above titled symptoms very seriously. Glans feel like
royzafar 2019-03-05
6   royzafar 11 months ago

Please take this case
Can someone suggest me a remedy to fix this?  I'm suffering from vomiting
Shafi1 2019-02-25
4   Ibrahim3 11 months ago

Please take my mother's case
Doctor my mother is 50 year old Housewife In childhood she was attacked by 100s of
Anjali4 2019-02-28
12   Ibrahim3 11 months ago

plz doctor listen my problem.
great problem of urine. plz help
atharkhan185 2019-03-02
3   Ibrahim3 11 months ago