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Neck pain

Hi! I just want to know if homeopathy can cure something that has its origin in the neck and I think is physical because my hands fall asleep at night and several years ago, my homeopath told me (seeing the xray) that it was a pinched nerve because I was very tense and the muscles of my shoulders made my neck lose its natural curve so it pinched this nerve that goes to my hands. She recommended I use a higher pillow and it worked like for 5 years, but now I feel the same as when it all began and I have trouble "waking them up". Should I see an orthopedist or who can tell me what to do?? Could it be postural? I work at the computer all day and I am not always very straight cause I get tired. I do feel a lump behind my neck and sometimes it hurts.
I would appreciate any advice!
Thank you!
  Sparkle on 2005-01-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Suggest you see first an Osteopath and if that doesnt work a homeopath.
passkey last decade
First of all, I am not a homeopath or a doctor.

The problem you have described can be handled by a neurologist or a orthopaedic doctor. You need to get an MRI or CATSCAN of the affected area to find the real problem. Sometimes what you are describing is also due to herniated disc on the neck...but I don't want to speculate, MRI should tell all.

Usually, allopathy does not have any permanent cure...muscle relaxants and pain killers are usually given on the start, followed by local injections/shots or sugeries.

May I ask where you are located..which part of the world.

Once you find out the cause of your problem, then the homeopath you are seeing for other problems (from your other posts), can take care of this too.

You will probably need physical therapy (as this is mostly a posture problem). But first find out the cause, then therapy alongwith homeopathic treatment can take care of it.

RandyTX last decade
A good chiropractor can tell by touch. It will also show up on X-ray if one knows how to read it. See if you can get one recommended. If you have X-rays, get them and take them with you.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi! I already had an x-ray taken and everything is perfectly alright, so now I am confused. WHy do my hands or fingers fall asleep? I thought some vertebrae was pinching a nerve, but if everything is ok, what else could be the cause??
Sparkle last decade
Hi Raj, thank you also for answering me and for your advice. I live in Mexico City and work before a computer all day long because I'm a translator.
Sparkle last decade
Not getting much joy .
Too much use of one set of nerves/muscles is the physical problem. If you are able to arrange your own work load take 10 min breaks every hour and do some yoga/reiki /relaxation excecise .
Otherwise Rhus.tox 30 or Phos 3x may help.
Or would need more detail for a constitutional remedy.
passkey last decade
A simple exercise should help. Just roll your shoulders forwards and backwards for 5 mins or so. Then move yr head left and right 10 times each and up an down 10 times. Also roll yr head both ways 5 times each. In homeopathy Aconite may help in 30 potency but not if there is any growth pinching the nerve.
maya_hari last decade
All good advice. I lean toward chiropractors because I grew up with them. (Uncle and his son) Get a recommendation.

The neck and shoulder exercises are excellent. One of the problems is a unconscious habit of tensing the shoulders and lifting them slightly.

Sit straight and engage the BACK of the shoulder muscles. Think of it as if you have wings. These are the muscles. I just had cuff surgery and I learned this in PT. This gives a role and movement to relax the shoulders.

The numbness IS the pinching of nerves, not ALWAYS a terrible thing, but you won't know until you find out for yourself. Take the X-rays to a chiropractor to see. It hurts a little to begin, and then it is comfortable and welcome.

You can't continue to go around doing nothing as the body will acquire the habit of holding the shoulders and vertabra in an incorrect position.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you all ever so much for your advice. I will do as you tell me and then I'll tell you what the results are. Is a chiropractor better than an ostheopath for this??
A question: is it possible to know, from an x-ray, that a nerve is being pinched?? Is it something that can get worse?? Could the nerve get to "break" from being pinched??

Sabra, are you better now?? And how's your ankle?
Sparkle last decade
Dear Sabra,
I do exactly what you described of tensing my shoulders and lifting them slightly, specially when I'm nervous! And I have caught myself doing this almost all the time. Do you think that with the exercises alone I will get better or do I need professional help??
Thank you!
Sparkle last decade
The only time that nerves break is in severe cases of diabetes[ I believe]
Pinched nerves are often due to inflammation. When the nerve sheath gets inflamed the outer surface expands and causes no problem - but at the same time the innner surface expands and causes the 'pinched nerve' [so called] problem.
This often happens after taking antibiotics. These disperse inflammation from its 1st site , seeming to effect a cure .

In fact the inflammation is dispersed around the body causing all sorts of problems - mostly rheumatic.
passkey last decade
Hard to describe. We use our arms and shoulders automatically. We tense up without thinking about it. We reach, not consciously knowing which muscle we use.

