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Eczema and Petroleum

I had taken graphites 6c for about 10 months and found some improvement. Then I was prescribed graphites 30c and this caused a big flare up almost as bad as before. I now went back in these last few days and have been given petroleum 6c pills to take.

I've been told it takes about 2 weeks for the remedy to work properly. Anyone have any thoughts on whether this true ?
  anthony76 on 2005-03-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Interesting question - may take 2days - 2 weeks - 2 months .
For Graph to work well one needs to be cold,chubby and constipated- with chilblains .
If it worked in a limited way then Petroleum is good , as Kent remarks if the eruptions are moist.
passkey last decade
If Petroleum is suitable to you,even then, its action is generally visible very slowly.

You may not find any difference in the first few weeks, but, you can expect, some change after a month.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Thank you for the replies.

Graph 6c had worked quite well and when taking 30c the skin erupted quite badly and didnt go back. I am now using petroleum 6c hoping and praying that I can get better.

The eruptions are in patches and are moist and yellow discharge.

Is petroleum the next best option to graphites ?
anthony76 last decade
I have used Arnica 30c for a chronic case of Eczema which had defied for 6 years the drugs including steroids given by skin specialists and later decoctions given by Ayurvedic physicians.

The Arnica dried up the lesions in just 3 days and the patient is now on a maintenence dose of Arnica 6c which he takes every night to keep the Eczema at bay.

It has not cured his problem but seems to keep it in check as long as he uses the remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
pertoleum eczema is usually very itchy and may crack and bleed a lot. with yellow discharge calc sulph or kali sulph could be very beneficial, depending on other symptoms of these remedies suiting you also. I agree with joe that arnica is excellent with eczema and also with other skin problems - it is very good at helping the skin to heal itself for many conditions.
it may also be that graphites could have carried on good work at a 12c potency rather than a 30c.
erika last decade
I will post result in 2 weeks of my progress. I have checked the mind aspects of petroleum and they seem to match me.

Anyone had any success in using petroleum for eczema before ??
anthony76 last decade
it is an excellent remedy for eczema - many people have gained relief by use of this remedy.
erika last decade
when you say relief do you also mean ability to cure completely ?
anthony76 last decade
what is a complete cure?
erika last decade
no more eczema
anthony76 last decade
there is no guarantee that eczema will be gone forever. A homeopathic remedy does not work on the remedy like conventional medicine - it works on the vital force of the person. The body/person is activated by this force to heal itself of its ills - the outcome of the treatment depends on how much your body can heal itself and there are physical/age limitations to this - for example a child with relatively good health will heal more than an 80 yr old with relatively good health.
with the help of homeopathic remedies eczema can improve enormously and can even disappear completely, or it can appear less often and need further homeopathic treatment. If petroleum does not help a lot then another remedy will. hope this helps.
erika last decade
reply above should read 'a homeopathic remedy does not work on the body (not on the "remedy")!!!sorry
erika last decade
Thanks for the response.

I am 28 years old male and in good health.

The only problem I have is lack of some vital sleep in recent days due to the shock of a big flare up and concerns for my skin.

Eczema is such a distressing disease.
anthony76 last decade
let us know how you do on the petroleum and whether you manage to get more sleep. keep well, erika
erika last decade
Thank you for your kind replies Erika. Are you also a homeopath ?

anthony76 last decade
yes i am.
erika last decade
you're most welcome anthony. Yes I am a homeopath.
erika last decade
Is there is anything you could recommend to eat or avoid eating ??

From what i understand these are required :

-Folic acid

* Dark green, leafy vegetables
* Whole wheat bread
* Lightly cooked beans and peas
* Nuts and seeds
* Sprouts
* Oranges and grapefruits
* Liver and other organ meats
* Poultry
* Fortified breakfast cereals and enriched grain products

-Foods Containing Zinc

Most beef cuts; Ground beef
Beef liver; Oysters
Most pork cuts
Baked beans
Lentils and kidney beans
Mussels and shrimp; Chicken, dark meat
Cheddar cheese; Rice, white

I have read a few sections of the organon and vinegar, citric acid, green tea look to be some things to avoid.

Also is chocolate and spicy food also to be avoided ??
anthony76 last decade
it is very individual with food as skin eruptions of any sort can be triggered by food senstivities. If you have these list from a reputable source then go with it. I'm not able to give proper nutrional advice as I'm not experienced in that. Hopefully someone else on the forum can help you with this.
However, it is good to make sure you are getting enough vitamin A and natural sunlight. Good quality omega 3 fish oil supplements can provide the vit. A, as can other foods and supplements. Don't overdose on vitamin A.
I usually look up vitamins, foods, etc. in the vitamin and mineral bible (earl mindell). But there are a lot of other good sources of this information.
Chocolate is probably best avoided, as other foods with a lot of refined sugar..
vinegar, citric acid and green tea I don't know if best avoided, sorry.
The main thing is a balanced good diet and lots of fresh water rather than fizzy drinks, booze etc.
erika last decade
Generally speaking avoid all red meat, dark meat - but chicken OK.
Also avoid mussela , shrimp and Pork -- particularly pork.
Canibals refer to humans as "Long Pork"
passkey last decade
Will not be feeding on long pork type !

I have read beef is ok to eat as it has less fat than lamb and pork?

Also - I was told to take the petroleum for a 4 month period continously. Is this correct or do I need to take less if i see some improvement? Also - If it weeps alot do i also need to stop ??
anthony76 last decade
It is best to stay away from ALL red meats.

NO -do not take any remedy for a continuous period .

The remedy works by persuading the body to do its job properly . Something it has evolved over 40 million years to do.

Best course is to take the remedy for a week and stop . Wait a further week to evaluate what has happened.

If there has been an improvement - which is ongoing - then do nothing until that improvement peters out.

When the improvement stop we ask ourselves
How long did it last
Was the end condition better than the beginning
If there has been a positive result but not a total cure then take the remedy in a higher potency for a week , and follow the same proceedure.

If the condition is only better when you are taking the remedy , then you are suppressing the problem and have the wrong remedy.
passkey last decade
Thanks passkey for you help.
This is something my homeopath has not told me about.

I have now been using the petroleum for 1 week and have noticed some improvement in that it is less inflamed and oozing alot less.

Although, I have about 3 patches and they all have differing patterns. Recently they have been oozing violently - forming a crust and then flaking and oozing violently again mostly due to the graph 30c and the lack of proper sleep (due to the shock to my system after changing from graph 6c.)

The skin is still very rough and looks quite bad - scaly and some light oozing which is still some improvement from the nightmares from last week.

I was told by my homeopath that I would need to wait about 2 weeks to see some kind of improvement.
anthony76 last decade
sounds like it has improved a bit already - that's good! keep us posted.
erika last decade
When you say improvement "peters out" do you mean if the skin goes better or worse to then go back on the remedy ?.
anthony76 last decade

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