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Dr. Rishimba, Dr Joe, Dr.Sameer, Dr.Murthy, Dr. Rajeev : Child with Food Allergies, Asthma and Eczema

I am mentioning below the ailments my child is suffering from. Would you please advise. Looking forward to your suggestions. Thank you.

My son is now 2.5 years old. He has been suffering from Asthma, itchy Eczema and allergy to various foods.

1.Eczema/Atopic Dermetitis :
He had very dry skin from his birth onwards. His skin used to look scaly if not moisturised fully. I have been applying Eucerin Cream earlier amd now Cetaphil cream. From the age of 5 months, he developed very itchy rash on his cheeks, the area where ear lobes are joining face, little bit of lower back and a lot of outer calves' area of lower legs. The calves had hard, patchy, itchy and oozing(clear liquid) skin. I was asked to apply Hydrocortizone 1% followed by 2.5%, if no improvement by his pediatrician, wherever the rashes were. I didnot want to apply hydrocortizone, but when it started oozing colorless fluid and became very itchy, I had to apply it may be two three applications to cut the cycle. But I avoided it as much as possible. his scalp skin was very dry. Again, the pediatrician asked me to use Head & Shoulders. I used it minimally and tried to get him ok with Olive Oil. He did better with Olive Oil. I had to apply little hydrocortizone on the cuts at his ear lobes, otherwise he used to pull & scratch them through the day & night and the skin there got cut and startted bleeding. At about 1 year of age, his eczema from calf and cheeks had more or less gone. He now had the cuts on ear lobes left and in addition eczema on inner elbows and behind knees. This too has now gone. At present he has small comparatively less itchy rashes here & there on his legs outer calves and the cuts where ears join face.

He could also be possibly allergic to some pollen - not sure. He had once developed allergy around eyes after playing outside in the month of May which was ok only after putting eye drops for 15 days.

2. Food Allergies :
He was only on mother's milk for the first five months. Thereafter wheat, rice cereal were introduced. He developed more rashes on cheeks & calves each time I gave him wheat. He used to be very uncomfortable. I stopped giving him anything other than rice, moong dal. He seemied to be developing rashes if I had food, egg, chocolate,etc. so I cut down my own wheat, dal, egg, milk, chocolates etc while I was feeding him. He seemed to be doing better with me off all these possibly allergic foods. I was feeding him for a year. In his blood test for allergies at one year of age, he was foung to be allergic to the protiens (IGe related) of Egg-white, Milk, Wheat, Soyabeans, Dust Mites, Dust. In addition I found him allergic to strawberries, all kinds of beans, masoor dal, chana dal, peas. I have not tried any food colors as yet. On his visit to allergist at 2.3 years of age, he was found allergic to Dust, dust mite, Egg yolk amd Milk. His allergies were present but to a very less extent to wheat, soya as compared to the earlier test at age 1.
His reaction to the foods he is allergic to is vomiting two three times, swelling of face and lips, red eyes, nonstop crying. Once on exposure to sea food smoke(possibly), he has had an immediate wheezing.

3. Asthma : He had his first asthma attack by way of wheezing and refusal to eat/drink anything at 8 moths of age. This was after 3 days of viral infection of cold & cough. He had to be nebulised by Xopenex two doses. The next time he had an attack in winters, we were told to give oral steroid. When things were just getting out of hand I had to give him two doses of the week long prescribed doses. Since I didin't want any inhaled steroid, he was put on Cromolyn Sodium - a meta blocker as a preventive medicine twice a day. After approval from thedoctor, I have been trying to manage with one of the two prescribed dosages at night. Each time he gets a cold & cough, he starts wheezing with excessive mucus colloction by the second/third day. He is well with two doses of nebulising with Xopenex Inhalation Sloution(levalbuterol HCl). At times after excessive activity he starts coughing and sometimes even wheezing but is better after complete rest. On two instances, he has been coughing without runny nose and is unable to even eat food, if not nebulised once.

Whenever, he is eating food, if the food irritates him even a little bit, he starts sneezing with mucus. Many a times he has even vomited out all his food if he feels there is something wrong(as in he might be allergic to it) for him in that food. He often wakes up coughing in the first part of the night. He will then cough a lot be crying non stop with his eyes closed, wants to be held and comforted. When we distract him, take him outside/put the t.v. on, he will wake up, open his eyes, relax and stop crying.

He usually coughs at the first sip of water but therafter drinks half a glass of water with ease.

He is a very sharp & bright boy. But he is a little stubborn and naughty. If we get angry with him or scold him for being naughty, he gets so upset that he will start crying and after some time, may even start wheezing. He is very simple to deal with, if we give him reason why he should do this/not do something.
Other than the morning time, any other time of the day he sleeps, he wakes up crying with or without very little mucus and he needs to be immediately held and attended to. Manya times he sneezes so badly that he even gets hurt on the tongue.

Family history : My husband had skin allergy to dust when he was young.At present he doesnot have that allergy but he has Diabetes. My mother in law has asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure. My brother in law was allergic to milk when he was young, but I am not sure if it was the milk protein he was allergic to or was it lactose allergy. He too has asthma and High bllod pressure.

