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Re: Seeking constitutional remedy for social phobia
You can order Plutonium Nitricum 200c as well.
0sameervermani7th Aug 2011

Re: Date-palm
Please tell to your doctor to see at synthesis repertories 9.1 page no. 1946 UNDER rubrics dates desire - Plut-N i..e. medicine name is Plutonium Nitricum
0deoshlok23rd Feb 2007

Re: Re: Deep seated trauma - ancestral memory of sexual abuse
...tral memories where Plutonium Nitricum or Metallicum was administered with...
0Zogra25th Jan 2011

Re: Stronger Potency or Better Remedy?
... What if it's Plutonium that's affecting me on such a deep level? What's most interesting is the references to: A.) Feeling constantly under attack B.) Panic/Fear C.) The sensation of either HEAVINESS or LIGHTNESS. Varied among provers. But it seems like they either felt one or the other. D.) Feelings of Disintegration E.) Sense of deep depression at the core of being. F.) Sensation of SOUL leaving the body. G.) Sensation of elongation, or of BEING REALLY TALL. Plutonium METALLICUM has extreme gravity, fatigue and exhaustion. Feels constantly under threat and in fear of disintegration. Whereas in Osmium it is recklessness, in Plutonium it is a deep and pressing constraint that requires enormous effort to clear. Again, just as in Ferrum and Osmium, we see the need for perseverance in the effort required. Ferrum cannot sustain this due to depletion and weakness and Osmium cannot either due to impatience. The fatigue in Plutonium can be paralysing and by shape shifting or a change of identity the individual is able to ‘cheat’ this threat of paralysis. Multiple personalities can form to serve this purpose (as in Platina). This is the beginning of the decay or disintegration. There is an obligation to persevere, the powerful force is working against them so they can become aggressive in their need to survive. Either aggressive, deeply religious, philosophical, overly responsible or servile. Fear and panic also dominates. Understandably, depression and other deep seated disease states develop, such as asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, anorexia, hypertension, bone diseases, psychosis, gastro-enteritis, sacralgia. The very essence of survival is threatened and there is emotional pain and physical pain. Relationships are threatened or disturbed. Terrible chaos and accidents occur. We have a hint of this in Osmium. Plutonium Nitricum brings in the characteristics of Nitricum, one of these being a sense of abundance and expansion which links in with the capaciousness of Ferrum. Nitricum needs space else it will explode and as explosion is the main threat behind Plutonium this creates a twofold terror. As with Plutonium metallicum we have again suppression, threat and endangerment of survival of the species and this threat is either faced with aggression or servility. Depression, fear and panic is observed. The individual ceases to be important in the survival of the species so there are issues around confusion of identities. Accidents feature again, often in dreams. Once more, relationships are threatened. Because the Nitricum aspect cannot be contained in a small space there will be terrible fears accompanied by a need to escape. Interestingly a fear of cancer is a strong keynote and one could define cancer as an ‘expansive’ disease. Physically you can expect to see congestion, swelling, respiratory problems such as bronchitis and asthma, allergies, ailments of the spinal column and chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches that feel as if the head will explode, acute illnesses that have taken on a sub chronic state, such as tonsillitis, nausea, diarrhoea. Such is the threat with Plutonium I believe some practitioners have noted bizarre accidents occurring just by having the remedy on the premises! In summary Related themes are ENERGY – EXPANSION – ACCIDENTS – EXHAUSTION. Also information about Plutonium here on this site: http://www.dyna...
0homeopathyguy23rd Sep 2006

Re: inflammanation digestive tract
...y mom took Argnetum Nitricum 200 but it’s my mistake, she took the Argnetum Nitricum 1M as you said. I’we writen again in post 15.01. she took Argnetum Nitricum 200 but it was Argen.Nitricum 1M So the last dose was Argnetum Nitricum 1M 3 tablets. What can she take now...
0amandy19th Jan 2014

Re: Homeopathy prescribed Allopathically - THIS FOR THAT
...inetic = Argenticum NitricumImpatient = Argenticum NitricumOver Talkative = Argenticum NitricumButterfly fluttering in Stomach = Argenticum NitricumButterfly fluttering in Mind = KaliP...
0Nesha-India 5th Sep 2005

Re: generalized anxiety disorder
.... I think that the Nitricum part of Arg-nit is right, but the Argentum part is wrong. I believe that one of the other Nitricum salts is more appropriate - Cobaltum-Nitricum. See if you can get 200c....
0brisbanehomoeopath13th Oct 2011

