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Bouts of Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety

I'm 55 yrs old. I have bouts of fatigue, depression and anxiety which can last 1-3 weeks. This alternates with being highly motivated and energetic for a 3-5 days. I get easily overwhelmed by all the things I think I should do to the point of immobility and depression. I can spend days in bed reading in my pj's at my worst, no washing, no cleaning, don't want to answer phone or door.

I've burnt myself out with extremely hard work and long hours, and now feel overwhelmed and anxious very easily. Anxiety sensation in my stomach and often occurs when I wake at night, as I think of things I should do. When anxiety is very bad I'm afraid of driving over bridges or near cliffs. Can't stand the height.

I would love to find a stable state of mind! I recently moved to the country to find inner peace and gave up my hectic work. There's a few other things going on with me as you'll see below. Perhaps you can suggest priorities for what to treat first and how to approach it.

Background: I was diagnosed with a tumour in my anus 15 mths ago, treated with 2 x 5 days chemo, radiation, and Thuya 200c, Carcin 200C. All tests since are clear.

I've always been an incredibly hard worker, driven by challenges, bit lost, down and unmotivated without a challenge. I've used Nat Mur 200c successfully for these bouts in the past, but they just keep re-occuring. Perhaps I'm not taking it for long enough - I stop as soon as better usually one or two doses. At very worst I also get freezing cold so I must have a hot bath as nothing else helps, cold < in feet.

I wake up every night about 3am and don't get back to sleep till about 7am.

I have very sore feet when I first walk on them, believe it's tightened, calcified tendons in the bottom of the foot.

I pick my lips and cuticle. I like salty foods. I'm tall and dark blonde.

My bowels have always been irritable. Prone to diarrhea 1-3 x week, am slightly incontinent from bad tearing in child birth - now worse with radiation in that area. stools are good brown colour and formed otherwise. Urgency with stool but hard to tell if that's just the poor muscle tone there.

I have Hep C from bad blood transfusion but liver readings are always fine for many years now. I've used Colloidal Silver and St Mary's Thistle for years. I do get occaisional pains behind right shoulder blade, and sweats after midnight if I drink alcohol. Also some brown pigmentation spots on face, hands and chest, which I'd love to clear.

I have had a duodenal ulcer with severe pain and coffee ground stools about 10 years ago. Now i just get burping after eating, no pain and very rare heartburn.
Recently still positive for Helicobacter Pylori, and would love to get rid of it - don't want to take the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for it.

I feel the cold, like salt, cry alone, cry at sad movies and books, am becoming more reclusive, get cold sores when I'm really exhausted.
I have arthritis in the joint behind my big toe which is enlarged. Also in some joints of my fingers and thumbs which are also enlarged. They're sore on firm pressure, and very sore if bent by accident past their limited mobility. They are not hot or red like when this first started many years ago. Sometimes I have to manually straighten my fingers.

I use Rhus Tox 200C successfully for stiffness in my back after working on my property. I have degeneration and bulging discs in lower back.

I've had and may still have polyps in my sinuses. I usually have a bit of mucous, white-clear, and stuffiness < morning on waking. My ears feel stuffy.
  Lovelee on 2009-11-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
How sensitive are u to noise and touch.
vikas_grower last decade
Both noise and touch are fine. I'm not particularly sensitive to them.
Lovelee last decade
What makes u anxious .

When u wake up at 3 am , is it due to some reason .

U have stated about a hectic work schedule , what was the nature of your work .
vikas_grower last decade
I get anxious about everything I think I SHOULD do. And I do work on that terrible concept of 'should'! I started a non-profit events service called Loveworks, organising volunteers to provide first aid, naturopathy, and drug and alcohol support to young people at major events. This grew rapidly until I had 5000 volunteers on my books, and organised up to 1500 volunteers at an event. It was nothing for me to work 20 hour days for months at a time. Before that I had started a health food shop/clinic and raised 4 children on my own. Also very hard work. However, once the challenge (the event, the shop established and going well) I lose interest. I'm not very good at consistent application without a major challenge. I gave up Loveworks when I was diagnosed with cancer. Bought a couple acres in the country and I'm trying to find inner peace, work with the rythyms of nature, etc.However, it's an old farmhouse, needs work, lots of gardens I put in, and of course, you take yourself with you wherever you go! I still drive myself and have expectations of myself. And as a mother, I think alot about where I might have let my children down, or done the wrong thing, and how that may be affecting them now. I find myself, living alone, thinking about the past, and then I'll unconsciously say aloud 'I shouldn't have done that'. I'm also not good if I'm in my bouts of tiredness and depression when I know I have a social meeting or so to go to, with new people, even though I'm a bit lonely out here. I get very anxious about that and will cancel sometimes.
Lovelee last decade
1)When anxiety is very bad I'm afraid of driving over bridges or near cliffs. Can't stand the height.

