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Need Help With Disturbed Sleep Problem


I am a 43-year-old female, soon to be 44, who is married with no children. Both my grandmother and my mother were homeopathic doctors. I was told that my Constitutional Remedy is Ferrum Phos. Looking at the profile, I'd say it is accurate mostly. However, lately I am sharing some mind elements of Nux Vomica.

My problem has to do with a disturbed sleep pattern. I have copied the questions you provided for another Forum user below to give you a better idea of who I am. But the problem I am facing now has been going on for almost three years. It started when my husband and I first got together (slept together.) I am one of those people who is VERY sensitive to noise and movement in bed of another person. Snoring keeps me awake, for example. Here's what happens: When my husband and I first got together, he was extremely restless in bed, kicking the covers off, thrashing about, etc. My body reacted by getting VERY frustrated and unable to sleep. My mind, which is active much of time, would start doing cartwheels and I couldn't sleep. He, of course, had no trouble getting back to sleep, which annoyed me even further. The outcome of this was that I would storm (yes, storm) into the guest room and finally get some sleep. The guest room is very dark, very quiet. Unfortunately, this has become a pattern for me (staying with my husband in bed for two or three hours every night and then going into the other room when he makes the least bit of movement or snoring noise.) You see, now my MIND is more affected by the OUTCOME and the waiting for the next noise to occur. I have definitely focused it down to this. Well, we've had almost three years of living like this and we're both tired of it. I feel as if I'm missing a whole chunk of my life with my husband because I can't share a bed with him all night long. I am now kind of conditioned in my mind to "expect" the restlessness and I react by habit of getting up and leaving. In fact, now just the IDEA of getting up and leaving is soothing and makes staying in the bed even more difficult.I have also noticed that when I get anxious after being awakened by him that my heart starts to race wildly due to what my mind is feeling.

Before I get to the questions, this may be of help to you. I just took an Andrenal Stress Index test and found that my adrenal glands are below normal, especially between rising and 4pm. I have a very difficult time getting up in the morning and getting going. I used to be a night owl, but since marrying my husband, we are in bed by 10pm or earlier each night.

I think I've sufficiently covered the first part of your questions above.

3. What illnesses have you had in the past?
I've had pneumonia three times (age 9, 28 and 32. At age 5, I was given a live polio vaccine which, we think, gave me a mild case of polio. My mother immediately gave me Thuja after the symptoms showed up to neutralize the shot. However, my left side of my body is slightly stunted. I have to wear a 1/2 lift in all my left shoes to accomodate the imbalance. My health has been generally very good the last five years as I have worked hard to support my lungs with herbs and my body with yoga.

4. What illnesses run in the family?
Mother's side: Diabetes, alcoholism.
Father's side: heart problems, Parkinson's, dementia, depression. Most of my father's family live to be past 85.

5. What do people die from in the family?
Stroke, heart attack

6. What medication are you on?
No chemical drugs. I take herbs (Schisandra, maca, Triphala (to help my digestion and elimination), Cordyceps (to support my lungs) and Chlorella)I also take a mild glandular for my thyroid (Thyroplex for Women, I've been on that almost 2 years) and I just started taking 7-Keto- 25mg.M/W/F (precursor to DHEA) to help my adrenal functions.

7. What foods to you crave? List from strongest to weakest:
Meat protein
Spicy NOT bland foods
Ice Cream
Sweets (no hard candy or excessively sugary sweets)

Don't crave bread, potatoes, although I like rice.

8.What foods do you have a reversion to (hatred or repulsion?)
Ham (but I LOVE bacon) Eggplant, All SOY, Duck, Beef liver, Beef Tongue

9. What is your level of thirst and what do you prefer to drink?
Level of thirst is low, unless I am semi active or very nervous. Prefer to drink either water or unsweetened (or lightly sweetened) organic juices. In the summer, love ice coffee with cream in the afternoon.

10. What foods aggravate you, including allergies?
SOY. BIG allergy to soy. I stay away from it completely. Ham gives me an upset stomach.

11. Do you suffer from any digestive complaints? What is your bowel habit?
My emotions have always ruled by bowel. When I'm nervous, traveling or apprehensive, I can't have a bowel movement. I've gotten in the habit of having to take something to make a bowel movement happen, thus, the Triphala. My digestion is weak. I easily bloat after eating, have lots of gas. I carry a slight pooch in my belly. Sometimes, before my period, I can look like I'm four months pregnant.

12. What is your level of energy like? Rate it from 1-10 throughout the day.
I think my adrenals play a part in this. I've always had a hard time getting up in the morning and getting going. My morning rates at a 2 or 3. By afternoon, I'm a 6 and by 5 or 6pm, it can be as high as a 9 or 10. However, lately, I've been more tired at night.

