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recurring bacterial vaginosis

I have been dealing with recurring BV for over a decade. I've had an infection that is completely resistant to all antibiotics for three years. I've tried nitricum acidum and have had success, but am unsure of how long/often I should take it and at what dosage. The woman at the health store ordered nitricum acidum cm for me, but I really don't know what that means. The bottle says to take 5 pellets three times per day, but I don't know if I should just take this until all symptoms are gone, or do a pulse of the medication over a period of time.

Also I have a hard time getting by without caffeine. Are there any stimulants that could replace coffee that would not antidote this treatment?

In short:

Nitricum Acidum Cm treatment for Recurring BV: dosage and duration?

What is a good replacement for coffee using Nitricum Acidum?
  caffeineaddict on 2008-03-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
CM is a very high potency ! and can be extremely dangerous when used incorrectly.

I warn you against such high potencies especially when you don't know what it means.
It can cause such horrible aggravations that you can't even imagine.

Self-prescription should only be restricted to low or medium potencies. Do not go above 200C unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing.
sameervermani last decade
I too have had a history of BV, And I know the constant discomfort. The only thing that ever helped me was a prescribed antibiotic cream which I administered vaginally. You did say that you had been on antibiotics however, were you ever prescribed the vaginal cream?
judyacim last decade
sameervemani: Thanks for reconfirming that the world is out to kill me!!!! All joking aside, I will just take one pellet at each dosing time. You're right, I don't know what I'm doing, but after three days of treatment all of my symptoms were gone, but I antidoted the therapy with coffee and took a break from it. The symptoms came back immediately when I had the coffee.

Judyacim: I've tried it all... prescription creams, pills, gels (both the metronidazole and clyndomycin based medications), and I've even tried colloidal silver, enzara, chlorophyll, nullo, immune boosting mushrooms, boric acid, the new rephresh gel that's supposed to balance the ph, and probably about two or three other things I'm not recalling off hand that didn't work either. In other words, if it's out there I've tried it. So to answer your question...an emphatic YES.
caffeineaddict last decade
Well moderate amounts of coffee does not anti-dote homeopathic remedies, and 1 pill of a CM can cause as much damage as 50 pills can.

It's not the number of pellets it's the huge amounts of serial dilutions and succussions in a CM which can have horrible consequences. Even professional homeopaths excercise caution with a CM , let alone a health store woman. I once again warn you against such a high potency. But the choice is yours. The more 'indicated' Nit ac is in your case, the more damage it will cause in a sudden high potency like CM. Whether or not you listen to me is your choice.

sameervermani last decade
Well I appreciate the 'please don't proceed' message, but in all honesty it's worked...it's the only thing that's worked at all in three years. In all honesty if this kills me I would be better off than living the life that I do now with this problem. For the people that don't know what this is, you basically STINK very badly ALL of the time in a low grade manner, or it wafts up in INTENSE odor all at once. Think about how terrible you feel when you have bad breath, ate garlic, or have some underarm odor. Ok now have everyone know that it's your penis or vagina that the smell is coming from, and walk around in the world for three years like that. Technically it's been a decade off and on, and three with no relief. What would you be willing to do?
caffeineaddict last decade
It can be tackled homeopathically for sure. But don't use a dynamite where a cracker will suffice.

High potencies like CM are used when you treat defects like Rickets or congenital serious problems in children or in complaints where the pathology only exists on the mental plane, and even in these cases the potency is gradually raised through all scales to eventually culminate in a CM IF need be.

BV is a purely 'physical' complaint, and will be sured by 3-4 doses of 6C, followed by a waiting period to see if improvement happens, and then 3-4 doses of 30C and waiting till improvement lasts, and then a SIGLE 200C dose.Jumping to CM is not the way to go.

Which potency of Nit-ac did you use ?

sameervermani last decade
I used the nitricum acid cm for three days, which would be nine doses. The coffee did antidote the treatment. My symptoms did not go away until the second day. I had not weened myself from coffee, and basically was on my death bed from caffeine withdrawal. This time I'm taking the same dose, I started last night, and am down to one green tea bag a day. I drink it exactly two hours after my morning dose which I set an alarm to take to not have the caffeine interfere with the treatment.

Just to let you know how resistant this bacteria is: I have been on metronidazole 1000mg daily for twenty days with no relief. This did work for seven years. Do you know how I got to the point of the medicine not working? I had a nurse practitioner say, 'I'm not going to prescribe that much medicine because it's like trying to kill a rabbit with a machine gun.'

If I slowly build the dose I'm basically building resistance in my body the exact same way that I did with the antibiotics.
caffeineaddict last decade
Homeopathic medicines do not work like anti-biotics. These are energy medicines where it is NOT the medicine which cures it is your body's response to the medicine which cures. Once that response has started, then all further doses act as interference.

A SINGLE dose of CM will cure the case completely (after the intial aggravations) and will NEVER need to be repeated IF it is the indicated medicine.

