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Att. Dr Sameer - insomnia

Hi Sameer,

This is the case of my husband. He has been suffering from insomnia for several months.

Appearance: Tall, slim, light brown hair, gray eyes. 43 yrs.

Cravings and dislikes: has a delicate taste. There is no special craving or dislake. It all depends on food itself.
He dislikes too much fat, too much sugar, too much salt...
He almost never drinks water. In general he does not drink much either.
He never overeats.

Sleep: normally very good. Latelly lots of problems. He falls asleep fast, in some minutes. But wakes up between 3-5 am. Falls again at sleep at 6 am (and needs to get up at 7 am).

Body temperature: warm, even when it is very cold.
Likes hot and humid whether though.

Passion: his passion of life is tennis. He is very sportive in several ways. He is very familyorientated - family comes first. He is an excellent father.

- careful and sees details. But also sees the great picture.
- he says he is a leader of big groups.
- an introvert.
- very strong self control and ability to keep his promises.
- demands a lot from himself and from others.
- he has strong values and he is critical.
- he has strong intuition
- very competitive in sport
- does not step back, if somebody comes to argue with him
- when worried he does not talk about his worries. Keeps them inside.
- has a professional crises. Hates his job, does not see a meaning in it.
- I guess he is very good worker, but defenately he is NOT a workaholic.

- as a child he grew up very late. As a child he was too tiny and too small (- doctors asked to give him full cream). He used to be the smallest at class and had the puberty at the age of 15-16. He was still growing at the age of 19 and ended up being 188 cm tall.
- he always had tonsillitis until the tonsils were operated
- During the summer he has insomnia because his hands get numb. There is a constructive problem with the nerves in his wrist. (there is a diagnosis for that, but I don't know it in English). The heat makes the numbness worse.
- when he gets sick, he keeps vomiting continuesly. Once he vomited 17 times in a day. (Nowadays I give Arsenicum fast).

Please advise,

  Maria&boys on 2009-03-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Maria,

Please give him 3 doses of KALI CARBONICUM 30c equally spaced by 2 hours for one day only.

1 dose = 1 teaspoon.

Report in 1 week.

sameervermani last decade
Thanks, Sameer. I am very suprised in my ignorance of Kali bic, but will do that.

I have an opportunity to buy more remedies with a good price next week. Could you please give me a hint, which remedies I should have in the future concerning my husband (and my son, too)?
Which constitutional remedies I should have? Always in 30 c and 200 c - what else?

Maria&boys last decade
I said Kali CARB and not Kali bi above.

I do not know which remedy we will need yet.
sameervermani last decade
Oh, shoot, I read wrong. I don't have Kali Carb. I will get it next week so I will get back to you after two weeks.

I live in a country where homeopathy is not appriciated and where the remedies are difficult to get.

Maria&boys last decade
Hi Sameer,

I gave Kali Carb as advised 9 days ago.

He has been sleeping nearly as bad as before. But he has been very relaxed and easy going. He says that it is difficult to estimate his mental state, because we have been on holiday this past week - anybody is relaxed.

Maria&boys last decade
Let us then wait for 1 more week, to see if the relaxed state still continues at home.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

My husband's relaxed state of mind was still there at the beginning of the week. This morning he said that is over. For me as an outsider I consider him easy-going.

The sleeping has not improved. Except last night we slept throughout the night, but I guess that was the first time.

Maria&boys last decade
Please give him a single dose of KALI CARBONICUM 200c, 1 teaspoon as dose.

Report in 10 days.
sameervermani last decade
Will do, thanks.

Maria&boys last decade
Hi Sameer,

I gave Kali carb 200 c once 10 days ago.

After a few days he said he is very anxious, more anxious that for a long long time. He said that is so abnormal that I must be poisoning him :-).

Few days after that he said he is not able to concentrate on anything. That is abnormal, too.

Today he says that he is ok. Still difficulties to consentrate, but not too much.

From my point of few he has been easy-going. He has not got upset of anything during this time, and he has been smiling more.

His sleep has changed a bit. Before he was right awake for hours during nights. Now he wakes up, but falls asleep - but he says the sleep is not deep and he a kind of knows all the time he is sleeping.
I think last night was the first night for months he was sleeping all night through. But he was long awake in the evening before falling at sleep.

Maria&boys last decade
Hi Maria,

We will wait for 10 more days.

I cannot say what the next step would be at this point of time.

For your son, you might want to add Medorrhinum LM2, 30 ml teat dropper bottle to the order.

sameervermani last decade

You asked me to wait for 10 days. Now I have waited for 5 days, but I must say that I have no hope. There is nothing going on.

Nowadays he sleeps until 4-5, but then is awake or half-sleeping.
He says he is anxious because of his work.
No change.

Maria&boys last decade
Overall since we gave him the Kali-c 30c doses, have there been any changes on any front ?
sameervermani last decade
After giving Kali Carb 30 c there has been two changes. First of all he became anxious and still is. Secondly the sleep is maybe a little bit better. Before he was right awake at nights. Now he falls asleep again, wakes up, falls asleep etc. Sleep is not deep though.

Maria&boys last decade
Please talk about this more..

