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brain fog

hello, i will list everything:

mind skipping (thoughts leave my mind before i can actually express/think on them)
mind goes blank
mind is flooded with thoughts, but they quickly fade
can read the same sentence 10 times and still not know it.
recall is very bad; i know it one minute and it's gone the next! then back again...
can't remember things i should know and have known, especially when i need to.
very hard making decisions because i loose my train of thought! it 'skips'
feel socially inferior
feel i lack intelligence
poor conversation; slow to follow; mind is too insecure
social phobia
feel stuck; in conversation
feel stuck; inside;i hold my breath
my body always feel very off balance; like i'm pulling more to right side
ringing in my ears at night
dull ache in the right back of my head (not always;during the day, not sure when)
tiny red dots on my torso area (come and go)
black heads on my face; nose, left cheek and chin
little white calcium deposit under my left eye
hard white 'pimples' (under skin)along my jaw-lines, they turn red after i pop them, but do not leave a scar.
other pimples i pop leave red/dark marks that take months to heal. (i use aloe)
low back pain, but i do stand all day
history of ovary cysts and endrometriosis (had surgery)
periods not too painful anymore, but are heavy (7 days)
chronic constipation for 10 years. hard tiny; long skinny (i take swiss kriss now)
infrequent headaches on temples and top of head
hands and feet usually cold
i love fall weather
get very weak in the summer (so i work out to feel stronger)
cold is uncomfortable
indifferent to thunder storms
feel a little release in the rain.
don't like foggy weather (...makes me feel a bit suffocated?)
mind slows down at night, more relaxed, but still unclear
people:crowds are fine
one on one contact is hard because my mind is so insecure (but, i want to love and be loved, i do have some friends and i am 'cool' out in public)
when i walk alone i am still insecure and i bite my lip a lot; always aware of my self consciousness
mind feels fuzzy in the front, above my eyes
i wear glasses for distance (driving)
night driving is weird, like i can't see
i take long hot showers
never feel 'awake!'
eat healthy, but crave sweets after
i don't induldge.
drink tea not coffee
love all food, but not too sweet.
love proteins, whole grain pasta, whle wheat bread(not too much of it) and limited cheeses. don't eat enough veggies or fruit, but i love apples.
peanut butter and chocolate together sometimes gets me sick to smell it. i like
them both.
never too thirsty. i don't pee alot, even if i drink alot.
bladder can hold alot.
swtich letters and numbers when i write them
hear one thing and will write another.
i do get p.m.s.
feel much better the week after
mother died when i was 15, have been a little depressed since. i'm 33.
main issue is the mind! and the sense of 'fear' i have.
i only cry when i talk about deep issues, but i stop very soon after. almost detaching myself.
strangly, i cry immediately and randomly during random songs; usually with a sense of desire or inspiration or very deep understanding-then i laugh for a second at how random it always is and how i really don't understand what it means.
constipation started during a big family fight that seperated us for quite some time.
at that time i also stopped eating white bread and i was eating a lot of whey protein.
no nose problems and i get sick once a year in early january.
i have freckles on my face and neck from sun damage.

that's about it. thank you.

p.s. my personality is out going and even a bit strong, but all this holds me down, so in a way it's like i'm always pushing and pulling...

sleep on right side
feel 'funny' sleeping on my back, like light headed or something
sleep two hours over in the morning; i never want to get out of bed
eyes ache all day because of it, i feel tired in the eyes from it.
sometimes get a twitch in my left eye when very tired/stressed
  neveryoumind on 2008-03-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Melissa, could you answer a few questions? What are the nature of your dreams, do you have any repetitive dreams? Do you wake in the night at a particular time quiet often? Have you any history of warts? Have you ever had any psychic type of experiences?
Blossom last decade
i usually dream about water, sex, and stairs. a few times i dreamt of getting wise advice from angelina jolie (i admire her integrity), it means something in the dream, though i can never concentrate on it long enough to get their full meaning. nothing repetitive though.i usually remember them (most dreams)very well and tell people about them, but not lately.

i wake up around 3-4am if i fall asleep by 12am. not all the time, but from time to time.

i've had two warts in my lifetime. one on the brim of my left nostral, almost inside my nose, and one on the left side of my waist, both 10-15 years ago.

