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Infertility case Please Help Me
Hello to all. I am a 41 years old woman and for 10 years I have been trying to get pregnan
MdiNu 2008-12-26
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crohn's holistic doctor
My daughter was recently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and she is scheduled for surg
Barth 2008-11-06
1   Barth 9 years ago

Joe, how does arnica 30c wet dose help acne scarring?
I remember in reading your arnica 30c wet dose that it will improve or fade? acne scarring

hotty198 2005-09-20
33   Edmond 9 years ago

Dear doctors please respond!!
My son 2 years of age rarely had solid stool. and often gets diarrhea. He mostly takes mil
kkhalid 2008-12-25
2   kkhalid 9 years ago

Why is my constitutional so hard to find!!
I've seen two homeopaths over a period of 7 months, and we are STILL trying to find t

bocaburgler 2008-10-31
29   raphaeloliveira 9 years ago

Belladonna as constitutional remedy
I believe my 50 year old husband needs Belladonna. Several years ago he went to a professi

ruth45 2008-11-03
20   ruth45 9 years ago

Heart enlargment / cardiomegali
To Mr. Pankaj Varma I said ealier that problem is in both left ventricles, systole and dia
ans31 2008-12-25
2   PANKAJ VARMA 9 years ago

Combination of drugs
Hering used to recommend Aconite and Coffea in alteration in painful inflammatory affectio
Zahid)2 2008-12-25
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Hyoscyamus question
I found some great information about Hyoscyamus well matching to the symptoms: Hyoscyamus
cicka 2008-12-16
5   Hasnat 9 years ago

Quick Onset of Dizziness
I am a 46 year old female. I have no major health problems. I have four older children:
Unique Cathy 2008-12-24
3   Unique Cathy 9 years ago

prolapse uterus
hello, i am 36 years old, and have 5 children. i have been suffering from a prolapse of
lucyl 2008-12-23
5   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Anxiety and Panic Disorder
I've had a panic disorder for years. I've been taking prozac (80mg) and Klonopin

JuliaGulia 2008-12-08
34   raphaeloliveira 9 years ago

Recurrent diarrhea and low appetite
My son 2 years of age rarely had solid stool. and often gets diarrhea. He mostly takes mil
kkhalid 2008-12-24
1   kkhalid 9 years ago

Help me in find the correct remedy - Male problem
I am in search for finding the correct remedy for my self. Complains: 1. Involentary d
libra981 2008-12-18
10   gumby 9 years ago

swelling above eyes
i'm a 22 yr old girl and have noticed bags above my eyes between the upper eyelids an
gluebox 2008-05-04
12   shellfish 9 years ago

I am a 49 year old woman who has has hypothyroidism since the age of 33 after the delivery
denndav 2008-12-22
3   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Arnica Overdose
Can someone please tell me what to do for an overdose of Arnica (200C, 2 pellets in 1T of
window1000 2008-12-24
2   window1000 9 years ago

speech dev delay in toddler
My nephew 2y+2m old, healthy and normal otherwise, doesn't speak simple words other t
kkhalid 2008-12-23
3   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Remedy for: Congestive Heart failure: 20% LVRF with tachycardia
Need remedy for: Summary: 1. left ventricular cavity size is mildly increased. 2. LV ejec
spsharma 2008-12-23
2   spsharma 9 years ago

sarasara 2008-12-24
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adverse effects of stopping smoking
Hi ive recently stopped smoking for the second time but this time intend to stop for good,
lisa4yx 2008-12-22
2   lisa4yx 9 years ago

gla bladder,plantar warts, shoulder issue
Hello there, I am a 41 yr old woman living in the mid-south atlantic of the USA--warm mugg
fughetaboudit1 2008-12-23
1   fughetaboudit1 9 years ago

Dr. pankaj varma attention please!!!
After researching a lot I found out that Gelsemium could helpm me best for my symptoms: Ac
maryam 2008-12-22
1   PANKAJ VARMA 9 years ago