'He said that is so abnormal that I must be poisoning him :-). '

Did he say this to you ?
sameervermani last decade
Yes he did. It was joking... He is not suspicious of me, if you think that.
In general he does not like to take any drugs. When sick, he takes nothing. He wants to survive without. So yes, he is suspicious of drugs.

When he asked me to give something because of the insomnia, he had been suffering it for some months already. He became so tired that he couldn't take it anymore.

He is special in this way: he survives without medicine. He survives all day without food and drink. If he must, he walks 100 km without complaining. Once we went hiking and he was carrying his own backbag, mine and his friend's (male), too. The rest of us were dying out and could not take it.. but he could.

He is an army officer by profession. But there is a soft side of him, too.

Maria&boys last decade
Hi Maria,

So the numbness of hands, does it occur at night time only ?

sameervermani last decade
Numbness of hands occurs at night time, after hammering/hitting/constructing something during day time. The reason for the numbness is that the veins are two narrow in his wrists and when he does physical work, there is swelliness and that squeezes and presses the nerves. The numbness is on fingers and at night-time.

He has had that problem last 4-5 years, but he went to see a doctor only last winter. The doctor suggested an operation, where they give more space to the veins - but he rather takes the numbness than the operation.

He has had another physical problem. I guess I forgot to mention about it. He had pain in the prostatis and finally I got him to see the doctor. There was nothing in there, the doctor just spoke something about the stress (??).
That pain came again this past winter. The pain starts from the prostatis and reflects up to the lower stomach. The pain came after he was cycling a lot at the gym.

And the reason for cycling was this: he had his coil of the knee operated in January and the knee is still not working properly. Normally it does not take this long time to heal up.

I guess these are all his physical problems he has had during last years.

I started thinking about the suspiciousness again. And I do think he is quite suspicious towards people. He questions other peoples motives.

I will give you information, but I keep thinking what is the most important...?

He also has a bad breath quite often.

He loves the outdoor life in a fresh air.

He is the one who handles well our 8 yrs old of diffucult behavior. He has the patience and the diplomacy. He never stops explaining and argumenting, why the boy cannot behave in a certain way. My husband says I am too authoritatian and tight towards the boy.

Maria&boys last decade
May I ask something from you, Sameer? I need to know your cultural backround so that I know how to describe our life. What is your backround and where do you live in?

Maria&boys last decade
Hi Maria,

Mental symptoms and general temperament are very important.

Odd physical symptoms are useful as well.

I am from India but stay in the US.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

Ok, here comes more. :

From your point of view he is very introvert. He does not seek company and is a lot at home in the evenings. We have been married for 18 yrs and it is still me, who he wants to have sports with and to travel with.
He does know social skills and knows how to small talk - he is just a lonely rider.

He has never ever been jealous of me. He has self confidence and he is strong mentally. His friend said that I, the wife, am very feminist - my husband was very suprised and said I am very softy. Even I am not a threat for him, but I know I am a threat to weaker men.

He is stingy and miserly (I don't know what is the right adjecitive in English). When he needs to buy something, he takes weeks and weeks to find the cheapest option. Normally he does not buy much, he prefers investing the money. (when he buys something, he takes quality then).

Maybe this is due to his father, who is the stingiest/the most miserly person on earth. His father was also an alcoholic.

When hiking or travelling, he always wants to climb up to the highest point, the highest hill. That is actually very funny.
If possible, he would start mount climbing and get to Fuji or Mont Blanc. (But he won't - he is too miserly to put all his money on a thing like that).
That mount climbing would also fullfill his ambition of winning himself (and others...).

He doesn't stand crying or weeping. From children he stands that sometime, but not too long. And I don't even dare to cry... he will give me a nasty response.
He doesn't accept complaining either.

He makes up his mind of another person in an instinct. After meeting someone for the first time, he analyses the person what the other one is like.
When he analyses this way, the analysis is almost always negative. We keep argueing if is right or not - eventually I notice he was the one who was right.

He does not take bullying or arrogant behavior from other people. He starts staring right to the eye and stands up for himself. He has a nasty tongue then.

When he was young, he was totally irresponsible. He didn't care about school, he just wanted to have fun. He has said that it is co-incidence that he did not become a criminal. Instead he turned out very responsible.
When young he hardly made through the school. After changing his life he has been best at all classes he has been studying in.

Well, does this help at all?

I will start a new posting - about me :-). I have been looking for a constitution for myself for years, but have not found it yet.

Maria&boys last decade
One more thing I want to point out: he is the one in our family who puts the chairs in order, puts the pillows in line, collects the magazines etc. He cleans the kitchen out so that it shines. And in the evening he makes the bed properbly first, he hates if the sheets are not in order.

Maria&boys last decade
Every day I come up more ideas: today he is energetic and he says that the more he has work, the more energetic he gets. Now he has plenty to do at work, he is renovating our house, he has to do gardening and something else for his hobby. That is why is so effiecient. He has always like been like this.
Maria&boys last decade
Hi once again,

I must update you that he slept amazingly good last night, until 6 am. And he is in a good mood and says that the odd anxiety is gone, the anxiety that came with Kali carb 30 c and lasted this long.

Maria&boys last decade
Hi Maria,

That is good news. Let us not do anything right now, and keep waiting.

Please update me in another week from now.

sameervermani last decade

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