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  • Remedy names
    i.e. Arnica
    This will take you to comprehensive list of rubriks for that homeopathic remedy and allow you to put it in your basket in a massive range of formats, sizes, brands and potencies. If you wish, you can also see matching forum posts etc. The remedy name search is fuzzy, meaning if you get the spelling a little wrong, it will still find a remedy.
  • The remedy and potency you need
    i.e. Arnica 200C
    This will take you to the shop. You can also add in the size:
    i.e. Arnica 30C 4dm
    Or the format:
    i.e. Arnica 6C drops
  • Remedy relationships New!
    i.e. Latrodectus, Mygale, Tarentula
    If you search for more than one remedy, we will show you the relationships and interactions between those remedies
  • A materia medica entry
    i.e. Kent Headache Sulphur
  • Remedy families
    i.e. Cell salt or spider


  • General symptoms
    i.e. Headache
    This will show you combination remedies, remedy finder symptoms, materia medica entries and forum posts.
  • Specific symptoms
    i.e. Headache after eating in the afternoon
    We will show you what we have from remedy finder symptoms, materia medica entries and forum posts
  • Conditions
    i.e. ADHD
    We will show you user entered conditions, where we have them, and forum posts.


  • Forum members (logged in members only)
    i.e. Anuj
    If you search for a member's name, or part of their name, you can find their profile.
  • FAQ's etc
    i.e. Contact or Shipping
    These results appear in the search suggestions only -not on this page.
  • Remedy reviews
    i.e. Gout or Itching
    Search the text, or the ailment listed for reviews of remedies on this site. Reviews are anonymous and we can't trace reviewers.

We have 1,128 homeopathic remedies in the store, 65,253 remedy finder symptoms, 937,327 materia medica entries and over 600,000 forum posts in over 70,000 topics. That's a lot and searching is probably the easiest way to find what you need. Please try again.


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