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Tissue Salts and Pregnancy

Hello, some homeopatics suggest the following Pregnancy Tissue Salt Programme:
Months 2 and 6 CALC FLUOR,Mag Phos, Ferrum Phos
Months 3 and 7 Calc Fluor,Mag Phos, Nat Mur
Months 4 and 8 Calc Fluor, Nat Mur, Silica
Months 5 and 9 Calc Fluor, Ferrum Phos, Silica

Would this be a good 'adequate' choice of Tissue Salts? Please help.
  Andorinha on 2011-02-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Anyone who is familiar with tissue salts and their use in pregnancy? Thank you in advance for your answers!
Andorinha last decade
Dr. Eli Jones' recommendation on tissue salts (based on his 40 years of devine practice) for healthy pregnancy is given below. I have very frequently verified its benefit for very healthy pregnancy and child birth:

Calc Phos 3x, twice daily throughout pregnancy. So much calicum is needed during this time and have benefited to produce very healthy baby.

During the last 3 weeks, replace with Kali Phos 3x, twice daily, to enable normal delivery. This again has seldom failed, as verified in every of my case.

Bellis Per 6 is a blessing for pregnant women, from first month to the last month. This helps wonderfully the morning sickness of early days and back soreness of later months. Dose: 1 dose only and enjoy the benefit for one week or ever more. Repeat only if needed. It is amazing to see how just 1 dose is enough to produce the desired effect, when other medicines need so much repeatition. This is a daisy plant and you will know why it works so wonderfully, when you read the property of the plant.

Reva V
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Reva V last decade
Thank you for the recommendation! But still I am wondering about the other Tissue Salts, like Calc. flour or Ferr.phos, are they not benefical too to take during pregnancy as a general tonic?
Andorinha last decade
maheeru last decade
Homeopathic Leader, Dr. W Boericke recommends not to repeat Calc Flour for long time (his other works suggest not more than 2 weeks). Hence it is my preference not to repeat this long with Calc Flour.

Unless it is proven to be beneficial during Pregnancy, based on 100s of cases followed through till a healthy baby is born, I will not take a chance.

This is a forum and there are several experienced practioners who could have used this and can comment.

Allopathic Multi-Vitammine are well proven for years and I can recommend to go with it.
Reva V last decade
Maheeru thank you very much for the links, the information helped me a lot! I think I will follow the pattern of Calc.phos, Kali. phos and Ferr. phos every other week.
Are all these tissue salts safe if I am taking Phosporus in homeop. medicine?

Reva V.: Thank you very much for your reply and recommendations! Just another question, why Bellis perennis during pregnancy? As I was reading the medicine description it seems to me more like a 'recovery' medicine for postpartum. Of course I know near to nothing about homeopathy, therefore I would appreciate your advice.

However I think I have to start taking something to boost my immune system. I suspect it is not very strong, because I suffer with severe aphtae outbraekes, constantly feel tired and have a dragging down sensation in plevic area. About taking allopathic multi-vitamins I am somewhat concearned, as once my homeopath told me they are no good and that the body does not absorbe all the vitamins etc. I can not get in touch with her now to ask all these questions, because she is on maternity leave. So I will be probably asking a lot of questions here :)
Andorinha last decade
The use of Multi-Vitamins is well proved by a large population of people. Although it is partly true that all vitamins are not absorbed, I will not let that piece of information to stop you taking. It is VERY IMPORTANT to get all the vitamins for your baby. You cannot count on food to provide all. Old days, our food were rich in nutrition and hence we lived without supplements. PLEASE GIVE A TRY and see the difference for youself. If it makes no difference, you can consider to stop, but if your energy is better, please continue to take. It is a total ignorance if you dont take multi-vitamins, with modern food.

Try this idea on plants to see how well they respond. I tried it. If our body dont absorb, we can make it absorb through Homeopathic stimulants. First give a try and write back.

Reva V

Reva V
Reva V last decade

Tissue salts are safe the way they have been suggested in those threads.

In the off week of tissue salts you can take any other homeopathic remedy including Phos.
maheeru last decade
To maheeru:

I have another question, I just had an examination at my gyneco. yesterday and he said that i have a very short cervix although it is closed. I am constantly feeling a dragging down sensation and I fear I must have a very poor tonus of the pelvic floor, bladder and uterus.I know this is probably due to the lack of exercise but I am in such an exhausted state physically and emotionally that I cannot seem myself starting on exercises now, though it helps me when I do go out an exercise.
I read in M.Castro's book for pregnancy that Tissue Salt Calc-fluor. is recommended for the prolapsed uterus or bladder and was therefore thinking od adding it to my 'tonic'. I kindly ask your opinion and thank you in advance for your answer.

Another question: I live in Italy and here some of the homeopatic remedies (UNDA) are availible in a form of 'granules' which are much smaller than 'globules' a normal sized pills. Does this mean for ex. that one dose of Arnica the 3 'granules' or 3 'globules' is the same or is there a need to take more of the 'granules' since they are much smaller?

Kind regards, Andorinha
Andorinha last decade

It's upto you if you want to add calc. fluor in place of calc. phos. But once the pregnancy crosses 5 months, calc. fluor must be stopped and be replaced by calc. phos.

Going by the symptoms and your description, it does feel like you require a homeopathic remedy Sepia now. If you're convinced, please take 2 pills/drops in evening time only once. Observe changes over next 10 days and report, if need be, another dose shall be suggested.

