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daughter vomiting

I have recently started using homeopathics and my 7 month old daughter has a cold which I began using pulsitlla nigricans for after I used the Remedy Finder to figure out what to get for her. She has taken the tablets since yesterday (Nov 9) afternoon. She threw up yesterday afternoon right after the first dose. Then this evening she threw up a watery yellowish substance about a minute after taking the tablets. And then a couple of hours later I gave her another couple of tablets and she threw up her entire dinner almost immediately. Is it possible that she is allergic to it? Or coincidence and she just has a bug along with the cold. I thought I had read somewhere that sometimes if you have the wrong remedy, it gives the person symptoms of the remedy, which I don't know if pulsitilla includes vomiting.
  lmhoopes on 2004-11-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
She is not allergic, but I would stop the remedy because of her age and vomiting is not good for her. Too much danger of dehydration. Get liquid into her.

You did not say if there is a fever. Why do you think it is a cold? What are symptoms??

Even tho H. is not dangerous for infants, I would be more cautious with choosing remedies. If she has green mucus may be why puls was chosen, but with the vomiting I would change.

As you just posted, I will wait awhile before closing down for the night. Sabra, Homeopopathic practioner for 40 years.
sabra last decade
I think she has a cold (or allergies) due to her coughing, sneezing, runny nose and teary eyes. She had a temperature of 98.3 under the arm this afternoon, so not really a fever. Once when she threw up, it seemed to be because she was coughing hard. But the last time, she was not coughing or anything. She was just in my arms. I guess it may be helpful to know that I also have had a reaction to an antibiotic with sulfa in it and she nurses still. I don't know if she is reacting second hand to sulfa or not. Thanks for getting back with me. Linda
lmhoopes last decade
yes---breast milk carries nutrients as well as toxins to child---if started after sulfa usage then good possibility this is cause...you will find that child need same remedy youdo--and is recommende in cases of nursing that remedy be only given to mother...child receive effect through milk..-
John Stanton last decade
how available are remedies to you?how long take to get?mail order?
John Stanton last decade
Thanks for your information. I get remedies at a local health food store.
lmhoopes last decade
what is the symptomology you (mother) are experiencind/experienced to validate antibiotic usage?
John Stanton last decade
I had a urinary tract infection which I was tested for again yesterday and it is now gone but I still have some blood in my urine. The symptoms of the reaction are a rash all over my body that itches and stings. I am taking sulphur for it and it helps the itching. I also have an ulcerative kind of scab on my hand that I think may have been related to the allergic reaction. It is healing up now.
lmhoopes last decade
when exactly (date) child start with allergy/cold like symptoms?

when exactly (date) you start antibiotics?

when exactly (date) strat using sulphur? how many doses?what potency?
John Stanton last decade
NEVER LET ANY DR (?) GIVE YOU SULFA. It is an antibiotic that should be removed from the market! He should have known it would affect a nursing baby.

When you can get to a health store, get some NUX VOMICA 200X (OR NEAR). Actually I have never found potencies as impt as others feel.

Give one dose if she vomits. It is not for vomiting as one would think, but used in cases like this when the sulfa is not good for her.

A good remedy for her may be HEPAR SULPH. one to three doses, but if better, always stop. With Homeopathy give as little as poss and stop when better. If she has developed diarrhea, choose CARBO VEG.

Hepar Sulph

Are good remedies to have on hand for first remedies for your home. Please keep us posted. Sabra
sabra last decade
Exact date of allergy/cold symptoms - I think Nov 5 or 6.

Date I started antibiotics 10/31

I have been using sulphur off and on for a few weeks because I have allergy symptoms often related to food and that was what the Remedy Finder said to use. It is 6X. I started using it more regularly for the rash on Nov 8.

I am going to log out now because it is 1:00 AM here. But I thank you for your help and will look for a response tomorrow.

lmhoopes last decade
One more question for Sabra or John, how long can I expect for the sulfa to leave my system?

I will log out now and check back in tomorrow.

Thanks again.

lmhoopes last decade
please explain thoroughly the reaction(s) you had from the antibiotic usage...

when exactly (date) did you discontinue usage?

what was first symptom to appear with daughter? 2nd? please describe the order in which allergy/cold like symptoms appeared before giving pulsatilla?

please describe thoroughly the allergic reaction to food you mentioned...
John Stanton last decade
Thank goodness, not allopathic sulfa...Homeopathic SULPHUR...totally different action. None need fear h. Sulphur. Still obviously not setting well with baby. Get her on CARBO VEG.

