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Question for Joe re: Nat Phos 6x

Hi Joe,

I have read all your postings regarding Nat Phos 6x for weight loss. I can attest to the fact that it does work miracles for GERD as my 12 yr old son has suffered for a few years with it and upon using Nat Phos it went away. Now for the weight loss I know you suggest 2 pellets after the 2 later meals and to stay away from cofee, cola etc. I have to confess that I have one weakness for a few morning cups of fresh coffee in the morning. Is this going to completely hinder any progress the Nat Phos would make for me later or if I stop early enough can I still enjoy this treat?


  Rhonda780 on 2010-07-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
To Rhonda

I was surprised to learn that a 12 year old can suffer from GERD and am indeed very glad that my default therapy aka Joepathy has cured him with Nat Phos 6x you have used. I would also suggest that you give him the other component that I have always prescribed, Arnica 30c in the Wet dose to ensure that he does not have any recurrence of his GERD. Arnica helps to rebuild the inner lining of the Esophagus which is usually badly eroded by the gastric juice and stomach acids which can result in Barrett's Esophagus in adults.

For the record i would like to have a full case history of how your 12 year old son presented GERD for which I presume you consulted your doctors.

In answer to your question on losing weight, the chances are very slim that Nat Phos can help you if you still insist on drinking coffee which I have always observed is incompatible with NP for weight loss. You will obviously have to make up your mind as to which of the two you value more, losing weight or your coffee.
Joe De Livera last decade
Is tea ok?
Rhonda780 last decade
Tea is no problem at all.

I failed to mention in my last post that there are few more taboos to be observed with Nat Phos 6x when used for the reduction of weight.

They are:
All preserved meats like sausages, ham and bacon, coke and similar canned beverages.

You will also have to actively participate in reducing your weight by avoiding all fatty and fast food and other known food that pilesup weight.

Exercise is essential to sweat it out and you must drink at least 3 ltrs liquids preferably water daily.

Weigh yourself at the same time of day on the same scale and record it and report your response.

Please reply my request:

'For the record i would like to have a full case history of how your 12 year old son presented GERD for which I presume you consulted your doctors.'
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for the reply. Guess I have to get off of coffee and pursue this more. I don't consume anything else on the list you mentioned so I should be able to do it.

As for the issues my son has had it will take some history. He is for the most part a very healthy child. I have always used homeopathic remedies where possible so both my boys have had good health and never use antibiotics and the like. He is a little bit of a high strung kid who is generally very happy but does tend to be on the emotional side. He can go from happy to sad in about 1 second. As for the stomach issues he started getting flu like symptoms about 4 years ago where he would vomit every 15 minutes or so for hours and then suddenly just stop usually after a sleep. As he got older he could explain how he felt more detailed and I could observe certain things. First, he would get very pale and listless looking. Headache on center of forehead and a dull pain in the bellybutton region. We worked with a iridologist/homeopathic practioner for years (and still continue) and certain things would work for a while but then stop. The dr. did a bunch of tests and scans and determined that he had gerd and I very stretched valve at the bottom of his esophagus. When I told the iridologist what the tests came back with we did a few things. One was tissue salts (which we have used often for years, especially the 12 in one) and added the nat phos after larger meals. Second she put him on Heel Spascupreel and Nervoheel. The symptoms basically stopped and while he still sometimes gets the start of the symptoms I can usually stop them while Nat Phos and a sleep. I forgot to mention the vomitting was almost always first thing in the morning so I also adjust and raised the head of his bed to help. It has been about 8 months now and we have gone from almost a weekly bout of this to nothing for many months. It's been wonderful and a long road to get here. I'm sure I have forgotten lots of things but that should cover most of it.
Rhonda780 last decade
'As for the stomach issues he started getting flu like symptoms about 4 years ago where he would vomit every 15 minutes or so for hours and then suddenly just stop usually after a sleep. As he got older he could explain how he felt more detailed and I could observe certain things. First, he would get very pale and listless looking. Headache on center of forehead and a dull pain in the bellybutton region.'

Have you ever observed that his headaches could be triggered by exposure to strong light when he goes out from the light level inside the house into the bright sun outside ?