Can u put more light on this .

2)When u wake up at 3 am , is it due to some reason .

3) Any craving for sugar .

4) When u have some meeting , do u suffer from any anticipatory anxiety.
vikas_grower last decade
When I'm tired and stressed, eg after an event, I have great difficulty in driving over a bridge, dam wall or ramp onto the freeway, and will in fact go to great lengths to avoid it. While driving over I feel very anxious, grip the steering wheel, I'm afraid of driving over the edge, or losing control. I have it to a much milder degree all the time. It started about 6-8 years ago. I can also find it difficult to look out over heights, eg lookout on a mountain, or driving on road with steep drop-off.

No, I don't think I wake for a reason. It can vary from 1am to 4am, but usually around 3am. I may be a little bit thirsty only sometimes, or need to urinate, but I may not need to do any of these things. I just lie there, thinking. Sometimes I read a novel. Very occaisionally I get up, make a chamomile tea, or work on the computer. Sometimes, if I have a lot on my mind, I try to write it down, eg list of things to do.

My stomach-curling anxiety at night and early am is almost always only if I'm already in one of my anxious/depressed/fatigued bouts, and I think of something I should do eg see someone, do something for the kids, do something around the house.

No, I don't crave sugar to any great degree, altho I do
sometimes feel like a sweet thing after a savoury meal.

Yes, I do have anticipatory anxiety when I have to do something with other people who I don't know well.

I was very bad a couple days ago and took 1 dose of Nat Mur 10m. Feeling much better - more motivated, more energy, more calm. However, it just keeps coming back after a week or so. Wondering if this is only a bandaid or temporary solution, or should I take it more regularly?
Lovelee last decade
Do u have/ had in past this feeling that time passes too slowly .

Do u find/(or found in past ) yourself impulsive trying to hurry up things .

Any impulse to jump from a height.

Any trembling in any body part.
vikas_grower last decade
Thanks for taking so much time with me. No I don't find any of those things. When I'm driving say over a bridge, I'm afraid I might lose control and drive off the edge cause I'm so nervous and panicky. I don't have the impulse to jump or drive over. I don't feel time passes too slowly. I do work very fast and try to do a lot in little time, when I'm working under pressure, but not otherwise, and I'm not aware of trying to hurry others or events around me. I don't get trembling anywhere, occaisional twitching eyelid only.
Lovelee last decade
'I have it to a much milder degree all the time. It started about 6-8 years ago.'

How were things 6-8 years ago .

Have u suffered any major trauma in life .

How would u describe yourself as a person when u were young .

Any thing single u can point out that had a profound impact on your life .
vikas_grower last decade
I think the fear of heights began when I was very very tired after organising an event. I'd had only 4 hours sleep for many days, and was very worn out.

Major trauma... I've had a big life with lots of changes. My father threw me out first at 13 yrs. I attempted suicide 3 times by 18, and spent 2 years in a mental hospital, having counselling and psycho-analysis only.

Then I joined the hippies and lived a communal life. I was always shy, but tall and quite beautiful, I realise now. I was often asked to be a model but I no idea of what I had. I was promiscous in an attempt to find father love, I think.

My partner of 17 yrs left when I was 37, when my youngest of 4 children was one year so I raised them on my own without any support from family, who were overseas, or said partner. It had been a difficult relationship. He was a hippie musician. I supported the family a lot of the time, kept it all together, became more and more the serious, unlovable strict one in the relationship, as he played around and was irresponsible. After he was gone for a year or two I started the health food shop.