13. What is your level of sexual energy like?
Strong. It was even stronger a year ago and off the chart when I first became intimate with my husband in June 2002. Still, today, if my husband wanted to have intercourse three or more times a day, I would happily do it. We usually have intercourse anywhere from 2 to 5 times a week, with an average of 3 times a week.I love making love to my husband. That has never been a problem except when he's too tired and can't get an erection. My sexual energy has definitely mellowed but it's still there front and center. Sexual intercourse actually helps me get to sleep. My husband and I share a beautiful sexual relationship that is very special for both of us.

14. How is your sleep?
I think I've covered that.
What position do you like to sleep in?
On my stomach with my right cheek on the pillow.
Any position you cannot sleep in?
No. If I'm tired enough, I can sleep in any position.
Any unusual behavior during sleep?
Unusual? When I was a young girl (up to age 12 I think), I would occasionally walk in my sleep. I also was told by my mother that I talked in my sleep. However, I could usually go to sleep in one position and wake up the same way 8 hours later.
I have NOT been able to put my head on the pillow and wake up uninterrupted in sleep for at least 7 years. Before I got together with my husband, I'd usually wake up every three or four hours. No specific time I'd wake up.

15.Have you had any recurring images/pictures/themes that occur in your dreams?
One recurring dream I've had since I was a child is that I'm running away from someone (can't see who they are) and I turn around to run faster and I go blind. But I keep running even though I'm in the dark. I haven't had that one for about four years. The other one that has repeated itself since I graduated from University 21 years ago is that I'm suddenly back in either high school or college and I'm told that I did not graduate and I have to repeat one class (usually a science class) in order to graduate. I feel immediately frustrated because science and math were my worst subjects but I agree to take the class. Then I spend the rest of the nightmare trying to find the classroom to no avail. The dream continues forever with me helplessly searching for the classroom until I finally find it and it's time to take final terms when I get there. I am unprepared and feel like a failure and try my best on the test but hand it in knowing I've failed. Then I wake up. That one occurs now and again. Haven't had it for maybe eight months or more.

16. Describe your menses, PMS, menopause, gynocological?
I started my period late (age 14). Was happy to finally get it. Period was always regular (26-28 days) until about age 40 when I would go anywhere from 23 to 32 days. By age 42, I was having periods anywhere from 18 days to 47 days. It was determined from a Hormone Saliva Panel that I was "Estrogen Dominant." I started using progesterone cream, curtailed my red meat intake, got off any estrogen encouraging supplements and foods and have been able to get my period back to 26 to 28 days, although two months ago it was 47 days.
Never had PMS symptoms in any excess that I've noticed. I'm considered "Peri-Menopausal." Gynocological problems: When I was 10 years old, I fell off a playground "Jungle Gym" and onto my stomach, knocking the air out of me. This injury, supposedly, "tipped my uterus," according to the osteopath that treated me. He said I had to have vaginal manipulation to correct this problem. While this may have been genuine at first, the vaginal manipulations got out of hand and I believe I was sexually abused by this doctor over the course of 6 months in his office. Mind you, I am not one of these females who sees sexual abuse at every corner. However, on closer review of what occured in his office, I'd have to say his methods for healing were suspect and couched in rough handling and gruff mental attitude toward me. It's a testament to my husband's loving kindness that I am so receptive sexually after the aversion I had to anyone touching me in my vaginal area (even getting a pap smear was a painful nightmare for me).

17. How does the weather affect you?
I cannot stand windy, frigid weather or heavy, humid weather.

18. Is there anything else in the environment you are sensitive to, perhaps more so than others?
I cannot STAND repetitive noises or sounds. I don't like loud music for very long or I get a headache and feel heavy in my head. Excessively sweet or chemical smells (like from scented candles or really sweet scented incense) make me feel sick. But more than anything, it's that repetitve sounds that get me. Also, I prefer to work alone and be able to concentrate and set my own pace. I always have. I'm an only child and operate much better on my own. I cannot work or concentrate that well when I have guests in the house.

19. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you?
I've become very aware as I grow older that what was considered "horrible" to me in the past, was due to my overly sensitive perception at the time. I have learned a great deal from all things that are considered negative. For example, I truly cannot say that the sexual misconduct of that doctor was "the worst" thing in my life. I am not being evasive here. I really mean this. I have truly taken every negative experience and learned from it and grown tremendously from it, thus, I can't define them as being bad. If I really give this thought, I'd say this: I went through what I would define as my dark night of the soul back in 1999. Because of financial problems, work problems, family problems and legal problems, I fell into a deep depression that last for 9 months. For a good portion of that time, I'd ask God to let me die and not wake up in the morning. I was completely overwhelmed by my personal problems and saw no way out but death. I did not attempt suicide and it wasn't that I wanted to die...I didn't want to live. There's a difference. After this period of my life, I was able to get back on my feet financially but I began to have my own personal rebellion (something I never did as a teenager or youngster). I drank brandy to excess, stayed out late, played pool in bars with friends, basically lived the exact opposite life that I was used to before or now. This lasted for approximately 13 months until I was involved as a passenger in a car crash in which I was not injured. This crash (a Gift from God) woke me up to what I was doing in my life and I stopped living that life immediately. I got the rebellion out of my system and was better for it.

