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Re; Chronic Cold/Sinus Infections

I am currently finishing my 3rd round of antibiotics and steroids since Nov 26th for a sinus infection/ear infection and a mostly productive cough which has since improved. I am relatively new to macrobiotics and my shiatsu therapist and macrobiotic counselor suggested this forum to help. I have had multiple sinus infections requiring antibiotics and steroids for the last 10 yrs due to inflammation. I was also diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome around the same time. I was having issues with trust in relationships and still have some although it is much better. I feel very hopeless when I become sick for fear that it will become another monthlong bedrest like when I was diagnosed with CFS. My macro counselor says he believes it is not a sickness but my body is purging due to the new diet. I have such sever congestion that my neti pot will not even go through and I am having strong pressure in my facial area...my glands in my neck are swollen and puffy and I cannot breath through either nostril. I have to be careful what homeopathic remedies I take due to a dairy allergy and most are in a lactose base. I am having a lot of trouble right now as I do not want to resort to any more antibiotics or DayQuil or anything like that but I NEED some relief. Hot compresses have proved useless to loosen enough to make the neti pot productive. Any help would be wonderfully appreciated.
  sublimegirl on 2011-01-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Welcome to the Homeopathy Forum!

Please fill out the homeopathic intake form for new patients. The more information you can give us, the more accurate our homeopathic recommendations can be. Hopefully someone here will help you begin real homeopathic treatment to resolve your issues.

Homeopathy International 1 9 years ago
I am adding this again as a new discussion. If someone has created a newer homeopathy patient intake form with more information, please add it to the forum.

Body Type:chunky

General appearance:chunky, muscular with nice layer of padding that I am working on shedding

Have you used homeopathic medicines before? If so what, and what homeopathic potencies did you use? I have been given a constitutional by my homeopath and it was beneficial but I feel I have so many shifts and changes both emotional and physical that I cannot afford to visit her to keep up with them all. I also use pulsatilla for menstrual cramps and arnica as needed for various ailments, I have used nux vomica and several others. Homeopathy is not new to me but I hope to find a long term solution instead of taking so many antibiotics.


Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner after careful analysis and recollection of previous experiences and happenings.

1. Describe your main suffering? lethargy, chronic sinus infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, various allergies to dairy, mold, pollen, dander, trees, weeds, etc, etc.

2. What other physical sufferings do you have in your body? high blood pressure, migraines, sleep apnea, weak knees, ankles and wrists, ganglion cysts in wrists, carpal tunnel, and weak back caused by a car accident, I also have very tight muscles and the massage therapists are always baffled by how my muscles are like rocks. My muscles get so tight that they actually pull my back out sometimes and I have to get adjusted by the chiropractor.

3. What mental sufferings / feelings do you have associated with your physical sufferings? I am very emotional when I become sick and have a strong fear of becoming incapacitated and unable to be independent.

4. What exactly do you feel when you are at your worst? Describe the sensation in your own words. I need and desire consolation but also feel bad that I am in a situation that I need so much help and attention from my husband and others, I become very frustrated that I am sick so often

5. When did it all start? Can you connect it to any past event or disease? I was also diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome about 1 month prior to my 1st sinus infection and it has been AT LEAST 3 or 4 a year since then, often requiring more than one round of antibiotics and steroids to quell.

6. Which time of the day you are worst? generally speaking in the evenings when I cannot breathe and the congestion is at it's worst...trying to sleep when you cannot breathe
is miserable

7. What are the things which aggravate your suffering and which are those which ameliorate the same? Example- time, temperature, pressure, rubbing, washing, eating, tight clothing etc. Pressure seems to relieve the pain in my head and face, cold is preferred over heat although when hot compresses are applied it does feel nice. I tend to have less of an appetite but crave sugar and salty things even though I realize this is the worst time to have unhealthy foods.

8. Do your think your sufferings have relation to any external stimuli (like, change of place) or any internal biological changes in the body, like, menses (in females)? I have not noticed a correlation with my menstrual cycle although all of this did begin right after a nasty divorce and then 2 bad boyfriends who were very dishonest as well.

9. When do you feel better, during hot weather or cold weather, humid or dry weather? I prefer hot, dry weather but for my sinuses the cold air feels nice. I live in Ohio so right now we are having very cold temps

10. Describe your general mental set up? Are you Moody, Arrogant, Mild, Agreeable Changeable, Nervous, Suspicious, Easily offended, Quiet, Arguing, Irritating, Lazy etc. I can be moody, I am a little eccentric, can be easily offended, usually pretty outgoing but quiet. I enjoy being around others but do not like to feel pressured to do so, I can be a bit antisocial at times and want to have time to myself when I need it. I am a worrier and be quite nervous for reasons that I cannot exactly pinpoint, and I tend to feel restless often. I display several OCD tendencies such as counting things and balance is very important to me.

- How do you feel before or during a thunderstorm? I feel excited before a thunderstorm and enjoy them quite a bit unless there is tornados involved...then I become edgy.

- Do you like being consoled during your tough times? Yes!

- Are you sensitive to external stimuli like smell, noise, light etc? VERY sensitive to smells, particularly cigarette smoke, do not like to have too much background noise and distractions, I feel easily overwhelmed at times

- Do you have any typical habit or gesture like nail biting, causeless
Weeping, talking to one self etc? I no longer bite my nails but I do pick at them if I have a rough edge and before I realize it I have them all picked down to nothing. I also chew the inside of my mouth and lip.

