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Hello.. I recently started looking into homopathy. I went to a very nice Homopath that in
kathy00143 2006-09-18
3   last decade

under developed genital organs
Dear Members May I request you all to help me. When I was born there was only one (right)
FOOTER 2006-09-19
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pilonidal help
hi, i have a few deep wounds in between my butt cheeks. they have been there for a while a
joeshmo 2006-09-19
2   last decade

Hoodia - A weight loss product?
Have anyone heard the latest hype about the alleged benefit of the plant Hoodia gordonii g
sthillaiyah 2006-09-18
3   last decade

lumbar stanosis left side(leg) sciatica
Hi, My father is 60years old and he is suffuring with lumbar stanosis left side sciatica s
nr786 2006-09-18
1   last decade

Anxiety and Depression
Need advise. I don't want to take regular prexcription meds for my anxiety/depression
joy01 2006-09-18
8   last decade

Polycythemia vera
Is there any remedy in homeopathy for polycythemia vera?
haripandit 2006-09-18
1   last decade

Problems with Mum?
A woman wrote to the World Wide Essence Society Message Board: 'I need > some essence
walkin 2006-09-18
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Natre is more powerful than you think
http://www.doctoryo urself.com/ gersonspeech. html Abstract: Thirty years of clinical expe
walkin 2006-09-18
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IBS and anxiety would Homeopathy help?
Hi, Please could anyone advise me regarding Homeopathy. I have been diagnosed as having IB
fragileflower 2006-09-16
3   last decade

Nat.Phos Nat.Sulph
Hi is there any sideeffects if i take Nat.Phos x6 Nat.Sulph x6 for my chronic Liverprobl
panam 2006-09-18
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Depression & Anxiety
I am 45 years old and have been suffering from Depression and acute anxiety for the last s
babul27 2006-09-15
6   last decade

Swelling of nerve due to heavy anxiety.
Hi, My mother has a problem of over anxiety due to which during extreme cases her nerve un
getgoing 2006-09-18
7   last decade

To Dr Sharma How to take these medicines? In which form? If both medicines have to be take
osteo patient 2006-09-18
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severe cold and cough
hi, my son(41/2 yrs) old is suffering from excessive cough from which he is unable to slee
bharati_srini 2006-09-17
1   last decade

Diabetics- Recall
Joe I have tried Arnica 30 as suggested by yu and Cinnamen since last week, but Bs level
RKS567 2006-09-15
7   last decade

eye squint from 20 years ago
hi my name is mitesh tiwari, i am so worried about my eye squint in my left eye. it occure
mitesh 2006-09-17
1   last decade

fat tummy
I have delivered a baby 4months back.i have lost almost of my pregnancy weight but tummy i
vpmanisha 2006-09-14
2   last decade

Check vaccine --info
VACCINE EFFICACY? http://www.vaccinat iondebate. com/ http://www.thinktwi ce.com/ http://w
walkin 2006-09-16
2   last decade

Re: Osteoarthritis
I read some threads regarding arthritis and I was impressed so am joining this forum. Ple
osteo patient 2006-09-18
1   last decade

Help for effexor withdrawal & more
google the effexor activist
Leslee 2006-09-18
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2 Yr Old Son - Congestion & Breathing
My son is 2yr old. After one month of birth he was having Eczema. After 6 months, we were
ar0909 2006-09-10
9   last decade

HiI need help in case of my wife. She's about 4 weeks preganant. She's having
needofhelp 2005-12-04
6   last decade

Any remedies to undo medication damage?
Greetings all, I was wondering which Homeopathic remedies can undo the damage and side ef
MelMan 2006-09-02
2   last decade

Question for Dr. Joe De Livera
Greetings Joe, regarding the use of Arnica Montana for hair loss and the Arnica tincture a
MelMan 2006-09-04
4   last decade

Joe De Livera
I have noticed in some of your answers to different questions that you suggest, such as Ar
Chuck D. 2006-09-17
2   last decade

To Dr Deoshlok
As the old posting and your reply are not found, I am creating a new thread. Old posting i
kns_3 2006-09-16
2   last decade

Is Calcarea Sulphurica 6X (Homeopathic tissue salt) a good choice for acne/pimples? They
syegna 2006-09-17
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For Pankaj Varma Only
HI Sir better way is to read pos but here summary of my disease In 1998 I was prepari

pankajnarang81 2006-09-14
15   last decade

Medicine is about money - not people
Big Pharma & The FDA Strike Oil While Injuring Millions Of course, Big Pharma pays out to
walkin 2006-09-16
2   last decade

To Rishimba
Doctor Rishimba! This is Mrs Maqbool. I have pcos and want to conceive. On ur advice I
Shaik Maqbool 2006-09-16
5   last decade

Remedy caused loss of smell
I assume this is just a temporary effect of the remedy, and an indication it is working, b
Daisy43 2006-09-16
3   last decade

Anoxic Encephalopathy
Has any one ever treated a person with a primary Dx of Anoxic Encephalopathy which was cau
DrEdFeraco 2006-09-17
2   last decade

I am 26 and still having a childish look. I don''t have proper moustaches. I wan
pranab 2006-09-16
1   last decade

dr.deoshlok need advice
i am 18 years old.i am having hair problems i.e thinning of hair,hair fall. everytime i go
asutosh1234 2006-09-16
1   last decade

low sperm count
hello everyone. i was informed that i have Low Sperm Count. i think know this generally me
visitor1 2006-09-17
1   last decade