20. What part of your life do you have the most difficulty coping with? Why?
Right now, my life is fairly stress free, compared to most people out there. My struggles are more internal. I have fears, many of them not basesd in reality. My husband is 17 years older than I am. I often think about how many more quality years we have together and the idea of him dying and me being alone without him. It breaks my heart and I get very teary and emotional over it. Other fears involve images of bad things happening to either myself or those I love (including pets). These are usually trivial fears, more accident fear related than death fears and I always catch myself when they come through my mind and cancel out that thought form. One thing I have trouble dealing with is the idea of "sharing" my husband with either his family or friends. My husband and I have have little time together due to his work schedule and we value the time together, preferring to be alone with each other than socializing. He is VERY much this way, too. When his children are in town or we visit his family once or twice a year, there seems to be a difficulty that forms between us. Our relationship ceases to flow with its characteristic form. He has noticed this on his own, by the way, and brought it to my attention. Part of it is that we are both loners by nature, however, we LOVE being together in our own little private world we've built. When others invade that world, it throws us both off and we breathe a sigh of relief when we are alone again. Actually, we have realized we need to socialize more and so we have recently started getting out more, taking dancing lessons, dinner with friends, etc. But we still value our time alone more than ever.

21. What was your childhood like? Describe your parents and your relationship with them. Siblings? Extended family? Anything in your family have a profound effect on you?
I could write a book about this question! I am an only child. My mother, a homeopathic doctor, had me at age 42. My mother is 7 years older than my father. I was very much wanted and I was adored by my parents, my maternal grandmother, my godmother and my maternal aunt. I did not have any good relations with my father's family, including his mother who did not like me. My mother is the true "MOM," loved being a mother and wife and preferred to stop her health practice when I was born and only renewed it briefly when I turned 10. My father is a stern, money-driven man who believes one's value is in how much they have in their bank account. I was expected to do well in school and not cause my family any undue strife. I was more than happy to meet these demands, however, my nerves got the better of me because I always strived to be perfect. My father would have been very happy if I never dated a boy or got married as I was told that "men would pull me away from my career goals." My goal was to be a writer (something I accomplished) and my father lived through me, since he wanted to be a writer himself but took the safe route and became an executive. My mother and father did not get along at all. My father drank to excess and my mother believed in telling everyone that our home life was wonderful when it was not. I was also told to lie to others to cover up the drinking which I did. I was the go-between for my parents, the mediator of their fights and, in retrospect, manipulated beyond belief by both of them. As long as I towed the line and parroted my father's words, all was okay. I lived at home until I was 29. Even then, my father pleaded with me not to move (I only moved 15 miles away then). When I stopped doing that at age 30, and finally found my own voice, he did not like it one bit and it's been a battle ever since.Perhaps the most profound experience has been witnessing the self-destructive marriage of my parents (which still goes on today), the inherant weakness of my mother when she left my dad twice and went back to him, saying it was for MY sake and the way I was played upon by my own parents under the guise of "love." Yes, I was loved and adored and given a lot (I also was told to EARN everything I got and I did!) But there was a feeling from my father that love was conditional upon me doing as he said. My mother was and is very supportive of me and my marriage today. My father refused to talk to my husband or attend my wedding. I was actually fine with this since his appearance would have caused more trouble than pleasure.

22. Describe the romantic relationship you are in. What causes the most problems between you?
I waited until age 41 to find the man I would marry (we had been friends for almost 10 years). He was married until 1998 and it was a miserable marriage from the beginning (it lasted 23 years). I had not been married before nor had I had any long term relationships. I focused completely on my writing career. When our friendship turned to passion in June of 2002, it was unexpected and fantastic. We were in seventh heaven for four solid months that summer. The romantic passion was unbelieveable for both of us. (He had been celibate since his divorce and his marriage was marked with months of no sexual intercourse with his wife who was controlling and demanding of him.) We mutually decided that I would move in with him that Fall. Right before that, he was diagnosed with a small tumor on his thyroid. He had 30% of his thyroid removed and he suffered some energy problems because of it. We got through that, but I had trouble adjusting to my new life. It was a tough six months emotionally for me, but I got through it and grew a lot emotionally. We married in June of 2003. I was someone who really liked romance and missed what we had in the summer of 2002. I felt as if that all became so subdued after we married and I was very vocal about it. This caused us to have many rifts...not fights. My husband does not yell at me or speak harshly. If anything, he holds his feelings inside and I have to pry them out to find out what's bothering him. We've moved through that, but I guess the one thing that causes issues for us is when he's so preoccupied with his work and we can't be together as much sexually. For us, sexual intercourse is like reconnecting with the other person and feeling whole again. I get upset when he doesn't pay attention to me and he's buried in work and can't see that I've asked him something and he ignores me. This truly frustates me. Once he gets his head out of his work, he is very much present in our marriage and more than willing to help with the cooking and some housekeeping. I know I have to learn to not be a controlling person around him since nobody can tell him what to do if he doesn't want to do it. Likewise, he gently tries to control me but it's so gentle that I don't really care that much. It's more my need to control the relationship that causes minor problems.