Did he then start vomiting with his headache and did he have to sleep or did he even lose consciousness sometimes with his headache and vomiting ?
Joe De Livera last decade
No, the headaches didn't appear to have been triggered by light. You could almost see that is was coming more from the color of his face and darker circles under the eyes before the headache even appeared. I kep intensive journals and never found any food triggers, weather etc.

The sleep would usually result from hours of intensive vomiting. I would put a chair in front of the toilet as it would exhaust him completely. Stomach contents would empty and then bile would start. I would give him water and crackers just to ease up the force. His stomach would almost be in spasms after a while. When the episode would end it would just stop and he would actually be able to tell me, I'm done, and he would be. A sleep would come for usually a couple hours and then he would wake up and feel absolutely normal. I always said it was like a switch going off and on.

For years I questioned if he had a mold or some other type of infection but my iridologist did many tests including polysan blood works and nothing ever came back to abnormal. We continue to address one thing at a time, the more pressing to start and work our way down. He has been on many different homeopathic remedies to strengthen his immune system and constitution. It was the medical tests determined the gerd.

I still wasn't convinces as I believed that the vomiting caused the gerd/hiatal hernia and not the other way around. However, I had trouble explaining the results when we put him on the above mentioned remedies.
Rhonda780 last decade
My question about light activated migraine was due to some patients presenting a strong migraine upon encountering the bring sunlight when their eyes were accustomed to the lower light inside a room.

However since you have reported that he is responding nicely to the Nat Phos let us observe him and see if he will get over his GERD soon.

Report on his progress from time to time.
Joe De Livera last decade
I know, I wondered about migraines too but they didn't fit quite right, although neither did gerd either at times. The one symptom that was always present was the dull pressure near his bellybutton, never painful just there. When he would say that it was done, that pressure would always be gone too and his color would return. It is very possible that he had a few different issues over those years and as much as I would love to know exactly what they were I'm am just happy to report that he is feeling 100% better.

As for me and my Nat Phos for weight loss I have cut out coffee completely and switched to tea. I have a question though, I notice that green tea will quite often give me indigestion while a black tea won't. Any idea why?
Rhonda780 last decade
Let us observe the progress that your son makes for a few weeks and then decide what the next step, if any, should be to enable him to progress without his GERD symptoms for the rest of his life. You are always welcome to seek assistance if and when it is necessary.

Let us now observe how you respond to Nat Phos to reduce your weight.

I dont think that Green tea is as satisfying as the standard Black tea which as you are perhaps aware is grown extensively in Sri Lanka. I cannot understand why Green tea gives you indigestion. This can be the first time that this phenomenon is reported.

Stick to Black tea in future.
Joe De Livera last decade
Would you please clarify for me the correct dosage/usage of the arnica wet dose please? Also, for the gerd, do you recommend 2 or 3 nat phos pellets? I usually get him to take 2 and hold under tongue after meals. Is that correct?
Rhonda780 last decade
After more reading of the arnica I'm thinking that my family should all be on a wet dose for general good health. Have you ever head success with it regarding eye floaters?
Rhonda780 last decade
Sorry for the three part question. Lastly, is arnica montana 30ch the correct type?
Rhonda780 last decade
You can start the Arnica therapy with 1 capful taken twice daily for a few months. This will 'filter' the blood and you will note the difference overnight when you will sleep more deeply and observe a spring in your step. It will also clear the debris in your blood like Cholesterol and this will also reduce your Triglycerides. You are advised to have a full Blood Test done for Lipid Profile for record purposes which can be repeated in 6 months to study the difference.

