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Pls help : Child with Food Allergies, Asthma and Eczema

My son is now 2.5 years old. He has been suffering from Asthma, itchy Eczema and allergy to various foods. Please let me know the medication / care I should be taking. The details for his ailments are as mentioned below :

1.Eczema/Atopic Dermetitis :
He had very dry skin from his birth onwards. His skin used to look scaly if not moisturised fully. I have been applying Eucerin Cream earlier amd now Cetaphil cream. From the age of 5 months, he developed very itchy rash on his cheeks, the area where ear lobes are joining face, little bit of lower back and a lot of outer calves' area of lower legs. The calves had hard, patchy, itchy and oozing(clear liquid) skin. I was asked to apply Hydrocortizone 1% followed by 2.5%, if no improvement by his pediatrician, wherever the rashes were. I didnot want to apply hydrocortizone, but when it started oozing colorless fluid and became very itchy, I had to apply it may be two three applications to cut the cycle. But I avoided it as much as possible. his scalp skin was very dry. Again, the pediatrician asked me to use Head & Shoulders. I used it minimally and tried to get him ok with Olive Oil. He did better with Olive Oil. I had to apply little hydrocortizone on the cuts at his ear lobes, otherwise he used to pull & scratch them through the day & night and the skin there got cut and startted bleeding. At about 1 year of age, his eczema from calf and cheeks had more or less gone. He now had the cuts on ear lobes left and in addition eczema on inner elbows and behind knees. This too has now gone. At present he has small comparatively less itchy rashes here & there on his legs outer calves and the cuts where ears join face.

He could also be possibly allergic to some pollen - not sure. He had once developed allergy around eyes after playing outside in the month of May which was ok only after putting eye drops for 15 days.

2. Food Allergies :
He was only on mother's milk for the first five months. Thereafter wheat, rice cereal were introduced. He developed more rashes on cheeks & calves each time I gave him wheat. He used to be very uncomfortable. I stopped giving him anything other than rice, moong dal. He seemied to be developing rashes if I had food, egg, chocolate,etc. so I cut down my own wheat, dal, egg, milk, chocolates etc while I was feeding him. He seemed to be doing better with me off all these possibly allergic foods. I was feeding him for a year. In his blood test for allergies at one year of age, he was foung to be allergic to the protiens (IGe related) of Egg-white, Milk, Wheat, Soyabeans, Dust Mites, Dust. In addition I found him allergic to strawberries, all kinds of beans, masoor dal, chana dal, peas. I have not tried any food colors as yet. On his visit to allergist at 2.3 years of age, he was found allergic to Dust, dust mite, Egg yolk amd Milk. His allergies were present but to a very less extent to wheat, soya as compared to the earlier test at age 1.
His reaction to the foods he is allergic to is vomiting two three times, swelling of face and lips, red eyes, nonstop crying. Once on exposure to sea food smoke(possibly), he has had an immediate wheezing.

3. Asthma : He had his first asthma attack by way of wheezing and refusal to eat/drink anything at 8 moths of age. This was after 3 days of viral infection of cold & cough. He had to be nebulised by Xopenex two doses. The next time he had an attack in winters, we were told to give oral steroid. When things were just getting out of hand I had to give him two doses of the week long prescribed doses. Since I didin't want any inhaled steroid, he was put on Cromolyn Sodium - a meta blocker as a preventive medicine twice a day. After approval from thedoctor, I have been trying to manage with one of the two prescribed dosages at night. Each time he gets a cold & cough, he starts wheezing with excessive mucus colloction by the second/third day. He is well with two doses of nebulising with Xopenex Inhalation Sloution(levalbuterol HCl). At times after excessive activity he starts coughing and sometimes even wheezing but is better after complete rest. On two instances, he has been coughing without runny nose and is unable to even eat food, if not nebulised once.

Whenever, he is eating food, if the food irritates him even a little bit, he starts sneezing with mucus. Many a times he has even vomited out all his food if he feels there is something wrong(as in he might be allergic to it) for him in that food. He often wakes up coughing in the first part of the night. He will then cough a lot be crying non stop with his eyes closed, wants to be held and comforted. When we distract him, take him outside/put the t.v. on, he will wake up, open his eyes, relax and stop crying.

He usually coughs at the first sip of water but therafter drinks half a glass of water with ease.

He is a very sharp & bright boy. But he is a little stubborn and naughty. If we get angry with him or scold him for being naughty, he gets so upset that he will start crying and after some time, may even start wheezing. He is very simple to deal with, if we give him reason why he should do this/not do something.
Other than the morning time, any other time of the day he sleeps, he wakes up crying with or without very little mucus and he needs to be immediately held and attended to. Manya times he sneezes so badly that he even gets hurt on the tongue.

