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Sameer, if he gets high fever, should I be giving him acetaminophen or a homeopathic medicine?
sadhna last decade
2 pellets in 250 ml water or 500 ml water. Shaken gently or vigorously? Can he eat/drink anything one hour before or after? Will you be here for the consultation - asking coz its a long weekend coming up.
sadhna last decade
2 pellets in 250 ml , shaken gently after pellets have dissolved.

No eating drinking on either side of dose for 45 mins.

I will be here. Go ahead.
sameervermani last decade
Any fever below 101 F should not be interfered with.

Even if there is fever which needs to be brought down, you should use Acetaminophen and not homeopathy.
sameervermani last decade
ok thanks!
sadhna last decade
Sameervermani wrote: Even if there is fever which needs to be brought down, you should use Acetaminophen and not homeopathy.

I can't believe that I just read this!!! I have been following this thread both on here and at Hpathy. Why would any homeopath suggest to the mother of an obviously already vaccine damaged child, to give him more drugs which will overload the liver & kidneys forcing more toxins to exit through the skin? This will only complicate the case more. If Phos is truly 'his' remedy, then this will also help with the fever. Suppressing a fever with drugs will cause more problems in the long run. I have not yet come across a fever so high that did not respond to warm bathing or sponging, even in children with a history of febrile convulsions.
I am trying here in Spain to educate parents not to give antipyretics the moment that their child breaks out in a sweat or antibiotics the moment they start sneezing. This kind of advice is the reason why too many people have no faith in homeopathy, and continue to overload their own and their childrens systems with more harmful chemicals that they don't need!!!
crazyred last decade
Hello Mr Carzyred,

Suddenly out of no where you appear (this is your first post), and you start having a problem with my advice.

Interesting :)

I just said if the fever gets beyond 101 F , and is continued then it will need to be brought down , and occasional use of acetaminophen for emergency situation is all I am advising, because in case Phos does evoke a very strong response, I would not want to interfere homeopathically and I would want to let it work.

Do not try to twist (partial) statements for your own self gratification.

sameervermani last decade
It's Ms crazyred actually.
Yes, that was my first post as I am a busy working mum of 2 healthy & energetic boys, both unvaccinated & ONLY treated homeopathically (for all their childhood alilments). When I have spare (!!) time I am also studying to be a homeopath as I have been using it for myself & my family for 8 years.

I don't always have time to frequent these forums let alone make a post but, this thread has interested me. Your advice angered & disappointed me to the point that I felt that I needed to make a response. Nothing to do with self gratification. I don't want to hear of children damaged any further. Aside from the fact that it would add another drug layer to the already complicated picture, it would very likely interfere with the body's response to the remedy which is a response that his body may need to go through.
Even if you feel that another remedy for the fever would complicate things further, I think that suggesting to use an antipyretic rather than sponging defeats the object of using homeopathy in the first place.

How can we expect mothers to bring their children to us to undo the harm that the medical establishment has inflicted on them if we are going to send them off to use pharmaceutical products?

I am aware that you are a respected member of this forum and I mean no disrespect but, this is a forum for discussing thoughts & ideas on homeopathic treatment and my opinion is that other ways of controlling the fever could have been suggested rather than drugs
crazyred last decade
It is just acetaminophen. I did not ask her to take steroids or anything.

I want to be realistic here , if a child gets continued high fever, I will bring it down and then think about the homeopathic treatment that is going on.

It is much better than throwing 2-3 homeopathic remedies (one after another) just in the hope of bringing it down.
sameervermani last decade
'From sameervermani
It is just acetaminophen. I did not ask her to take steroids or anything.

That is a very flippant comment and something I would expect my GP to use rather than a holistic practitioner.

Children get fevers for a reason, it is a valuable tool of the immune system. A warm flannel wiped over the skin or a warm bath will bring a fever down far more effectively, naturally and safely than any drug. I believe these medications are also not advised for those with asthma or respiratory problems. One of the side effects is difficulty breathing or swallowing.
crazyred last decade
I am sorry but I am not going to say that no matter how high the fever gets and how long it lasts, do not use acetaminophen. Even the best homeopaths of the world recommend allopathy for emergencies, and infact emergencies, accidents and surgeries is where it's utility lies and even for chronic patients who are on allopathic medication, you have to taper off slowly. You cannot stop the allopathic medicine suddenly.

