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Below are search results for TOE NAIL FUNGUS in the shop, the remedy finder, and the forum. Remedy indications are in accordance with traditional homeopathic practice and have not been reviewed by the FDA. If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional. Minor symptoms can sometimes be a sign of a more serious underlying condition.

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T.F. Allen > Secale Cornutum
...The Fungus Claviceps purpurea, Tulasne, is the cause of this disease in rye (and in other grasses), see Lolium. Moisture favors the development of this Fungus; epidemics, known as Raphania, Kriebelkrankheit, etc., are traced to the use of rye flour poisoned by this Fungus....

Kent Lectures > Hypericum Perforatum
... patient steps on a Nail or tack or sticks a splinter under a finger-Nail or into the foot. If a horse pick up a Nail, pull it out and give him a dose of...

T.F. Allen > Conium Maculatum
Pain under the Nail of the right index finger as if the part were torn and the Nail pulled up,

T.F. Allen > Sepia
A Toe-Nail, which had been crippled for years, suppurated, and in its stead a new and healthy Nail formed,

H.C. Allen > Magnetis Poli. Ambo.
Sore pain under the Nail of the big Toe of either foot, as if the shoe had pinched him, and as if the Nail would come off by suppuration

T.F. Allen > Teucrium Marum Verum
The right great Toe is somewhat inflamed and painful to the left of the Nail and the above it, as if the Nail had grown into the flesh (which, however, was not the case).

T.F. Allen > Persica
At the same time as the eruption, as sharp pain under the right great Toe Nail, only when pressing on the Nail, not when walking,

Clarke > Sulphur
Sharp shooting, as from a blunt Nail, in rapid succession at root of Nail of great Toe.

T.F. Allen > Causticum
Suppuration of the Nail, a burrowing-burning pain near the Nail of the left great Toe, with proud flesh (after three days),

T.F. Allen > Sulphur
In the evening, in bed, several very sharp shoots (as from a blunt Nail), in rapid succession, at the root of the Nail of the right great Toe (sixth day),

T.F. Allen > Kali Carbonicum
Inflammation at the insertion of the Nail of the index finger, like a suppuration of the Nail; upon pressure thin matter oozes out for seven days,

H.C. Allen > Magnetis Polus Australis
...s from an ingrowing Toe-Nail, outer side of left great Toe During most of this time she has not been able to wear a shoe on this foot and never without greatly increasing the pain or even bear the weight of the body on it Any misstep would be followed by a discharge of blood and pus The outer side of Toe was very much inflamed and swollen, so that nearly half the Nail was hidden No treatment, even cutting out half the Nail, gave more than temporary relief One drop of Magnetis Australis 1m was given Relief soon followed The Toe looked better, was less sensitive to pressure, and she could wear her boot without causing much pain The swelling had nearly disappeared at the root of the Nail, giving the appearance of a piece having been cut out Gave three doses of the same remedy, one every night, and in a few days the Toe was perfectly well - Ballard...

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