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Dear Dr Rakesh

The fresh spots are not as painful or red and angry as they were priot to the sulphur

My menses were initially heavier and redder than prior to taking the sulphur.

I am emotionally normal again though at the start of my period i was more emnotional, volatile and aggressive than I am normally during my period.

My lethargy has settled down but last week I was very lethargic. I am sleeping well though and I have also found since taking the sulphur my hands and feet are warmer and I do not feel the cold. It is winter yet I do not have the heating on. My core temperature seems more stable and not as susceptable to the cold.

My skin is better now, after sulphur, than it would be normally during my period. Previously, during menses, my skin is much angrier and breakouts are more frequent.

My bowel movements are back to normal, and I have lost 1kg in the last week.

I am currently washing my fave with tea tree and peppermint face wash from the body shop and applying 97% Aloe Gel twice daily. My Skin seems much calmer, less breakouts and the Aloe is helping the scarring.
shieler last decade
Dear Dr Rakesh

Since taking the sulphur, fresh breakouts are not as painful or as angry as they were previously.

My period is heavier and redder initially than previously, before the sulphur.

At the onset of my period and the first day I was a lot more emotional, volatile and aggressive than I was BEFORE the sulphur, though I am back to normal now.

Last week I was very lethargic, though I seem to be back to normaly now. I have lost 1kg in weight.

Normally during my period my skin is very angry and the breakouts and spots are heavier than normal, and more painful. This time my spots are calmer and not as angry or painful.

I am sleeping very well, and my hands and feet are not as cold as normal. I am also not feeling the cold much at all, even though it is winter. My body temperature or core temp seems stable, and like I remember being when I was much younger, not feeling the cold.

I am currently washing my face twice a day with tea tree and peppermint face wash and applying 97% aloe gel topically. The Aloe seems to be helping the scarring as well and I notice if I dont use Alo my skin becomes redder and more angry.

Hope this helps!
shieler last decade
Hello.. Dr. Rakesh Km Lko

Well i haven't gotten my period since feb/2007 for over a year , because i have gain weight and I'am going thru stress but when i did---

1. Age when the first menses started. --13 years old.

2. Which time menstrual flow occurs usually morning, daytime, or night? --usally Nights.

3. Does the menstrual blood cause irritation or scratching to the touched skin? --not at all.

4. Color: What is the usual color of the menstrual flow black, bright red, brown, dark, green, pale, changeable.

5. Consistency: What is the usual consistency of menstrual flow i.e. thick, thin, clotted, membranous, tenacious (too much sticky)

6. Quantity: Too much (copious) too less (scanty),
7. Regular or irregular.
--Irregular, it would skip months when i did have .

8. If irregular: Frequent (too early) late
--late and delayed for months.

9. Duration (days): Prolonged (1-10 days )or short (less than 3 days).
~~maybe 4 or 5 days.

10. Any other symptom that you would like to tell regarding menses. --Well i haven't gotten my period since feb/2007 for over a year , because i have gain weight and I'am going thru stress

Please tell me your height, weight, and bowel movement habit.
--5'5 240 i really don't go to the bathroom everyday.. maybe because i'am a meat lover?? But i'll do anything to clear my skin even if it takes for me to change my diet.

++So does this mean thats i can take Sulphur 30C?? do u think this will work for me too?? How do i take it?? Well is there anything out there for ance scars as well?? I'am thinking about getting a chemical peel or should i wait??
Angelmoon99 last decade
Angel Moon...i have been using a topical 95 to 97% pure aloe gel for my skin morning and night instead of a moisturiser and it is great for scarring. Makes your skin feel young again to!

Not sure about the sulphur as each person has a different indication. So far seems to be working for me but we have very different symptoms, bodies, emotions etc though both have bad skin so I would wait and see what Dr Rakesh says.
shieler last decade
Hello.. Shieler

Thank you very much for the information. I'm going to try it because the scars look like i go tiny holes in my right side of my face..Well im going to try Sulphur 30C..well i having nothing 2 lose right?? do you know how to take Sulphur 30C?? So how is this treatment going for you and how long did u notice results??
Angelmoon99 last decade
The Aloe really does help. I would hold off on the sulphur incase it inteferes with what you SHOULD take, or you notice no results etc. I do not know m uch about homeopathy though I have started learning more about it and am studying holistic medicine and if sulphur is not indicated for you it can bring on the same ailments it cures, or nothing will happen. It can take a while to go through all the symptoms to find the right remedy for you as homeopathy takes into account your whole being and not just the physical. It is going very well for me, though at first it made me quite ill. Dr Rakesh will get back to you, maybe with more questions before the right remedy is picked.
shieler last decade
Anglemoon you can use aloe, but not sulphur at all nor any other medication without advise of an experienced person of homoeopathy.

Acne problem is not an easier health problem to solve in one or two days so wait and be patient with patience. I am going through your case and post your answer in your post as it would not confuse anyone.

Shieler thanks for your guidance provided by you in this patient.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
dr. rakesh km lko...ok then i'll just wait for your answers!

thank you:)
Angelmoon99 last decade
Moon provide answer of these questions

How severe your acne is mild (papules), moderate (whiteheads, blackheads, and pustules), or severe (tubercles and cystic)
Do they suppurates quite much
Do they itch quite much.
Do they are painful.
What are their color reddish, bluish, reddish-bluish, or green.
Do they are affected by menstrual cycles or they have any relation to menses.
Do warmth and heat affect them.

In your own initial post, not here please.
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
Dear Dr Rakesh

An Update for you...I am starting to notice more psots building up beneath my skin, jsut ready for another eruption.

I have had no significant new breakouts for a could of weeks, but this week i have had new clusters of larger pimples on my left cheek. The spots dont come to a yellow head though they are swollen and red, and one has started to ooze when I smile. My right cheek has a lot of new spots under the surface that I can see in some lights.

Should I take more sulphur? I am washing my face twice a day with teatree and peppermint and applying aloe vera gel twice a day.

shieler last decade
Try to find any cause for this new breakout i.e. dietary changes, stress, climate, stress, menses, or anything else.

You should take Sulphur 30C three dose at 10 minute interval only on upcoming early morning on clean tongue
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
I'm not stressed but I am VERY excited as I fly to New Zealand next week for the first time ever and I know I am excited! I will also be meeting my boyfriends parents for the fist time.....so that may be a little stressful though I dont feel stressed.

The sun does help my skin but it is winter now and not a lot of sun around.

I have noticed as well that I forgot to mention is I have relaised I am not ovulating. i have been taking ovulation tests every month for the past 3 months and i have never oviulated. I put this down to Diannette/the pill for so long but I guess it could all be related.

I will try another dose of sulphur though you mentioned another remedy that was well indicated for me?
shieler last decade
Great news

My best wishes are with you for upcoming event.

Regarding your ovulation, I think it is due to your pills and would be okay in near future with withdrawl this medication and homoeopathic treatment.

Regarding your query related to other well indicated would given when you show no or limited positive reaction to Sulphur or new set of symptoms/signs indicates the other one.

So go ahead with Sulphur at present
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

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