I have got the wheezing problem from two months.It lasts only in the early morning time ti
getamaze 2006-01-28
3   chunchun 9 years ago

dear..dr. rakesh km lko
dear..Dr. Rakesh Km Lko I'm having trouble posting but i'll post your answers ri
Angelmoon99 2008-12-07
8   Angelmoon99 9 years ago

plz help 13 months old
Hi all I have 13 months old since we started formula milk she never liked it and she start
ikhan 2008-12-20
10   ikhan 9 years ago

I am suffering from radiculitis. Pls suggest medicine.
kooper9x 2008-12-23
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seimen emission during urination
I am 35 male/married. I feel seimen emission of few drops after urination specially if i h
medhompath 2008-12-23
8   gumby 9 years ago

Timing when multiple remedies
Hello everyone. I'm currently taking Cocculus (for vertigo) and a combo of Ruta and C
JayFromLA 2008-12-22
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

natural breast reduction
is there a remedy for natural breast reduction
ph1950 2008-12-22
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

cold weather - stuffy nose and cough
Dear sir, I am a allergic person from cold weather, whenever weather become little cold o
nadeem4u 2008-12-23
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Toddler incessant cough remedy pls
Hi have have a 2 year and 9 month old little girl. She's half Indian, a quart Irania
arorn0 2008-12-23
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Lycopodium 1M For Libido
I 55 years old and lack in sexual desire. How effective is Lycopodium 1M ? Pls suggest dos
kooper9x 2008-12-23
3   gumby 9 years ago

air travel with ear infection 18 months child
Request advise with home remedy for ear infection in 18 months old girl child occurred aft
shaktikroy 2008-12-23
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Hemorhroids/Piles Blind Sore Pain
Suffering from blind sore pain and non-bleeding hemorhroids which are really serve painful
comsite 2008-12-20
5   comsite 9 years ago

Receding gum
MY son Age:13years has receding gum.I can see the root. As a child he had severe ezema and
champa 2008-12-19
6   mazharmhm 9 years ago

liver swelling
i had jaundice when i was just 4 yrs old, and treated by herbal doctor( hakeem), and now m
waulan 2008-12-21
1   PANKAJ VARMA 9 years ago

silica contraindications
Does anyone know if taking Silica after having a surgical implant (titanium plate) is cont
Leah1 2008-12-20
3   PANKAJ VARMA 9 years ago

bone spur
Hello, I have a bone spur/osteophyte in my extreme lower back around the hip area....it hu
hammad76 2008-12-22
2   hammad76 9 years ago

Erosive Lichen Planus
Hi doctors, I have lichen planus on my legs and also now have it in the vaginal area (eros
angela1 2008-12-22
3   gumby 9 years ago

Invaluntary urination
For female 70 year old.Given caustcum 30C 2drops as single dose. It cured for 3days.Sympto
Bagewadi 2008-12-20
5   gumby 9 years ago

precum discharge prostatic juice discharge
Whenever I see any obscene movie scenes or talk to girls precum discharge happens in very
capricon22 2008-04-05
2   gumby 9 years ago

Pimples on Wife's face
Hi, My wife is 31 yrs old. She's have this problem of face pimples slightly filled wi
mk26in 2008-12-19
6   mk26in 9 years ago

Suffering from PCOS
My wife is suffering from pcos,her age is 36. The symptoms are problem in mensural cycles,
manishdwividi 2008-12-20
2   manishdwividi 9 years ago

Re: Rheumatoid Arthritis
My wife has rheumatoid arthritis fo 17 years and we tried many different treatments. She h
vjbagga 2008-12-22
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Help -Save my Life
Hello Doctors, Im Ganesh from India. For the past 4 years im suffering from Impotence tha
ganesh_2218 2008-12-18
8   akshaymohl 9 years ago

what is the professional stance on maintenance, like the cell salts?
iwayne 2008-12-21
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I suffer from mild hypothyroid, according to my doc. According to my lab results I am high
sunny31 2008-12-21
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Using Calcarea Carbonicum 30 for Insomnia
I suffer from mild hypothyroid, according to my doc. According to my lab results I am high
sunny31 2008-12-21
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My daughter is suffering from Infatile Spasm
Hi, My daughter is of 1 year old now. She was born normal and was achieving her milestone
BanumathyPrasad 2008-12-11
5   gopal18 9 years ago