I had a breakdown in 1997 when engaged to be married to a man who was a controlling, jealous sex-addict. Really fell apart, couldn't speak, liver readings weren't good, ended up going to Holland and staying with my Mom for a month and came back and broke it off. I had very bad sinus and thick mucous, as well as onset of duodenal ulcer, when things started to go bad in the engagement described above. Mucous, nasal polyps and ulcer continued for many years. Mucous was lumpy, sticky, profuse, ran down my throat and interfered with my speaking (difficult as I had a busy naturopathic practice) and had to be hawked up from my throat or sucked back down my nose.

Apparently I had thick chronic mucous for a long time as a child with sinus pain, and I do remember an old German doctor using a machine to suck it out.

I had another major crisis with my health and wellbeing when I sold my health food shop and practice in 1999. I sold it to be with my children who were teens, but they didn't really want to be my next project, and I felt at a loss, loss of identity, purpose, career. I went down very badly with fatigue and depression, thought I was dying of Hep C, ended up partying too hard for a few years.

As a young child I was serious, genius IQ, high acheiver and straight A student but only because I crammed and was smart. I've never been good at diligent and consistent application. I was a loner, might have one special friend. I loved nature and would dream about being on my own in a little house in the forest. As my mother would drive me to school I'd see a little area with a tree and a creek and think I could live there. That was my daydream. I would catch the ponies across the road and ride them into the forest, find a creek, and take off all my clothes to bathe in the creek so I could be close and one with nature. This was my own idea, my parents didn't really know anything about it.

Dad was a very strict and controlling business man who was grooming me to take over his little empire. I felt that his and mum's world was dysfunctional (they argued constantly, didn't really have any social life or friends, and money was always a controlling issue even though he was well off) and full of adult hypocrisy. I was very tall 5'9', from about 12. I loved to read.

I hope this helps. Nothing comes to mind as a single thing that had an impact, unless it was the incredible unconditional love, freedom, sharing and faith that typified my life as a hippy. Up until then I felt I'd been on an endless journey of self-analysis to see if I was a good and worthy person, and worked out as a hippy that i could live in 'service', not thinking about the past or future, just seeing the step in front of me, serving others, doing whatever my conscience said. That was a major turning point in my life, as I realised I am what I DO.
Lovelee last decade
I will get back in few days time .
vikas_grower last decade
As a person would u describe yourself as of mild , gentle and yielding disposition.
vikas_grower last decade
In some ways. I avoid conflict with my sons for instance, and men in general, and can be yielding to the point of being mildly ridiculous. I've noticed that about myself.

I'm quite capable of initiating and handling conflict in meetings or business, however.

I think most people would say I have a forceful personality. I'm a visionary. I love to talk about ideas, philosophy. I love to intellectualise. I love theory. I love to talk about my ideas, if I'm not careful I can dominate the conversation, when I'm with people.
Lovelee last decade
Does the description below matches your state

'Great susceptibility to external impressions, to light, sound, odors, touch, electrical changes, thunder-storms. Suddenness of symptoms, sudden prostration, faints, sweats, shooting pains, etc.

. Inflammation of the respiratory tract. Paralytic symptoms.

Worse, lying on left side. Tertiary syphilis, skin lesions, and nervous debility. Scurvy.

Osteo myelitis. Bone fragility.

Mind.--Great lowness of spirits. Easily vexed. Fearfulness, as if something were creeping out of every corner. Clairvoyant state.

Great tendency to start. Over-sensitive to external impressions. Loss of memory. Memory. Paralysis of the insane. Ecstasy.

Dread of death when alone. Brain feels tired. Insanity, with an exaggerated idea of one's own importance. Excitable, produces heat all over. Restless, fidgety. Hypo-sensitive, indifferent.
vikas_grower last decade
No I'm sorry, it doesn't sound like me.

Specifically, I'm not sensitive to noise, light, sound, thunderstorms, etc. I don't get sudden faints etc.

I'm not worse lying on the left-hand side. No skin lesions except brown flat dry spots about half the size of pea on chest,arms, legs - started about 3 years ago.

Not aware of bone fragility.

I don't think I'm easily vexed and I'm definitely not a scared person - quite the opposite, I don't lock my door, for instance.

I don't start. My short-term memory is quite poor - find it hard to remember what I was thinking a few minutes prior.

I don't fear death except when I think of the cancer sometimes, and wonder how I can die gracefully. I'm not restless or fidgity. I can be indifferent.

