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Depression & Anxiety

I am suffering from Depression and Anxiety for the past 1 year. I am a Sales Representative and I wanted to take up a career in software industry. I completed few courses in computers and was longing to take up a job in software. During this senario I came across a person who promised me that he will help me take a job in Software Industry, but I have to join his company for a pay of Rs.4000/- (Whereas I was earning 15K in marketing)I will be provided with a job related to what I have studied in software. Deal was that I can leave his company only after 1 year and can join some other big company, but for 1 year I have to work with him to which I agreed to gain experience. But within 2 months I realised that he has a company but he does not have any software work to do. He wanted to utilise me for marketing and I was given work in markeing after 1.5 months of joing him. He was promosing me that he is going to get software project soon and I will be deployed to that. But after 2 months I realised that he does not have any project and he want a good person to market his training division and he is utilising me for that after which I denied to do. Because of the above we had conflict and I was not able to work with him. But when I was working he did not pay me proper salary and 1.5months salary was pending with him. I left that job without the salary.

My full family was dependent on me. I had promoised my family that I will provide them 4500/p month and they should manage the house expenditure with that for 1 year. They also had agreed thinking of my intrest in software and career in it. But when I quit the job without the salary and it took 2 months for me to get another job after quiting this person. During this two months I and my full family suffered due to lack of money. It was recession time and getting job was also not eassy. During that period I went under depression and still I am not able to get rid of this.

Just few weeks back I got a job in software(Pay-Rs.25000) but I had to quit within 7 days because of depression. Iam having a fear that this company will also cheat me and I and my family will have to go through the same situations like earlier. Now I have lost total confidence and fear in me is till prevaling. I am not able to get out of this depression.

Whenever I strain a bit I get severe pain in my head. Now a days I have started forgetting things which I have to do. Now Iam making a practice of writing things to do in my book and I am trying to follow it.

I request your goodself to help me to get rid of this problem at the earliest. Please help!
  Rahul2728 on 2010-06-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Do not worry.Homeopathy and Bach flower therapy can help you.
Try Mimulus and Gentian (Bach flower remedies)-2 drops each in 15 ml water/3 times daily for a week.
Keep me informed about the changes.
A follow up with Homeopathy may be more beneficial.

Try to let go of the past and focus on the present.
Try Relaxation techniques.

Wish you health,happiness and bright future.
Dr.Saravanan last decade
Thanks for the medicine. It is working. I am finding lot of difference, but it is causing cold. I have taken only two doses and I am find relaxed and there is no headache, but my nose is dripping. The mucus from my nose is dripping like water throughout the day and sneezing is continuous. I am having fever because of this. Pls advice.

I had allergy sinus 2-3 yrs back and I got rid of it buy taking allerid tablet of Dr.Bakshi.

Bach flower therapy is reducing the depression but it is causing sneezing and dripping of nose in me. Pls advice.
Rahul2728 last decade
Dear sir,
Bach flower remedies are absolutely safe as they are made from flowers.
The cold is not due to the remedies.
Kindly give details about the present symptoms, so that i may give an acute prescription.
Tell me the nature of nasal discharge?(thin watery,albuminous, acrid)
At what time, these symptoms are worse?
How is your thirst now?
Give details about appetite,sleep,bowel movements and urine..
Dr.Saravanan last decade
Thanks for your reply. Sir, till yesterday it was thin and watery. Mucus was dripping like water, some of them were going to my throat because of which my throat was sore and I was drinking lot of water.

I had to take citrizen tablet to stop sneezing and dripping of mucus, but today my nose is completely blocked. when I cough there is yellow discharge of flum and there is slight headache.

My appetite is less and urine is normal.
Rahul2728 last decade
Take Pulsatilla 30C / 4 pills/thrice/2-3 days.
Dr.Saravanan last decade
Now my cold is less, but my headache has increased due to depression. Should I continue the same bach flower remedy or would you like to change the medicine.

Rahul2728 last decade
Add Walnut to the previous Bach flower combination.
(Walnut is a good for allergies.)
Dr.Saravanan last decade

I have started taking the bach flower combination, but still I have headache and I feel that there is a sort of confusion in my mind. I am unable to concentrate and remember things. If I am trying to foucs on any thing for a long time my headache and confussion increases. Pls advice.

Rahul2728 last decade

I am taking Bach medicine for past 10 days, but my depression remains the same. It was very effective when I took for the first time where I mentioned that I was getting cold. Now I don't know why it is not working the same way as before.