Hair loss - please help !
I am 50 and since 5 months has less and less hair. My hair do not fall much. I think they
hannad 2008-12-20
2   hannad 9 years ago

High Blood pressure
I am 26 years old,weight 78 kgs hight 5ft 6 inch. i am suffering high blood pressure rate
neeleshsadh 2008-12-20
3   neeleshsadh 9 years ago

Dr. Sameer pls help: Severe allergy in my 9 year old son
Severe allergy in my 9 year old son From arup68 on 2008-12-09 1 replies 42 views Hi every
arup68 2008-12-21
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Kamal Laboratories Naph Kid drops
I found a homeopathic remedy that has been working very well for me for a chronic bladder
Caryatid 2008-11-13
7   Asadq 9 years ago

Tub Bov - Antidotes?
My wife was given tub bov and told to take it twice a day for 5 days. She took it for thre
d.pauleen 2007-01-29
3   sameervermani 9 years ago

requesting help from a DR - left leg pain - heel & arch of the foot
suffering from intense dull pain in the left heel and in the arch of the left foot (only)
Bhelp 2008-12-19
3   akshaymohl 9 years ago

testis problem
Dear All, i am 28 years old due to excessive masturbation or may be due to other reason my
ur_companion 2008-12-20
2   akshaymohl 9 years ago

period stopped! pls help..
hi! i am 28 years old and my period has stopped since last 3 months.. i was taking contrac
navanak 2008-12-20
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Alcohol remedy
My mom drinks a lot, wants to stop but I am not sure if you can call her an alcoholic sinc
Lisichka 2008-12-19
4   akshaymohl 9 years ago

please help me! itchy skin at gorin area
hi. i 23 and living in singapore, i came across this website while ssearching an answer to
NOVEL 2008-12-20
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falling hair
Dear doctors: I just found on the internet a homeopathic formula to avoid falling hair.I d
agrios 2008-12-15
4   agrios 9 years ago

About Coca
Common name:Erythroxylon coca,Divine plant of Incas Natural Order:Lineae Habitat:South Ame
Zahid)2 2008-12-20
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teeth bleeding
I am having a bleeding in my teeths from around a year now. I have no pains but only bleed
neeleshsadh 2008-12-20
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High pulse rate
I am 26 years old,weight 78 kgs hight 5ft 6 inch. i am suffering high pulse rate normally
neeleshsadh 2008-12-20
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who can save my baby girl
My 1-year-old daughter got it one month ago. I applied steriod cream, but seems not work.
flyyellowstone 2008-12-19
2   flyyellowstone 9 years ago

Hello sir, My mother is around 55years old and nowadays she is facing serious cough since
Ebad Anjum 2008-12-20
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Herbal Extraction Group Inc--leading manufacturer of herbal extract & essential oil
Herbal Extraction Group., Inc is a market-oriented and research-driven manufacturer and ma
eventian 2008-12-20
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buy essential oil, contact Herbal Extraction Group Inc
Most of our essential oils are extracted using the Super Critical Fluid Technology. This i
eventian 2008-12-20
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Herbal Extraction Group Inc--leading manufacturer of herbal extract & essential oil
Herbal Extraction Group., Inc. Add:7th Floor, No.10 Building, 288# Shaoshan Road, Changsha
eventian 2008-12-20
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Dr.Tahira ---- In Malaysia
Dear Patients, I wasn't able to visit forum and didn't replied to your emails
Dr Tahira 2008-12-20
1   Dr Tahira 9 years ago

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