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Dr. Rishimba, Dr Joe, Dr.Sameer, Dr.Murthy, Dr. Rajeev : Child with Food Allergies, Asthma and Eczema Page 5 of 18

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We have to wait till he is exposed to a trigger to be sure.

Since he has not fallen sick since the dose, we cannot say that we need to change the medicine.

Just keep waiting till proven otherwise.

You might want to try giving him something he is moderately allergic to. If the allergic reaction is less or does not happen , we know Phosphorus has started to work.

It is too soon to change medicine as there are no indications for the remedy's failure yet.
sameervermani last decade
I gave him cow's milk in the afternoon today. At that time he had o reaction. However, when I gave him milk again i the evening, he got bumps on his lower left arm front & back. He had put milk on his arm while busy making a mess with it. I t might have therefore been due to milk touching left arm or might have been a reaction due to consumption. I put Calendula gel on the bumps & after about an hour when I had a look again, the bumps were all gone.
sadhna last decade
He also mentioned chilly feeling on lips while having milk but that could also have been due to the wound on his lips since he fell down & got hurt on the lips today.
sadhna last decade
My son has now coughing - that chracteristic deep cough. I somehow made him sleep but I can hear a little moaning sound coming from his nose & mouth as well.
What do people usually do when they suspect a repiratory problem? I am very sad & scared :-(
sadhna last decade
There is no reason to be so scared, just wait for 2-3 more days and see if this passes over by itself. If the cough still persists, we will think of another remedy.

This might be a mild return of old symptoms which can happen under the correct remedy.

By the way did you take the Arsenic dose yourself ?
sameervermani last decade
He woke up ok today. No cough or anything. Thank God! At night he did cough a couple of times - that typical cough! As recommended, I had tried cow's milk to see if phosphorus helped or not. I think he reacted rather sharply to milk but since he amount was small it didn't get so bad. But those night cougs were definitely alarming. What is the way forward going forth?
sadhna last decade
It has been just 1 week since the doses, and his allergies will not improve drastically in such a short time. Ofcourse the intensity and frequency of the allergic reactions will reduce.

You have to observe other things too, like his sleep pattern , his fears and his behaviour, as if there are improvements there, that gives the best indications to whether remedy started working or not.

I would give this 1 more week. 3 doses of a deep acting medicine like Phosphorus should be given atleast 2 full weeks before passing a verdict.

If there was some acure need of changing the medicine , I would have considered, but since we have the luxury to do this cauitiously I would take that path.

Slowly and surely is the best way for chronic diseases in homeopathy, and hence, you will have to be patient.
sameervermani last decade
The other changes I observed were :
Afternoon nap : He gets sleepy around 12 noon but once that phase passes, he sleeps by 4-5 in the evening. Only when he gets bored and has no one to play with him at that time. He earlier used to sleep about 2 p.m. but there are a lot of home factors, routine change factors at play, so I can't say.
Night nap : He sleeps at his regular time, around 11 p.m. During his sleep, he keeps moving towards my pillow & wants to know that I am there. This was always the case with him. Other than this he has an ok sleep. When he wakes up, he is not immediatey looking to be picked up, crying with itchy nose & sneezing with mucus - like he used to. But I am not sure here if this is only after the dose or from some days before that.
Behaviorwise : Not much change other than perhaps is less cranky, doesn't crave to be held all the time. If scolded, makes it a point to scold back in similar fashion & by repeating the same threat! He has to do whatever he wants to do. Wants everything the other sibling gets. I guess all this is quite normal for his age. You can decide.
I guess I will continue observing & get back to you. Just to confirm, you asked to mix only two pellets as in those pills in 250 ml of spring water, let it dissolve, then mix gently & give him two sips from that very same mixture three times in one day. So in total only 2 pellets were used in total. Is it correct? Just making sure I didn't go wrong somewhere in my understanding.
sadhna last decade
Sameer, so we will not be giving him any medicine for one more week?
sadhna last decade
Your dosage was correct.

Yes, we will wait for 1 more week.
sameervermani last decade
ok, thanks :-)
sadhna last decade
Hi Sadna...if you don't mind replying ....is your child more allergic to chick peas or green peas or soya? What is the reaction that he gets with chick peas (chana) ? My daughters are severely allergic to chana/green peas and now nuts and soya. Also how do you manage not giving any soya as so many packaged foods have some soya /soya lecithin in them. Your answer is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Kindly
hemraj last decade
Hi Hemraj
Of these my child is allergic to milk, green peas now. He used to be allergic to soya & chick peas when he was 1 year old. When we got his skin test done in jan this year, the soya allergy was 2, so the allergist told us to go ahead & give it a try. He is ok if I confine to plain soya from Silk. He reacted to the one from Pathmark. Also i give him quiet a less amount - a quarter of a regular size glass in total. He is severely allergic to peas so I avoid them.
How is your child doing now? Is she being given any medicines? What all is she allergic to?
My son is again quite irritated by way of sneezing, swollen eyes & crying after he wakes up, but as aptly recommended by Sameer, I will wait for another week to see how things are.
sadhna last decade
My older daughter is very sensitive to the legume(bean ) family. I did not realize that she was severely allergic to chana until 2.5 years. As a baby she used to vomit quite a lot. It used to look like curd milk. Sometimes the vomiting was so fierce it came out from both the nostrils and the mouth and she couldn't even breath. Later she acquired green pea and peanut/walnut and soya allergy. She also has eczema and mucus in throat. We tried her on naet and homeopathy in India ...but in India they don't tell you what they are giving and she got worse so we stopped.

