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Dr. Rishimba, Dr Joe, Dr.Sameer, Dr.Murthy, Dr. Rajeev : Child with Food Allergies, Asthma and Eczema Page 9 of 18

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'This pure experience shows UNIVERSALLY, that if the disease does not manifestly depend on a considerable deterioration of an important viscus (even though it belong to the chronic and complicated diseases), and if during the treatment all other alien medicinal influences are kept away form the patients, the dose of the hom┬ťopathically selected remedy can never be prepared so small that it shall not be stronger than the natural disease, and shall not be able to overpower, extinguish, and cure it, at least IN PART, as long as it is capable of causing some, though but a slight preponderance of its own symptoms over those of the disease resembling it (slight hom┬ťopathic aggravation, §.157-§160) immediately after its ingestion'

The 'PART' of the disease extinguished can be very small with low potencies like 6C especially in patients with a below average sensitivity, and can become imperceptible to the patient. This is even more so for the child as he cannot come and tell you 'Oh.. I felt really happy on the day I took the 6c doses' :)

There are 3 conditions noted by Hahnemann where ultra small doses may not prove effective.
1. The Hyposensitive Patient
Refer to aphorism 281
2. The Original Primary Lesion i.e. when the miasm is showing it's most outward primary manifestation e.g. eruptions and figwarts.
refer to footnote of Aphorism 282
3. When old local symptoms remain.
Refer to Aphorism 270

sameervermani last decade
As an example , please refer to


where 3 doses of Phosphorus 6c did not produce any reaction, but 30c started the curative process.
sameervermani last decade
Sameer, I gave the one sulphur 30c dose in the morning today.
sadhna last decade
Hi Sameer, an update on my son for the last four days. He has been sleeping more in the afternoons & he wakes up somewhat early in the morning (early like 7 to 7:30 am). Other than that no other change or aggravation. Maybe a very mild coughing(one/two coughs one two times), thats is. No eczema eruptions.
Just some observations, I thought i should share :
I noticed, whenever he is not wearing a shirt & the fan is blowing air, he feels cold & asks me to make him wear a shirt. Also, when its thundering or when lighting strikes somewhere with a loud sound, he gets very scared & comes to hide behind me or just to be holding me. He also refuses to go to the toilet alone in the dark. He has to have me on the big rides even if other children are on it & her sister is sitting next to him. Yesterday, when on the ride without me, he started crying so much that the slide had to be stopped in between. I noticed that he wants other children's company but he likes to play by himself in a corner. He likes to talk to every possible grown up he comes across without any hesitation.
He doesnot let us brush his teeth easily & never on the upper inner side of the teeth. If we try & brush on the upper teeth on the inner side, after making him understand for a long time, it makes him cough & cry. His gums are quite sensitive.
sadhna last decade
Let the dose work for 1 more week, and keep noticing his allergy pattern for this period.
sameervermani last decade
sadhna last decade
Hi Sameer

An update on how things are.

Yesterday, it was a little cold in the morning. Further, ny son tried coconut water & a very tiny bite of coconut plus bitter gourd chips in the early afternoon. He bedwetted in the evening while sleeping & woke up a little irritated & jittery. He didn't want to eat anything, ate half dinner with reluctance & then vomited everything out. When I tried some apple juice later at night, he vomited all of it out as well & was crying & very uncomfortable.Wsa complaing of stomach ache both the times before throwing up & wanted to be held. He slept alright other than some a little hard breathing from mouth I heard for some time.
In the morning today he was again complaining of stomuch ache but better when I kept larger interval in his food & gave him lesser amount than usual. I think he is allergic to coconut too & that might have caused all this discomfort to him. He played a little outside & at home in evening. After dinner today he was again not very comfortable. He coughed deep(arching his back & drawing chest in & the cough is harsh) 5 - 6 times but is ok now that he is sleeping. the cause for this could be the pine trees around with he was playing or the physical activity at home, the beginning of fall season or the damp & a little cold weather outside. Evening/early part of night seem to be the tough times for him.
I will continue to post my observations. Meanwhile, please let me know if you have any queries / recommendations.
sadhna last decade
Hmm..has he ever had this kind of vomiting and stomach ache earlier too ?
sameervermani last decade
Each time he eats anything he is severely allergic to, he vomits every bit of it & even if we give him water after that, that too is thrown up. The vomit hurts him a lot & comes out from mouth but a little watery & stuff from as well. I think it was an allergic reaction. & yes I usually made him sleep after that & he wakes up alright later. Sleep relieves him a lot or may be he gets too upset & exuasted with it so avoiding taking in any more food & sleeping helps.
sadhna last decade
But yes he vomits in 5 - 15 minutes of eating the allergy producing food. He doesn't take hours like he did this time. Also, I remember he was playing with his sister & she was having stawberry, wonder if the toys got a little of the strawberry hands. But I guess that must be too less an amount to cause a reaction. & oh the grass was also being cut outside in the morning. He did open the window two three times. So lots of factors at play here.
sadhna last decade
correction : The vomit hurts him a lot & comes out from mouth but a little water & stuff nose from as well.
& earlier he did not complainf stomach ache & discomfort & then after 5 minutes vomit. earlier he just used to swell up on the face, lips, lots of crying & throwing up one after the other & like I said at maximum within 15 minutes of eating the food. Maybe that is due to eating the foods he is severely allergic to.
sadhna last decade
Okay , I think it is time for

Calcarea Carb, three doses of 30c potency

to be given in exact same manner as the Phos doses.

