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PMS, bacterial vaginosis

Hi there,
I have been dealing with PMS and BV/yeast infections for a few years. I've tried a number of restrictive diets that seemed to help, but the problems are still there. My symptoms are draining on my relationship with my husband. I would greatly appreciate some advice.
Sex: female Age: 26 Marital status: 5-year relationship, but not married and not planning to get married Children: 0 Occupation: going back to school to change jobs Habits(like
smoking/ alcohol/ tobacco, partying etc): none

1) Family Medical History:

Father/Mother: sleep apnea, mother had yeast infections before having children

Grandparents(Maternal and paternal): one has passed away of colon canc., the others are healthy

Brothers and sisters: healthy

Spouse and children: spouse – fairly mild but persistent psoriasis

2) Patient's Medical History: (Include vaccination history and the
reactions to them if any) Was vaccinated at birth but none after that

Major illnesses(Chronologically): Nothing major – had genital warts about 6 years ago. They since reappeared briefly about 4 years ago but not again after that. I also took one strong antibiotic about 5.5 years ago for a urinary infection that ended up in my kidneys while on a trip to Cuba

Operations(if any chronologically): wisdom teeth removed

Present medication: none

Previous medication: none

3) a) Present your Complaints in order of priority:(Give as much information as you can in your own words without much reference to medical and technical terms.) PMS begins 10 days before menstruation. Seriously irritable, lash out at husband sometimes, sometimes very weepy (uncontrollable tears), and sometimes very depressed (depression is worse late at night when I’m tired), sometimes just downright nasty. We will be lying in bed and I start crying and want consolation, but when my husband tries to console I snap at him. He doesn’t know how to help because I tell him I want him to hug me etc but when he does I push him away. I don’t even realize I’m doing this – I think it’s him doing everything wrong. I have no sympathy for others, especially my husband and family. I feel extremely overwhelmed by life and the tasks I need to do, even if the tasks are ridiculously small. About 2-5 days before my period starts, I have breast tenderness. My appetite definitely increases during my whole PMS time. Often all of my PMS symptoms get a bit better about 2 days before menstruation starts. My sex drive returns a bit also. The first day of my period I have cramps, but nothing I can’t handle because starting this day my emotional PMS symptoms are gone and I no longer feel overwhelmed! The cramps are really a minor part of all this – exercise and movement help all of these things – I love dancing – but I find it hard to motivate myself. Besides the PMS, I have always had cold hands and feet, except after a night of sleep when my circulation seems to work well. In the summer my feet are a bit swollen, red and uncomfortable. I do also feel irritable a lot of the time, even when my PMS isn’t there.

b) Can you connect these complaints to any other events? What was going on in your life personally, physically, emotionally, socially, environmentally when the complaints came on?
When I entered to job world after school, these symptoms gradually got worse until they were quite unbearable. My yeast infection was so bad at times that my partner and I had no sex life. My moods were terrible. I was in a job that was very male dominated, industrial, and repetitive. The hours were long and I felt I had no time to do the things I wanted to do. I have since quit that job. I think this impacted my health. I was also far from my family, who I’m very close with. I felt I was not being true to myself. I’m going back to school this fall to change careers. I also feel weak and immature and not ready to live a grown- up life. Before all of this I was much more relaxed and carefree. Now I have a hard time letting loose and I’m often tense.

c) What are the things, which aggravate your suffering and which are those, which make you feel better? Example- time, temperature, pressure, rubbing, washing, eating, tight clothing, movement, climate, music, consolation, thunderstorm, exam or other important events, smell, noise,light etc. Are you worse on any particular side of the body ?
Exercise is the best thing – dancing is my favourite. I began dance lessons at age 7 and have continued in some form ever since. Sunshine Is another wonderful thing, and fresh air. I hate windy weather – it makes me extremely irritable. Grey weather can get me down. Eating always helps, in fact I often slightly overeat. I do not like tight clothing. I don’t like really cold or really hot weather. I enjoy music, but lately have not been listening to much for some reason. I like watching thunderstorms. I’m sensitive to strong perfumes – they can give me a headache. A lot of noise or chaos can annoy me.

