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Dr Mahfoozurrehman, and Dr Rajendra you are in good direction to suggest Nux vomica and Sulphur and DR Rajendra was correct in his saying,( as advied earlier are the first remedies to be tried. It looks this was ignored so still suffering).

Rabia Majid
Rabia last decade
Hi Khannabobby

You have lot of choices and advices.

However let me say that all Nitric acid cases don't have bleeding.

The guiding symptom in Nitric acid is pain for hours after stool. It doesn't matter whether it bleeds or not.

On the other hand, the nux.vomica has relief atleast for some time from stool, and it is contra indicated if the pain persists after the stool.

Medicines are to be studied in contrast with one another.

If one fails to do that, they can never do good homeopathic work.

No remedy is going to take away your pain just like that. Even the well selected remedy takes some time to cure.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear patient,
How you are now?

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Though I am confused but at the same time happy also that so many homeopathic doctors are there to help me. This forum i must say is a very good platform. Besides, Mr. Murthy, I am very thankful to Dr. Mahfooz, Dr Rajendra and Dr. Rabia Majid for their kind advises. As far as my condtion is concerned, as I am feeling a bit better now but completely cured cos pain is there though the magnitude is less. I must say there is no blood in the stool and its not a pile, its only a fissure with snag pile coming out of anus. Kindly advise me. Thanks a lot.
khannabobby last decade
when we interfere patient gets confused j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
Hi Kannabobby

Nitric acid did help you, and you don't have to repeat it as on now. Let us not disturb it's action.It may continue for a few weeks.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear patient,
do not be confused, here every respected dr. gives recommindations on the basis of his clinical experience and knowledge. You could follow one of them and do not care the discussion between the drs.
Now I suggest you to stop all medicines and take only
PAEONIA OFFICINALIS-3x thrice a day for a week and report.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Mr. Murty,

'Nitric acid did help you, and you don't have to repeat it as on now. Let us not disturb it's action.It may continue for a few weeks'

Learned Mr. Murty is in favour of repeat doses but in this case he advisd to stop. Any specific reason for stopping repeat doses? This may help in adding to our knowledge.
Rajendra last decade
Whether to repeat or not depends on many conditions.

If we need to repeat, it is done in split dose.

The unchanged potencies, whether dry or liquid should not be repeated, once the action is kicked in.

As Astra ponted out, I can't keep on clearing very basic doubts.

You must read Organon and the philosophy by Kent. That will clear your incessant doubts.

One can't become a homeopath without reading and understanding Organon and philosophy.

Superficial knowlegde is more dangerous than having no knowledge at all.

gavinimurthy last decade
Noted. It looks almost all Homeo doctors are falling in line of what is your presumption and then who will prescribe homeo renmedies.
Rajendra last decade
It is not my presumtion. It is a fact.

There is lot of difference between the 4 th edition method and the 5th/6th edition method.

One has to study in depth to understand and master the finer points of both the methods.

When to go for one, and when to go for another too is a matter to be decided by the prescriber, based on the case on hand.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Mr. Murthy,

I have now procured Collinsonia Q(Mother Tinture). It took sometime to procure as it was now available here. Kindly now let me know how should I take it. Thank you very much.
khannabobby last decade

Mix 5 drops of the medicine in about 15 ml. of water and sip the whole of it. This is one dose.

Take one dose daily for a week and report.

gavinimurthy last decade
Remark by me:-

'Noted. It looks almost all Homeo doctors are falling in line of what is your presumption and then who will prescribe homeo renmedies'

Reply from Mr. Murthy:-


'It is not my presumtion. It is a fact.'


Further he says :-

'One can't become a homeopath without reading and understanding Organon and philosophy.

'Superficial knowlegde is more dangerous than having no knowledge at all.


Does it mean all Homeo doctors have Superficial knowledge?

If so, this is a lesson to all Homeo Doctors throughout the world. It looks all degrees of Homeopathic are useless.

Coming to the present case :_

Ptoblem was :

'fissure remains'

Patient has asked how to use Collinsonia Q(Mother Tinture'

When Mr. Murthy identified 'Nitric Acid' in this case as the remedy selected by all parameters and the remedies suggested by other Doctors were condemned outright, then what has happened to change to the present remedy.

In case change of remedy is permitted in the above 'Organon and philosophy' as advised by Mr. Murthy, then why the earlier suggestions given by other Doctors were not given an opportunity to try.

Fllowing Doctors were also involved in it may have their views:-

j k mohla;
Dr Mahfoozurrehman;
Rajendra last decade
Dear Rajendra

I tried my best to be patient with you.

I find you are more interested in trying to prove me wrong.

Go ahead and do it with sound logic. However let me tell you that many people tried to condemn me and prove me wrong earlier too, and they miserable failed.

They still make some feeble attempts and if you too want to join them go ahead.