Family history : My husband had skin allergy to dust when he was young.At present he doesnot have that allergy but he has Diabetes. My mother in law has asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure. My brother in law was allergic to milk when he was young, but I am not sure if it was the milk protein he was allergic to or was it lactose allergy. He too has asthma and High bllod pressure.

Medications :

Allopathic :
Preventive medicine : Cromolyn Sodium Inhalation Solution - being given once before sleeping. I believ we are able to prevent him from reaching the stage of steroid with this. one/two doses of Xopenex are sufficient to stop his wheezing.
In wheezing : Xopenex Inhalation Solution(levabuterol HCl).In addition, told to keep Epipen(Epiphrine with us).

Homeopathic : On our visit to a homeopath, we were told that the doctor did not believe that a child can have asthma at such a young age as 8 months and that the lungs will mature with time. The doctor recommended the following medications :
Preventive medicines : 1. To improve immunity : Tuberculinum 200 2-3 drops in a spoon of water in moring every alternate day
2. Bio Combination 6 - 4 tablets 3 times a day.
For Acute Stage :
1. ANTIM TART 30 - 2-3 spoons ina spoon of water three times a day
2. Grindilia Q - 10 drops 3-5 times a day.

I am at present giving him the allopathic & homeopathic preventive medicines.

Your advice is highly appreciated.

Thank you.
  sadhna on 2008-06-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
give a one dose of arsenic alb 1M and wait for a month your eczema will gradualy vanish from your body...

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Arsenic Album 3oc daily for a week.

Dr Tahira last decade
Thankyou very much. Please let me know if this will help with Eczema only or will it also help with food allergies and Asthma. Are these tablets/solution? How is it to be taken? Thanks again.
sadhna last decade
Please let me know how he can outgrow his food allergies and asthma. Do you feel this wheezing is asthma and needs medicine. Looking forward to your reply.
sadhna last decade
According to ur given symptoms Ars Alb is the suitable remedy.Give him for a few days note his symptoms carefully and post back.One dose daily is enough,1 drop in a tspoon or 2 pellets are as per dose.

Dr Tahira last decade
Doctor, Would request your advice on on my son. My main concern is his asthma & Food allergies.
Thank you
sadhna last decade
Dr. Tahira,
Thanks for your earlier reply. Would request your advice on Ars alb. Is it a cure for all his three ailments ie. Asthma, Food allergies & eczema? His Eczema, I can try & take care by making him wear covered clothes but food allergies & wheezing are of special concern.
Thank you once again.
sadhna last decade
Another query. Should he continue taking his current preventive medication, whille I try the other medicine for him. He is currentlt taking
1. To improve immunity : Tuberculinum 200 2 drops every alternate day
2. BioCombination 4 tabs 3 times a day.
sadhna last decade
Donot use multiple remedies at a time.Tuberculinum is a nosode and shouldn't repeat frequently.U must ask the doctor who recommend it about dosage.Instead of bio comb i will prefer Nat sulf 6x as a cell salt.

Dr Tahira last decade
Dr Tahira
Thanks for immediate response. Please let me know what a nosode is? It was recommended to improve his overall immunity and the doctor at that time had said that I could continue giving it. Please let me know if this is a wrong thing to do since my child is very young -0 only 2.5 yrs old & I don't want to be messing with his health. Bio Comb was to built his immunity for cold & cough since he gets a wheezing after 2-3 days of viral infection. What is Nat Sulf 6x for? Also please advice how the same is to be given?
Thank you
sadhna last decade
Dr Tahira, Would also request you you to let me know if any children have allergies to Nat Sulf, since it sounds like it might have sulfur & I have yet not given any sulfur products to him.
sadhna last decade
Would you also like to advise on my child's problems. Looking forward to your suggestion. Thank you.
sadhna last decade
HI Sahdna,

How is your son doing now??
My son has the same problem eczema, now he is 8 mths old.
He has this problem from 2nd week of his birth. He used to have very dry scalp on his head. Slowly he got
rashes on all parts of the body.
As far as i know he is allergitic to cow milk and dust. Once I stopped taking cow milk his skin improved

very much but there is still on his cheeks and legs, His head is clear now, and

Also using CALENDULA (California baby) moisturizing cream. It showed amazing improvements. Now his

skin is not that much dry. I am applying daily 4 or 5 times depending on how severe it is. Right now I am

using FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE Cream (steroid) when it is severe prescribed my child

dermatologist, and ATOPICLAIR (Non streroidal cream) daily. I started giving him formula milk (

ALIMENTUM HYPO ALLERGENIC FORMULA, Similac company) when he is 7 moths old , still

nursing him.

I am wondering whether he is allergitic to Wheat and chana dal. Do you think he might be allergitic to rice.
If he is allergitic to rice and moong dal what should I give him.

My mother-in-law has asthama. My father-in-law is diabetic patient. My husband is allergitic to sulphur. My

grand mother has skin irritation problem.

I delivered him in USA, I dont whether it is related to place.

Please help me.

swathishanishetti last decade

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