- How do you feel about your friends, family, your children and especially your husband / wife? I love them all very much, I feel very protective of them but I have good relationships with all of them.

11. What are your fears and do you dream of any situation repeatedly? I fear failure, spiders, heights, not being able to live life to the fullest.

12. What do you crave for in food items and what are your aversions? I crave salty and sweet, sometimes in combos and sometimes separately. I love vinegar based things like lots of yellow mustard and A-1 sauce.

13. How is your thirst: Less, Normal or Excessive? I would say normal to moderate, lately I have been very thirsty.

14. How is your hunger: Less, Normal or Excessive? it depends if I am taking steroids or not, when I am my hunger seems to be excessive...when I am not it is normal.

15. Is there any kind of food which your body can’t stand? Other than dairy, I hate saurkraut and banana peppers, tomatos although I do like all tomato based things such as salsa, tomato sauces and ketchup.

16. Is your sweat normal or less or more? Where does it sweat more: Head, Trunk or Limbs? normal except at night, I have been very warm when I sleep lately and often wake up uncovered because I was hot and now am chilled.

17. How is your bowel movement and stool type? regular and often lately

18. How well do you sleep? Do you have a particular posture of sleeping? usually well, I do use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea and prefer to sleep on my sides

19. Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires in general? yes but my drive has been lower than normal for quite some time now

20. Do you have any strange, peculiar or unusual symptom or feelings? How are you different from others? I sometimes feel as though I have a split personality because I vary so much in my likes

21. What medications have been taken earlier by you to treat the diseases and do you have any particular symptom surfacing after the medication? usually a Zpack and prednisone is what is prescribed...sometimes 2 or 3 times before the infections is remedied

22. What major diseases are running in your family? heart disease (heavily and on both sides), various cancers, diabetes, substance abuse and addictive personalities

23. Describe, how do you look like? Describe your overall appearance. I have large eyes, shiny healthy hair that is dirty blonde, white teeth with a bit of an overbite, broad shoulders and muscular arms and legs, holding most of my weight in my stomach area, I have very small hands with very short fingers. I have been told by several different people that I have a very strong stance.

(For Females)
24. If your menstrual cycles are not normal, please describe the irregularities, like pains, moods, flow type, clots etc. I usually experience dull aching pain in my lower abdomen/pelvic region and in my lower back that requires Advil or some sort of pain medicine other than pulsatilla although it is not as bad as it used to be...it used to be so bad it would cause me to vomit every month. I always have at least one good migraine the week before my period starts but they have been pretty regular and what I would call normal for the last few months now. Sometimes I have very heavy bleeding on the 2nd or 3rd day but it lightens the next day.

25. What major diseases have you had in your life and when. Please write them in a chronological manner. I really have only had surgery to remove precancerous cells from my cervix and uterus in 2000 and have had no problems since. Other than those listed I have not been ill other than having the flu and a cold once a year or so since I've been a little girl.

1. ID
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Single/Married
5. weight
6. Height ….
7. country
8. climate
9. List of your complaints

10. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint

11. Diabetic or non-Diabetic
12. Desire sweets/sour/salt
13. Thirst
14. Tongue and Taste
15. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine)

16. What exactly is happening?

17. How do you feel?
18. How does this affect you?

19. How does it feel like?
20. What comes to your mind?
21. One situation that had a
big effect on you?

22. How did that feel like?
23. What sensation do you experience in that situation?

24. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand (Habits or Actions)?
25. Current medicines you are taking? Maxalt (as need for migraines) Toprol XL (for high blood pressure)

28. Nature of work, what do you do for living? I own and operate a pet spa

32. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases) I have not noticed a difference in my infections being cause by the time of the year, my allergies are year round it seems
sublimegirl 9 years ago

It is important to describe all your problems in as much detail as you are able. One word answers and short sentences are not particularly helpful. Discuss each problem one at a time, providing (as a minimum level of detail) the following information.

1. What exactly happens?
2. Describe all sensations and pains. Each pain or sensation should be described in such a way that allows us to imagine having the same pain.
3. What causes the problem to get worse after it has started occurring?
4. What creates some relief for the problem?
5. What triggers the problem into occuring?
6. What time of the day or night does the problem occur?
7. When did the problem start? What was happening in your life at that time? Did some specific event or treatment take place just before the problem started?

Move from one problem to the next, doing the same thing.

As well as this, please describe any traumatic indicidents that have taken place in your life. Discuss anything that has had a lasting impact on you mentally, emotionally or physically.

Discuss the way that you manage or deal with your problems, or any problems that occur in your life.

Discuss any patterns you have noticed in your behavior.

Discuss any part of your life where you feel stuck or unable to change and grow.

Describe your childhood and the kind of environment you grew up in, with reference to your relationships with your family, your school experiences, and any serious childhood diseases.

If your earlier discussions have not mentioned these already, please describe:

1. The specific foods that you crave (not just like) or hate
2. The specific drinks that you crave or hate
3. What your sleep is like
4. How the weather and the temperature affects you
5. What kinds of things in the environment you are particularly sensitive to
6. What your general level of energy is like
7. What your level of sexual energy or desire is like
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago

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