Try to find out why I shifted to Collinsonia mother tincture now.

Otherwise let me know, why you feel collinsonia is not indicated for this patient.

gavinimurthy last decade
Whenever I intervene I give my reasons for doing so.

If I differ with a prescription I give solid reasons from repertories/materia medicas/philosophy.

You have every right to intervene, but give YOUR reasons against the medicine.

Many times I explain why I choose a particular medicine.
Had you asked properly, I would have explained you ,even in this case also.

But, if you ask with ulterior motives in your mind, I need not and will not oblige you.

gavinimurthy last decade
There is no question of ulterior motives.

Problem is that as per your notings all the advisors here are wrong.

Henahman was also prescribing before the research as per Organ 6 and patients were getting releif/cure. Suddenly all the old theories have become useless.

Two opinions may differ. I agree new methods be tried but not at the cost of condeming the entire lot of Homeopaths.

Yes I have reasons to suggest that the other remedies have also worked. Assumptions for finding the medicine may very and so the Computer result.

When you prescribe medicine and it does not give result you have a right to change the remedy but when other advisor suggests, he is not to be given the opportunity to try. He may be having valid reasons out of his own experience to suggest a remedy. Why you have always been proving that all others are wrong before even trying the remedy.

Books and the result through software may vary depending upon the author and sofware chosen for the remedy.

Often experience gives different remedies depending upon the area and environment in which a patient is living. If this remedy is not falling in the Software being used by one person, it does not mean the entire experience is wrong.

Even Drs. Kent, Boeriche and other eminent authors may have different symptons for a particlar remedy but basic area of work of a medicine remains almost identical.

I think we have gone more on the computer results then the application of mind to identify the area of the problem and the remedy's action in the particular area of its action.
Rajendra last decade
Hann advised not to repeat a dry dose in the 4 th edition.

He found that repetetion is causing trouble, but the non repetetion is also making the patient suffer for a long time.

So, he introduced the split dose in the fifth edition.

His success with chronic diseases prior to the 5 th edition is not that good.

Acute problems can tolerate even unchanged dry doses for some time, but the situation is dofferent with chronic cases.

I don't intervene in every prescription. If you look around, I intervene only when I feel there is a chance of damage to the patient.

Many times I keep quiet, if a single remedy is prescribed with minimal repetetion even when I know that it is not the correct remedy.

That is because there is no harm and the prescription can be changed subsequently.

I do object for frequent change of medicines, concepts like one medicine now to be folowed by another medicine after 24 hours without retaking the case, one medicine in the morning, another in the evening and alternations etc.

These are against the fundamentals of homeopathy.

gavinimurthy last decade
Hi patient it appears from your post that presently you are suffering from annal fissure.The main thing is to look over your smooth bowel regular movement if you any time again attack with constipation your fissure in annus will not cure.Being a less experienced prescriber of this forum i advise you to follow the following medicines and keep yourself refrain from that foods which create constipation.You may take 1.Olive oil 2table spoonful early in the morning before half an hour of your breakfast.2.Take Thuja occidentalis 30 in 40Nos pillet form.Arrange one liter mineral water and take 500 ml from it mix 4pillets of Thuja occi in the bottle containg 500ml of mineral water and shake 40to 50 times maintaining a space of 1ft.Take 2teaspoonful of prepared medicine at your bed time making a lil shake and continue this at least 14 days and come back with your report.Thank you
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
Thanks Mr. Murthy. Things are getting clearer.
Rajendra last decade
Dear Mr.Murthy,
Thanks. What is the best time to take the dose. Kindly suggest.


khannabobby last decade
Better take it in the night before going to bed.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Mr. Murthy,

I have started taking Collinsonia Q from Sunday. I must say its a very effective medicine. From the word go, I think it has started working. Now, the pain is a bit less, but if I press the affected are, it pains a lot. Now, the problem I have is that I am feeling a lot of itching not only on the affected area but also on the boundaries of the anus. Now, I want to ask you is it normal? The itching is like that sometime I feel like scratching continuously. My bowel movement has also smoothened after taking the medicine.
khannabobby last decade
Hi Khannabobby

The itching around anus area is not normal. It is an indication that we should look at the case again.

However let us make sure that it is not transitory, and see whether it gets resolved on its own.

We will wait for just two more days. Meanwhile continue Collinsonia.

Is it a new symptom, which you never had before?

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Mr.Murthy, Earlier, there used to be some itching but not that much. Now, I feel like itching everytime. Once I scratch then i continue for 10-15 mnts. I must say, I sit in the water for about 20 mnts in the morning and 30 mnts in the evening. Can this be the reason? Should I reduce the dose to 2-3 drops instead of 5 drops. Please advise. Thank you very much. Vijay
khannabobby last decade
The itching is not due to collinsonia drops. Any way, you can reduce to 2-3 drops and observe.

Come back after two days.

gavinimurthy last decade

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