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Directory of Homeopathy Web Links

Homeopathy Resources in India

These links are to sites outside of ABC Homeopathy. Sites listed write their own entries and we take no responsibility for the content of these sites. That said, we will remove objectionable links.



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Electronics City

Dr Kalpana Jha Electronics City, Bangalore, India
We provide authentic and relaiable homeopathic heathcare consultancy and remedies in electronics city area of Bangalore

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Dr.Arminder Online consultation and treatment of acute and chronic diseases by qualified and experienced doctors

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Dr R evti Raman Kapur Delhi, Delhi, India
Dr Revti Raman Kapur D.H.M.S(DLI),N.D.,D.Ac from India,also undertake Online Consulatations.
Dr. Rohit Jain Delhi, Delhi, India
Dr. Rohit Jain: Dr. Rohit Jain is a consultant homeopath with more than 11 years of clinical experience. He completed his BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery) with honors and a gold medal for standing Ist in the University. He also received DIHom, a Postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy, from British Institute of Homeopathy, UK.
Dr. Shelly Sagar Delhi, Delhi, India
FeelGood Homeopathy | Online Homeopathy Consultation for Weight Loss, Hair Fall, Skin Diseases, Allergic Problems, High Blood Pressure, Depression

New Delhi

Dr. Ritu Jain New Delhi, Delhi, India
Dr. Ritu Jain is a BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) with distinction. For the last 11 years she is healing people along with her husband Dr. Rohit Jain at Delhi, India. She has also written 4 books on homeopathy and alternative therapies, namely, ‘Defeat Joint Pains with Homeopathy,’ ‘Defeat Diabetes with Homeopathy,’ ‘Defeat Hypertension with Homeopathy,’ and ‘Defeat Headaches and Migraines with Homeopathy’.

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Dr Harshad raval MD Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Honorary consultant homeopathy physician to his Excellency governors of Gujarat India. Qualified consultant homeopath. International Homeopathy lecturer, book writer and columnist For Gujarat Samachar, Ex-Member of nominee advisory committee (Govt. of Gujarat).


Dr. Kashmira Patel\'s Homeopathy site Baroda, Gujarat, India
Online Homeopathy (homoeopathy) consultant in Baroda, India- Dr. Kashmira Patel, BHMS. natural, holistic cure with no side-effects. Ideal for children.

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Dr. Joy's Homeopathic Clinic Bangalore, Karnataka, India
dr.joy 2 times national award winner for homoeopathy and trichology provides special homeopathic treatments for Skin,hairloss,dandruff,obesity,slimming,piles, acidity,sinusitis,allergic cold,cough,diabetes,hypertension,psoriasis,white patches of skin,warts, etc.online consultation also provided.

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Dr. Sahni B.S Panvel, Maharashtra, India
Personal web site providing information,articles,case reports,links etc.,on homoeopathy providing free online consultation to people worldwide.

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Dr Fernandez Gujranwala, Punjab, India
Dr. Fernandez has been offering pure Homeopathic treatment in Pakistan for last 25 years.

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tamil nadu


Dr.V.Kannan BHMS Trichy, tamil nadu, India
Dr.V.Kannan BHMS is a very famous homeopath in tamil nadu especially in trichy district, he is running a hospital at Sri krishna homeopathy hospital D19 6th cross west extension Thillainagar Trichy Tamil Nadu India Post Code : 620 018 email : kans.hom@gmail.com Mobil No. +919843130400
Homeopathy Information
Similima An extensive website on Homeopathic medical education and research developed by postgraduate homeopaths.
Speciality Neurology Homeopathy Clinic Child Neurology Treatment Clinic at New Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad Chennai Kolkata & Ahmedabad. Dr Ketan Patel is having 20 years practice experience with Exclusive Pediatric Neurology practice of 10 years and expert of AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER, Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, Mental Retardation, Down Syndrome, PWS, Reet Syndrome Asperger\\\'s Syndrome, ADD ADHD and Rare Genetic and Chromosomal abnormalities affect neutological System
Classical Homoeopathic Research Centre. (TM) Classical Homoeopathic Research Centre (CHRC)(TM) is an institute where highly pathological cases are treated successfully and through 'The Quantum Leap ... International Training Program in Classical Homoeopathy' this insight is shared whith participants through fully documented video, audio and paper cases.
Dr Amit Karkare's Swaroop Clinic Homeopathic & Bach flower consultation. Bach Flower Therapy courses. Correspondence course in Bach Flower Therapy.
National Remedies Spot NaturalRemedieSpot is site about practical information of homeopathic remedies and treatment, therapy with Bach flower remedies and Schuessler salts.
Homeo Article-All About Homeopathy Homeoarticle-All About Homeopathy provide Homeopathic therapeutics,Organon, Medicine, remedies & Homeopathy treatment information for Doctors and students Here you will find All information about homeopathy.
Alternative Health Information
Homeopathic Treatment 4 U Homeopathic treatment of various diseases. Consultation by an awarded homeopathy doctor. Information on yoga, diet, herbal, aupressure, acupuncture. Diseases like arthritis, peptic (duodenal, gastric, esophageal)ulcers, gout, sprains, strains, anal fistula, allergies, ADHD, piles and so on.
General Health Information
Home Remedies Read various home remedies for different ailments and wellbeing such as common cold, headache, backache or any such ailments.
Health guide - Diseases & treatments Provide information on diseases including symptoms, diagnosis, causes and its risks. Also provides simple to follow lifestyle modification, conventional and alternative medicine treatments. Diseases covered are diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, eye problems and sleep disorders. Alternative medicines covered are herbs, homeopathic, yoga, acupressure and reflexology.
Homeopathy Papers and Provings
Dr.Ravi\'s Multispecility Homoeopathic Clinic This site contains few articles published at different Journals, written By Dr.Ravi Singh.You can view and also send your quaries and remarks in forum or you may discuss your views.Go through the articles section of Site
Homeopathy Training, Courses and Schools - Directory
White Memorial Homeo Medical College, India white memorial education society provide homeopathy course . BHMS in India .
Homeopathy Books and Periodicals
Bjain Online Book Store All About Homeopathy.
Homeopathy Associations and Societies
Kashmir Homeopathy practitioners Comunity Kashmir Homeopathy is a professional Homeoapths community which help the poor people of Kashmir in the healing sector.