4) Physical Profile:

Colour of hair: brown Colour of eyes: green Skin: white, tans well Complexion: Build: large hips, small breasts, long strong arms, short legs Posture:
Height: 5’3’’ Weight: 117 Nails: Other

5) Mental Profile: If I am feeling very well – after vigorous exercise especially, a good dose of sunshine or a good nights rest, I am quite positive and energetic. I do tend to have a hard time motivating myself to start something but once I do I get really into it. I can be very negative, especially during PMS, but also positive. I suppose I am very changeable. I can be very extroverted but the opposite is also true.

a) Describe yourself in your own words: I am a bit romantic. I like being spontaneous but I also need to feel grounded. Other people’s moods rub off on me very easily. I need to be social, though I can have nervous tension/energy in big crowds.

b) Any grief, broken relationship, any anger/resentment against anybody, any fears, any phobias?
My parents’ divorce when I was eleven was the hardest thing in my life and there is still pain there. I was the oldest and it was hard on me. I’m trying to heal but it takes time. I sometimes wonder if this is why I do not want to marry. I also really want to have a baby but I think deep down I don’t feel grown up or mature enough yet (especially during PMS). We tried getting pregnant for about 6 months recently but no results – I think I need to relax more. Now we’re taking a break because I changed my mind. A small part of me worries we won’t be able to conceive, but not for any good reason. I know I’m young still but I have that clock-is-ticking feeling. I feel like I’m blabbing too much info.

c) Do you have any strange, peculiar or unusual symptom or feelings? How are you different from others?

6) a) If Female:(Describe in detail where ever necessary)

Age of Puberty: 11 Cycle of periods: 28 days give or take 1 or 2

Please describe the irregularities in periods, like pains, moods, flow
type, clots, sensations etc if there are any?
Flow is light to normal, about 6 days

Pregnancy problems—before/during/after delivery: Number of pregnancies: 0

If Menopause—headaches/flushes/sweats/dryness/mood swings/memory?

Any problem with intercourse?

Any problem with intercourse or sexual organs?
Most was described above, but my sex drive is lower than usual, especially during pms. Lubrication is lacking some of the time. I often have mild bacterial vaginosis which is slightly itchy and uncomfortable– no discharge. I love my partner very much and we have a strong relationship.

7) Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires in general? yes

8) What do you crave for in food items and in general and what are your aversions in food items and in general?
I like sweets and carbs, but try not to eat them a lot because they make my symptoms worse. I also like vinegary foods. I like coffee but don’t really drink it because it makes be tense and on edge.

9) Describe your thirst and hunger? (Examples: Average or Excessive or
thirstless or loss of appetite or any other associated details)?
I am thirsty quite a lot. I am hungry a lot and love to cook and eat.

10) Describe your sleep? Do you have a particular posture of sleeping?
Are there any Recurring or significant dreams?
I sometimes sleep on my side when first going to bed but always sleep on my back. No significant dreams.

11) Describe about discharges (colour/odour/consistency)? No discharge now. Used to have vaginal discharge a few years ago when bacterial vag. was worse – thick, white. I sweat most in armpits and inner thighs. It only smells if I am in stressful social situations (large crowds of people I don’t really know). Stool and urine seem normal

12) What is your preference—in climate, weather? (Examples: sun/shade/cold
dry/cold damp/hot humid/not extreme/well ventilated)
I like moderate temperature and weather, sunny, and calm. I dislike very hot weather and cold damp weather.

13) Other details you want to say or if there are any peculiar things going on in your physical or emotional plane.

Thanks so much,
I feel like I’ve given too much information, but I am so tired of these symptoms.
  Jill_ian on 2013-05-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Will analyze n come back to u.
Zady101 last decade
Can you Please put 'Major illnesses(Chronologically)' again with details of what medication you took for each, and whether after medication, the problem got solved or not?
Zady101 last decade
About 6 years ago: gen. warts, not sure if it was hpv never got checked. I chose to deal naturally. They just disappeared after about 3 months. About 5.5 years ago I had the kidney infection for which I took an antibiotic only - first an injection, then pill form. I don't know what it was called. About 4 years ago was when the serious bacterial vaginosis and pms started. I saw a naturopath who gave me something to heal the liver, something to kill yeast and also probiotics. I don't know what they were but they were blended Unda tinctures. When I was taking those, my hpv reappeared very mildly for a short time. Unfortunately I couldn't afford to keep up the treatments. I turned to diet modification - candida diet first - and herbal teas for yeast. This helped quite a bit but I had to be very strict otherwise symptoms came back. As soon as I relax my diet a lot the symptoms return, but they've never been as bad as about 3 years ago.
Jill_ian last decade

Please take Sepia 12C twice daily for 5 days as per the below method:

Dissolve 5 pellets or 2 drops in 3 teaspoons water, and take all of it at once. This is one dose.

