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to joe de.
joe i read earlier in your post we can now use tap water, as long as it has been boiled. i
kahlil007 2006-08-05
2   last decade

cats with fleas
we have four (!) cats. Three of which have fleas... the other is completely unaffected! We
sarahstw 2006-08-03
3   last decade

dental bone loss
back molar got an abcess, treated with penicillin tooth is loose because of bone loss due
firemaiden 2006-08-03
1   last decade

immature sperms
one of my friend is taking heart stimulating drugs(as few years back, his heart got almost
ashfaq 2006-08-05
1   last decade

Ear inflamation w/mild cold 12 months old
My son who just turned 12 months has had a cold for about a week and a half. He has a dry
Clementine958 2006-08-04
3   last decade

A Case of Chronic Osteo Arthritis
Here is a case of chronic Osteo Arthritis treated successfully, as per advice of Joe De Li
sthillaiyah 2006-08-04
4   last decade

I am 65 yrs old.Iam suffering from this problem for 2yrs.At daytime hizzing inright earsto
D.R.Johar 2006-08-04
1   last decade

Hepa B
My wife is tested HbAg +ve during her pregnency. She does not have any problems. No pains
sandeepptk 2006-08-05
1   last decade

Fatigue, Tongue rawness on sides, brain fog, acheyness
Ok, I'll start here. Two months ago switched to Vegetarianism, gave up coffee, eating
MariS 2006-08-04
1   last decade

Aloe - Aloe herb contains powerful ingredients which are known for their nutritional prope
getnutri3 2006-08-05
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re hair falling
i am so upset for my hair. day by day i am lossing my hair. and i am lookins so bad.60-70
Tanwi basak 2006-08-04
10   last decade

I have suffered from severe depression since my husband died in 1993. That has been 13 ver
jwalz120002002 2006-08-01
4   last decade

stomach ulcer in 65yr old male
Good evening, My father-in-law has just been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer, right at the
Jo Jo 2006-08-04
5   last decade

son with eczema
Hi all, I'm new to forum. I'm looking for help with a 5 year old son who has a
spunkdust 2006-08-03
5   last decade

Hi, new here, new to homeopathy, remedy taken 5 days ago
Hello, I am so glad to have found this forum. Very happy to 'meet' all of you. I
zosolizard 2006-08-04
3   last decade

need help terribly
well i m a 22 year old guy but i am in some serious problems i m married from 1 year but i
nouman_100 2006-08-03
1   last decade

epylasy patients problem
my wife was on Alopathy Tagetol/Mazetol 400 being given on 1's weight,4 more than 25
amarjitsinghanand 2006-08-04
1   last decade

Problems after marriage...
I am 25 years old and its been 1.5 years of being married. almost 5 months of being mother
faisaldotcom 2006-08-04
3   last decade

genital watrs please help....
I have found out i have genital warts about a year ago. i use Aldara on and off,but it cau
rozzy 2006-08-04
2   last decade

Dr. Kumar, i need ur attention or anyother good homeopath
hii am male and my age is 31, i am married since last 6 years and having 2 sons age 5 and

Fahad_ici 2006-02-28
23   last decade

Joe... please help
Started having really fast heartbeat and blood pressure spike. Felt like something was sit
brook1 2006-08-03
8   last decade

Please help me... for problem in right side of my body...
Hi everybody, I am a 25.5 year unmarried guy. I do masterbate a lot. I use glasses. I am
us_phy 2006-08-02
6   last decade

Sores on palate
Hi all, I have recurring palate sore problem in my mouth since childhood.The sore mostly o
nksinha 2006-08-04
1   last decade

intense skin itching and wounds
I have been itching for 3 years. Treated for lice and scabies with no sign of either in be
l41cheetah 2005-11-03
2   last decade

For Dr Hasnaat : Dark circles
I have dark circles around eyes. I feel weak, I have been diagnosed with H. pylori 6 month
yashwant 2006-07-29
3   last decade

wanna share my experience
Me as a house wife was happy, but I could not know how this deadly disease came across in
elizebeathjoe 2006-07-23
1   last decade

parasitic infection in feet
Hello,please help me, I was initially diagnosed with cellulitis in my left leg. It was swo
rdatin 2006-08-01
2   last decade

Atypical depression/social phobia
First of all, please note "Atypical" which has nothing to do with typical depression as it

bobmt 2005-06-01
14   last decade

i have acne.. could some one please help. thanks.
Hello and Greetings to All. I regularly visit this site to find cures for my presistant ac
hamza 2005-11-11
4   last decade

mercury poisoning remedies
I have been sick for 4 weeks with mercury poisioning from removal of a mercury filling wit
VeeLee 2005-09-10
7   last decade

any suggestions?
i m suffering from ankylosing spondlitis. at present taking methotrextate & sulfasalazine
agupta 2006-08-03
1   last decade

Does Any body know about GABA????
Is any body know about this chemical? I got its reference from internet when i was looking
chaturchand 2006-08-01
2   last decade

disorder of male part
i am 56 yrs old male.for last 2 yrs i am feeling disorder/weakness in intercorse most of t
hstone1 2006-07-18
2   last decade

Euthanasia or still hope, please help!
Could somebody please help me. Before Christmas my dog started to behave differently than

Elviira 2005-01-11
16   last decade

back pain
my wife is suffering from back pain since the birth of first male child in 1997. the pain
salam473 2006-08-03
1   last decade

help- cyst/penis
Hi, I gave my son Natrum mur(30c) at xmas,he developed a cyst on penis, he's due to
janej 2006-08-01
2   last decade