This is Phos, isn't it? I don't think it's me. Sorry...
Lovelee last decade
Please Check causticum at link below

caust.html" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://homepage.ntlworld.com/homeopathy_advice/Remedies/POLY...
vikas_grower last decade
Think you might be on the right track!! I've copied the notes on Causticum and written notes next to points.

As with any polycrest, Causticum can affect all organ systems. The main areas of concentration, however, are the nervous system and the connective tissues. There is often a history of slowly progressive debility, stiffness, and - if the pathology is strong - paralysis. YES, ENDS OF TOES ARE NUMB. FEET AND HANDS GIVING PROBLEMS. STIFFNESS PRESENT.

The character of Causticum is serious, intense, and sensitive. THAT’S ME.
The patient is often exceedingly sympathetic - crying from hearing news bulletins or from seeing unfortunate people or creatures. YES
This sympathy may also take the form of social activism with an intolerance of injustice and a hatred of those who create injustice. YES
The Causticum patient may be rebellious even to the point of violent political extremism. WELL NOT EXTREMISM BUT YES REBELLIOUS
If the pathology progresses to the mental plane, we can find great mental dullness and forgetfulness. This dullness produces in the patient a great anxiety that he will forget something. YES
Finally a type of compulsive neurosis can occur. The patient feels absolutely compelled to check and recheck for dangerous mental lapses (i.e. he checks to see if he has turned off the stove and then has to recheck a short time later). YES – HAVE TO DRIVE BACK TO THE HOUSE AND CHECK STOVE, ETC

The Causticum child is sensitive and excitable. He is extremely aware of others and intensely sympathetic for the suffering of others. The emotions are very intensely felt. YES
A Causticum child may burst into tears from a slight provocation. The child can have many fears, especially fear of the dark. YES Compulsive and perfectionistic behavior may also occur. YES The Causticum teenager is both rebellious and highly idealistic. YES


GREAT ANGER OVER INJUSTICES toward himself or others
(example: a fellow worker's mistreatment, or the plight of Hispanics). Much anger or concern about the environment. YES

REBELLIOUS. POLLITICAL. Hates authority. Self-righteous. YES


often there is a history of many repeated griefs. Alcoholism after grief.

Depression. YES


, especially when excited.
Fears: Dark. Dogs or other animals. Ghosts.
Overly-sensitive children; weep from trifles.
Mental dullness and forgetfulness.
Hurriedness; eats fast; rushes in tasks.
History of sexual abuse or violence in the family.



General aggravation at 4 PM.
General aggravation from suppressed eruptions (neurological, etc.).
Pains often described as a 'cut' or 'wound'; also as a 'rock' sensation internally.
Appearance: lean, dark and intense; may be very refined.

, especially of flexor muscles, especially on right side.

Paralysis: cerebral accidents or neuro-degenerative disorders.
Chorea worse in sleep, worse on the right side.
Seizure disorder; generalized convulsions, worse in sleep, worse during menses, worse on right side of body.
Petit mal.
Twitching, jerking, tremor, convulsions after fright or grief.
Numbness of the left side of the body.


, worse from wind.
, worse from cold winds (Acon).
Paralysis of the tongue.
Heaviness or paralysis of eyelids.
Twitches of the face.
Temporomandibular joint disease or spasms, worse on right side.
Sinusitis. YES
Eruptions in the occipital region.
Acne. Rosacea.

CONSTANT DESIRE TO CLEAR THE THROAT. Feels there is mucous in the throat which he clears only with difficulty. YES

worse with almost every cold, worse in the morning, worse from over-use YES – ALWAYS LOSE VOICE FROM OVER-USE,

better from cold drinks.
Constant desire to swallow.
Paralysis of esophagus.


Torticollis. ???

Cravings: YES Cheese. YES

Aversion: SWEETS.
Stomach pains, ameliorated by cold drinks (Phos).
Constipation, better from standing.

Stool covered with mucous. YES

Rectal fissure.

Urinary and Sexual Organs.
INCONTINENCE OF URINE , especially in older women. YES

Paralysis of the bladder; retention from long holding of the urine.
Frequent urging to urinate.
Enuresis (may last even into adult years).
Insensible loss of urine.



COUGHS DEEPER AND DEEPER trying to reach the mucous. YES

, worse bending forward.
Bronchitis with hard racking cough.
Raw feeling in the chest, or 'as if a rock' were inside.
Asthma arises in situations of intense or suppressed emotions.
Asthma worse from exertion.