Nerves do not "break," they get inflamed and sore like a boil does on the skin except it is inside. So if swollen or "pinched" they hurt, blood supply is cut to a minimum and this causes the numbness. The neck and shoulders are the nerves leading to the hands and particular fingers.

The PT showed me how to engage the "behind" the shoulder muscle. The one controling the "blade." If you practice and think about it you can set it into motion. It is like when you see a male weight lifter make his arm muscles and chest pecks jump at will. Nothing else moves.

Practice until you feel the "back" or wing muscles move. Everyone can lift the upper shoulder, but it takes concentration to leave the upper "top" of the shoulder DOWN and engage the "wings" in the back. Maybe you can find a man to show you. They are more in tune with this movement. Remember, don't lift the point of the shoulder to do it. Hold it down with other hand if you have to. This is not actually connected to the neck problem, but may release some tension. It may redirect your unconscious area of tension.

Thank you for asking about my ankle. I am happy to report that I am now walking with both shoes!! No assistance. I am fine, except my hips now have to readjust again. Off to my chiropractor to get myself realigned again.

Sometimes Arnica gives some relief for the tension. Tension is one thing, stress is different. Stress is more emotional.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hello Sparkle,
I am a 30year old male and I have the same exact problem. It started occurring about 5 years ago when I first woke up with a stiff neck. That is also when I first got my computer job.

Ever since, this has been happening every few months or so with stiffness/pain lasting for a week or two. Than a about a year ago, I also started waking up with numb hands.

Anyways, I decided to see a Chiropractor about a month back and stopped going after getting my neck/back cracked a few times. This seemed to have my problem worse. According to Chiro who took my x-rays, I had also lost my natural curve and was told I have "phase one subluxation degeneration". I was told this could be due to an accident or my "bad posture" on the computer.

I than saw my PC and had new rays taken which did not reveal any subluxation (Thank God). He has me scheduled for a MRI.

My homeopath recommended me to take Lachnantes. However, while waiting for it, I decided to take Rhus Tox which I already had. I can’t believe how much it helped the pain.

Please let me know if you have found any further details on the issue and I will also update you after the MRI.

brainfrost last decade
Hi Brainfrost!
I'm sorry you also have this problem, but I'm glad to hear I am not alone in this! Do you happen to know the difference between an osteopath and a chiropractor?? Why do you say you got worse?? What happened?? I haven't gone to the ostepath that my homeopath recommended, but today I will start with some massages to undo the knots of tension I have in my shoulders and neck. I hope they help. When I had an x-ray taken about 7 years ago, they also told me I had lost the natural curve of the neck bones, but this time the x-ray is perfect, so I don't understand. All I have done differently is that I am making the exercises that Sabra kindly recommended. I've never had any pain, just the numbness in the hands which wakes me up at night and sometimes even during the day. Oh, and I am rubbing Arnica on my shoulders every night.
I hope you feel better. Please keep in touch.
Sparkle last decade
Yeah, I think many experience this issue, specifically in the computer field. You can read about Osteopathy by simply going to google and searching for the term Osteopathy itself. I had a few links but I guess we cannot post them in this forum.

The Chiros believe in this manipulative theory where cracking the neck is supposed to realign the spine to its correct position. However, my issue with the neck pain was only limited to the neck before, but after the treatment, I feel sour all over the back specifically the base of neck and shoulders. Almost like my neck is going to fall off. Although this might be occurring as I am now trying to correct my posture and sitting up straight but it's really killing me.

I do realize than I am now a lot more tense than before and find myself having to "drop" my shoulders to alleviate the pain. The rolling of shoulders as recommended by from maya_hari above really works for me but I still have to learn about the whole wing thing as explained by Sabra. Also, I will be going through MRI so let’s see what happens with that.

Anyways, this stress thing has definitely added significantly to my existing problem. Can anyone recommend some good stress homeopathy remedy for this situation?
brainfrost last decade
The well known pre exam stress remedy is arg nit , try 6x and see how it goes.
passkey last decade
The ideal remedy for both the neck pain and stress (interaction) is BARTFELDER 7CH.
donnely last decade
Well I have been trying to control my stress and have been feeling beter for the last few days. I will definitely look into the remedies mentioned above.

brainfrost last decade
Donnely --- if you are going to post a remedy that no one has heard of - then at least tell them where to obtain it.
passkey last decade
Will getting a massage once a week help to get rid of the tension and therefore, release the "pinched" nerve??
Sparkle last decade
Massage is good for everything, especially tension in shoulders.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you so much! I will keep you posted! How did it go with your chiropractor?? Are you feeling better now?
Sparkle last decade
i had a broken neck was not picked up by xray needed mri
cat scan for tissure
later on i broke my ankle xray did not show .up are you getting the message dot not suffer if you dont have too
alangail1 last decade

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