Recurring tonsils + flatulence please help
1. Name - Vivor 2. Age - 29 3. Sex - M 4. Married/Unmarried - Married 5. weight - 220 Poun
Vivor 2006-07-30
3   last decade

Outsource Homeopathic Medicines
Homeopathic Medicines - Please visit our online catalogues Dear Sir/Madam, We would
homeopathic 2006-08-03
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White Patches
My father now aged around 64 is suffering from white patches since maybe over 30 years. Ea
naushadakhtar 2006-07-24
6   last decade

depession relief in common way
is there any remedy in homeopathy which in some or other way helps a person, who is depres
average 2006-07-30
4   last decade

Mysterious itchiness assoc w/ Mono?
and the doctors I've seen seem to just diagnose it as "urticaria" without much of a l
bella2 2005-08-02
3   last decade

Edema in legs and other problems
What can one do for this problem. It seems all the water I drank today wound in my legs, I
ikaika23 2006-08-03
1   last decade

Eczma in Infant
Hello, My daughter just turned 4 months old, and has pretty severe Eczema. It is the wors
Redtigerlily 2006-07-29
4   last decade

and dont sit on the bed!
ospitals tell visitors to keep off the beds to cut MRSA cases Sarah Hall, health correspo
walkin 2006-08-02
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IS Anyone help me ? it's Urgent .
I have suffering from leucoderma since 15 years when i was in 6 standard. i have tried too
samroy 2006-08-02
2   last decade

read this plz
well i am an 18 yr old guy.for the past week,my penis is not becoming erect.ejaculation is
babytatte 2006-08-02
1   last decade

Black mole like spots
Sir ,this is with continuation to my last enquiry My 7 years old son, has tiny black mole
sanjubaba63 2006-08-02
1   last decade

homeopathy and antibotics
can someone use a homeopathy remedy and also take antibiotics if its for something totoall
brandie 2006-08-02
1   last decade

Has anyone here been cured of tinnitus and if so let me know what I should take to cure th
KING7 2006-08-02
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possible caeserian section endometrioma
hi, as i await to see my doctor, i thought i'd ask the forum if anyone knows about th
elainesmyth68 2006-08-01
3   last decade

Black mole like spots
here is image no. 2
sanjubaba63 2006-08-02
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Acid Reflex/Gerd
Hi, My name is Doris and I am new to this forum. I have been having issues with acid ruflu
BUNKY 2006-06-29
6   last decade

Patient suffering from gangrene consulted last year. The case was repertorized, Lachesis c
sajjadakram635 2006-08-02
4   last decade

Black mole like spots
Sir , if any one can help me. My 7 years old son, has tiny black mole like spots in his ri
sanjubaba63 2006-08-02
no replies yet

Symptoms: Hurts during bowel movement. Always have a weird pain sensation. It seems to
venky 2006-07-31
2   last decade

Sometimes When I'm Sleeping...
Sometimes when I am asleep, ( I know that I snore), but sometimes I wake myself up to brea
beeniek68 2006-08-01
2   last decade

any doctor send me a complete Case-Taking-Format with thanks
alrahim 2006-08-01
1   last decade

Post Memopause fibroid cyst
Treatment for fibroid cyst that are growing post memopause. Pain, swelling irritation to
provanance 2006-07-31
4   last decade

Hair loss
I am 31 yrs. old, and experiencing hair loss, I have sinus problem and had asthma too, ple
gold_dust17 2006-07-30
4   last decade

Reliable Homeopathy store in Islamabd or Pindi
Hi, 1) Will any professional doctor suggest any reliable homeopathy store located in Islam
zubairkhan 2006-08-02
no replies yet

I was trying to conceive for 1 yr and when got no result went to doctor.The test result sh
Moumita 2006-08-01
1   last decade

Hair loss.. what should i do.. please help me
Dear all, Hi my self deepak from india. i am 23 year old. The day before 2 year ago i had
deepak_deep 2006-08-02
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nat phox 6X reaction/constitution
Hello, These are 2 separate subject, but I didn't want to start 2 separate threads:
marinastar 2006-08-01
3   last decade

Eczema in 3 year old
My daughter has several food allergies, she eats all organic, brown rice, veggies, avocado
jentati 2006-07-31
8   last decade

Lycopodium Baby
Hi All, Could someone pls give me a description of the lycopodium baby - a lot of the sym
JMalik 2006-08-02
no replies yet

any suggestions for my son's asthma
Hi Everyone, I am desperately seeking relief for my 6 year old son's asthma. He devel

naturmom 2006-07-26
20   last decade

Red rash around eye and body itching
Hi, My 5 year old son has problem of red rash around eye, it comes and go after few days,
uspeed 2006-07-28
2   last decade

Silica 6x and Styes!!!! Please help!!
hi i have had a stye i could not get rid of. my doctor perscribed me oral antibotics and a
brandie 2006-08-01
4   last decade

To Dr Deoshlok Sharma - mouth Ulcer
Respected Dr, You suggested Hydrastis Q for 10 days three times a day and that cured my
kns_3 2006-07-30
2   last decade

Arnica & Natrum Phosphoricum... where to find?
I have been trying to look around for Arnica and Natrum Phospho but to no avail. Would app
rminlay 2006-08-01
1   last decade

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