Low back pain and sciatica. YES

Cervical tension. Spondylosis. Torticollis.

, worse cold, worse over-use and strain, YES

worse bathing, worse dry weather.


ulnar deviation.
Right deltoid pain.
Restless legs at night in bed.

Cramps of the calves and feet. YES

Carpal tunnel syndrome. YES

Slowly progressive paralysis.
Ataxia; dragging foot while walking.

of muscles and tendons. Hard, indurated tendons. YES - FEET



Herpes. YES

Eczema. Acne. Boils.

Abscess. Acne. Alcoholism. Allergy. Anxiety. Arthritis. Asthma. Ataxia. Bell's palsy. Bronchitis. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Cerebral accidents. Chorea. Compulsive disorder. Constipation. Contracture. Cough. Dysphagia. Eczema. Enuresis. Fibrositis. Gout. Herpes. Impotence. Low back pain. Multiple sclerosis. Myalgia. Neuralgia. Neuro-degenerative disorders. Parkinson's disease. Rheumatism. Sciatica. Seizure disorder. Sexual dysfunction. Sinusitis. Tendonitis. Tics. Torticollis. Tremor. Urinary incontinence. Vaginitis. Warts.

Coloc. Staph.
Phos - Sympathy, fear of something bad happening, of dark, etc., chest congestions, desires cold drinks, hoarseness, rheumatism, neurological disorders.
Sep - Sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, chilly, anxious, weeping, thin and dark.
Calc-P - Dissatisfied, chilly and worse drafts, rheumatism and neck pain, craves smoked flavored food.
Staph. Plb. Tub. Nat-M. Nux-V.
Lovelee last decade
I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting so much effort into me. I really appreciate it. I'll look forward to hearing from you how to go about taking the Causticum. God bless...
Lovelee last decade
Please take Causticum as per below dosing proceedure

Causticum is a deep acting remedy , it is to be taken once and its action lasts 30 to 40 days . Hence i repeat it is to be taken once . If this is the medicine then some effect will be noticed in first few days .

In case this does not turn out to be the right remedy no change will be observed but we have to wait at least for a 15 days before we come to a conclusion .

You will have to strictly avoid coffee , perfumes /body sprays at least for initial 20 days after taking the medicine . Even if it is difficult this has to be followed .No flexibilty around this for at least the first 20 days otherwise the action of the medicine will get masked .

Dissolve 2 pellets ( or pour 2 drops of liquid )of Causticum in a 250 ml spring water bottle. Allow the pellets to dissolve on their own which takes some time .

Shake the bottle gently after u have put the 2 drops or after the 2 pellets have dissolved so that the medicine gets dispersed homogenously.

Take a capful from this bottle thrice that is take one capful wait for 45 mimutes take another capful wait for 45 minutes take the third capful . This completes the dose .Now we wait for at least 15 days to see the impact , if the results are good we shall wait for another 15 days .

Throw away the spring water bottle .

No repetition of the medicine during this wait and watch period of 15 + 15 days..


1/. Nothing should enter the mouth for 40 minutes prior to, or after taking the remedy.

2/. Do not touch the tablets with your hands, tip them into the cap of the container they came in and then into the water .

3/. Avoid coffee, tea (including green), and other sources of caffeine such as some fizzy drinks and large amounts of chocolate.

4/. Avoid wearing perfume/aftershave, or exposure to anything with a strong smell while under treatment. This includes any and all essential oils, and incense.

5/. Avoid the consumption of excessively spicey foods
6/. The use of medicinal herbs, either as 'teas' or supplements should be avoided during Homoeopathic treatment, as should the use of over the counter medication, unless this has been recommended by an MD.

7/. Nothing of a medicinal nature should be applied to the skin

Please also remember as explained that the 3 capfuls have to be taken once .

No homeopathic medicine should be repeated until the reaction to the initial dose is observed.

Well if the remedy selected is ok then the first sign of improvement will noticed in the first few days .

Sometines after taking the medicine there can be headache , diarrhoea , fever , vomiting , cold etc , if this happens let it borne without taking any allopathic medicine .

Please also avoid all other medicines for first seven days and stay away from Coffee ,smoking and drinking.

Avoid coffee and any strong smelling cosmetic ,
vikas_grower last decade

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