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Fissure in the Anus
sir iam 26 yr old. iam having fissure in the anus since 1 yr.i had been operated recently
mallika 2006-10-12
3   last decade

dr. pankaj varma. please h e l p!!!
I am 45 years old. I have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety for the last
babul27 2006-10-12
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Fungus Infection in Foot
Dear Sir I am having Fungus infection in my foot since last one year and also red
RKS567 2006-10-12
1   last decade

infected tooth....urgent
Hi. Recently I was told I needed a root canal but it didn't seem I had an infection.
angel eyes 2006-10-09
4   last decade

getting rid of gallstones
Good news for people having gallstones is, visit following site and get your stones
ashfaq 2006-10-12
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Hard lump on my chin - Acne?
Hi I have recently come out with large lumps under the skin on my chin and forehead.
emi_k53 2006-10-11
2   last decade

Psoriasis- 9 years boy
My son is 9 yeas old and 9 months ago we found he has psoriasis. It is only on his head
maya1973 2006-10-11
1   last decade

bare skin rash
My 6 month old puppy has a blotchy dark pink rash in the groin area. He has had it for
Reichers Health 2006-10-11
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Fissure while nursing
I had a baby about two months ago. About 6 weeks postpartum I developed an Anal Fissure.
CrazyCatLady 2006-10-10
5   last decade

Hieght Problem???
i know its been asked saveral time and i m sorry for this but i just want to know
sapheroth 2006-10-07
3   last decade

More help needed on Chikungunya,experts pls comments
There are many patients who still having a complain of joint pains (without fever or
turningpoint 2006-10-11
7   last decade

no sperm when I come
lately I have noticesd that no sperm comes out of my penis when I climax. I am 42,
Billi Bunter 2006-10-11
3   last decade

a few probs - help please
my daughter has a very sensative nose. As soon as it gets cold or she decide to clean out
Dappy 2006-10-10
4   last decade

white scales on both the elbow joint
dear freinds, iam having a white patch like thing, every day i can take a patch of white
jwoshan 2006-10-09
2   last decade

Concerns about my Homeopath
Greetings all, In the past 3 months I've made 3 visits to my Homeopath. The first
MelMan 2006-10-10
2   last decade

Puppy's aversion to having feet touched
I adopted a black lab mix, which we named Nell, 2 months ago at the age of 7 months. Her
nellbell 2006-10-05
3   last decade

Mr Varma, Mr Livera...
Dear Mr Varma, Mr Livera. At the request of Simon, the moderator here, I have started a

Hahnemania 2006-10-06
50   last decade

sjogrens syndrome
my father diagnosed with sjogrens desease .please suggest any remedy for this i am very
somitgoldy 2006-10-10
2   last decade

way out theory
If say by some far fetched chance a fetus feels threatened by its mother and viceversa
PatteeRan 2006-10-11
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attn: everybody
Single dose homeopathy works even for Indians. single dose doesn't mean taking it

bandarbabu2000 2006-10-09
15   last decade

Dr.deoslock plz help
i m 27yrs old male with a problem. i have a problem of drops after urination as i sit or
lucky_786 2006-10-01
5   last decade

EFFEXOR! Somebody please answer!!
I am in University living in a dorm and I recently became very depressed being away from
mislead 2005-10-22
5   last decade

medical products
where can I get medical products
nikolas1984 2006-10-10
1   last decade

Question about the treatment of food allergies using Homeopathy.
Can someone explain to me how a Classical Homeopath would treat food allergies that
josiewales 2006-10-07
10   last decade

thanks for readind my form what to do for hpertension readings 177/100, 158/100. if
kahlil007 2006-10-10
3   last decade

heigt increase
19 years old 148 cm height 45 kg weight I
fnymphs66 2006-10-10
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Gall Bladder?
A couple of months ago i posted my problem with having some problems gaining weight due
loolz83 2006-10-09
4   last decade

Gastric Problem.
Hello Sir, - the gas come up to down, when i try to stop at down, again it goes up with
rkrgarlapati 2006-10-10
8   last decade

Diabetes and the military
My 17 yr old son was diagnosed last year with type 1 diabetes.His life long dream was to
Judy F. 2006-10-10
1   last decade

Arg Nit.
Greetings, I took Arg Nit last week. Had wonderful results for 2 days, then drank coffee
Jéjé1 2006-10-10
6   last decade

Eczema for 18 month old daughter
My daugther satrted rash 2 week ago. It started from her stomach and back. It feels like
arani 2006-10-10
3   last decade

hair problem
my hair has become very thin and i am having hairfall.hairfall occurs even when i take my
addy1234 2006-10-06
3   last decade

Neurological Problem - Please advise
Hi, My uncle aged 50 years is suffering from neurological problem. He has cramp in wrist,
anjand 2006-09-12
3   last decade

OH MY, where has my hair gone to?
I am a 25 year old female who is losing her hair mostly on top of my head-my part seems
gaiaspeace 2006-10-10
1   last decade

To Anyone:
How do I remove one of my own postings(Throw out the trash)
PatteeRan 2006-10-09
3   last decade

Sprained ankle.
My husband, 40 years old, sprained (I believe) his left ankle last Sunday. He was pushed
josiewales 2006-10-09
5   last decade