Two globules are sufficient as a dose and in case of granules, three.

Regds and best wishes for your safe and easy pregnancy.
maheeru last decade
Thank you for answering, yes my pregnancy has reached 5 months so i won't take calc.flour.
Sepia sounds like the right remedy, can you suggest the potency also? It has already helped me a great deal with morning sickness, I was then taking 6CH.
I am currently on Phos 6LM, and therefore unsure if I can take Sepia along with it? Or should I stop Phos (it was prescribed by my homeopath but he is at present unavailable). So far I have taken only two doses, it improved my sleeplessness, other symptoms remain the same, but maybe it is too early to say.

Thank you so much for your help, I realy appreciate it.

All the best, andorinha
Andorinha last decade
andorinha, Since you took sepia 6CH some time earlier and found it beneficial, now you can move onto Sepia 12CH.

Yes when you're taking sepia, you shall not take phos. or any other remedy.

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maheeru last decade
Respected Dr. Maheeru,
Sorry to interrupt your prescription. My experience strongly suggest not to give Sepia in potency less than 200 and never to repeat before a week. I will leave the rest to you.

Bellis Per 6 will take of this patient for pain and sleep and will need no other medicine. I have tried in several cases. Once again, it is up to you or the patient.
Reva V last decade
Dear Reva

I respect your viewpoint. I myself have said on these forums some years back, to avoid lower potencies of sepia.

However this is not an absolute rule. Some other factors will also come in to play.

1) The influence of administering higher potencies is dominant in asia and in particular the subcontinent. For instance, there's a famous guideline not to give nosodes below 200c. However one can see tuberculinum for instance being given in 15ch in trans-atlantic countries. Besides there's a whole school of thought based on pathalogy which relies on lower potencies. So lower potencies exist for a reason.

2) In this case she has got results from 6ch during pregnancy. So it's more logical to move onto next potency of the remedy to have gentle improvement rather than making a big jump to a higher potency which can give a jolt.



I had just suggested the remedy and the potency and not repetition schedule.

So my recommendation for repetition would be like this---take one dose in the evening time for 3 or 4 days and observe changes over next 10 days and report.
However with any of the dose if you develop any untoward symptom or discomfort stop with that dose and report appropriately.
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maheeru last decade
Respected Dr. Maheeru

Thank you educating me on this new information about the usage of lower potencies on medicines that in general we never use.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
I had just suggested the remedy and the potency and not repetition schedule.
smallfish last decade
Reva, Welcome and thanks for the understanding.

Small fish, can you elaborate on your point?
maheeru last decade
I have already taken Sepia 12CH, and seen results almost immediately. I have no longer the so called dragging down sensation, however my emotional state is the same (indifference, apathy). Will report again after 10 days (from where I started taking Sepia)...
For now I just wanted to let you know how it is going.

Thanks to all for helping!
ps. This week i also started on tissue salts.
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Andorinha last decade
I have been taking Sepia 12C one dose for 3 days and have improved considerably. The 'dragging down' sensation is almost gone, I feel it only from time to time when i am extremely tired, but not as violently as before. Emotionally, I have calmed down also. I still have nightmares and trouble sleeping (every nightmare I have is associated with my previous birth trauma and I feel lots of fear how it will go this time).
But there is one new symptom that started approx. a week ago, I am experiencing a little dizziness, usually in the morning and late afternoon. I don't know weather to associate it with the tissue salts? I was taking this past week Calc. Phos., Ferr.Phos., Kali. Phos. All 6x, thrice daily.
At my latest gynec. exam, the blood tests have indicated a mild aenemia.
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Andorinha last decade

You might want to stop the tissue salts for a couple of weeks to see if you feel better about those symptoms.

You will need other potencies of sepia as well. So get it in 30c,200c. Do not repeat anymore doses of 12c.

Please see to that your diet is balanced and nutritious. Avoid junk/fast food.
maheeru last decade
Maheeru, I have purchased both Sepia 30CH and 200CH. Should I continue with a higer potency?

I also discoverd the cause for my dizziness and headaches (quite trivial actually) it was a plant, jasmine that i received as a gift and discoverd that whenever i was near it i got realy nauseaus. I threw it away and now everything is ok. :) I plan to continue with Tissue salts, since most probably they were not the cause.

Thank you again for all your help, you are doing realy great work helping people!
Andorinha last decade
Hi andorinha

That's wonderful tracking down the culprit :) Many of the cosmetic things are creating troubles one way or the other. So be careful with new things.

Take sepia 30c one dose every 10 days upto 4 doses ONLY. Report after 4th dose. In between if you feel discomfort or any aggravation stop with that dose and report.

Welcome, send me prayers :)
maheeru last decade
Hi, I am taking Sepia as indicated and feel an enormeous improvement. I have however been diagnosed again as anemic, with my Hb 101 dropping with each month (I have also a very low RDW 10,9) and have been prescribed iron pills. I want to wait for one month before taking the pills because I am very reluctant of pills. My question is, can I take Ferr.Phos in Tissue Salt every day and not with one week gaps? Would you recommend to take the iron pills or is there any other homeopatic solution to this? Thank you again and all the best!
Andorinha last decade

You can go ahead with Ferrum. phos. 6x on daily basis for next 4 weeks. How many doses of sepia 30c are up?
maheeru last decade
Dear Maheeru,
Thank you for the prompt reply!
Tomorrow will be the third dose of Sepia30CH.
Andorinha last decade

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