Medications :

Allopathic :
Preventive medicine : Cromolyn Sodium Inhalation Solution - being given once before sleeping. I believ we are able to prevent him from reaching the stage of steroid with this. one/two doses of Xopenex are sufficient to stop his wheezing.
In wheezing : Xopenex Inhalation Solution(levabuterol HCl).In addition, told to keep Epipen(Epiphrine with us).

Homeopathic : On our visit to a homeopath, we were told that the doctor did not believe that a child can have asthma at such a young age as 8 months and that the lungs will mature with time. The doctor recommended the following medications :
Preventive medicines : 1. To improve immunity : Tuberculinum 200 2-3 drops in a spoon of water in moring every alternate day
2. Bio Combination 6 - 4 tablets 3 times a day.
For Acute Stage :
1. ANTIM TART 30 - 2-3 spoons ina spoon of water three times a day
2. Grindilia Q - 10 drops 3-5 times a day.

I am at present giving him the allopathic & homeopathic preventive medicines.

Your advice is highly appreciated.

Thank you.
  sadhna on 2008-06-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
First of all,this prescription of your homeopath is an extremely dangerous one.

Homeopathic medicines ARE NOT generic preventive medicines, except in cases of
epidemics where majority of the cases seem to respond to the same remedy.

Obviously your doctor doesn't know what homeopathy is.

It is:

single medicine

similar medicine

minimum dose

He seems to be violating all three principles.

He is giving Tuberculinum which is AN extremely deep acting nosode, and repeating it mechanically in 200c potency. This is sooner or later going to cause serious health problems. here , he is violating the principle of minimum dose. 1 single dose of Tuberculinum can act for weeks atleast.

Secondly, he is giving multiple medicines at the same time.

Thirdly, he is not taking the pains to find the similar medicine.

Stop all medicine immediately and give his body a cooling off period of atleast 10 days and then I can recommend something. But right now, you have deluded him with remedies and hence we need to wait.

sameervermani last decade
Correction : read 'deluged' not 'deluded'
sameervermani last decade
Thank you. And here I was sitting assured that he is gaining overall immunity! I will stop these medicines right away. Please add if I could give this medicine with larger gap in days - if at all.
Meanwhile, I would also request you please guide me on what medicines I should be giving after the10 days time frame. Since procuring the medicine will also take time, would request you to advice me beforehand. Eagerly awaiting your reply.
sadhna last decade
Stop these medicines. If they have to work you have given more than enough doses. NO MEDICINE at all now for 10 days.

I will go through this case and get back to you in a day or two.
sameervermani last decade

Although you have described his behaviour above , please describe it in more detail if you can.

And, any peculiar symptoms that he has will be of utmost importance. Please try to write things which are strikingly different about him.

sameervermani last decade
His behaviour is like most of the boys of his age. Still if at all one may call it different, he has a mind of his own. He will usually do what he wants to do, unless one takes time to explain everything to him, such as the reason he should not do a particular thing. He is kind, for example if only a little bit of his favourite treat/snack if left & someone asks for it, he might give more than half of it. But he is very posessive of his favourite toys. Whenever he gets scared, he likes to cling to me(her mother) & wants to be picked up, carried & consoled. When he gets particularly happy or excited, he likes to hit me or throw some toys on the floor. This is a bit annoying. He feels that if he wants something, he should be given advantage and given that toy first. He likes attention.i will add more later.
sadhna last decade
Okay, I am traveling right now, and will come back to this in a day or two.

In the meanwhile, you can add more information.
sameervermani last decade
Okay, so after a gap of 10 days (without any remedy), give him just 3 doses of Phosphorus 30C equally spaced on a single day.

After this , no more doses, and just wait for a week, and report back.

Good luck,
sameervermani last decade
I am not prescribing here, rather, telling you of a similar situation which had a solution:

My daughter had the same problem. It later developed into eczema and breathing trouble due to congestion which the Western doctors diagnozed as Stage I asthma.

I took my daughter to a homeopath in India. She precribed a 12 week dose of 'Tuberculinum Bovinum', also she asked me to stop cow's milk for some time. The medicine cured my daughter completely over the 12 weeks. Dring the 12 weeks, my daighter showed glimpses of each symptom as they dissappeared quickly. I know this sounds too good to be true. It is true. But this is a serious ailment, so please make sure you take your child in person for treatment by a reliable homeopath rather than do this online. The doctor who had helped me is no longer practising since she is now past 85 and has retired. Good luck.
Hair Loss last decade
Note the Tuberculinum was given at 30C strength, not 200. The doctor's rationale was that it should be given slowly over time, so that the body should not feel it has been started/stopped suddenly. Also, per my note above, my child's symptoms dissappeared slowly over time over the 12 weeks, as if a tape were rewinding.
Hair Loss last decade
Hi, hairloss,

what exactly were your child's symptoms and how is you child now. Is he/she completely symptom free or have there been relapses thru the years.