23. What is your occupation? What difficulties do you have at work?
I am a writer and I work out of my home office. I am a self-starter, always have been. The only difficulties I have right now are that two of my big writing projects are are hold and waiting for publication. This has been going on for two years and it's very frustrating to me. I struggled with writer's block for most of last year but I seem to be back on track now.

24. What is your self-confidence like? When is it at its worst?
Ask anybody and they'll tell you that I have tremendous self confidence. I believe in myself and my abilities firmly. I know I am a good writer and public speaker. My confidence is at its worst with my body image. I'm very critcal of my nude body and always finding fault in something, although nobody else does. My father was very critical of all things, often of what I looked like and so I think this carried over to me.

25. What fears do you have? Phobias? Trouble facing?
I fear losing my husband to death. I fear not being successful in my profession. I have a fear of opening my eyes under water, fear of bats, whether they are flying or hanging from the rafters, fear of snakes (although the fear of bats is much worse than the fear of snakes). I have trouble facing confrontation with friends or those who I sense are unstable and could do me harm. I have NO trouble confronting my husband if we have something to discuss. I often think of what I'd like to say to someone in a confrontational situation but then I tend to back down when they show up. If I don't back down, I soften my appeal much more than what I imagined saying to them. There have been times in my life, however, when I have really let it loose and said exactly what I thought to someone no matter the situation. That always made me feel good and then slightly apprehensive of what they might do to me, if anything. The irony was that they never did anything to me. My fears were always worse than my reality.

26. What parts in your life would you like to change if at all possible?
I'd like to get my writing projects accepted by the publishers and get a contract for my work in place. I'd like to have greater DAILY flow in my marriage. I'd like to not feel the need to control so much. I'd like to have enough money in the bank so I didn't feel so stressed for funds. I'd like to lose 10 pounds. I'd like my husband to not work so hard and such long hours so we'd have more time together to go on vacations and do things that are fun. I'd like to have more vitality. I'd like to not be burdened by my fears, real and imagined.

27. What do you do to relax?
Go dancing with my husband, go to the movies, watch TV (not that much TV but a few shows), cross country ski, go for long walks in the country where we live.

28. What is something that you have not told anybody else or few people? Why is that?
I was a virgin when my husband and first got together three years ago. That was my big secret for years and one that I was terrified would be discovered. I still am very worried if anyone knew that. My husband knew I was a virgin when we first got together and it was not an issue for him. He was honored that I waited so long and chose him to be with. There are maybe six or 7 people who know that I was a virgin until age 41. The reason I didn't talk about it was that it was very personal and I knew I'd be judged by society if they knew I'd waited so long to be intimate with a man. I did tell one person once who I thought I could trust. She ended up saying that I should get professional help and that maybe I was gay. I can assure you, I am NOT gay and I didn't need professional help. I just needed to find the man I truly loved and felt safe and happy with and I found him. That kind of response from that woman made me realize I was right to keep this information to myself. I'm even anxious writing this information to you, frankly.

That should give you plenty of info I should think! One last thing: Last night, I took Nux Vomica 30c, 4 pellets under the tongue and then repeated it two hours later to see if that would help my highly sensitive sleeping pattern. It did not. Infact, it made me even more hyper vigilant and I got those heart palpitations even more, until I moved into the guest room and fell asleep for a few hours before waking up around 4:20am and then finally getting back to sleep until my husband woke me up at 6:45am.

Thank you for any help you can offer me.
  Laurel on 2005-03-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Seems like you need Belladonna-30.

Actually I will suggest you to experiment with Belladonna Q to M.

Belladonna will give you much relief but experimenting will set up the right potency. Once you find the right one, increase potency gradually till you reach 1M.
kuldeep last decade

Thank you. Is "Q" the "C" potency or "X"?

Thus, Belladona 30X or C?

Much appreciated.
Laurel last decade
More questions:

Is Belladona my Constitutional remedy?

Are tablets or liquid dilution better?

How many tablets/drops and how often and what time of day should I do this for how long? I'm assuming with higher doses I should have some space between doses?

Also, can I drink coffee or use mint toothpaste on th days I do not use the remedy?

Thank you again!
Laurel last decade
You said both my grandmother and my mother were homeopathic doctors.

Come on Laurel. Your mind is active all the time, Belladonna is your constitutional remedy.

Q is just the plant extract. It is liquid.

