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Brain Fog, Chronic Fatigue, joint pain, feel v cold always

Please advise me for my symptoms below:
1)Brain Fog : I cannot remember much now. Forget things, I read a page but cannot recollect what the story was. I had a brilliant mind, good in studies when I was young. Now I feel I am 90 yrs old (but am 50 yrs). I forget what someone tells me. I forget what I am saying midway. I cannot remember or memorize work related stuff anymore. (Am NOT Alzheimers patient). Unable to help my kids study in the subject I did PhD in. Just cannot recollect! It feels like I read a sentence but it doesn't go in my brain. Pooof it goes away.

2)Chronic Fatigue from 20+ years. Diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. Joint pain (wrist, knee, fingers and back). Always very very cold. If others are wearing one warm sweater, I am wearing at least two and a jacket ! Feet are also very cold. I wear very thick socks or wear 2-3 socks layered over one another. Hands and feet always cold

Other info:
Menopause - Early at age 45. Sudden menopause. Had high stress at that time.
-Stressful life.
-Insomnia, anxiety, not refreshed in morning but wake up on time nevertheless. Prefer sunshine as it takes away coldness and also affects mood positively
-Social anxiety, fear of rejection, prefer salty over sweet but at 4pm need some carbs/sugar. Blood pressure on lower side.
-Fear of heights developed around 21 yrs of age.
-Tendency to gain weight. About 13kg overweight. Weight tends to fluctuate.
-Thyroid test always come normal but I suspect its either the thyroid which is off or adrenal glands. But since test comes normal (though to lower end of range) doctor doesn't give any treatement.
-Vitamin D, B12 deficiency. Not anaemic, but taking iron supplement makes some difference (but not enough to be normal)
-Feet little bit swollen sometimes. Bottom of feet hurt with standing too much. I can walk one hour, but standing one hour hurts my feet.
-Prone to Sinus inflammation and infection.
-Don't like being in water (swim or shower).
-Mood fluctuates a little bit.
- Prone to constipation

I would like my mind to be clear and improve mental retention. I also would like to get rid of the chronic fatigue, joint pain and my body feeling so cold.
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  Jess1 on 2018-03-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Have you done any blood test?
Dr R Basu 4 years ago
Dr. Basu,

I go for regular tests - For Cholestrol, sugar, thyroid, liver. I have high cholesterol, hence I do above tests 1-2 times a year. Apart from cholesterol( total cholesterol and Triglycerides) being high everything else is normal.
Once a year the doctor also does a complete CBC panel and inflammation markers. All tests were normal.

I also got a Lyme Western Blot done last year and it was normal. I got a Lyme test done 16 yrs ago and that too was okay though I was told at that time it was not very reliable.
Jess1 4 years ago
Vitamin D test is done as needed. Last was about a year ago. It was towards the bottom of the range, so I continue to take 50000 IU supplement of Vit D weekly. Its been like that for few years.

Vit B12 - 7-8 yrs ago I was tested for it and it was on the very low end of normal range. Since then monthly I take Vit B12 injection. My body doesn't seem to store it like it should so it is something that I have continued to take as per doctors suggestion and it helps me with fatigue a little bit for 3 weeks.
Jess1 4 years ago
Please tell me
1.When you wakeup?
2.When you go to Bed.
3.Your Daily Routine?
4.Your daily Diet?
5.Daily intake of water
6.Marital Status?
7.Are you in any Job?
8.Do you have any family history of any BGastro/Neuro Disease? (Paternal & Maternal)
9.Do you drink Boiled water?
Dr R Basu 4 years ago
Dr Basu,
Thanks, please see my responses to your questions below:

(QUOTE Dr R Basu:560290]

Please tell me
1.When you wakeup?
My alarm goes off at 5:40 am. Sometimes I sleep again around 8am for couple hours

2.When you go to Bed.
I go to bed around 10pm. Do not fall asleep immediately. Sometimes not for long time. Have to take sleeping medicine sometimes as lack of sleep makes my body ache, joints especially hands very stiff swollen and drowsy all day