Let me know in 3 days after the doses.
sameervermani last decade
Please let me know why you feel he should take c. carb? What are the topmost indications? Hope you don't mind me asking. Thanks
sadhna last decade
Also wanted to note that a vein on his neck has since I remember been very noticable & bluish grey. I wonder if due to the inhalation treatments he used to take for a long time.
sadhna last decade
This whole summer, he has been turning the bath tap to cold water when I put it to warm or room temperature for him. He has also been liking cold juice & water.
sadhna last decade
hi. today i had given him a little water to drink on empty stomach after that he had half glass soy milk. Did potty after that. After 15 mins he complained of stomach ache & within 2-3 minutes he vomited out all his milk. He has been having soy milk since this feb without problem. Only once he had thrown up when I had changed the brand, so we had gone back to the previous brand. Now he is getting me worried coz soya is there is most of his food products. He does have a little(IGE count 2) allergy to soya but when we took him for allergy testing in jan this year, the allergist had asked us to go ahead with it. it is also possible that it was just water on empty stomach(he has had that earlier many times without problem)which created the problem. We will give soya milk a try again some other day. I do hope his allergies are not increasing or coming back. He is as it is a thin, a little underweight & unable to tolerate most healthy foods! What do you think of recent events? what do you recommend?
sadhna last decade
Sameer, if I may further bother you. I wanted to know what Homeopathy recommends for protein allergies? Is there any mention about this in earlier documentation or is this just a recent problem with us. Or should we just take it that immunity of the person is compromised & it reflects in various organs(lungs, stomach, skin here). What do you feel? Did you recommend Calc carb because stomach is affected irrespective of whether the person is thin or fat? Actually if one tallies, most of the characteristics don't match with calc carb. But please recommend if that is what is required at this moment.
Looking forward to your reply.
sadhna last decade
Hmm..where are you trying to tally Calcarea Carb from ?

There is no medicine in specific for any one symptom in homeopathy in chronic cases. The medicine which covers his mental and physical state combined will be the one which will work.

You write on page 1, this:

'Many a times he has even vomited out all his food if he feels there is something wrong(as in he might be allergic to it) for him in that food. '

Can you elaborate a bit here ?

Calcarea Carb children, especially the tubercular ones are independent and curious children who have strong wills but they get clingy during sickness, and they are worse from wet-cold weather. They are very sensitive to cold air. They crave eggs, carbohydrates, salty and sweet things. Milk aggravates them , eggs aggravate them. They very often have a runny nose.

They are improved from rest , dry and warm weather.

Now, you can see why I picked Calc.
sameervermani last decade
Actually I knew Sulphur wont do much, but I gave Sulphur before going to Calcarea because , Calcarea acts with special benefit after Sulphur.

My plan after, Phos. was to go Calcarea but I just used Sulphur as an inter-current.
sameervermani last decade
ok what you mention on calc fits him ditto. But what I had read is that a calc carb person all flabby, fat & boated belly, large head etc. that was my reason for for my query.
What I had meant to say on his vomiting :
Supposing he halfway thru his food & he takes a bite & it had something thick to chew on or something he doesn't like (like cooked tomatoes), he will vomit out all that he ate that dinner time. Its like he suggests to himself that there is something wrong, this food is better out. But if I notice his expression on face well in time & ask him to spit that particular bite out, drink water or distract him, it will be eaten. If I miss his expression well in time, then all has to come out. I feel that this is the case with most of us but perhaps to a lesser degree.
sadhna last decade
just read your post. thanks for all the pains you take in explaining. It really helps!! Ok, so I should go ahead with calc carb 30c then?
sadhna last decade
Hi. I had to come back to mention that I think I saw some little white spots on his arms/legs - very less number though. I was just ignoring it thinking that its the new skin voming after insect bites/wounds. I will check it again tomorrow when he awake & come back on this.
sadhna last decade
Go ahead with Calcarea Carb 30c.
sameervermani last decade
Goodmorning. Alright, I will go ahead with calc carb.
Also, I just looked at those spots in light. They are skin color & I think it is just new skin after the wounds/mosquito bites, so I need not pay attention to it. Ok thanks. I will keep you posted on any new developments. Take care.
sadhna last decade
Hi Sameer
I gave my son calcerea carb 30c yesterday. Today he complained of stomach ache just after he woke in the morning. Did potty after sometime. Just before noon, he passed smelly, greasy, pale messy potty in his clothes. Please note that he is potty trained and usually doesnot do at least potty in his clothes. So this definitely was by accident, maybe related to calc carb / stomach ache or maybe with guests in house, he just got distracted. Maybe this was a way of stomach clearing up. Once a while feeling clingy for very short time or a coughing once/twice for extremely short duration. Will mail again on further developments tomorrow.
sadhna last decade
Any sort of discharge is usually a very good sign.

We will see though.
sameervermani last decade

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