Arnica is best used by adults above 35 years of age when problems with Cholesterol are initially observed. I do not think that it is of use for children but your son can benefit as it will help to heal the inner lining of his Esophagus which has been affected by GERD. He can use the Nat Phos 6x as it is very safe in use and does not cause any side effects. At the 6x potency which is also known as a Biochemic Cell Salt, he can just swallow it as taking it sublingually is not of any significance. I do not think that it can help with Eye Floaters, but it has helped me with a Cataract in one eye which was first identified in 1996 and is still at that stage after 15 years. It was in 1996 that I started on Arnica 30c in the dry pellets which I later changed over to the Wet dose in 2005 and have taken just one capful ever since. As I have often recorded my BP is
Joe De Livera last decade
For the most part he is symptom free. He does however every once in a while have a day where he gets a minor bout and feels a little sick. Strangely enough, he was like that yesterday, although it may have just been a regular flu but because they mimic so closely it is hard to tell. I tried 3 pellets of Nat Phos twice but that didn't seem to give enough relief. I then gave him 3 Nux Vomica pellets (again we used that over the years before discovering Nat Phos) and that did help for a while but then he ended up vomiting and began to feel better. He watched tv and went to bed early and feels better this morning. If it was his regular bout before he would have vomited every 15 minutes for hours. So either it was a minor bout or a flu.

I made up my arnica bottle last night and both me and my husband used it for the first time. I'll let you know how this goes.
Rhonda780 last decade
Can the wet dose arnica be made from the pellets and if so, how many? Thank you.
Rhonda780 last decade
You can make the Wet dose with the standard pellets but the remedy will not have the same strength and efficacy as a Wet dose made in the manner that I have advised with just 3 drops of the Liquid Dilution in Ethanol.

This is because the pellets are activated by using the Ethanol product of which a few drops are inserted on the dry lactose pellets in the ratio of about 4 drops on 100 pellets. It will be seen that when 4 activated pellets are inserted into a 500ml bottle of spring water, the concentration of the original liquid Ethanol in which the remedy is carried cannot equate the 3 drops that I recommend.

I have had instances where the patient's ailment was not responding to the pellets but reacted positively as soon as the 3 drops of Ethanol were dropped into the same bottle which he had originally activated with the pellets.

Homeopathic remedies are usually marketed in the standard No 20 or 2mm Ø pellets which are used sublingually as the dose but the Wet dose is best taken as a teaspoonful or for convenience, a capful of the bottle. The succussion by shaking hard adds to the power of the remedy and the ailment responds quickly and the patient is cured.

This therapy has been labelled 'Joepathy' by classical homeopaths as the dry pellets cannot equate my therapy in the rate of cure.

You may like to know that I first observed how effective the Wet dose was when Dr Luc de Schepper, an Internationally recognized Homeoapth who was here in Sri Lanka in 2005 for a few weeks to help the survivors of our Tsunami on December 26 2004, used this method of giving remedies to his patients. They were all instructed to bring a small bottle of water when they came to consult him into which he would insert about 4 dry pellets of the remedy which of he had a stock of about 100 remedies. It was after I observed that this method was working better than the dry pellets taken sublingually that I too converted from the dry lactose pellets to the dose in water which he pointed out was not his invention but was first referred to by Hahnemann in the 5th Edition of the Organon and later in the 6th edition. The reference in both editions was to the 'Split dose' where a teaspoonful of the remedy is mixed into a half a cupful of water from which the patient sipped a mouthful. This technique was used to treat ailments like Asthma but I soon discovered that it was not effective for others as the dilution of the remedy was too extreme. It was then that I coined the term 'WET DOSE' which I have used exclusively since 2005 and I am gratified to note that it is now being used by many homeopaths internationally and refered to under the same title 'Wet dose'.

If you are interested to read more about the 'Wet dose' you can type these words into Google to read the many hits that result.
Joe De Livera last decade
Can the arnica solution be used to topically treat acne? My 15 yr old son suffers from typical teenage acne skin. He has used various homeopathic treatments and recently was suggested to use a silver based ointment or spray. Any ideas?
Rhonda780 last decade
Arnica 6c is the potency for your 15 year old son's Acne taken twice daily in the Wet dose.

He can also apply it topically on the lesions with his finger tips as often as possible, making sure that the remedy in the bottle is not contaminated by the back flow if he wets his fingers directly from the bottle.
Joe De Livera last decade
respected joe de livera

i am taking homeopathic med for last two months with the help of this forum. the first issue was memory problem now which turned to stomach problem. (both i have simultaneously and the later becomes serious for me now a days).

you can read it from here:

1st post: http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/228175

2nd post:

i never tell anything to my parent that i am taking homeopathy in their absence. but today they got to know my disease and go for allopathic treatment. the dr. told me i have gastric ulcer and prescribed me with lots of medicine.

and she (the dr.)has restricted me to smoke, drink(i drink usually once or twice in a month). suggested me to take boiled food and water without any spice and no long gap between foods. so i am very sad that I'll not be able to take my favorite foods.