One drop two times a day and if you see effect, next week Bellladona 3X and next week 4X ... 5X... till you reach 1M.
kuldeep last decade
With Q, no precaution at all. It is unwise to drink lots of coffie, mind becomes hyperactive (your mind is always active already)
kuldeep last decade

Where do I find Q potency in Belladona? I've done a quick search of ABC Homeopathy and only find 3x as the lowest potency. Isn't the plant extract toxic (yeah, yeah, yeah I know...one drop, twice a day won't kill me...)

You say "If you see effect" re: Belladona, if it's my Constitutional remedy, I'm assuming I should see a reaction almost immeditately. What sort of reaction should I expect? Does Belladona typically aggravate before resolving? The reason I ask is I have a big meeting next week re: work and I have to be in top notch shape to handle it. I'm not a coward, trust me! I've had plenty of homeopathic remedies in my life....Thus, I know the possible outcomes and what may happen....just not with Belladona... Not that familiar with it but will read up on it tonight. I just know it's often jarring to the senses (I remember my Grandmother mentioning something to that effect.)
Laurel last decade
Your pathology is too complex for BELLADONNA. Based on your detailed description I advice the BARTFELDER remedy, starting with 7CH , then build up to 12C and finally give regular boost doses with BARTFELDER XMK, once a week.
donnely last decade

I am not familiar with the BARTFELDER remedy. Can't find it anywhere.

What is "CH?"

Well, I'm confused now. I understand that every homeopath works differently but I really need to find the correct remedy for my problem(s). I read about Belladona last night and, while some of the descriptions were a heightened response mechanism of my behavior, others resonated. Truly, I never considered myself a Belladona Constitution. Maybe it's just an attitude I've always had regarding the Belladona type...Ironic if that's me and my attitutude about it reflected my own mind....Hmmm.

So, I guess I need more input from Kuldeep and others who are willing to plow through the above tome of my life. Here is a visual of what I look like if that helps:

Large breasted
Was always slender as a child and teenager until around age 25 when I got more weight packed on (about 15 pounds) in my belly and upper hips.
Fair complexion
Brown eyes
Pre-maturely grey (at 26) Natural hair color is light brown to blonde.
Long fingers
Narrow nose
Developed bags under my eyes approximately 7 years ago. Thought to be connected to adrenal stress and/or lymphatic sluggishness.

I am also someone who is impatient by nature, quick-witted, quick thinking, dependable to a fault, trustworthy, relied upon by many, prefer to be alone, quick to become frustrated when little things don't work right (i.e, shoelaces, ski boots, etc.)

Does this help paint a better picture??

Can't stress enough that I am ready to make changes and find the right remedy.

Please confirm.

Thank you.
Laurel last decade
You can order the BARTFELDER from homeoeuropa.
CH=C centesimal dilution
If you want I can refer you to a supplier (homeoeuropa),confidentially via email
donnely last decade

Can you offer a more detailed explanation of why you feel BARTFELDER is a better choice than BELLADONNA?

You commented that my pathology is too complex for Belladonna. Could you explain this?

I'd have to say that I do have a lot of the Belladonna characteristics in the classical sense, even to the point that I work in the arts as a writer.

Thank you.
Laurel last decade
I live in the U.S. and it seems that obtaining the BARTFELDER is going to be difficult at best.

Upon further study, I think that the BELLADONNA is a better choice and easier to obtain.

Question for Kuldeep or anyone:

Is it imperative to start with the 3x potency and move upward slowly each week? I absolutely understand and appreciate the need for this method. However, one real-life factors comes into play: Obtaining these remedies bit by bit by mail. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a homeopath. I like in a VERY rural area, literally 50 miles from any large city that has homeopathic supplies. I have on hand (courtesy of my grandmother when she died) a suitcase of homeopathic medicines from England and America. I just discovered Belladonna 30x in the case today. I imagine that STARTING with Belladonna 30x would not be advised???

Please, Kuldeep, if you are still around today, could you answer me? I do appreciate your insight and your attention to my concerns. (Hey, anyone who had the patience to read through that long set of answers is fine in my book!)

Thank you.

Laurel last decade

Belladonna 3X is just fine. First we have to find out its effect then we will move further.

Now don't delay any further and take the medicine and let me know. Effect should be instant.

kuldeep last decade

Thank you, Kuldeep. Will order Belladonna 3x from ABC today. Will get pellets.

How many a day?

How often?

For one week?

I look forward to feeling "an instant" effect.

Thank you again.

Laurel last decade
Sorry Laurel, it's my mistake. Since you have Belladonna 30X you start with it. No need to order 3X. I was suppose to type 30X.
kuldeep last decade

Okay. Good.

Now, how many?

How many times a day?

For how long?

I will start tomorrow (Monday)

Laurel last decade
two-three palets two times a day and if you wake up at night take another dose. Let us know the effect so dose and duration can be decided.
kuldeep last decade
Thank you.

I will start tomorrow morning and report back either tomorrow night or Tuesday morning as to the effects.