Seborrheic Dermatitis
Hello, I'm a 27 year old female who has had scalp problems for almost all of my life
buckeyegirl 2006-09-17
1   last decade

Can homeopathy cure a hernia?
I'm having symptoms of a strain in my abdomen -- a burning sensation by my (old) appe

Judy 2002-11-26
20   last decade

Sulphur 30c
I just wanted to know what dosage of sulphur 30c would be most suitable to take for skin c

happy_go_lucky 2006-09-16
13   last decade

weak bladder
I am new to homeopathy and would like to try healing through remedies rather than medicine
jmn78 2006-09-04
4   last decade

dear Joe De livera
I was wondering could you link my problems and tell me what you think, i've had so ma

elainesmyth68 2006-08-08
15   last decade

Menstrual Problems
Hi... My problem is that i have irreguler menstrual cycle. I had donated blood in August.
Sirisha 2006-09-13
4   last decade

Pulling out Eyelashes from Anxiety
I need help. Currently on Zoloft and in therapy but not helping. Here is my info. -Female
zipper8000 2006-09-16
4   last decade

New study is boost to homoeopathy
greensparrow 2006-09-16
1   last decade

Increase anabolic effects?
I am a 23/m, have been weight training for 6 yrs now hardcore & naturally, got an excellen
ryn_06 2006-09-15
2   last decade

The middle ages are still with us
Friday September 15, 2006 Twenty million women die or suffer severe disability during pre
walkin 2006-09-16
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Dont catch a "Hospital"
Thursday September 14, 2006 An Audit Commission report in 2000 estimated that there were
walkin 2006-09-16
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To: Joe De Livera, Re: Arnica
Hello Joe, i have FINALLY received my arnica 30C (took over a month!) and i am ready to ta

Diesiel 2006-07-14
23   last decade

nightfall and night discharge...plzzz help me by some effective remedies
hello sir i m 22 years old i did a lot of hand practice in the beginning of my childhood
cute_casper83 2006-09-07
3   last decade

Try for baby
I am in my mid 30 and trying for a baby in the the past months. I take my temperature ever
azizet 2006-09-15
2   last decade

please help me.
I am 36 years old and have almost no breasts and can't find bras that fit. I am very
angel 2006-09-16
3   last decade

remedy for improving vision
please surrgest biochemic medicines for improving vision for person using lot of computer
oberoidk 2006-09-13
6   last decade

stomach disorder please suggest remedy
hi , I am new to this forum . Liked the concept and would like to get your valuable sugges
harry555 2006-09-12
11   last decade

2 yr old with cough
Hi My 2 yr old daughter has been coughing since morning.The cough is dry cum loose.From th
shiny 2006-09-16
1   last decade

Help - Severe cough and cold -- recurrent
Hi, My wife Age: 30 Wt: 48KG Ht: 5' Gender: Female Problem: Frequent cough and col
rohitchattar 2006-09-16
2   last decade

BPPV Vertigo
Hello experts .. I am suffering from extreme tiredness and restlessness .. I was diagnoise
npavankumar 2006-09-15
3   last decade

need help! urgent!
Can someone please comment...can a professional please advise. I have been taking as presc

angel eyes 2006-09-13
40   last decade

Tangled and broken capillaries
I am only 18 years old and I am slowly developing what my doctor likes to call 'tangle
KaitGizmo 2006-09-15
1   last decade

Are you Hypersensitive?
I am and its such a job keeping it in check. I try to eat only Organic foods but its so ex
Callie 2006-09-15
9   last decade

Very Bad Foot Odour
I have been suffering from very bad foot odour for many years. It is worse when I wear clo
hadenuf 2006-09-15
1   last decade

Dark Textured eyes..19
Can anyone suggest some remedies? im 19yrs old and have had dark eyes for a few years now,
Dim1987 2006-09-14
2   last decade

understanding potency
Can any body suggest some good books for understanding potency to be used for homeopathic
Reiki 2006-09-14
4   last decade

Please help, 16 years of acne!!!
Hello, I was wondering if anyone may be able to offer me some advice on how to treat my ac
amylico 2006-09-14
1   last decade

deleted post
deleted post
kellbelle30 2006-09-15
2   last decade

Female intact lab's feet inflamed
I im very interested in learning more about alternative treatments for my labrador .
labee3 2006-09-14
2   last decade

i want a cure for my schizophrenia
5 years ago i was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and i dont feel 100% good since
be free 2006-09-15
1   last decade

Fungal Infection
Fungal Infection From susieque on 2006-08-31 0 replies 6 views Hello My dog has just b
walkin 2006-08-31
3   last decade

Agnus Castus and its effects
I was using 10 drops of Agnus Castus 30c twice a day and found better response in terms of
Nitish 2006-09-14
1   last decade

30C For Chronic Condition
Should a 30C potency be taken daily for a chronic condition or should something like a 6C
RB123 2006-09-15
3   last decade

urine therapy as homeopathic ?
:):):):):):):):):):):):):):) How to Do It Very briefly, here are two main ways that are
greensparrow 2006-09-14
2   last decade

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