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Directory of Homeopathy Web Links

Homeopathy Resources in USA

These links are to sites outside of ABC Homeopathy. Sites listed write their own entries and we take no responsibility for the content of these sites. That said, we will remove objectionable links.



Homeopaths in



Neepa Sevak Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Neepa Sevak is an experienced and registered Homeopath. She treats all your health problems by Natural and Effective healing and helps promote your health with a Holistic, Individualistic and Totalistic approach.
Greg Meyer MD. MD(H) Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Dr. Greg Meyer is a Board-Certified Internist and Urgent Care physician that is also trained in homeopathy and is CCH certified. Homeopathy Consultations are available by appointment only.


Jenn Botham, N.D. Tempe, Arizona, USA
Miles Naturopathics is the private medical practice of Dr. Jenn Botham, a licensed naturopathic physician (N.D.) in Tempe, AZ. We specialize in the holistic diagnosis and homeopathic treatment for mental health conditions including major depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, insomnia, PTSD, OCD, ADD & ADHD, delusional disorder, schizoaffective disorder, Autism spectrum, and other psychiatric diagnoses.

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david hartley Berkeley, California, USA
Classically trained homeopath, studied with David Little's "Maui Healer's Guild" for 2.5yrs, including hundreds of hours of lecture and clinic. 10 years of subsequent practice. Frequent contributor to various email discussions of homeopathy.


Joseph Sarlissian, DDS Glendale, California, USA
Dr. Sarkissian is a dentist using the principles of homeopathy in his practice. He uses a holistic approach to dentistry and his guiding principle is "First Do No Harm."

Los Altos/Palo Alto/Mountain View

Lisette Narragon Los Altos/Palo Alto/Mountain View, California, USA
I am a certified Classical Homeopath who has been practicing for almost 10 years in the Palo Alto area. Visit my website to learn more about me and homeopathy in general.

Los Angeles

Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, LAc, PhD Los Angeles, California, USA
I specialize in treating women, children, pain control, and men using homeopathy and also acupuncture and as needed, Chinese herbs and nutritional supplementation.

Mountain View/ Palo Alto/ Los Altos

Raquel Blech Mountain View/ Palo Alto/ Los Altos, California, USA
I am a classical homeopath who has been practicing since 1999. My busy and growing practice is based in Mountain View where I am available for appointments. Please visit my website to learn more about my practice and about homeopathy in general.

Palo Alto

Deborah Hayes, CCHH, BRCP(H) Palo Alto, California, USA
Lisette Narragon Palo Alto, California, USA
Board Certified Classical Homeopath practicing for the last 7 years in the Bay Area.

San Carlos/Belmont/Redwood City/San Mateo

Sharon Lewis DIHom CCH RSHom(NA) San Carlos/Belmont/Redwood City/San Mateo, California, USA
I am a Certified Classical Homeopath,located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Consultations are available in person or by Skype/phone. Please see my web site for more information.

San Francisco

Kathleen Scheible, CCH - Bernal Homeopathy San Francisco, California, USA
Certified Classical Homeopath specializing in anxiety and stress-related health issues including insomnia, ADHD, OCD, digestive disturbance, and endocrine disruption including infertility.

San Jose

Rina Valia San Jose, California, USA
Rina Valia, practices Classical Homeopathy in Cupertino and San Jose, CA. Rina has graduated in homeopathy from India and has had an opportunity to work with renowned homeopaths like Dr. Rajan Sankaran, and Dr. Gunvante. She is an active member of NCH (National Center of Homeopathy). Rina was involved in busy private practices in Bombay, India and now practices here in the Bay Area in San Jose and Cupertino, California. Rina specializes in giving care to people suffering from allergies, skin disorders, chronic conditions, and other illnesses for which the conventional medicine does not offer a permanent or non-toxic solution.

Santa Cruz

Jenifer Shapiro Santa Cruz, California, USA
Clinical homeopath with over 2 decades of experience. Specializing in chronic disease, hormones and trauma/depression.

Homeopaths in


Ft. Lauderdale

Ruth Pearson Smith Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Achieve the next level of wellness with homeopathy. As a classical homeopathic consultant I find the best homeopathic remedy for you - mentally/emotionall/physically. What's the next level of wellness for you?

St Petersburg

Martin Keane, AP, CCH St Petersburg, Florida, USA
Board certified in Classical Homeopathy, practicing for over 14 years. Telephone consultations for patients worldwide. On-going training programs in homeopathy offered for medical professionals.

Homeopaths in



Ritu Sehgal Atlanta, Georgia, USA
I provide homeopathic consultation in person, over the phone and Internet. Pl visit my website for more details

Metro Atlanta

Madhavi Kasam - Classical Homeopath Metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Provides classical Homeopathy consultations to her clients in person and by telephone.

Homeopaths in


Chicago, Woodridge

Holistic Health Chicago, Woodridge, Illinois , USA
Holistic practice using Acupuncture, Homeopathy, NAET and other allergy elimination techqniques, and AIT (Auditory Integration Training).