Laurel last decade
make sure the medicine is not too old. I do believe homeopathy medicines expire with time.
kuldeep last decade
Trust me, BARTFELDER is a revolution in homeopathy. Here are the facts:

Cold springs in Upper Hungary; temperature from 45° to 50° F.

Analysis (Schultes), 16 ounces furnished 11.59 grains of residue, containing sodium carbonate, 6.07 grains; sodium chloride, 3.03; potassium carbonate, 0.75; potassium chloride, 0.62; ferrum carbonate, 0.40; silica, 0.35; extractive, 0.37.

Authority. Dr. Schreter, Archiv. f. Hom. Heilk., 19, 1, 176; provings by himself (1); his wife (2); and a child (3); from sitz-baths, and from drinking the water.

MIND. ► During the whole time there is a kind of slight intoxication, though no special exhilaration; nor is he less active; especially he sees indistinctly, particularly when walking, [1]. ► Lively and contented, [1]. ► Disposition rather earnest than lively, [2]. ► More fretful and sensitive every trifle vexes him; he is morose, reflective; will not speak nor answer, [1].

HEAD. ► Confusion of the head after drinking, as after intoxication. ► With this she is not lively, but rather indifferent and in an earnest mood, [2]. ► Confusion of the whole head, burning and dry sensation of the eyes and qualmishness in the stomach, [1]. ► Headache as if stupefied with pressive heaviness in the brain, [1]. ► Heaviness in the whole head, especially in the occiput; it draws the head backwards, [1]. ► Pressive heaviness of the head with drawing in the neck, [1]. ► Heaviness in the head immediately on waking, [1]. [10.] ► Plethoric persons suffer on drinking the water with severe congestion of the head, [1]. ► Boring headache, which concentrates itself in the right eye, at evening in the open air, [1]. ► Constrictive sensation in the forehead, extending down to the root of the nose, in the evening after smoking, [1]. ► Drawing tearing headache in the occiput, extending down to the neck, with a waving sensation in the brain after one-half hour, [1]. ► Drawing tearing headache in the occiput, extending into the neck, even while in the bath, [1]. ► After the bath, when he lies in bed to rest, the drawing in the occiput and in the neck repeats itself, with throbbing and pulsation in the occipital vessels, [1]. ► Pulsating in the occiput and neck, with sticking pains therein, [1]. ► Throughout the whole time scurf on the occiput; it itches and, after scratching, becomes covered with a yellowish amber-like scurf, and at the same time exudes a moisture, [1].

EYES AND EARS. ► Burning and dryness of the eyes, with confusion of the head, and qualmishness in the stomach, [1]. ► After coition, pressive pain over the left eye and in the eyeball itself, [1]. [20.] ► In plethoric persons the eye becomes agglutinated at night from using the water, [1]. ► In plethoric persons agglutination of the eyes at night, and a violent congestion of the head is caused by the use of the water, [1]. ► Especially on walking he does not see distinctly, throughout the whole time as if he were slightly intoxicated, [1]. ► Sticking in the ears, [2].

NOSE AND MOUTH. ► The corners of the nose become eroded, as in severe coryza. Constrictive sensation in the upper incisors, as if they were firmly pressed together, and hence became asleep, a kind of numb sensation, [1]. ► A hollow tooth becomes ulcerated, with swelling of the cheek, [2]. ► After becoming chilled in the night she is attacked with a raging toothache, [2]. ► Toothache in a hollow tooth, a kind of tearing-drawing, aggravated by cold water and by touch of the finger, [1]. ► Grumbling in a hollow tooth, [1]. ► Throbbing pain in a hollow tooth, [1]. [30.] ► Inky taste on the tongue, at night on waking, [1]. ► He is obliged to expectorate much frothy saliva, [1].

THROAT. ► Much hawking and raising of mucus, [1]. ► Dryness in the throat, [1]. ► Scratching in the throat, causing a dry cough, [1].

STOMACH. ► Appetite increased, especially in the evening, [2]. ► Sensation of hunger soon after breakfast, which disappeared after eructations, [1]. ► Eructations after the acid water, [2]. ► Eructations soon after drinking the acid water in large quantities, [1]. ► Empty eructations in the evening, [1]. [40.] ► Eructations, as of bad eggs, in the morning, [1]. ► Eructations, with a crawling passage of air through the nose several times (after six minutes), [1]. ► Qualmishness in the stomach, with confusion of the head, and a sensation of dryness of the eyes, [1]. ► Nausea, [1]. ► Vomiting at breakfast, [1].

ABDOMEN. ► Distension of the abdomen, [1]. ► Abdomen distended like a drum, [1]. ► Distension of the abdomen with passage of flatulence, [2]. ► Passage of flatulence, [1]. ► A kind of colic, pinching-drawing pain in the abdomen, in the morning on waking, immediately after a glass of the water, [1].