I request you to pls suggest me on the above.

Rahul2728 last decade
Dear sir,
You may need a change in prescription, depending upon the
present mental/emotional state.
Can you please, explain your present symptoms?I shall then recommend the suitable remedies.
Dr.Saravanan last decade

I have a confused feeling throughout. I am unable to focus on things. My head is always tensed and I keep abusing that person in my mind. Most of the time I have headache due to this tension. When abusing my lips keep moving and it looks that I am talking to myself. Sometimes even my friends keep telling and asking me that what am I talking to myself after seeing my lips moving.

Now a days I am not able to sleep properly. I sleep only at 2 or 3 A.M morning and forcibly wake up at 8.30AM. Even when I wake up my mind will be tensed, my body keeps paining and I have a feeling that I am not fresh. Recently I showed a neurologist regarding this body pain where the doctor mentioned that I have myalgia (Nerves are weak), low vitality and depression problem.

Awaiting your reply.
Rahul2728 last decade
Take Whitechestnut, Holly and Impatiens / 2 drops each in 15ml water/ thrice daily/ for 5 days.
kindly report me the changes.
Dr.Saravanan last decade
As per your advice I am taking Whitechestnut, Holly and Impatiens / 2 drops each in 15ml water/ thrice daily, but I am not finding any difference.

The initial medicine Mimulus and Gentian (Bach flower remedies)-2 drops each in 15 ml water/3 times Worked very well for first two doses. I am not sure why it is not working any more. After taking Mimulus and Gentian I was totaly relaxed and calm. I was very confident of doing any thing. I was very happy thinking that I found the medicine to cure my depression and I can start my working career once again very soon, but now I dont know how long will it take to identify the correct medicine for me.

Sir, I still have severe headache, confussion in mind and I am not able to focus on anything. I am forgetting things to do. If I force my self to concentrate on any thing my headache increases badly and I feel shiviring with some fear in me. If I had to count some hundred rupees notes, even that I am unable to do and I am making lot of mistakes. Even in my work I am doing lot of errors and mistakes which I havent done till now.

I request your goodself to please treat me as soon as possible.

Rahul2728 last decade
please mail me all details about your problems.I shall analyze your case again.
Dr.Saravanan last decade
I have included some questions with answer by which I feel you can understand my case.

1. If you are doing something important do you miss meals?

Yes, I sometime forget to take my lunch.

2. Do your days seem long and boring?
Yes very boring.

3. Ever have difficulty sleeping?
Yes cannot sleep early. I get sleep at around 3 am. Morning when I get up I get up with headache and I don’t feel fresh. I am always tired and dull.

4. Is it a struggle to go to work each morning?
Yes. Not interested in going to work. Always tired and confusted. When ever I go to a new job I quit it within a week without any reason. During my new job my mind becomes agitated, confused and some fear prevailing in me for no reason. My head starts paining badly and lots of fear. I have quit four jobs like this without any reason and within 7 days in each job.

5. When you relax do you think about work or problems?
I keep thinking about problems. There are two things due to which I am under this situation.

A. One of my relative kept on insulting me before the others repeatedly. At a particular stage I had to fight her. The fight was direct as well inside my mind. I wanted to revenge her for what she did to me but never got a proper chance. Above things keeps running my mind. I keep planning to insult her the same way as she did to me.

B. I trusted a person who promised me in getting me a job in software industry. But this guy used me in marketing/ sales his company products for few months. I did not want to be in marketing. I wanted to shift my self to software. He promised a software job which he lied and forced me to be in marketing in his company. Because of the above I had to quit during recession period. My total family responsibility was on me and was not able to shoulder my responsibility. My family started blaming me as to how did I trust such a person. I was in tears and family expenses was troubling me lot.

Now when ever I go for a new job the above things comes in to my mind and I start fearing whether the same scenario will repeat again and even this person is going to do the same. I keep looking at small small things so that I should be alert and this person should not also betray me. Because of this reason my headache increases and I become restless, tired and very dull and with lots of fear in me.

6. When you relax do you feel like you should be doing something?

Yes. I keep thinking about the above problem end number of times. Because now I am 38 and after this it is very difficult to change my career to software. I got several opportunities but because of this problem I unable to work.

7. Do you feel like people take advantage of you?

Yes as I told earlier the lady who kept insulting me also took lot of advantage. Infact I wanted to ask her several questions in front of my elders but I did not get a oppootunity. Person who promised be a software job also betrayed me.