Please update me 1 week after finishing off the doses.
Zady101 last decade
Okay. Can I start this any time or should I wait until a particular day of my cycle?
Jill_ian last decade

Please start immediately.
Zady101 last decade
What's the status now?
Zady101 last decade
It's been exactly one week today since the last day taking the remedy. It seems to have helped for sure, but the real test will be to wait and see next month how everything is. I will try to update here.
Jill_ian last decade
Please post an update on your condition and improvements, energy levels, and also what has not improved, if any.
Zady101 last decade
Thank you for your help. The remedy has helped. I don't know if this makes sense with how homeopathy works, but it seemed to have helped a lot at first. I was feeling much more calm and positive overall,less overwhelmed, much less pms when it came time, etc. The symptoms seem to be coming back though. I wouldn't say they are changing, but the month after taking the remedy seemed to be the best I've had in a long time.Would it make any sense to take Sepia again? I really do feel that it helped. I would say that if before taking the remedy my symptoms were a 10, they are now a 7. What would you suggest? Thank you again
Jill_ian 9 years ago

You would have been doing great by now had you not left the treatment midway.

I will go through your case and prescribe again.
Zady101 9 years ago
I took the remedy exactly as above. Five days, twice per day.
Jill_ian 9 years ago
Hi ,
When one is asked to report in, that is so the prescriber
can change or add additional doses on the prescription if needed. That was to happen
on 5-14 and then asked for info again on 5-22.
simone717 9 years ago
My apologies. Didn't realize my response was time sensitive. Was waiting to see how the pms would be the next time.
Jill_ian 9 years ago
Please repeat Sepia 12C as per the below method:

Dissolve 5 pellets or 2 drops in 3 teaspoons water, and take all of it at once. This is one dose.

Take one dose in morning and one dose in evening for 5 days and don't forget to update me after 1 week. Your treatment will continue until vaginitis is completely cured.

Please get Sepia 30C as we will need it.
Zady101 9 years ago
7 day update:
-Have had a mild headache for last 7 days on top of head
- mild bv from before has actually been slighty worse
- not sure about pms as it hasn't come around yet
- moods are still very changeable and often irritable
- Low energy overall
Not sure if there has been any improvement, unfortunately.
Jill_ian 9 years ago
Please stop dosing for 5 days and update me.
Zady101 9 years ago
Last five days I have been feeling better. PMS is milder. Whereas before I wanted coffee/stimulants, I have found that lately I have no desire for them. The bv is about the same as before - very mild and occasional. Still feel mildly irritable most of the time. Energy level is up from last week. I have been realizing that now and before taking any of the remedies I have a tendency to feel rushed all the time, even if there is little or nothing that needs to be done. This rushed feeling did seem to improve after the first course of sepia 12c. I am also very sensitive to other people's moods and absorb them like a sponge rather than being resilient to them. Let me know if you want anything more specific. I did order the sepia 30.
Jill_ian 9 years ago
Please DO NOT dose for 5 more days and update me .

When will you receive 30C?
Zady101 9 years ago
I have it now
Jill_ian 9 years ago
ok please update me on Saturday.
Zady101 9 years ago
About 40% improvement with everything, especially moods. Feeling a bit more relaxed.
Jill_ian 9 years ago
Sepia 30

Dissolve 5 pills in 3 tbls

Take 1st tbls
Wait 15 mins
Take 2nd tbls
Wait 15 mins
Take 3rd and last tbls

Once only. No repetitions.

Update after 1 wk
Zady101 9 years ago
It has been 8 days since taking the remedy. Symptoms seem to be worse. Last night, I had some of my worst pms symptoms as described above in 3.a). The strange thing is that it is much too early to be pms. I've been feeling very frustrated, irritable and down in the last week. Can't seem to relax - always on edge. What do you think.
Jill_ian 9 years ago
Ok, this is an aggravation that will subside within a week. Please continue waiting.
Zady101 9 years ago

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