STOOL AND ANUS. [50.] ► Crawling in the rectum, [1]. ► The hæmorrhoids protrude very much, and pain when walking, [1]. ► (The hæmorrhoids protrude with the stool), [1]. ► Burning in the hæmorrhoids during the sitz-bath, [1]. ► Desire for stool (after ten minutes), [1]. ► Desire for stool, which is more firm, though normal in form, [1]. ► At night desire for stool, but with much pressure; no stool follows, [1]. ► Hard stool in the morning, [1]. ► Stool twice in the day, consisting of large cohesive masses, [2]. ► Stool in the morning immediately on waking, and followed by a second, and in two hours by a third; the last is pasty, dark greenish-brown, with protrusion of the hæmorrhoids, [1]. [60.] ► Stool six times in the day, the first normal, the others liquid with mucus and bright-red blood, with great protrusion of the hæmorrhoids; also, at other times, frequent desire for stool when only blood passes. On walking, the hæmorrhoids become strangulated and cause a constant desire, tenesmus, and pressure in the rectum, [1]. ► Stool copious, soft, normal in form and color, [1]. ► One hard stool like nuts and sheep dung, [1]. ► No stool during the day, [1]. [Secondary action.]

URINARY ORGANS. ► Discharge of a little mucus from the orifice of the urethra, which leaves a spot as of semen, [1]. ► Burning in the orifice of the urethra during a cold bath, [1]. ► Burning, twinging sensation in the orifice of the urethra during a bath, [1]. ► Burning when urinating, with a gnawing sensation along the urethra, even when not urinating, [1]. ► Urging to urinate, with burning and cutting, which returns later, and even when walking, [1]. ► Frequent urinating day and night, [2]. [70.] ► Frequent urinating of clear white urine, [2]. ► Frequent urinating, though little at a time, [1]. ► On urinating in the morning the stream is always interrupted; is obliged to stop eight times and commence again before the bladder is emptied, [1].

SEXUAL ORGANS. ► Male. ► Throughout the whole proving, no erections and no sexual desire, though to-day when caressing sudden desire for coition, which was reciprocal; his wife had until this time complete want of sexual desire (seventh day), [1]. ► Strong erections toward morning, and also in a warm bath; on coition, however, very little sensation, and none with the ejaculation; the semen is watery (seventeenth day), [1]. ► Burning in the genitals and hæmorrhoids during a sitz-bath, [1]. ► The testicles are heavy, larger, and seem swollen in the evening, [1]. ► Female. ► Biting and burning internally in the female genitals; feeling well generally after a bath, [2]. ► Sticking in the female genitals, [2]. ► Usually after menstruation there was desire for coition, but this time none, and on coition only transient enjoyment, [2]. [80.] ► Menstruation appeared on the thirty-second day (the previous time on the fortieth day), the first day more profuse than usual, the blood passed in clotted masses like liver, is very fetid; the second day no blood only at night; the third day almost none; formerly she had pains, this time none, [2].

RESPIRATORY APPARATUS AND CHEST. ► Hoarseness during the whole proving; most severe in the morning, [2]. ► Hoarseness, even in the bath, and also in the morning on waking, [2]. ► Hoarseness and a scraping sensation in the throat, [1]. ► Difficult breathing, [1]. ► Sticking in the chest, with pressure of breathing, and dryness in the throat in the afternoon, [1].

HEART AND PULSE. ► After drinking coffee, palpitation of the heart, anxiety, heat, congestion of blood in the head, with confusion, sleepiness, and restlessness in the whole body (after two hours), [1]. ► Cramp of the heart; it seems as if it were constricted, though only for a moment with a stitch, [1].

NECK AND BACK. ► Oppressive pain in the neck, extending into the occiput, [1]. ► He feels sore below the shoulder and in the lumbar region, especially on elevating the arms, and on walking, [1]. [90.] ► He feels bruised and lame in the small of the back in the evening, [1].

UPPER EXTREMITIES. ► Trembling of the arms and hands, even when resting them upon anything; if he holds anything in the hands the trembling is worse, [1]. ► The balls of the little finger of the left hand feel frozen, are red, itch, and burn for several days, most severely in the morning, [1].

LOWER EXTREMITIES. ► Bruised pain in the flesh of the nates and hip-joint, [2]. ► While walking the knees knock together, and a sensation of fatigue and weakness in the thick flesh of the thigh, [1]. ► Weakness of the knees, especially on walking; they knock together, [1]. ► Throughout the whole proving, weakness of the knees and heaviness of the feet, [2]. ► Weak in the knees, especially when walking, with yawning, [1]. ► Spasmodic contraction in the left calf, [1]. ► Throbbing and pulsating in the tendo Achillis of the left foot, as if something were in it, and then it goes to sleep as if it became numb; this disappears on walking, and returns on sitting still (noticed during a walk in the morning), [1]. [100.] ► The right heel feels frozen; this extends as far as the toes, [1]. ► At night, in bed, sticking in a corn, which wakes him, [1]. ► The nails of the toes are colored bluish, as if from tan, especially in the corners where they are covered by the neighboring toe, [1]. ► The skin between the toes is inky black, [1].