8. Are you usually rushing around like a headless chicken?

Yes I keep moving from one place to other when I don’t have any work to do. I will be restless and I keep walking the same place again and again. When my headache increases I become restless and keep walking.

9. When you’re driving do other drivers make you impatient?
Yes. Even horn sounds irritates me lot. I feel like quarreling or shouting at them. When my headache is more I keep talking to my self cursing those two people for bringing me to this situation and I keep driving very fast. As my tension increases my driving speed increases.

10. Do you feel like something is missing in your life?

Yes, because of these two people I am unable work and unable to move from one career to other. I am 38 and running short of time. I don’t know after this age will I get any job in software.

11. Is it common for you to lose your temper?
Yes, Now a days I am loosing temper very easily. But earlier I was not like this. I use to have lot of patients. My mind use to be very calm. Any difficult situation I use to handle it patiently and appropriately without any fear. I was confident of doing anything.

12. Are you easily depressed?
Now a days yes. When I see other people shifting their jobs easily I become depressed. Now I am unable to work like before also makes me depressed. People don’t get good opportunity to work but I am getting good opportunities but I am unable to work.

13. Have you lost your physical fitness?
I feel tired weak and unable to do any hard work. My doctor has told that my nerves have become weak.

14. Do you get frequent aches and pains in the neck and shoulders?
Yes. I keep getting pains in the neck and shoulders. My doctor has told that my nerves have become weak.

15. Do you find yourself becoming easily confused?
Yes. I feel confused with small things also. I cannot understand what is correct and wrong. Even small calculation confuses me. My memory has become less.

16. Is it sometimes difficult to make decisions?
I am unable to make appropriate decision. Even counting make me confused and tensed. Within seconds I forget what I have counted.

17. Do you bite your nails?
I do bite my nails, but this habit is from the childhood. (Bad Habit)

18. Are you suffering from frequent indigestion?
Very often I have loose stools. After loose stools I feel relaxed.

19. Is it difficult to make and keep friends?
I am loosing friends. I don’t pick their calls because of headache. 4 times I quit job which were referred by them without any reason. This was the reason which made me loose my friends.

20. Do you get angry frequently?
Yes I do get angry very frequently because of headache which is not bearable. Other wise I am not a angry person. Past few months I see that I irritate others and make them angry. I speak very roughly to my family members. This only happens when I have severe headache and lot of pressure.

21. Do you sometimes feel like you’d like to hit someone?

Yes I always like to hit these 2 people who ruined my life.

22. Do you sometime feel unhappy even when your life is ok?
Yes. At present my life is not so bad. But there is always some unhappy feeling inside me.

23. Are avoiding contact with people as much as possible?

I avoid people when ever my mind is not clear. I avoid their phone calls. I don’t like to talk to people lot.

24. Do you get blinding headaches for no apparent reason?

Yes I get severe headache with lot of pressure which continues for months and which is unbearable.

25. Are your muscles frequently feeling tight and tense?
My muscle near the fore head is always tense. I always try to relax this region by applying some cooling oils. When I open my mouth to yarn, my jaw muscle stands of stiff and I have to keep opening my mouth for sometime so that It relaxes after a while.

26. Do you have sexual problems that you never used to have?

Yes I have sexual problems. I do not have vigor like before. I am always tired, weak and my vigor and vitality is always low. Erection is normal, but vigor is very low. I feel very weak after sex and my full body pains badly. I consulted a neurologist who said that my nerves are very weak. He tried to treat with medicine, but now he says that because of depression, anxiety or stress my nerves become weak.

27. Are you getting coughs, colds and other minor infections frequently?
I get sinus frequently. It was due to allergy. Now I am able to manage sinus. I have allergy related skin problem (Sebhoriec dermatitis) which I am unable to treat. When I take medicine to increase my immunity some times it becomes fine and once I stop the medicine it comes back again. My scalp is full of dandruff due to which I am loosing hair and my head is almost bald with little grey hair.

28. Do you wake up from sleep and still feel tired?

I wake up with headache and always feel very tired and feel like sitting at home without going to office.

29. Do you feel like crying, but have to stuff it down?
Once or twice I have cried which makes me relax. But every time I cannot do that.

30. Is your memory not working as well nowadays?
Yes my memory has become very weak. I forget things very often. I cannot remember names, dates and numbers.

I personally feel it could be even migraine, because when I take nise tablets my pain reduces and I feel much better. I would request you to consider the above points and analyze my case.

Thank you for the cooperation extended to me.
Rahul2728 last decade

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