i have had very clear psychic experiences. before my mother died i had a few:
1.)while i was awake talking to a friend, i told her i saw ambulance lights and cop cars (i dropped the phone and had to explain myself). she then said she was about to tell me about a fight that broke out and it needed emercency attention.
2.)two nights before my mom died i woke up in the middle of the night and i felt like i was raising upwards to a sitting position so i got scared and literally pulled myself up. then i kept saying a friends name, over and over, but i could not hear my voice. then i turned to my mother's bedroom door and repeated 'mom' over and over, confusingly..then i finally yelled 'mom!?' and actually heard my voice for the first time. two days later, i found myself at my friend's door and i was studdering her name, over and over as i just heard of my moms tragic death...my friend shook me to stop me from studdering and i then tried telling her about my mom, but all i could say was, 'mom, mom, mom...MOM!'
2b.) recap-5 months before her accident, i woke up from a nap and in my dream she was in an accident, covered in hospital-wires as i pleaded with her not to die...i woke up, ran to her, hit her and told her she better not leave me. we later laughed about it.
3.)about a year later while dating a guy, i woke up from a dream that my boyfriend broke up with me over the phone, while my hair was up in a towel while i was leaning up against my sliding glass doors in the kitchen...when i woke up, i went in the shower and the dream unfolded exactly within 25 minutes.

that was a long time ago and i used to wish these 'things' to go away..and it did, but i also have gone through so much emotionally; i was very clear headed then.
now, i dream a litte bit psychically, like the other day i dreamt about a certain actress that i NEVER think about and later that day, she came up in a very random conversation between my friend and a clerk. things like that, nothing of any substance.

thanks for asking.
neveryoumind last decade
**The dream about my boyfriend breaking up with me, i dreamt it word for word. the dialogue was exact.
neveryoumind last decade
Take Anacardium Orientale 30c
two times a day for a week.
Take one dose in the morning and another in the evening.
Follow general homoeopathy restrictions like not eating raw onion, garlic, not taking coffee.
Similarly if possible no wine, no smoking, no perfumes.
Don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade
did you read my entire three posts? just asking because you are not 'blossom'.

also, i tried some remedies over two years ago, i didnt' mention them because i couldn't remember their names, but this was one of them. i don't remember how i felt- should i continue with it? actually,it was ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE200C 1/2 dram. i think i had a bad reaction because i remember working while starting it. any advice on this? i felt 'crazy' on it, but that was then. i'm not sure...
neveryoumind last decade

also, if you still think i should take it, please remind me how many are in one dose-if i remember right, they are small round pellets. let them disolve under my tongue or in water? how do you think i will feel-i think i was scared of how i felt on it, if i remember correctly, a homeopathic student who was studying under a world renown homeopath said it was one of the stronger ones.
neveryoumind last decade
Dear neveryoumind,

'Take Anacardium Orientale 30c
two times a day for a week.
Take one dose in the morning and another in the evening.

I would caution against such an advice.

This is too many doses of the same potency. 14 doses unchanged is interfering with the response of the vital force. Just 3 doses are enough with a 30C to evoke a response and that's all that is needed.

And you should probably wait for blossom too, as she seems to be on the right track.

sameervermani last decade
thanks for your advice. 'blossom where are you?'

eould you agree with the remedy itself?
neveryoumind last decade
I do not quite agree with Anacardium here.

Your dominant miasm is sycosis, and hence an anti-sycotic remedy is needed.

sameervermani last decade

I was away for the weekend, thus the delay in getting back to you. Although I can see some relevance, in my opinion anacardium isn't appropriate here. Also my education pointed out that anacardium is definately one not to be repeated quickly in consecutive doses.

I will have a closer look at your symptom picture this evening and get back to you tomorrow.

Take precious care,
Blossom last decade

Sameer mentions sycosis, is that what you're thinking? What does that even mean because it's alarming to even hear. i'm not crazy- i just can't concentrate and it effects my self esteem and the way I interact socially- people have no idea I even feel these things. To look at me I am perfectly normal, but you will have no idea how hard I'm trying to stay focused...and the whole thing makes me insecure/self-conscious.

neveryoumind last decade
...I read my symptoms and I can see why it may seem like I'm a mess, but I'm not-at all. If you could see me and talk with me you would have a better idea. The 'pulling to one side' thing I mentioned isn't something that makes me walk funny; those symptoms are just sensations that I feel that the only reason I even mentioned them are because I know how this stuff works and the more details, the better. Mostly, it's the concentration, which could be anxiety- which would explain why I feel better when I'm tired. It's my main concern. And when I say it effects me socially, again it's nothing you'd even know. I just get a little quiet because it's hard to keep up. I try, but sometimes I just feel really stupid- or anxious, I can't tell sometimes. I'm sure you get the point by now. Sorry, thanks again-
neveryoumind last decade

Presence of sycotic miasm doesn't mean by any stretch of imagination, that the person is crazy. Miasmatic diagnosis just helps us pick the remedy from the right 'family' of remedies.
Please do not take 'sycosis' in a literal sense of the word :).