The fact that the effect lasted for such a short time, tells me that Nit-ac was NOT the indicated remedy. Had Nit-ac been the simillimum (the correct medicine), 9 doses of CM would have caused such horrendous aggravations that you would be screaming by now with extreme mental anguish. You were saved only because Nit-ac is NOT the correct medicine for you. What you felt was some initial palliative action, and if you do continue taking this in CM potency , sooner or later you will become a walking picture of Nitric acid symptoms. You will get symptoms of the Nit-ac provings which you have never had in your life.

sameervermani last decade
It seems that your contradicting what homeopathy is with this explanation. It seems I would have had the symptoms of nitricum acidum overdose/posterchild if it were the wrong treatment while taking it. You're saying that I was saved because it was the wrong treatment. This makes no sense.

I felt fine and much better while taking it, except for the caffeine withdrawal (hasn't been a problem this time). I fit the description of nitricum acidum symptoms to a T, and that's before treatment. If you recommend slowly increasing doses to get the body to respond, then homeopathy does work in some ways similar to antibiotics.

I'm going to continue treatment until I'm symptom free for three days. This was an indication, while taking antibiotics, that the treatment succeeded. If there is no abatement of symptoms again by the third day (48 hours) I will discontinue use, just in case the first time was a 'fluke.'

That's the best I can do to make you feel more comfortable.
caffeineaddict last decade
Do whatever you want, I do not have anything to say . You seem to be all knowing :)
sameervermani last decade
'Never underestimate the power of denial.' ~American Beauty~
caffeineaddict last decade

Leucorrhoea, profuse, foul, staining a greenish yellow; stains of menses and leucorrhoea very hard to wash out
Intense burning in vagina
Increased flow of saliva during
Female; Menses delayed
Aches, weak; drawing of muscles below scapulae.
Feels a glow all over, like being over steam; CHILLY, while sitting beside the fire.
Prickly itching
Sore spots all over
mazharmhm last decade
caffeineaddict, I do know what you are going through. It is horrible and I am so happy that the cream worked for me and regret it did not for you. I also had prickly feelings like I was being stuck with little pins. It is also my understanding that I should not drink greem tea. It also neutralizes the remedy. This was info passes onto me when I started a remedy recently.
judyacim last decade
Thanks for telling me about the green tea. I would have never known if you hadn't told me. I would like to add that before I even posted on this board that I went to another store that sold homeopathy treatment, and they gave me the number of a woman that would answer questions that I had about a remedy. I told her that I had my remedy and needed advice for the duration of treatment etc. and left this message on her answering machine (I said that I would pay even though it wasn't a full consultation)....she never returned my call. I even called back the following day. I waited a month before I finally said 'I'll do it on my own then.'
caffeineaddict last decade
Ironically, I too have had a similiar experience. I had a cat scan on my sinus cavities and brain. Brain in good shape. I was sent to an ENT specialist for further review. He told me that he wanted to read the films and not just the report as my left ear would not open. After waiting 2 weeks I did not hear from him so I called him and left a message. He never called me back. That is when I said, 'I will do it on my own.' Found this forum and I am gratefull.
judyacim last decade
I would like to 'state for the record' that when I received my nitricum acidum cm the directions were clear on the bottle: 5 pellets three times a day and if symptoms persist by three day consult a physician.' Well it's day three: NO SYMPTOMS!!!! YAY!!!!

MAZHARMHM: I would like to say that I did develop one of those symptoms during treatment: the feeling as if in steam, or having a glow all over. It's hard to evaluate a lot of the other symtpoms because I've never had an unusual discharge except for a thick white discharge, and I don't have my moon. I take depo provera to prevent my period because of this problem. Some doctors say that this is a bad thing, but when I started I had less infections and less complaints/infections several years ago when I started it. I went off of it temporarily three years ago and that's when the constant infection started. I just thought that I would add that information.

Depo-povera is a shot given once every three months to prevent pregnancy. Most women stop having menses after about six months completely. My flora was so sensitive that things like tampons would even cause an infection. I decided to put myself on this despite not being sexually active. Like I said, most doctors say that this causes more infections but that was not the case for me. The only reason I can think that this would cause more infections is the lack of condoms used by the women during sex, and the semen was upsetting the ph.
caffeineaddict last decade
As many of you here, I have suffered from chronic BV for years, four years actually. It's amazing to me how I can go to a doctor, who will tell me first that it’s just a “nuisance” problem, and when I go back he’ll tell me he's never had anyone who didn't respond to this ____ treatment. Yet if you do a search for chronic BV on line you come up with thousands of hits like this forum of women saying the same thing & having had doctors who said this same thing. How can both be true? If men had pain, itch, and a smelly discharge from their penis for years, it would be a national health emergency. I’ll try to stay off my soapbox though.

