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Dr. Rishimba, Dr Joe, Dr.Sameer, Dr.Murthy, Dr. Rajeev : Child with Food Allergies, Asthma and Eczema Page 10 of 18

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Any sort of discharge is usually a very good sign.

We will see though.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer
An update of Day 2 : Woke up with a stomach ache. Did potty after some time. Seemed to feel relatively better but still a little uncomfortable. slept for a long time in the afternoon/evening. Also possible due to the outing. He might have felt a little exhausted. Complained of stomach ache again with a feeling that he wants to vomit midway through dinner. Held him for sometime & fed him the rest of the dinner after 1 hour. Ok with that. Playing after that. Showering a lot of love on both parents now a days. wants to get in our good books & be loved & held. He's like this many a times though. So, this is how things are.
Something definitely going on in the tummy. He looks a little uncomfortale on & off. Slight aggrravation perhaps. In the morning, his potty was a little loose(a little like diahoea) but not pale like yesterday.
sadhna last decade
Hmm.. this looks like a curative action but we will see.

You gave him 3 doses right ?
sameervermani last decade
Yes I did but the dosage was formulated with three pellets.
sadhna last decade
That's okay, keep watching.
sameervermani last decade
Hi. Today, no reactions till now. Its about 2 pm. Maybe a normal sounding cough once/twoce to the frequency of one or two times thats all. Will come back on more.
sadhna last decade
potty was not all solid though but not diarrhoea either.
sadhna last decade
Hello Sameer. I had mentioned the status in the afternoon.After that I had cleaned/dusted the house as gently as possible(he is allergic to dust). After that he took his afternoon nap. Was coughing two three times for very short spans. the cough however was a little harsh. Woke up after his normal afternoon nap time. was couhing in same harsh manner oce while having dinner, but then again two three coughs but was alright after being distracted. Nothing else during the day.
Do we see reaction for calc C 30c for 3 days or 5 days?
sadhna last decade
The coughing I mentioned in the afternoon was while he was sleeping. Although he didnot wake up due to the cough. Also, could hear him breath hard during that short span of cough.
sadhna last decade
Let it work for this whole week.

Update me on the weekend.
sameervermani last decade
Hello Sameer
As you know, I gave my son calc carb 30c last friday. An update on things in the last three days. He has a little harsh cough at times while sleeping & an occasional sneezing bout. Negligible or a little coughing while awake. No other changes. In terms of his cough, one would feel as if he might have some little infection & his body is fighting it out well. In the sense that there is that harsh cough at times - mostly while sleeping & that cough does not wake him up - (although we get alarmed & are all ears). And once today he sneezed three four times with a yellowish whitish nasal discharge at the end of it. Otherwise he is ok. I have been taking him swimming too & he seems quite comfortable with water - so unlike how used to be last year. Could this occasional cough be because of calc carb doing its work? Actually a bit of it had started after we gave sulphur 200c. But much more after calc carb. There have been no more stomach aches, vomiting or those v.little bit loose motions etc .after the first two days, when I had informed you.

Please advise what is the way forward?
sadhna last decade
This is good news.

I think we have hit the correct remedy now.

The next step would be to go to Calcarea Carb 200c, but we will go there after further waiting for atleast 10 more days.

You might want to order it online. Do not give it without talking to me.

sameervermani last decade
ok thnks & Sameer, the weather here is also getting to change. At night it gets a little cool & if the window is open/fan swithed on, I hear him cough. Once I put the fan off, widow closed a bit & cover him, he doesnot cough for the rest of the night till he wakes up & then on waking a little cough. Could it be these factors playing a role as well?
sadhna last decade
That's okay.

Let the remedy work and all these things should resolve slowly.
sameervermani last decade
Okay & thank you. Really am very grateful for all your help & support. I will keep you informed on how things develop. He is coughing a bit more today evening. Hopefully it will resolve soon. May God be with us.
Take care.
sadhna last decade
Hi Sameer
My son coughs a lot usually after some exercise(play) & while sleeping. I feel the cough after playing is a manifestation of asthma. he is getting breathless or coughing after exercise. And the cough during sleep might be due to some allergy - to some food items eaten- something he is a little less allergic to or maybe due the oncoming fall season, since there is breeze & so many leaves in air. He keeps changing positions to find a comfortable position to sleep in & may be just moving because of the cough irritating him. Other than this there are no other symptoms. I was wondering if Calc carb is still working?
sadhna last decade
Keep waiting as it is too soon to go to 200c right now.
sameervermani last decade
Ok. But he is getting quite restless with his cough in his sleep now a days. He even sits up, changes the side of the bed he is sleeping on or gets a little cranky & irritated for a short duration of time. The cough sounds like he might have a bad throat or as if there were some phlegm wanting to come out, but there is no phlegm coming out, its a dry cough. Will keep you informed. Thanks.
sadhna last decade
Do you have the 200c with you ?
sameervermani last decade
no i don't.
sadhna last decade
Okay , you should order it and let me know when it arrives.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer
I have got calcerea carb 200c today.
As for my son, he is alright other than :
1)when he starts with his coughing bouts in sleep - gets breathless with red eyes, wakes up & has to be held.
2)when playing with lots of dust around in the playground, coughs to the extent that he gets breathless. He is alright if we take him out of the playground.
No other changes/reactions as of now. Maybe once or twice seen scratching behind knees/elbows because I am using only light lotion to moisturise & not the Cetaphil cream i dose him in otherwise. Skin looks a little dry.
Please advise if I should go ahead with calc C 200c & how many doses to be given?
sadhna last decade
Dissolve 2 pellets in 120 ml water, and give him just 1 teaspoon from there.

Report in 1 week.
sameervermani last decade
alright thanks
sadhna last decade
Hi Sameer,
6 days since I gave Calc Carb 200c. His reactions have been as follows :
Day 1 : No cough at night. Continues to cough a lot after little play when taken to dusty playground. Ok when taken out from there. No other changes.
Day 2 : Coughing a lot at night. Cough when out at the playground with dust in air & with exercise/playing. ok when taken out & playing in a relatively very less dust & more green play area.
Day 3 : No cough at night. A little cough during & after play before sleeping.
Day 4 : No cough at night. Lots of coughing in the afternoon during sleep. Cough while playing at night before sleep.
Day 5 : No cough while sleeping. No play outside. Sister has a little congested throat. Very cranky over every little thing. Showing lots of affection when attended to & spoken to. Crying after every fight with sister.
Day 6 : No cough till now. Sister has a little stuffy nose. Maybe looked a little puffy eyed with blue veins under eyes in the morning. A little cranky. Not much puffy right now but blue veins visible like always. No cough in the afternoon sleep.

Overall, I don't see much change other than the cough at night which used to be there before dose & has been on one day after the dose the night & during the afternoon nap once. What i your opinion? Please advise the way forward.
Thanks & Regards.
sadhna last decade
Have you observed any positive changes in his behaviour ?
sameervermani last decade

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