Homeopaths in



Miri HaCohen Brookline, MA, USA
Classical Homeopathy - consultation and treatment. See school age children, teen age children, young adults and adults. Treat emotional and behavioral challenges like ADD, ADHD, anxiety, stress, depression and other physical chronic conditions. Best contact way is via email. Consult also via phone or skype. Working continuously with patients to reach highest cure possible.

Homeopaths in

New York

New York

Dr. Anthony Salzarulo - Holistic Doctor in New York City New York, New York, USA
Dr. Salzarulo has mastered the art of integrative homeopathy. His programs are focused, effective and affordable.

Homeopaths in



Ellen Sauter, ND Tualatin, Oregon, USA
TCNM - Setting the new standard in primary care, using advanced, science based natural medicine.

Homeopaths in


San Antonio,

Orly Bernstein, DHom, CCH, RSHom (NA) San Antonio, , Texas, USA
Classical Homeopath practicing in San Antonio Texas and Belize.
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Alternative Health Resources with Remedies A-Z Your Information Site for Alternative, Ayruvedic, Homeopathic, Essential Oils, Flower Remedies & Herbs, with Remedies A-Z.
National Foundation for Alternative Medicine NFAM establishes international collaborations to identify complementary and alternative medical treatments for cancer and other degenerative diseases, scientifically evaluates the effectiveness of these treatments and provides life-saving information and resources to the public. NFAM’s website serves as an educational clearinghouse listing options for patients with life-threatening illnesses.
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Rejuvenate Naturally A blog dedicated to alternative health by a certified National Product Specialist. An NPS is trained to recommend alternative health products and therapies. All recommendations are based on training and experience since 1997.
Homeopathic Institute I am homeopath, naturopath, and massage therapist with 26 years experience and 35 years in studies and research. I provide consultations, research and many modalities of massage therapy to assist your body and mind to heal and regenerate. The goal is evolution, to celebrate the dance of life to it's fullest.
Alternative Medicine Connection An unbiased place to share experiences to help others find the help they need among the vast array of alternative medicine options. Please take the time to share your experience(s).
Footprints in the sand/Reflexology Service. A website that provides information about reflexology and my services. Also, there are links on my links page that provide sites for other holistic health information including reflexology maps,info.,foot rollers, reiki and my new natural health community forum which I encourage all holistic health advocates to become members of.
Whole Health Medicine This is a blog about holistic health for the whole family, concentrating on homeopathy, diet, and nutrition.
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Fish Oil 4 Health Commercial site about the benefits, and possible dangers in taking fish oil supplements.
Drug Rehab An understandable and comprehensive resource about drug rehab and mental health treatment.
Yoga at the Village Yoga at the Village* is provides invaluable, life improvement tools for seniors, adults, kids, teens, computer geeks, the yoga challenged and the skeptical! We’re confident the above group includes you! You’re neither too young nor too old…we promise! Our principle? If you introduce your mind to your body, they just might like each other.
Homeopathy Training, Courses and Schools - Directory
Los Angeles School of Homeopathy LASH offers a three-year academic and mentoring program through ten lively weekend classes per year, September through June. In addition to homework assignments, students will learn from online modules, written and created by world-renowned homeopathy and teacher, Louis Klein FS Hom. Completion of the program will prepare you to sit for the national certification boards, as well as provide you with ample clinical hours in observation, analysis and supervised practice. You will also be awarded a diploma from LASH upon completion of the entire program.
Homeopathy School of Colorado Students at the Homeopathy School of Colorado study all aspects of this fascinating health care system. HSC offers a two-year homeopathic certification program approved by the State of Colorado. The school hosts nationally and internationally renowned teachers.
Alive and Healthy We offer the "Complete Homeopathy Home Study Course" which will teach you how to prescribe homeopathic remedies for your family. A "must-have" for all families!
NEW YORK SCHOOL OF HOMEOPATHY The New York School of Homeopathy is the oldest and largest continuously operating homeopathy college in the United States. This homeopathy training program, under the direction of Susan Sonz, C.C.H., has been providing classical homeopathic education since 1990, and is the only homeopathy school in New York City with an established 4-year diploma program.
Homeopathy Books and Periodicals
Interhomeopathy Interhomeopathy is an international internet journal for the promotion of Homeopathy. Homeopathy will benefit from the exchange of ideas, remedies, cases and theory. Interhomeopathy is published monthly. Enjoy the information. Interhomeopathy is published monthly.
Homeopathy Associations and Societies
North American Society of Homeopaths NASH is the professional association for homeopaths in the US and Canada.
National Center for Homeopathy National Center for Homeopathy
Mesothelioma Information Resource Group MIRG is an organization created to assist patients, and family in learning about mesothelioma and other asbestos related injuries. It is the aim of MIRG to provide an account of the disease, its causes, its treatment and its personal and legal impact.
Help for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Irritable Bowel Syndrome education, treatments and support community for help managing all IBS symptoms
living with reflux Gastroesophageal reflux support group for families, information pages, links and forums. Also support for families that use feeding tubes and have eating/feeding issues and disorders.