To Jacob-----Re:Forget then Scramble
Jacob,Its Pattee.In response to your response to my response Re:Aids I had posted a
PatteeRan 2006-10-08
1   last decade

question about food allergies in 2 year old boy
Hi- my son developed very bad eczema when he was 4 months old. We saw a classical

john34 2006-09-22
14   last decade

vitamin c deficiency
have allergy to citric acid, corn, soy, rice, eggs, milk, yeast, ect.... bottom line is I
faithy 2006-10-09
5   last decade

What RemedyShould I Take?
If lived alone could arrange a room neatly then sit there in total silence soaking up
PatteeRan 2006-10-10
1   last decade

Eczema and Nail Psoriasis
Sir, I am 27 year old single male suffering from eczema and now i see some pits on my

mitul_mehta 2004-12-10
14   last decade

to all drs. and caregivers
any one has info on pulsatilla nigrician. did search on homeopathic tool, high blood
kahlil007 2006-10-05
2   last decade

which is more effective ??
For Jacob Scott: Dear Jacob, 1.Does any one have a meter to take a reading that will

PANKAJ VARMA 2006-10-07
17   last decade

looking for the right remedy
Hi! I’m looking for a remedy that will help me on a whole set of problems, some chronic,
my_happiness 2006-10-05
2   last decade

Sudden weakness & leg pain?
I am a 30yr/78kg/5.9ft male have a problem developed in my legs & thigh from last around
SeekingHelp 2006-10-09
2   last decade

arnica 1x for hair loss - joe
can i use arnica 1x with oil on scalp or does it have to be arnica
Tommys 2006-10-09
1   last decade

Medicine of Banyan (Ficus bengalensis)
HI this is toll homeopaths , Is there any homeopathic medicine of banyan (Ficus
zibzaba 2006-10-09
1   last decade

John Stanton -- Are you around? Please help my infant son.
I have been reading posts on this forum and some of your posts are very impressive. But
orangeblossom 2006-10-09
1   last decade

Can i take more than 1 remedy a day??
Hello I am currently taking nat phos 6x and arnica 30c for gastric problems as suggested

chahat 2006-10-04
14   last decade

Bit of Problems - Part 2 (Walkin)
Dear Walkin, The hemmeroids have resurfaced along with it severe unbearable pains and
reni2005 2006-10-03
5   last decade

troublesome child
Dear all, My nephew is 10 yrs old.he is becoming extremely troublesome.he lacks
rjasu 2006-10-04
3   last decade

Under eye Dark circles and puffiness
Please advice :---Can arnica 200 help in reducing under eye dark circle and
helpmeout 2006-10-09
1   last decade

Under eye Dark circles
Dear sir, I have dark circles under my eyes from three years back. I have
helpmeout 2006-09-29
5   last decade

Please Help, Blood Pressure Question
I've been attempting to contact Sam the last couple days but have not heard from
joyce martino 2006-10-09
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ovi gallinae pellicula
Hi there I urgently require 'ovi gallinae pellicula" medicine for a
tooparam 2006-10-07
2   last decade

Anyone out there have a strong herb for my Insomnia? I am currently taking an Ambien
moosehead4242 2006-10-09
1   last decade

Hair Fall problem, Plz Help Me
I m 24 year old, I m facing hair fall problem frm last 5 years, my dad also have bald
Jayesh_Shertate 2006-10-08
1   last decade

cat with stomatits/possible bartonella
Hello - I am new to this group and would like to post a case. I hope I'm doing this
Eva99 2006-10-09
no replies yet

recurring blister on tongue
i have a recurring blood blister on my tongue. have consulted dr. and dermatologist. the
autumn-b 2005-05-25
4   last decade

the effects of smoking
I also wanted to ask if smoking interferes with the homeopathic therapy. I used to smoke
Grigoris 2006-10-08
4   last decade

Obsessive thoughts
I am hoping for some advice on Obsessive thoughts. My friend has constant thoughts about

angeladdana 2006-06-04
62   last decade

Insomina - Nerves maybe?
I suffer from insomnia and have done for practically all my life (I'm 52). After
Myriad 2006-09-26
6   last decade

Red spots on the brests
I have had red spots on my breasts for over a year, no itching, no burning.Besides I
Stefka 2006-10-08
3   last decade

Stomach probs
Hi, Basically if i stay hungry all day I'm ok, but after i eat i start to have
Dappy 2006-09-29
5   last decade

chalazion on 6 yr old
My six year old has developed a chalazion on her left upper eyelid. She has had it for
kmbeddes 2006-06-02
2   last decade

After childbirth disorder PLEASE HELP!!
My son was born 4 weeks ago by Caesearean.Since then I've been suffering..My main
Nuit4 2006-10-05
3   last decade

Amputated finger
My father recently had an injury at work and lost a finger and half of another one. He
shana8986 2006-10-04
5   last decade

Constitutional remedies and doses
I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone can answer. If one finds their
lily white 2006-10-04
10   last decade

canine renal failure
I have a catahoula lepard dog named buddy. He is 12 years old. Never been sick or out of
puckdoggy 2006-10-07
3   last decade

question on repeated doses
I wanted to ask what is the reason that in the case of high potency remedies, say 200,
Grigoris 2006-10-07
3   last decade

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