What I want! I don't just want to be symptom free. I want to be able to live like a normal woman, who is in love with her husband, & who would like to express that love sexually! For the last four years the cycle has pretty much been this: 1. Can't have sex with my husband because of my symptoms or paranoia about smell or symptoms returning. 2. Can't have sex with my husband because I have a vagina full of goop. This is not living.

Here are my symptoms:
· pain & itching, especially around the vulva & urethra
· discharge, sometimes foul but not always
· increased pain & itching after orgasm - whether or not from intercourse
· sharp shooting pains in my vagina, especially the vulva & urethra, like being stuck with needles, especially when the infection has gotten really bad. (I’ve read that some other women have this, & people act like they’ve never heard of it. It does exist in some women, just like some women can have BV & be asymptomatic.)
· I do not know if this is related, but I have one spot quite a ways into my vagina that is extremely tender at times. It can be quite painful during intercourse, and when that is the case, it hurts for hours afterwards.
· I frequently just feel sick – like I am running a fever, though I’m not. I feel like I have a cold/flu virus, but without the respiratory symptoms. No doctor has been able to find a cause using blood tests or throat swabs. I think it’s the BV.
First of all, if you are here, you already know to 'wipe front to back' & 'keep yourself clean.' If I hear one more person tell me that, I'm going to choke him/her.

Secondly, I, just like the rest of you, have been through the regular & some not so regular attempts at a cure:
· Metrogel (no relief at all & gave me big time cheesy discharge, as the gel adheres to the epithelial cells & causes them to coagulate)
· Flagyl (minimal results), including treating my husband
· Cleocin (gave me the best results at the time, but of course it came back)
· Long term oral Levaquin. Helped while I was on it.
· A Cleocin/hydrocortizone compound for 28 days. Relief for 2 months after I finished.

I have also used:
· betadine douches (mixed 1/2 & 1/2). It gave me the longest lasting relief without having to constantly have some kind of medicine in me, but I started worrying about douching so much, & after a while its seemed to start making my insides tender
· rePHresh gave me some relief, but it didn't help once symptoms were very pronounced. It also started being much less effective over time. It also gives me the discharge from the gel adhering to the epithelial cells.
I have done much MUCH research trying to solve my problem, & I want to put it all in one place so that it might help someone else.
· Normal pH is
Ginger_Ark last decade
i dont want to be symptom free i want a permanent cure from this BV. i tried metrogel it helped only for a few days.a friend is using peroxide for douching and she says it helped her. i want to try but i am in two mind and a bit hesistant as it might have some reaction.
has007 last decade
I actually just tried something. I've been suffering from recurring BV for about 6 months now. Yesterday I bought and bottle of Renew Life Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support...which is a probiotic specifically designed for vaginal health. I took one pill orally and then decided to see if i could speed up the process by taking 2 more capsules, mixing it with water and douching with that. It got rid of the odor and discharge immediately. I actually did a double douching, first with the summers eve vinegar formula then followed it up with my conconction. Heres to hoping it lasts.
ANL9687 last decade
Easy! I suffered since I got my iud for the last 2 years. Yuck...fish!!
1. Start taking 2 100 million active cultures of probiotic acidoplilis and 1 400 mcg folic acid every day.

2. Douche with 1/2 water and 1/2 hydrogen provide ( I just dump out a douche then use the bottle to make mine) after sex.

3. Do not use soap to wash your vagina. Rince your washcloth after you wash your body then clean your vagina.

4. Do not use a hose shorwer head to rince your vagina. It pushes bacteria up in you.

5. Do not use any strong detergents, fabric softener or smelly good stuff on anything that touches your vagina.

6. Always always make sure you are lubed up before sex. Dry sex will rip open your delicate vagina skin and cause infection.

I'm not any kind of medical professional. I just know this works for me. I know there is controversy about using a douche. In my view. I think it is less dangerous than taking antibiotics constantly.

I do want to add...when I feel like the infection in coming back, I double up on my probiotics and folic acid and do the hydrogen peroxide (h2o2p douche 2 times a day for a week.

If you have bv try the h2o2 douche and you will notice the smell of fish leaving almost instantly.

Good luck! Its no fun smelling like fish and having a slim discharge.
Erica_71 last decade
If you have a male partner and continue having chronic or persistent vaginosis
Then there may be a permanent solution for you. It happened to me and this

was the permanent cure go to
and click on bacterial vaginosis from the main menu
husband4sale last decade
please have dr reckewegs homeopatic concoction r-82 as per the dosage prescribed on the wrapper for a motnt and give a feed back. use it externally as well.but before you start the treatment have

nux vom 200 15 drops in an ounce of water at night three times in an interval of 15 mins half an hour before dinnertime repeat, and take care of your diet.
anuj srivastava last decade
Great information! Please contribute your BV experiences to my blog under the appropriate remedy. I'm trying to create a forum where we can all discuss the best way to fight this terrible infection. Happy curing!

battlingbv 9 years ago

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