I have a remedy in mind, but I will wait for Blossom to make her suggestion as I am sure she knows that remedy :)

sameervermani last decade
Hello Melissa,

Firstly let me reassure you that as Sameer says a sycotic miasm does not suggest craziness and is simply a term used to identify a group of relevant remedies. Sameer has a classical approach to homeopathy as so I, and quite possibly more experience than myself (being that I am a student), so we will want his opinion.

I gave the symptoms you offered much thought and reviewed a number of different remedies that have the mind symptoms you detailed. In the final analysis I am partial to medorrinum which in its picture contains many of the symptoms you listed. I would want to ask you a few questions for confirmation but letÂ’s first hear back from Sameer.

Kind regards,
Blossom last decade

There are indeed indications for Medhorrinum but I would like to mention that it is not a remedy which is used as a starting prescription, as it is a miasmatic nosode.
The same holds for Psorinum and Syphilinum. These are only used when well indicated remedies fail.

I am inclined towards giving just 1 single dose of Thuja 200C, as the wart inside the nose , ovarian cyst and all her social phobias, inability to complete sentences, are completely pointing to Thuja.

However, please feel free to ask further questions to confirm.

Also, just for your information, Medhorinums are not very chilly patients generally.

sameervermani last decade

I do appreciate your opinion and would be most happy to agree with your recommendation.

I did rather wrestle with the choice between Thuja and Medorrinum - they share many similarities.

(Med. is often for folks inclined to be warm but it is not unseen in folks that have chilly hands & feet.)

However as you say Med. is not often a remedy given to start a case but more often used to keep a case moving along. However, that 'rule' is not beyond question.

Often a case that responds to Thuja initially may, down the road, require Med. to finish the case.


I believe it is fair to start your case with Thuja 1m. What are your thoughts? Any questions?

Kind regards,
Blossom last decade

I would not recommed starting above 200C. There is no need to do that without knowing the sensitivity of the patient. Also, a 200C leaves much more room for increase in potency later.

And, after all, we have not met the patient and cannot be 100% sure, and hence I would recommend just a single 200C dose.

I would agree that Med. 'might' be indicated down the road, but as I said, to start a case with a miasmatic nosode is not the classical way.

sameervermani last decade
Oh! What was I thinking?!Absolutely - 200c is the way to get started.

Thank you Sameer.

Blossom last decade

Did you want to ask me any more questions before you send me on this journey? :)


Not sure if it matters, but that wort in the nose was back in...96'-ish. I haven't had a wort since.
neveryoumind last decade

The fact that you did not have a wart since 96 is even better for our remedy selection. Infact only when the skin manifestation disappears, do the secondary symptoms of the miasm appear.

sameervermani last decade
That doesn't matter. Infact very often, once the skin manifestation of the miasm disappears, its secondary symptoms appear. That is what we are seeing in your case.

sameervermani last decade
Oops , I thought my post didn't go through...

said the same thing twice

sorry about that
sameervermani last decade
All the best to you Melissa and do keep in touch - let me know how you are doing.

Take care,
Blossom last decade
I'm not sure what I'm doing. How long do I take it and how much-how many pellets? At night or in the morning and what do I stay away from and maybe what should I expect?
I work in sales and if I wtart to have a bad reaction it will greatly effect my work.
Please give me a heads up.

neveryoumind last decade
Dear Melissa,

Dissolve just 2 pellets of Thuja 200C in an 8 oz bottle of spring water. Turn the bottle upside down a few times to shake it.

After that take just 1 spoon from this bottle using a disposable plastic spoon. No eating/drinking for 1 hr on either side of this dose.

After this, no more doses, wait for 10 days and let us know how you feel.

Do not worry, it will not have any adverse reaction. A temporary aggravation (for a day) SOMETIMES happens followed by a considerable longer term improvement. The dose is very mild and I do not expect much aggravation as most of your complaints are mental.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

sameervermani last decade

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