What specific reaction does your child get from milk and green pea? Did he vomit curd as a baby . How did you find out he was allergic to the specific food items.

Thanks again.

ps. do you give any multi vitamins /minerals....what is your opinion on aloe vera juice
hemraj last decade
My son is allergic to a laaarge number of food items. He is severely allergic to beans family & yes red lentils as well. The reaction is the same as your child. In addition he is crying non stop with swollen lips, face & red eyes. We immediatey give him zyrtec & then he relaxes a little bit & sleeps for an hour. I had tested him on the above items, but there is a huge number of commonly used items that I have not tested - considering how he reacts to them. I am not so scared of his eczema but its his asthma which I am scared of.
I didn't try curd since its only a byproduct of milk & its the milk protein that he is allergic to.
He too is very skinny. I don't give him any multivitamins. I give him calcium. I have not tried Aloe Vera Juice. Should be good for skin though. Did you try it? If yes what brand?
sadhna last decade
Hi, I just wanted to clarify, I did not give my daughter curd but when she ingested anything with chickpea flower her vomiting looked like curd milk, (almost like cottage cheese) Please do not give your child curd.
hemraj last decade
Hi Sameer
Just updating on my son. No change till now. Everything same as earlier. Please advise, what should be done? Also, did I tell you that he sleeps on his stomach.
sadhna last decade
What is your view on ars alb for him?
sadhna last decade
Also, he never feels apologetic or apologises for anything to anyone.
sadhna last decade
When he started playing on dry mud yesterday - digging it a little which created dust, he started coughing a little - coughing when the air is breathed out. When we moved from there to grass, he immediately felt better and didnot cough any more.
sadhna last decade
Hi Sadhna,

Just to answer your previous question: the aloe vera juice we used to give my daughter was the 'georges' brand made in texas. We are no longer giving it to her right now as she has a lot of mucous
hemraj last decade
After analyzing your own case, I have been very much inclined on giving him Arsenic Album too , but as I said, it is too soon to be changing remedies.

When you say everything is the same , what all problems have you observed since the Phos. dose ? Or should I say what all problems were you expecting to be resolved ?

But just a suggestion , this king of frantic insecurity that you have for his health gets transferred to the child as negative energy, and he will start getting insecure, you should try to calm yourself down a bit . I know he is very young and it is tough to be calm when this kind of health problem plagues your child at such a young age, but please try to be strong otherwise, he will sub-conciously start getting affected by your insecurities.

I think you need Arsenic Album before he does. That will give you a bit of strength and patience when it comes to your child's health.
sameervermani last decade
Sameer, I feel that all my insecuries are well justified when it comes to his health. I want him to be a well child with no food allergies, asthma or itchy rashes. Am I really asking for too much?
sadhna last decade
The concern is justified but worrying so much that it becomes a insecurity which the child can get sub-conciously is not going to help.

This was just something I felt, you can ignore it if you dont think that is the case.

Coming back to the remedy, as I said earlier , what all things happened this week, which made you think Phoshorus did not help at all ?

Arsenic maybe be my next prescription, but I want to make sure Phosphorus has failed.
sameervermani last decade
Sameer, I was thinking that in case he is phos person, there would have been a mild eczema, cough or something different about his behaviour, sleeping pattern, health, but there has been no visible change whatsoever. Further, he continued to exibit allergy to milk & dust. That is why it got me wondering if phos did help. When I had last read about ars, it did mention about food allergies, eczema, cough etc. Also, when I had just discussing my son's illness, two of the doctors had prescribed ars. With that constantly in mind, it is but likely that I will ask whether we need to try that. I also wanted to ask you about antidoting DPT vaccine or giving allergy specific medicines. But then again you are handling his case, please advise what you feel the right direction is. If you feel we need to wait & see more on Phos, thats the way we ill go.

As for me, due to some family issues I could not get ars for myself till now, but I will be doing that. Meanwhile, I also keep checking myself whenever I feel I am going overboard with my worries.
sadhna last decade
Let us wait as planned. My inclination towards Arsenic for him has increased a lot after reading your own thread.

However, hurry is the worst thing one can do in chronic cases, let us not shift remedies too soon.

We will try a single Phosphorus 200c dose before giving up on it.

Please procure Phosphorus 200c and let me know when you have it with you.
sameervermani last decade

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