Your S. will go quicker with a dose of Nux V. Baby will respond well. Sabra
sabra last decade
I should have gone to bed. It was allopathic....above suggestions still go from me. S.
sabra last decade
My symptoms in reaction to the antibiotic were that within a day of starting it I had a spot on my hand that itched. I scratched it a little and there were small bumps that stayed the color of my skin. I didn't scratch that much I don't think but it became raw and the next day scabbed over. It stayed like that until the next Sunday which is a week after I started taking the antibiotic. The scabbing started to come loose and then on Monday morning after I took a shower, I had an ulcerative sore where the scab had been and it was white and red, kind of pussy. I stopped taking the antbiotic on 11/8 after the morning dose. So I took it 2 doses a day for 8 and half days. My daughter's symptoms began, I believe with a stuffy nose that was kind of crackly sounding. Then she had teary eyes. Then she had some dry coughs and then she started having light yellow green discharge from her nose. Then at night she would have a stuffy nose and breath heavily as though it was very stuffed up and even dried out. When she woke up in the morning, it would then be very runny with the yellow green. She hasn't had a fever except for yesterday a slight elevation of 83.3 under the arm. It never went up. My sensitivities and reactions to foods include sneezing and clear sometimes yellow mucus after cows milk products, sugar, wheat and corn. I try to stay away from these things, but do not this time of year as easily with Halloween and now other holidays coming up. Sometimes it turns into sinus infections if I don't clean my diet up on time. But usually it is just increased mucus and sometimes a scratchy throat with perhaps yellowish or whitish mucus down the back of my throat. I also consistently have pus in my tonsils.
lmhoopes last decade
Oh and by the way, my daughter slept well last night and only coughed a couple of times and never vomited again. She woke up with a little crust on her right eye. We haven't had breakfast yet so I don't know how she will handle food.
lmhoopes last decade
single dose (3 pellets) 'only' hepar sulphuris calcareum 30c for mother---no repetition

no other remedies or treatments---for daughter or mother---no skin oils/cremes/ointments---antibiotics-painkillers....etc

mother and daughter---avoid all acidic foods and drinks ..(coffee;tea;all carbonated soft drinks;vinegar-picles and such;alcoholic beverages;fruits and juices:...etc)

mother is to start daily probiotic supplementation (udo's choice super 5) or equivalent..

keep us closely informed
John Stanton last decade
Thanks for your help. I was only able to find the 30X and gave myself one dose only, even though I know it is different from your suggestion. Last night my daughter was back to her sweet smiling self with no runny nose or vomiting. I still have to look for the probiotic but I feel we are going to be okay for our weekend travels now. Thanks again.
lmhoopes last decade
My daughter was fine all weekend except for being a little fussy but I thought it was because she rode a plane and stayed in unfamiliar surroundings all weekend. She had a slightly runny nose a couple of times, kind of yellowish. She is still a bit fussy and last night about 2 to 2:30 she threw up once. It seemed to be milk. Today she needs to be held and is fussy and has a slightly runny nose still. I still haven't had a chance to look for the probiotic, but will do so today. Do you think my daughter's symptoms are something new--a bug or something or still related to last week's symptoms?
lmhoopes last decade
I just took her temperature and it is 98.9 under the arm.
lmhoopes last decade
could be 'bug'--but it seems it is related to last week symptomology....

single dose of hepar 30x (3 pellets in 8 oz. water) --stir heavy-----teaspoon dose from this solution--for mother only--

best follow restrictions posted in previous post.for now .so as to eliminate possibility of dietary /medicinal aggravation-complication
John Stanton last decade
what is mother's current halth status?

what mendicines mother using (besides hepar)?

what is mothers current diet included since hepar 30x?

what was mother's typical diet before hepar?
John Stanton last decade
Current health - Feeling a little light headed today. Some chills. No more pains from the urinary tract infection. The rash is clearing up too. I feel pretty tired today. Normal appetite.

Medicine using - I have been taking supplements for several tyears under the recommecdations of a trusted alternative practitioner. Currntly I take fenugreek and red raspberry for nursing support, Drenamin (whole foods from Standard Process), Symplex F from Standard Proc. calcium, b-complex, b12, Ferrofood from Standard Proc.

Current diet since hepar - We were visiting relatives from Fri to Sun and so I had less control over the diet. I drink water only most days (exceptions occur about once a month, with none since taking the hepar). I ate a lot of meat and sweets on Sat and Sun. Also very garlicky foods on a couple of occasions. Yesterday, I had a very spicy hot BBQ sauce.

Diet before - Usually meat or fish about once a day, sometimes skipping a day. Sweets are my downfall, so I try to not buy them, but last week someoe brought us their leftover Halloween peanut butter cups and I had a lot of them. I eat whole grain and sprouted grain breads and eat pasta, rice veggies, occasional fruit.
lmhoopes last decade
mother's diet effect daughter through breast feeding...this need very much to be considered....

when has hepar 30x (8oz water) solution been taken?
John Stanton last decade
I took the hepar solution early this afternoon I believe. She seems to be in better spirits, but still not really herself. What in the diet are you referring to as affecting her through breastfeeding? I'm assuming sugar, but anything else? I don't use cow's milk products very often.
lmhoopes last decade

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