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I am not getting enough sleep and even sleep which i get is disturbed with dreams, even i have acne on face and losing hair from scalp.

Any remedy suggestions for all this.

In past i have tried avena sativa 20 drops in water at bed time but that was'nt resultful in providing sleep, can i increase dose of avena sativa more to get sleep though it relaxed me a bit.
  moksh on 2005-04-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If you enter the word ACNE in the search slot alongside this panel you will get much information.

If the dreams you have are repetative then you are being given a message from your sub conscious , which you may need to interpret and act on.

It is possible that you could use Sulphur - which if taken late in the day , disturbs sleep -- but taken in the morning can help it. Check out the Sulphur picture
passkey last decade
avena sativa is best taken in warm water - if you have not done this then try it. take the avena sativa 2-3 times daily rather than increasing the dose at night - maybe 10 drops am, 10 around noon and 10 at night and increase from there if you need to. the sulphur sounds a good possibility to take.
erika last decade
thanks for reply.

avena sativa i can take 10 drops in morning 10 at noon and 10 at night and as you said increase from there if needed but how much can be increased from your point of view. avena sativa calms me up a little but i am not sure how much can i take at maximum from homeopathic point of view, if you can guide me further
moksh last decade
Arnica 30c has helped many to overcome insomnia. It also helps overcome Acne among many other ailments.

Suggest you take 2 balls in the morning and 3 balls last thing at night and you should notice an improvement in your acne in a few days and you will also sleep soundly at night after taking the 3 balls. All homeopathic remedies are best taken under the tongue and left to dissolve.

Do not drink any stimulants like Coffee and Cola drinks as they antidote the remedy and also disrupt sleep. Tea may be drunk during the day but not after 6.00PM.
Joe De Livera last decade
if you take the arnica, which is a good suggestion, you can continue also with the avena sativa - this will not interfere with the homeopathic medicine. look at the bottle of avena sativa to see max. recommended dose.
erika last decade
arnica 30 c as you have said is to be taken inform of balls.
i dont get it as 30c is in liquid form so actually should i should make 1 dram or so pillets (or balls)of it and i should take these balls as advised by you 2 in morning and 3 at bed time or i may take direct drops of arnica 30c in liquid form.

Could you clearify

P.S- Avena sativa Q as i have purchased it from my city did'nt show any doseage direction or how much it should be taken and how, so its just the experts that can me tell me how much maximum can it be used.
moksh last decade
Have tried avena sativa on 2 occasions using 5 drops in warm water which was the recommended advice from my doctor. I also feel calmer but the head wont give in to sleep!
anthony76 last decade
you need to ask a herbalist about the maximum avena sativa to take - perhps others on this forum could help, or ask where you bought your avena sativa.

If your arnica 30c is in liquid form then 1 drop is equivalent to one pellet and you can take the drops straight from the bottle as long as it is a solution mostly water, less alcohol - if it is a solutiion very high in alcohol it is best to put 1 drop in a small glass of water and then one 'sip' of the water is one dose, stir with a clean metal spoon before each dose and change the water when no longer clean/fresh. also if it is a high alcohol content you can put one drop of this on a small bottle of pillules, shake up and then take as pillules.
erika last decade
Please follow the following instructions carefully for activating the Lactose balls with the liquid remedy which is usually in pure Ethanol.

Purchase 100gm No 30 Lactose balls from your pharmacy.

Visit your nearest Optometrist and get a few empty contact lens bottles which they usually discard after the lenses are fitted to the patient. These bottles are usually about 40mm in height and have a nylon cap. Wash the bottles under the tap and boil them without the caps in a little water. Pour boiling water on the nylon caps.

Fill 2/3 rds of the contents with the lactose balls .

5 drops of the remedy are carefully dropped into the lactose balls in the bottle.

Cap the bottle and roll it between your fingers till they do not stick on the inside wall of the bottle.

The remedy is now ready to be used.

The dose is usually 2 balls taken twice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Arnica 30c -3 drops at bedtime helps me calm a lot and while starting it, it does give me sleep but only for 2 days and after that i cant sleep though the calm felt by taking arnica 30c few drops at bed time is always there.
So can i increase the dosage of taking drops while at bedtime or at different intervals in a day in order to get proper sleep of arnica 30 or anything else that you may like to suggest.
Also i am losing scalp hairin great amount (alopecia), will arnica help alopecia too.
moksh last decade
arnica has been known to help hair loss. just out of interest how old are you?

if you want to try to increase the dose this is quite safe - it would be better to take a 2nd dose rather than more drops - 1 drop is plenty for each dose, you do not need 3 drops. If you feel very stressed earlier in the evening then take an extra dose then (so, 1 dose evening and 1 dose before bed).
Alternatively you can take the second dose later (1 dose before bed and 1 dose a couple of hours later if you still can't sleep.)
erika last decade
you can also take Bach Flower rescue remedy in addition to the arnica instead of/as well as the 2nd dose of arnica.
Put a few drops of the rescue remedy into a cup of water and sip this during the evening, or when you can't sleep.
erika last decade
I did not see Moksh's post till now.

It is not recommended that you take Homeopathic remedies in drop form as the concentration is far too high. Suggest you follow the instructions I have given in my last post above.