1. is it normal to have gastric ulcer at my age(20+)?

2. what about Nat phos in my case?

3. you can see dr. kadwa suggested me with a few med. and once you told me that arnica is compatible with taht med.

post to you:

now smoking i think is a serious issue for ulcer. how to combat on this?

4.what will be the ideal diet for me now?

5. i feel mild pain in middle of the abdomen in empty stomach and pain goes away after taking food relatively and feel pain when lying in stomach and i cannot sit on chair for more than half an hour (feeling pain and discomfort in the back) so again i have to lye in the bed for study and worse the situation.


thanks for reading my post

yours obedient

prakash_roy last decade
I have observed that your problem seems to be that you are not willing or unable to use the therapy that I and others have prescribed.

In the case of Homeopathy, it is essential that the patient follows the therapy precisely as there is no question of taking a remedy today and forgetting about it tomorrow. The impression I have got of your case is that your instinct to use the remedy the next homeopath give us is better than what you were using today and as a result there is no remedy that will help you.

I was not aware that you SMOKE and DRINK and at your age of 20 years you are obviously committing slow SUICIDE by continuing on this road to damnation.

You have inquired:

The simple answer to your question is to read all my posts to you and follow my advice precisely.

I must admit that I am very concerned for you and you have just one last chance to use my therapy.

Arnica 30c will help you to QUIT smoking and will also help your other ailments which I have discussed in other threads.

Nat Phos 6x will help your GERD.

It is in your hands to use these remedies as otherwise you are committing SLOW SUICIDE.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am having trouble finding the liquid format, only the pellets. I know the preference is to use liquid but do the pellets show potential too? (6C for son's acne and 20C for general health)
Rhonda780 last decade
Yes the standard pellets can be used but the results are not as positive as when using the Liquid Dilution in Ethanol which you are advised to mail order from the ABC or other vendor in your country.
Joe De Livera last decade
Now that we seem to have the gerd controlled I wanted to know your thoughts on the arnica and bedwetting. My one son has already had recurrent issues with that. What dose/usage do you use arnica for regarding that and how long does it typically take to see changes? Thanks Joe!!!
Rhonda780 last decade
Hi ! :)
Ive been trying to lose weight for quite some time now, im not excessively overweight nor am i fat, but i do have some kilos to shed ( possible 8 kilos overweight ). I tried out your Nat phos remedy, and ive cut out coffee and everything like you said - Just doesnt seem to be working for me.
I initially tried it when i went to India for a 3 week holiday, first week i did manage to eat well and not indulge too much, but i couldnt check to see if it was working because the scales were broken. Then in the next two weeks, meeting lots of relatives meant alot of eating so i didnt really expect the Nat phos to be able to reduce my weight due to the intake of more calories. But ive been back home for a week, and ive gotten straight back to good eating and exercise atleast once a day (its pretty intense) and the only time i indulged was on Friday because that was my cheat day. Ive been taking 2 tablets twice a day right after lunch and dinner like you said. But im not losing the kilo a week like you guaranteed. Could you tell me if there's anyway to correct this ?
(When i was in India, i did take the tablets a little more frequently than the recommended dosage, like generally 3-4 times a day, but the moment i got back i cut that down to twice. Could that be a factor ? )
DevikaDesai last decade

'Ive been taking 2 tablets twice a day right after lunch and dinner like you said. But im not losing the kilo a week like you guaranteed.'

Let's get one thing straight.

There is NO GUARANTEE that you WILL lose weight with Nat Phos 6x. This is just a serendipitous discovery on my part and I am the first in the world to prescribe it for reducing weight which it usually does very successfully as you can read on this forum and on mine too www.joedelivera.com

If you do not, suggest you give it a few more days or weeks with the normal controls on your part and if you do succeed, report your response here.

You may try an increased dosage of 3 tablets after each meal.
Joe De Livera last decade

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