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Dear Maheeru,
Thank you for the prompt reply!
Tomorrow will be the third dose of Sepia30CH.
Andorinha last decade
Ok, after the 4th dose report again.
maheeru last decade
Dear Maheeru, I am reporting sooner because I have troubles with acute sinusitis. My left part of the face hurts so much I can't sleep. I have had a common cold for about a week, got better without any medication and after three days I got completely blocked nose with quite profuse nasal discharge (thick pus, yellow, sometimes also green) at the begining it was watery. I thought it would go away but now for two days I am experiencing pain in my cheek-bone, my head (left side) and it is getting worse and worse. Along with it I feel nauseous and sick, lack appetite, but am very thirsty although I can not drink much. I also experienced a feeling of anxiety, which i attributed to the fact that i have trouble breathing from blocked nose (although I have a tendency of being a rather anxious person). I am also experiencing great weakness and debility (feeling of week legs). From homeopathy I have already taken Belladonna6CH four times for two days (it was always a generic remedy prescribed in a cold/flu situation by my homeop.) and didn't find much improvement. I looked in a self-help book and took also Kali bich.30CH (i didn't have 6ch at home) since it was supposed to have a great affinity for the sinuses. After two doses I can't say there is much relief either (still had to take paracetamol for pain).
I would be very grateful if you have any suggestions as i am trying to avoid antibiotics while pregnant.
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Andorinha last decade

Please take phosphorus 200c--- two pills or drops twice daily for next 2 days only and report after 3 days.
maheeru last decade
Uh, I only have 30CH and cant't get 200 before Wednesday. Will 30ch do?
Thank you so much.
Andorinha last decade
andorinha, try phos. 30c twice daily for 3 days and report.
maheeru last decade
Dear maheeru,

I had to take a treatment of antibiotics since my condition with sinusitis got worse (middle ear infection) and my doctor threatend to hospitalize me (which would be my greatest fear).
I have some questions:
1. Can I take any homeopathic remedy to antidote the ill effects of antibiotics? Is there such a remedy? I know that Thuya is sometimes used before/after vaccinations so I tought there is maybe some simillar procedure with antibiotics.

2.Another question is: can I continue taking tissue salts (ferr.phos,kali.phos,calc.phos) while taking antibiotics?

3.Would you recommend as a homeopath taking vitamin supplements to strentghen the immune system?

Thank you again for your patience and time! God bless you.
Andorinha last decade

which place are you from that you do not have a say about taking anti biotics or about getting hospitalised?

Did you take phos. 30c or 200c even a single dose? When is your anti biotic course ending?

You can continue tissue salts along with anti biotics. Give one and half hours gap between them and anti biotics.

If a balanced diet is taken, vit-supplements may not be necessary. But it's upto the person to take or leave the vit. supplements depending upon how they feel with the supplements.

To negate the effects of anti biotics i think a constitutional(based on your current symptoms) will be better than a specific one in your pregnancy.
maheeru last decade
Hi Maheeru,

Thank you for your reply. My doctor said (based on the blood analysis) that in my condition it have to take antibiotics or it will leed to such complications that I will have to be hospitalized. I have a medical appointment tomorrow to reevaluate my condition.

As for the Phos. I have taken one dose of 30CH and am still waiting my pharmacist to supply a 200C as they don't have it.

Thank you for the info about tissue salts, i will not take the vitamin suppl. for now.

I don't know exactly when my antibiotic course is ending because the doctor said it may be stopped earlier if the condition improves (initially i was prescribed a 10day course and am now waiting for tomorrows analysis). Today is the third day I am taking them.

The pain is gone and the general condition has much improved, my nose is no longer fully blocked, the pus and cathar have pretty much cleard, I have no temperature, earache is gone. However I am feeling a mild stomach discomfort (which must be from antibiotics since it was not there before) and my headache is still present although not as intense as before. I feel better in general but the fact/decision that i have taken antibiotics haunts me. I feel sick even looking at the pill and feel great 'guilt' and disappointment taking it (very worried to harm the baby and myself in any way).

With all this mess i can't really determine my current symptoms as i fell very confused, insecure and disappointed.
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Andorinha last decade

Relax now. Leave the worries, guilt aside!