It is risky to do so. You are free to keep doing so with your children, and I am entitled to my own opinion.

Let us agree to disagree.
sameervermani last decade
Now you are twisting what I have said.
A fever is an acute symptom not a chronic condition that needs continued medication.

Why can we not suggest other ways of bringing the fever down. Reaching for a bottle of pink/orange liquid to spoon into children's mouths has become a habit and if people do not know other ways, they will never try.
crazyred last decade
'A fever is an acute symptom not a chronic condition that needs continued medication.


And, that is precisely the reason I dont want to throw homeopathic medicines for it.
sameervermani last decade
I am striving to be more than an armchair homeopath so, if I ever suggest to a mother to give antipyretics as the first option for a fever, may my vital force leave me.

You will hear no more from me and I shall delete this website from my favourites. It is no place for anybody who is serious about homeopathy!!
crazyred last decade
Thank you :)
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sadhna,

My daughter is also allergic to chana/green peas/maisur dal and when she was an infant I gave her Alimentum because she could not digest any milk protein. She drinks lactaid free milk now. Your child's case sounds like mine. Even the personality sounds like my child. She is very jealous in nature and most particularly she like to rip pieces of paper into little piece. She is also stubborn and somewhat insecure. I also feel so bad like you when I have to say no to food that what everyone else eats. My homeopath suggested sulphur 6c 4x/day and she had a bad fever with this but her stools and personality had changed for the better ....I don't know whether I should have continued with a higher potency for this. Right now we are scared and are on hold.
hemraj last decade
Dear hemraj,

Every case in homeopathy is different. Even if your daughter has similar problems, her medicine will not be same as Sadhna's child in all probability.

And, I had at that time told you that Sulphur was not indicated in your daughter's case and you gave her too high a dosage ( 4 times a day is too much repetition for any potency). That was the reason for her fevers. And, regarding her bowels improving temporarily, if you repeat a deep acting medicine like Sulphur so much, some change is bound to happen.

sameervermani last decade
Sameer, I did give the phos dosages today. Although I would say in thisnight dose, he took three - four sips. I do hope that is alright.

Now some time back I did hear him cough two three times & got me worried. If he continues to cough more & more, what is the way ahead. Am I supposed to keep of his inhaler, if yes till what kind of symptoms?
sadhna last decade
At first I will try & give him just warm water sips & just try that he gets ok by taking him out in open air. Can you recomend any other means. I know distracting him & trying to get him to sleep helps him too. But common sense tells me that since it is night time & homeopathic medicines are nowhere near reach, inhaler in an acute situation should be ok. Let me know what you feel inspite of Homeopathy rules.
sadhna last decade
If there is mild return of cough , it is a good sign, let it be , he will be fine in 2 days.

try not to give anything. Keep trying warm water and just hold on for 48 hours.
sameervermani last decade
Sameer, nothing new till now. Just eating less. Thats all.
sadhna last decade
Just leave it for 1 more week, and update me then.
sameervermani last decade
Sameer, My son has not shown any reaction/response to phos till now. Just wanted to know what I should after the waiting period if things remain the same. Also, please note that it being summer time, which apparently suits him the best, there is at present no eczema(other than cuts where his earlobes connect. His asthma wheezing we don't know about since he gets it after cold & cough or after lots of exercise. I have tried any new foods & he's off all possible allergy producing ones. What do you recommend? Also, what are the reactions/responses or symptoms I should have been looking out for? Thought I will check in case I am missing something.
sadhna last decade
I meant to say that I have NOT tried any new foods, colors, preservatives etc.

Sameer, come fall & winters, I don't want him on preventive medicines for asthma once again :-( Also, he's thin & average below average for his height esp. because the rest of us are all tall. I want to work his food allergies as well.
sadhna last decade
One thing I noticed - he doesn't wake up all cranky, crying, sneezing & rubbing nose for a few days but then there were many other times earlier like that too. How do I know if phos helped him. What do I look out for?
sadhna last decade
We have to wait till he is exposed to a trigger to be sure.

Since he has not fallen sick since the dose, we cannot say that we need to change the medicine.

Just keep waiting till proven otherwise.

You might want to try giving him something he is moderately allergic to. If the allergic reaction is less or does not happen , we know Phosphorus has started to work.

It is too soon to change medicine as there are no indications for the remedy's failure yet.
sameervermani last decade

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