Argentum Nitricum - Can it adversely impact other medicines?
...Hi, Argentum Nitricum - the predominant component is mind in this. Can this Argentum Nitricum 200 innterfere with the actions of an ongoing Homeopathic treatment ? Why I ask, I was taking Pituitrine 200 and Thyroidinum 30 and was starting to feel some positivity. However, for the last 2 days I took Argentum Nitricum 200 twice daily(6-7 drops) and I ca...
1skt7714th Sep 2017
medicine difference
Is there any difference between Nitricum Acidum and Acid Nitricum. what should be the dosage of Acid Nitricum 200 for 30 year old person.
1aadi125th Aug 2016
Re: Anxiety & panic
...proving of Argentum Nitricum (or overdosis). Stop with Argentum Nitricum, and take a glass of milk, three times a day, for antidoting it. If after two weeks you feel better, forget Argentum Nitricum. If you feel bad again, please, rep...
0andres12th Apr 2007

Re: Rash after Argentum Nitricum in 4 year old
...ntidote of Argentum Nitricum as it is very close to each other. Since your child responded to Argentum Nitricum, this should help her overcome the ...
0rishimba4th Jul 2015

Re: sensitivity to noise, acne, anxiety, grief, introversion
...I think Argentum Nitricum is a more likely choice after knowing about your abdominal symptoms. The left sided pain ...just under the ribs....also points to choice of this med. Argentum Nitricum covers many fears ...including the fear of dis-approval...which you are experiencing with respect to the relationship with your mother. Take a dose of Argentum Nitricum 200 and see how your system respond...
0PANKAJ VARMA6th Dec 2008

Re: Social anexiety problem
Pls wait for 15 days.Then try argentum Nitricum 200c,3 doses on three consecutive days.Argentum Nitricum follows lycopodium well.Fear of hight,fight is the strong indication of argentum Nitricum.
0Zahid)226th Apr 2009

recurring bacterial vaginosis
...s. I've tried Nitricum acidum and have had success, but am unsure of how long/often I should take it and at what dosage. The woman at the health store ordered Nitricum acidum cm for me, but I really don't know what that means. The bottle says to take 5 pellets three times per day, but I don't know if I should just take this until all symptoms are gone, or do a pulse of the medication over a period of time. Also I have a hard time getting by without caffeine. Are there any stimulants that could replace coffee that would not antidote this treatment? In short: Nitricum Acidum Cm treatment for Recurring BV: dosage and duration? What is a good replacement for coffee using Nitricum Acidum?...
23caffeineaddict23rd Mar 2014
Can i take Argentum Nitricum 200c daily.... ??
...can i take Argentum Nitricum 200 c dayly...   I once took 1 doses 3 times a day for one day and waited 2 weeks..   I felt great for 1st one day..  and bit improvement other day..    after that i have no improvement further.  I returned previous state...   pls help..   shall i go for Argentum Nitricum 200c daily.... ??...
1unorthodoxman12th Jan 2018
Re: Fear
...anacardium argentum Nitricum arnica stramonium luesinum/sypohilinum tarentula opium tk thuya venus mercenaria veratrum album carboneum sulphuratum causticum cenchris conchiolinum dulcamara tabacum hyocsiamus Plutonium Nitricum positronium sycotic co. psorinum ra...
0Albert16th Sep 2018

Re: conjuctivitis
Other than that use Argentum Nitricum 30 twice daily. And for prevention Argentum Nitricum 200 1 dose a week. maya
0maya_hari16th Nov 2006

Re: I need help
Nitricum acidcuum is 30c, and Boiron has that. The only one that has 200 is Argentum Nitricum 200c, and I do not know what that is for.
0Maria12110410th Jan 2005

Re: Vaginal Tear latest Post
...Nitricum Acidum. Go back to home page of this website and scroll down to the homeopathy store. Click on the letter N, then scroll down to Nitricum Acidum. However, a newcomer to homeopathy may find it difficult to make heads or tails of the description. May be better to trust advice given by those with more experience. At least give it a try. Calendula is excellent for wound healing and as Erika explained, Nitricum acidum may help because of the spec...
0ruth453rd Apr 2005

Re: getting influenced by others
Hisam, With some other people I have used Argentum Nitricum successfully...for such cases. Read more about Argentum Nitricum symptoms in a Materia Medica and see if you have similarities. Come back if you have questions. Pankaj Varma
0PANKAJ VARMA16th Dec 2006


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