As soon as you get phos. 200c take one dose, and observe changes over 4 to 5 days and report. No problem if your anti biotic course has not ended by then. Your current symptoms demand phos. in that potency.
maheeru last decade
Dear Maheeru,

I have taken Phos.200, and today is the fifth day after I've taken it. I feel much better phyisically! The respirational troubles are completely gone, so is the anxiety and headaches. My antibiotics course has also ended this week. I am continuing with the Tissue salts, as I have obsereved my digestion improves when I take them.(Either TS or homeopatic remedies I have been taking). Emotionally I am still quite restless, can't seem to find a peaceful mind, always worring about something.
Andorinha last decade

That's good. If it's available earlier, the anti biotics route could have been prevented.

Take sepia 200c one dose after 3/4 days. Report in a week or two about the observation.

How many months are you pregnant now?
maheeru last decade
Thank you Maheeru.

Yes Phos200 came very late, I had to order it from Helios, England because I could not get in from our local pharmacist who sells Unda.

I am now in my 30th week of pregnancy.

Will report back after Sepia.
Andorinha last decade
Dear Maheeru,

I am reporting back, it has now been one month after I've taken Sepia 200CH and so far so good! I have to say that (to my suprise) also the iron level has increased. I am now in my 34th week of pregnancy. I constantly feel false contarctions but they are not too disturbing. As for the tissue salts, can I take them untill the end of my pregnancy as I take them now or should I change anything? (I am taking Ferr.Phos.,Kali.Phos..,Calc.Phos 6x thrice daily).
I am concearned about one thing, during my first labour my contractions were not strong enough (although I was in a great deal of pain) and I did not dilate successfully. For this reason I was given synthetic oxytocin for a long period of time along with epidural anesthesia. I had an episiotomy and vacuum extraction. During birth I had a severe anxiety and pannic attacks. Afterwards, probably one month afer delivery I aslo developed postpartum depression which I cured successfully with homeopathy (but don't know which remedy I was given.) This time I would like to give birth naturally. Unfortunately here where I live it is not possible to give birth at home nor are there any birth centers, so the only option, which is actually not an option is a hospital :(
Is there any homeopatic remedy that can prepare me better this time? I have to say that I was given Pulsatilla 6CH by a homeopath 10 days before my due date but it did nothing for me. She also gave me Actea racemosa 6ch but said that it should not be taken if I am given an epidural, so I didn't take it. I fear it was probably a wrong choice of medicine since some homeopathic remedies have worked so wonderfuly.
And also, what do you recommend after the delivery? I would like to prepare my supplies :)

Thank you for your kind help.

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Andorinha last decade
Hi Andorinha

Repeat another dose of sepia 200CH. Observe for next 2 weeks and report. As this remedy works good it might even prepare you for easy delivery. We'll have to intervene if symptoms indicate another remedy.

You can take F. phos, K. phos and M. phos. tissue salts till end of 9th month.

You might want to have these remedies handy.

Calc. carb. 30c and 200c, Belladonna 30/200c, Arnica 200c, Hypericum 200c, Pulsatilla 30c and 200c and Caulophyllum 30c and 200c.
maheeru last decade
Dear Maheeru,

I has been almost two weeks since I took Sepia 200. This time I haven't noticed any significant changes. Emotionally, I am feeling quite a lot of uneasiness related to labour, occasionally fear of death during labour, anxiety but not to the point of panic attacks (like in my first pregnancy). Phisically I am doing ok, my haemoglobin level is again dropping but I decided not to take ferrum supplements from gyn. I am staring to feel doubts weather to go along with natural labour or take an epidural, I think it is related to my fear of pain and loosing my mind during labour. Can I presently take something that can preapare me for an easier and faster labour? (The first time was really long and I was so scared and tired I couldn't do nothing. I just wanted to escape and sleep during contarctions and after delivery.)

About tissue salts: during this last month, do I take them every day till delivery or do I continue alternating every other week? Also another question, why is it good to take Mag.phos?

Thank you Maheeru for your time and patience and for your kind help.
Andorinha last decade

Now you need to aconite 200c a couple of doses 4 to 5 days apart. Leave a week after aconite doses and then take one dose of pulsatilla 200c. Repeat pulsatilla again when labour starts.

Have coffea 200c handy. If you feel pain with long labour and if the feeling of losing your mind takes over, you can take this remedy. If this is not sufficient you must then take Chamomilla 200c.

In the first half of the last month, tissue salts shall be alternated, and in the latter half, can be taken every day. Mag. phos. combined with k. phos. facilitates easy and smooth labour reducing pain. In fact when you start feeling labour pain, you can sip through the solution of m.phos and k.phos tissue salts as frequently as you would like to.

