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Need help for 6 month old baby

I am desperate need of help.
My 6 month old little boy has a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep. I am chronically sleep deprived and need to solve this. He even has dark circles under his little eyes.

He will kick and hum to himself to keep himself awake. To get him to sleep I have to hold him in a way where he can't move.

He has a diaper rash that comes and goes and has had it since he was 2 weeks old. My ped. said it was acid irritation.

When he naps he always wakes by crying out.

When he does sleep he shakes his head, 'talks' in his sleep, and never seems settled.

His naps are rarely more than 30 minutes long and at night he won't sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time.

He has one BM a day. He has had a little bit of mucuos in his stool over the last week.

He is exclusively breast fed.

He isn't teething yet. He doesn't seem to have any physical distress that I can find.

IF there is anything else that you need to know, feel free to ask. Thank you for your help.
  moonchiald on 2008-05-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please try (Nux vomica-6c) 2pills twise a day for 5 days only then stop after 3weeks report me back,ok
faisal qureshi last decade
Hi, my son is 7 months old and has had frequent diaper rash also.

What works for me is changing his diaper frequenly, using only sensitive baby wipes (they have less chemicals that irritate babies sensitive skin), using a soft disposable makeup remover with water after the wipes (to get any chemical residue left from the wipes), using a hair dryer (to make sure he is dry before applying ointment) and using A&D ointment (the kind without zinc because it irritates his skin and can make the rash worse) at every diaper change (to make sure the poop can't get to the skin).

I know it sounds like a lot, but it makes a difference and once you get into a routine it's easy!

Also, if the nux vomica doesn't work for the insomnia try kali phosphoricum.

Hope he gets better soon!
cara & lincoln last decade
Try to find out the reason of his insomnia.What i feel after the case study is'intestinal infection'.
Give him a few doses of mercsol 3oc.I pellet in a teaspoon of water,once in a day for 4 days and post back.
As he is on motherfeed u too will have to be careful regarding food intake.

Dr Tahira last decade
Dr. Tahira, What type of foods do you feel that I should avoid?
moonchiald last decade
Mom what are you eating?

Possible somthing is irritating him.

Do you have a remedy that has worked well for you....ie your constitutional remedy?

Often if you give him your remedy things will resolve quite quickly.

If you do not have a remedy perhaps we can take your case and get you one then you can both take it.

Your baby,being breast feed is likly in the same state as you and will need the same remedy as you.

Dr Philip Faler ND
hawk8 last decade
Deep fried,rice cooked in oil,cauliflower,white gram,junk foods etc.

Dr Tahira last decade
Just from what I have read, I am leaning toward Sulphur being my constitutional remedy (I could be wrong), but I haven't seen a homeopath.

There is one in my area but her initial fee is $150 and I haven't been able to go yet.

What would you need to know?
moonchiald last decade
Okay, after reading the list on this site, I am not so sure about sulphur anymore.
moonchiald last decade
Cara, I change his diaper very frequently. He is cloth diapered at home and is changed after every pee/poop.

Thank you for the suggestions!
moonchiald last decade
hi mom sorry I have not posted its been very buy with my 8 week old and my practice. From what you have said

The sleeplessness better by holding and presure

What sounds to be restlessness or even fear when sleeping

I would try a single dose of Pulsatilla 200C, If you dont have 200c and can't get it then 30C will do, if you need, off line I can send you 200C.

Either way give the remedy in a single dose. If the child is only breast feed then I put the remedy, 3 tabs, in distilled water and shake vigorously pounding the glss container with the water and remedy against your hand 10-20 times, Potentization. then put this potentised water on the nipple just before he latches, you may even drip a few drops down the breast to the nipple while he is feeding to make sure he get a few good drops.

Then wait and we sould see an improvment with in a day or to. If we do not then we will need a more detaided caseon the child and or you.

If you have questions let me know and please post results, for follow up.

no spell check.....

your friend in health,
Philip W. Faler ND
Spokane WA USA
hawk8 last decade
I am sorry that I haven't updated before now.

I tried the pulsatilla first because and I did see an improvement. His sleep pattern seemed to even up a little.

Now, however, he is crawling and hitting so many milestones.

He crawls in his sleep or sits up while sleeping and that wakes him. He is just cut his first tooth.

He is 7.5 months old and has never slept through the night.

I am totally exhausted. The diaper rash is mostly cleared up.

He is still exclusively breast fed.

My diet is mostly organic meats and vegetables. I do splurge occasionally with something sweet, but it is usually something I bake myself so the ingredients are organic and fresh.

There isn't really a sleep position that he prefers. Right now he is all over the bed, all night long.

Every time his sleep is disturbed he wants to nurse back to sleep.

He will fight sleep for hours before finally going down for a nap or for the night.

He used to stay in bed for night sleep for 12 hours and now it is around 9-10 hours.

He cries when he wakes up in the morning or after naps because he is so tired but will not go back to sleep.

I would try one of the other remedies suggested, but I don't know if they would work now.

Thank you all for your help!
moonchiald last decade
your child may have a yeast problem? Do you have thrush Also, he is most likely allergic to something your eating. Dark circles are a sign of food allergies
sallys last decade
I have eliminated all the foods that are on the common allergy list.

I can't find anything that he reacts to.

We don't have thrush. I take a probiotic daily and give him a baby probiotic at least once a week.
moonchiald last decade
Redose the Pulsatilla, if no reaction then use a stronger potency of the same remendy, if stil no reaction then we will discuss a new remedy

Keep me posted.
Dr Faler ND
SPokane WA USA
hawk8 last decade
Cina 30
1 pill in 30ml water.

Jerk the bottle 8 times and give him 10ml- In the morning in empty stomach.
After 10 minutes, jerk 8 times again and give 10 sip.
And after 10 minutes, jerk again and give him the remaining 10ml and finish full.

Update next day.

Wishing all the best.

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mrmhm last week
This thread is over 10 years old.
simone717 last week

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