GENERALITIES. ► So weak that he can scarcely rise for sleepiness, in the forenoon, [1]. ► General well feeling after a bath, [2]. ► Transient swarming sensation in the face and on the body, [2].

SKIN. ► Nettlerash for several days, especially in the morning and evening, with sticking pains, which compel him to scratch, after which it burns, [1]. ► A tetter on the forehead and below the right eye, which itches very much, and dries up after a few days, [1]. ► During the last days of the proving a pustular eruption appeared on the abdomen as large as a half dollar, with itching in the evening; it then became dry, and remained stationary for some time, [2]. [110.] ► On the right nates a small furuncle, which dries up after awhile, [1]. ► In a cold bath, a pricking sensation, as with needles; the whole body becomes red, with elevated patches like nettlerash; especially are the hands and feet swollen, so that he cannot extend the hands well for two hours; the legs become red, [1].

SLEEP AND DREAMS. ►► Yawning, [1]. ► Much yawning in the forenoon. ► Sleepy and weak the whole day, [1]. ► Very sleepy in the morning; he has no will to rise, and feels chilly, [1]. ► In the forenoon and afternoon so very sleepy that she is obliged to sleep several hours; at night many dreams and restless sleep, [2]. ► For three nights he wakes several times, but soon sleeps again, [1]. ► (Falls asleep late and wakes early, with restless, indistinct dreams), [1]. ► Vivid dreams of funerals, [1]. ► Dreams at night of journeyings, with restlessness and anxiety, [1]. [120.] ► Anxious dreams of being pursued, [1].

FEVER. ► Dread of a cold bath; he will not remain long in it, [1]. ► (In the night while asleep he took off his shirt, laid the pillow at the foot of the bed, and finally awoke on account of chilliness. The child has two attacks of fever like quartan fever; chilliness in the evening, alternating with heat without thirst, with pain in the head and abdomen without sweat; it disappears after several loose stools; this followed eating pears, [3].) ► After the bath internal shivering and chilliness in the hands, with blue nails and burning heat over the whole skin, [1]. ► Heat in the face, alternating with shivering in the back (after one and a half hours), [1]. ► Heat and confusion of the head, [1]. ► Heat and sweat on the forehead (after half an hour). ► Heat and sweat on the forehead, with restlessness after coffee, [1].

CONDITIONS. ► Aggravation. ► (Morning), Eructations; on waking, immediately after a glass of water, colic in abdomen; hoarseness; itching etc., in little finger; nettlerash. ► (Forenoon), Yawning. ► (Afternoon), Dryness of throat. ► (Evening), In the open air, headache, etc.; eructations; testicles seem swollen; bruised feeling, etc., in small of back; nettlerash; itching on abdomen; chilliness. ► (Night), On waking, inky taste on tongue; agglutination of the eye; in bed, sticking in corn. ► (During the sitz bath), Burning in the hæmorrhoids. ► (At breakfast), Vomiting. ► (After being chilled), In the night, raging toothache. ► (After drinking coffee), Palpitation of the heart, etc.; heat, etc., on forehead, etc. ► (After coition), Pain over left eye, etc. ► (During a cold bath), Burning in orifice of urethra; prickling sensation, etc. ► (Cold water), Toothache. ► (After drinking), Confusion of the head. ► (Holding anything in hand), Trembling of the arms and hands. ► (After scratching), Nettlerash burns. ► (On sitting still), Throbbing, etc., in tendo Achillis returns. ► (Touch of the finger), Toothache. ► (On waking), Immediately, heaviness in the head. ► (When walking), Sees indistinctly; hæmorrhoids protrude, etc.; hæmorrhoids become strangulated, etc.; sore feeling below shoulders, etc.; knees knock together; weakness of the knees. ► Amelioration. ► (Evening), Appetite increased. ► (After a bath), General well feeling. ► (After eructations), Sensation of hunger disappears. ► (On walking), Throbbing, etc., in left tendo Achillis, etc., disappears.
donnely last decade

Took tablets of 30x Belladonna this morning at 6:30am. I figure that the tablets (that belonged to my grandmother) are approximately 30 years or less old, based on the label on the bottle.

Keeping track of any reactions:

At 9:30am, felt teary at a passing sad thought (can't even remember what it was!)

At 10:20am, an overwhelming tiredness washed over me and continues unabated. I feel as if I'm drugged. At first, there was a slight sharp pain in the center of my forehead, which is now gone. My eyelids are so heavy that closing them brings relief. I'm not one to nap once I get up in the morning but I feel as if I could go to sleep any moment. I'm fighting it as I've got a deadline to meet for my editor.

We'll report again as symptoms alter.

laddy111 last decade
Keep taking the medicine and mean while order the newer batch. I dont' trust old medicine.
kuldeep last decade

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