Nothing to worry about this episode, God Willing, you will do fine. Please try to relax, meditate, pray and enjoy yourself. Best wishes and prayers for you and your child.
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maheeru last decade
Dear Maheeru,

I have taken aconite 200 as you have suggested. I did not take pulsatilla 200 yet because i got it only yesterday. Today is my due date and still nothing happening. Can I still take pulsatilla 200 or would you recommend another remedy?

ps.Aconitum was very helpful, the anxiety stopped. Can I take another dose if needed during labour (if i get panick attacks?)

Thank you for your kind help,
Andorinha last decade
Andorinha, Welcome and it's good to know about your well being.

Yes you can use aconite for anxiety/panic attack during labour. if aconite fails follow my earlier suggestion to take coffea in my earlier post.

Yes you can take pulsatilla 200c one dose today or tomorrow. If labour starts repeat another dose as soon as it starts.

If labour does not start in 4/5 days, then take pulsatilla a few doses dissolved in water.

Do not forget to take K. phos. tissue salt.
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maheeru last decade
Dear Maheeru,

I have taken Pulsatilla 200 two days ago, but so far nothing is happening. I will wait for two more days and take Pulsatilla in water. How exactly do I take it? Do I have to drink it all at once or during the whole day? One dose is two pills correct?

My emotinal state is very unstable at the last moment, I have a lot of doubts, can't stand up for myself in front of doctors, I feel very vulnerable and cry easily. I also have fears that the midwife I chose for the delivery will somehow not show up. I also fear C-section or hemorrage because I have such a tremendous fear being stuck alone in hospital without my partner.

ps. Which potency of Arnica should be used after delivery and how often?

Thank you again very much!
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Andorinha last decade
Hi Andorinha

Your unstable emotional state seems to be a side effect from puls. dose. Still puls's effect might induce labour in coming days. Do not repeat puls. now.

If the unstable emotional state continues for another day, use nux vom. 30c one dose or coffea dose to take away this negative effect.

For the time being, you might try out a few things to induce labour naturally.

1) Going for walks
2) Foot rubs
3) Well satisfying sex with good deal of nipple stimulation.

Be patient, the due date given by your dr. is merely estimated due date and you do not become overdue until 42 weeks of gestation. Baby has it's own calender.

200c of arnica can be used. You can take arnica 200c twice/thrice daily for 2 or 3 days. Once a marked improvement is felt, you can taper off the doses.
maheeru last decade
For Learning only.
nawazkhan last decade
Dear Maheeru,

I didn't have to take nux vomica since my emotional state has calmed. However I feel anxious because if nothing happens till Tuesday I will be induced which I was wanting to avoid at all costs. Here at the maternity hospital the max. for waiting is one week to ten days past due date. I understand that babies have its own way of knowing when to come but unfortunately home birth is not allowed by law (!) where I live :( so the only option is maternity hospital.
Can I try any other homeopatic remedy to induce?
I do feel contractions for approx. one to two hours after sex but they cease soon after. I also do the long walks...

Thank you again
Andorinha last decade

Along with those natural ways mentioned above, add spicy diet a couple of times.

Take caulophyllum 30c one pill thrice daily for 2 days. Stop if any of the dose creates unwanted symptoms like anxiety, panic.
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maheeru last decade
Dear Maheeru,

I have some wonderful news to share, I gave birth to a healty boy one week ago. He was quite big but the labour was completely natural and very very quick (2hours) and ended without episiotomy or any other medical intervention.

I am very much grateful and thankful for all your advice and support! May God bless you!

I have an additional question, my baby has developed a conjunctivitis, the eye forms a lot of yelow pus and he can not open it if I don't clean it with milk or sterile water. The pus forms very often and is quite abundant, I have to wipe it constantly, the eyelid is also somewhat red. Can you suggest any homeopathic remedy to give?
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Andorinha last decade

I'm happy for you and your new born son :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful news. Thanks for your blessings and kind words. God bless you and your family!

Did you take caulo. as was suggested?

For your son's conjunctivitis, use argentum nit. 30c one pill dissolved in one ounce of water and from this solution give him one drop as a dose using a dropler three times a day for two days only. If with any of the dose, significant improvement or worsening is seen, stop with that dose.
maheeru last decade

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