I am a mother of two with serious allergies.

your help is greatly appreciated.

hemraj last decade
Please reply hairloss or any other doctors wishing to comment on food allergies....how do we cure these cruel food allergies that prevent a child from eating what is normal and nutritious....Please help
hemraj last decade
Dear Hemraj,

I remember following your daughter's case in great detail.But, I do not remember you reporting back.

I think I had prescribed Arsenic Album for your daughter if my memory srves me right. Did you ever give it to her ?

It is kind of disappointing when one spends so much energy in a case and the patient never reports back.

sameervermani last decade
I'm sorry to dissappoint you but what is really disappointing is when you put your faith and trust into a therapy and your child's state gets worse. I find all types of treatment scary now and I just would like to make sure of the consequences and make sure I am prepared for it and that we are not going on the wrong path before I proceed. If you had seen my child and prescribed the ars alb and were here to monitor it , I would have no problem in starting therapy today at this very moment. You sound knowledgeable and if you remember I even complimented you on your insight but the fact is I am scared and we need more time. We are exploring various treatment options even urine therapy and ayurvedic meds and of course homeopathy. We will be in touch soon. Nothing personal again....but we have had several bad experiences. I have even tried naet.
hemraj last decade
Okay, but if you notice from all my prescriptions, I am very conservative in my dosage that implies that the chances of anyone getting worse are just not there.

Yes, but the choice is yours in the end.
sameervermani last decade
Also what's discouraging is when you ask people like 'hairloss' who have stated that homeopathy has helped them and you ask them how is their child today...is he/she okay...and you get no response then you start to wonder. Also no other doctor has firmly come forward and stated that yes they did cure someone of severe food allergies....however, I still have hope that there is something . Can someone please comment on this
hemraj last decade
There is no disease which is not curable through homeopathy, apart from advanced stages of tissue/organ damage which happens in terminal diseases like cancer or in some congenital diseases. And this ofcourse includes allergies.
sameervermani last decade
Well, Sameer, this case is very similar to mine (wrt. milk allergy and eczema). I posted a response for you in a thread below 'Sulphur 30c and boils' would appreciate your response.
aske123 last decade
sameer, when you say that this ofcourse includes allergies ...does that mean that homeopathy can cure food allergies or does it fall into the terminal illness category.

hemraj last decade
It CAN cure food allergies.
sameervermani last decade
so good to hear....I just wish hairloss would reply...my question was simple hairloss...how is your child now and how was he/she throughout the years after giving tuberculinum. Please guide us as we are also mothers of kids with food allergies looking for some concrete answers. We can only learn from one another's experience.
hemraj last decade
Thanks for your reply. Dr. Sameer, would request you to let me know whyis phosporus the right remedy, since I will need to make my husband also agree to this. Also, what is your view on giving him Arsenic Album 30c daily for a week or Nat sulf 6x for him. I would also like to mention that as of now his eczema seems to be in control, in the sense that his skin is not red & cut here & there. May be it is because of the summer Sunlight. My main concern are now his Asthma after he gets a viral infection & his Food Allergy to Egg white protein, Cow's Milk protein, Dust mite & dust, Peas, peanut, Masoor dal- these are what I know of. there are many food items we have not tried at all till now.

I wanted to mention about his sneezing also. Any time something irritates him, he will sneeze usually at least three times with some mucus & the strong sneeze hurts him & he gets very uncomfortable & may even start crying & wants his nose cleaned immediately & wants to be comforted/attended to. today it was raining & the breeze got a little cool, immediately he strted sneezing with mucus & crying & when we took him inside the room, he fared better.
On your advice, he is not on any medication since the last few days - no allopathic preventive medicine, no homeopathic medicines I was giving earlier.
sadhna last decade
It is based on his temperament as he is sharp, bright, naughty and sensitive to reprimand. He craves for attention, and is needy of consolation and affection when he is not well or is scared. He is very excitable as he throws and hits when very happy. He is possesive of his favourite toys. Also, his miasmatic state is very much pointing to a tubercular miasm as manifested in his allergies. These things point to Phosphorus according to me and to some extent Calcarea too, and there are no indications for Arsenic Album here. The Arsenic person is usually very very insecure and is very selfish.

Nat-s is also not indicated here as his miasmatic state is not indicative of the remedy.

sameervermani last decade
Thanks for your immediate reply & for taking the pains to explain in details. Thanks indeed. Please advise whether phosphorus 30c will help with his asthma, food allergies or eczema. what is the basic purpose of this medicine? Also, do I go for the pills or liquid solution. how is it to be given? Thanks again
sadhna last decade
In homeopathy , the remedy is based on totality and gives overall benefit .

So, if Phosphorus is indeed the correct remedy, then he will get over all benefit i.e. for asthma , allergies and as well as eczema.

Go for liquid dilution, and put 2 drops in 250 ml mineral water in a bottle. Give him one sip from this 250 ml three times in one day.

After this no more doses and just observe him for 5 days and post back status.
sameervermani last decade

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