3.Your Daily Routine?
Send kids to school. Sometimes drive them .
Mostly sedentary in house. Sometimes go for like ng walk. Used to go to gym also but got bursitis and tendonitis in both feet so cut back in last two years. Weigh maximum ever now.
Tea/coffee and breakfast. Light lunch from leftover food.TV. Cook dinner and serve at 7pm. Bed by 10pm

4.Your daily Diet?
Breakfast- Tea/coffee, toast, sometime egg
Lunch- leftovers (daal rice or parantha), sometimes sandwich
Afternoon tea or herbal tea sometime but not every day. If sugar cravings then cookies etc. sometimes fruit
Dinner- Rice with Lentils/Chana/Kidney beans , sometime pasta or noodle with tofu and vegetables

5.Daily intake of water
3-4 glasses consciously, occasionally couple more especially in summer months of July Aug

6.Marital Status?

7.Are you in any Job?
No. Want to look for job once health improves.
Last job was 10 yrs ago

8.Do you have any family history of any BGastro/Neuro Disease? (Paternal & Maternal)
Yes - Parkinsons , Anxiety, Arthritis —Paternal

9.Do you drink Boiled water?
Only when traveling. Usually use Brita filter on jug. Or tap wayer. My fridge water has filter on it also

Jess1 4 years ago
Dear Mrs.Jess,
First of all I will suggest you to intake at leat 3 litres of water everyday.
Take at least 400gm of fresh fruit every day.
Try to make a diet plan like this
Morning tea+ Biscuits
Breakfast at 7am with Any fruit+ one Walnut
9am:Roti+Green Veg + Salad
11am :Butter Milk 200 ml/Curd 50gm+Water
2pm:100gm coocked Rice +Fish/egg
8pm:Dinner with Roti2pc + Dal100gm +Salad
Walk at least 30 min at your highest speed in evening.
Stop Coffee
Now medicine
Take Nux Vomica 6CH two pills or 2 drops on tounge at 6pm.for 3 weeks.
Then feedback me.
Dr R Basu 4 years ago
Thank you. I read your post couple days back and have started following your instructions. I have made changes to m y diet. As for water and walk, I am travelling off and on so I try my best to do these, but is not optimal as it can be at home. I will get back to you in 3 weeks. Thanks.
Jess1 4 years ago
Dr Basu,

I have not noticed significant lasting changes. By that I mean that when I have gone for a walk or done some exercise like that I feel energetic for a while (though body aches and consistent fatigue persists), but after an hour or so it goes back to being super fatigued, mental fog, and generalized feeling of being cold especially in extremeties.
Jess1 4 years ago
Any change in stool pattern? Any change in appetite? Any change in sleeping? Any change in period?
Dr R Basu 4 years ago
Appetite - craving more sugar
periods - I am in menopause, so no change
No change in stool or sleeping

Jess1 4 years ago
Take Nux Vomica 30c at evening daily for 15 days.
One dose means 5drops in 15 ml water.
See how it acts on you.
Feedback any change.
Dr R Basu 4 years ago
Jess1 4 years ago
I didn't feel any change. But I had severe indigestion one day and my husband gave me carbo veg 200 and nux 200 (one dose). My indigestion got better . But it occurs to me now as I write this, that it may cause the lower dose not to have effect. Should I continue on nux 200 instead?
Jess1 4 years ago
How are you?what about your joint pain?Insomnia?
Dr R Basu 4 years ago
Dr. Basu

It is still same (more or less).
I think joint pain is slightly improved except in the knees, but I am under lot of stress (unruly kids at home so that stress will remain) so there is more stiffness in the body. In my body, stiffness is usually caused by stress or lack of sleep.

Sleep is still the same. I am not refreshed in the morning. When I am very exhausted I sleep better for a day or two. Its not that I am consistently better after the homeopathic medicine and I am unable to find a correlation between a good day/night with the medicine (as that good day is mostly followed by several bad ones).
Jess1 4 years ago
1.Acid Mur30 4 pills or drop at evening daily for 15 days.
2.Kali Phos6x 4 Tab at bedtime daily for 21 days.
Feedback thereafter.
Dr R Basu 4 years ago

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