However since you state that the Arnica you take tends to stop helping you, you can use it in the manner that I have described in my post at:


I have copied the relevant instructions below. You can use just 2 balls of Arnicaa 30 in 300 ml water and follow the instructions below:

He then puts just 2 little balls of the remedy into the bottle with 300ml water which he succusses by banging it twice on the palm of his hand. He emphasized that this succussing was the secret of his method whereby the molecules of the 2 balls of the remedy potentizes the water in the bottle which I observed bubbles from the bottom to the top with each bang on the palm. He then took a teaspoonful of the potentized water which he stirred into half a cup of the water which he had decanted previously into it. A teaspoonful of the water from the cup is the remedy which is taken every other day for chronic ailments or daily for acute ailments. He explained in detail that this succussion which must be done daily before this procedure is repeated is the secret of the viability of the cure with the remedy as this tends to lift the potency of the already potentized remedy in the bottle to a slightly degree upwards thereby making it more effective in its effect on the body. This procedure may seem complicated but when it is observed, it is really not difficult.

The succussing increases the potency of the Arnica that you will use slightly and by this means it is able to be more effective in helping you.

Please report your reaction to this therapy on this Forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
joe - the drops are fine if they are already diluted into water - see my response earlier to this posting...they are then similar to potentised balls... you can then plus the drops in the same way as the potentised balls....
erika last decade
pls understand I am not intending to interfere with your treatment :)
erika last decade

The drops which are usually in an Ethanol base are fine, as you state, but when you consider that Dr Luc's method of succussion uses the equivalent of perhaps 1/1 thousandth of a drop which is roughly the saturation of the liquid remedy on just 2 pellets, and still gets the desired curative effect, I still feel that 1 drop is far to high in the actual quantity of the remedy that is required to help a case.

I was very sceptical about the efficacy of Dr Luc's technique and treatment but the results speak for themselves as my patients to whom I have given their remedies to be succussed in water have all been helped quicker than by my dry method. Please note that although it was Dr Luc who first brought this matter to my notice, it was first discovered and recorded by Hahnemann in his 4th edition.

It is the succussion before every dose that makes the difference and I dare say that putting one drop into the 300ml water may still work but I have not experimented with using the liquid remedy. I have seen that the same drop when used to wet perhaps the equivalent of 50 pellets no 30 size still works when just 2 pellets are used in the 300ml water.

I am quite happy to have anyone contribute towards helping any patient on this and other forums as it is through this process of dialogue that Homeopathy will advance in the world.
Joe De Livera last decade
thanks for your response. I am very interested in the way you use the plussing and its success, and agree that the succussion makes all the difference. I have used mainly liquid and only sometimes pellets (mainly when I do not have the liquid) for adding to 25ml of water, in dropper bottle, to start off the plussing (diluting further by topping up as the bottle gets two thirds empty) - I was originally inspired by my teachers and by Dr Ramakrishnan with his treatment of cancers. I always find using remedies in this way very effective.
I will try starting with the 300ml of water instead next time as I would like to see if this makes a difference!!. thank you :)
erika last decade

That is not all that I learnt from Luc. He divides ailments to Chronic and Acute. For Chronic he uses 6c and Acute 1M remedies.

Chronic succussing is in 300ml from which the patient takes a teaspoonful and stirs it in half a cup of water and then sips just 1 teaspoonful from the cup. Dose is taken every other day and the water in the cup is thrown away.

Acute succussing is in 200ml water and the patient takes 2 TSP's 3 times or more daily depending on the urgency. In the case of my wife and her sister who were both suffering form Osteo Arthritis and Sciatica I was successful in alleviating their pain and discomfort with Hypericum 200 which I prescribed as I did not have the 1M. This worked like magic and both patients who were originally on regular daily doses of 2x50gm Diclofenac Sodium and later Vioxx, suddenly discovered that Homeopathic remedies were far superior to all the poison that they both had ingested over the past 5 years.

It seems to me however that they will have to continue this dose for life as the Hyper does not cure as it only seems to work like the Diclofenac in supressing the pain reflex.

If you are interested in reading more about this method, please see my report on:


I can honestly state that Luc has made a big impression on my use of Homeopathic remedies by using his method to help those who seek my help and I am discovering that it elicits a quicker and more positive response from the patient.
Joe De Livera last decade
wow! thanks for all this info - I'll be reading up on your report - this is all extremely helpful to me. :) :)
erika last decade
thanks for reply

i'll try taking arnica 30c as you suggested just 1 drop forms a dose as you said and it can be taken 2 times a day and if i still cant sleep i can take 1 more drop hours later

i am 29 years old
moksh last decade
best to just take 2 times daily - if you reread above I explained different ways of taking 2 doses, not 2 + an extra dose.
An extra (third) dose as you describe may help or may be too many - try the 2 doses first. :)
erika last decade
I tried arnica 30c 2 drops taken at time intervals at night for getting sleep , for first 2 days it did calm me up and give me some sleep but after that again i am facing severe insomnia and has been using diazepam to get sleep but dont want to increase it as my insomnia is worsening again , the sleep which i get after using diazapam is untimely and full of dreams.
I am losing even great amount of hair(getting bald from the middle of scalp and sides of head)

Any advices for all this
moksh last decade
Arnica is no more effective in getting sleep.

Any other homeopathic remedies suggestion
moksh last decade
Get a 500ml bottle of water.
Decant 200ml.
Put in just 2 drops Arnica 30c into the water.
Succuss the bottle hard twice on your palm and see that it fizzles. This raises the potency ever so slightly. This must be done for every dose.
Drink just one teaspoonful twice daily.

Report results in 3 days
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks joe.

Your suggested method has proved to be more benefical for me till now for treating insomnia.

As advised i am taking one teaspoon twice daily,
can i also increase the doses for my hair loss and for getting more calm and timely sleep.If yes, could you tell me how much and how many
moksh last decade

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