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I'm happy for you and your new born son :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful news. Thanks for your blessings and kind words. God bless you and your family!

Did you take caulo. as was suggested?

For your son's conjunctivitis, use argentum nit. 30c one pill dissolved in one ounce of water and from this solution give him one drop as a dose using a dropler three times a day for two days only. If with any of the dose, significant improvement or worsening is seen, stop with that dose.
maheeru last decade
Dear Maheeru,

Yes, I took Caulophyllum as you kindly suggested and after the last dose, the contractions came within four hours. From then on, everything went very smoothly.

Thank you for the advice on conjunctivitis, will give argentum. I hope I didn't worsen the situation by giving my son Aconitum 30C, one pill smashed, three times yesterday (I found it in a self-help homeopathic book), the situation didn't worsen but did not improve either.

Kind regards, Andorinha
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Andorinha last decade
Dear Maheeru,

My son's conjunctivitis resolved in two days, he no longer has any discharge nor puffiness of the eyelids.

But there is another problem, it seems I have internal piles, as I bleed every time I go to the toilet. At first the blood was dark with small cloth-like pieces, but now after 3 days of this happening, the blood is bright red. May I add I am not constipated, but have occasionally hard stools. Can you suggest any h. remedy? I have been taking Nux vomica 6ch 3times/day for the last 3 days because I was constipated at first and it resolved the constipation but not the hemerroids.
Andorinha last decade
Andorinha, a few questions for you:

Is this problem(piles) a new one or is aggravating now though it's existed already?

Can you also write down other associated symptoms if any?

Describe the symptoms with qualifiers: Location, sensation, Aggravating/bettering factors, associated symptoms.
maheeru last decade

It is a new problem, never had pilesbefore. Occasionally I suffer from constipation and hard stools (probably because of my sedentary life) but I never had bleeding piles. I am also not overweight (55kg-165cm).
I feel some relieve if I put cold applications and if I walk for some time and worse when lying down. I also feel a kind of back pain (very low which must come from rectum). At present I feel also very exhausted and tired, my energy levels completely depleted. I feel great thirst and crave sweets (icecream/chocolate). Other symptoms are more of a psychologic nature, I have a general fear of getting ill (a tendency to hypohondria) or my child getting ill or other members of the family getting ill. This is constant, not just during pregnancy and postpartum. I also have fear of being alone, have very hard time being alone with my child. I need someone nearby, not necessarily in the same room, otherwise I feel extremely insecure.

PS.I have observed some new symptoms/complaints today: for the past three days I have a headache that doesn't go away and is worse in the evening/morning, it is hard to locate the pain, sometimes one side, sometimes temples, forehead and in the ears. I am also very pale with dark circles under the eyes, I look and feel very exhausted. I sweat profusely during the night and in the morning, alternating with chills. My bones feel heavy and as if bruised, my low-back hurts ocassionally. I have dry mouth and feel very dry, I drink a lot but can't seem to quench great thirst. If I eat something cold like icecream I start to cough and feel sounds in chest/during respiration. I am also sleepy but can't get a refreshing good-night sleep.
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Andorinha last decade
Hi Andorinha

Stop nux vom.6c. You're getting some proving symptoms from it.

Please take sulphur 30c one pill or drop early in the morning-- one hour before brushing-- for 3 or 4 days only. Observe changes over a week and report.
maheeru last decade
Dear maheeru,

My issue with pileshas resolved successfully! I still have a sort of anal fissure, I bleed when I pass stools but not every day, only if they are large and hard.

I was recomended to take Rexorubia(Lehning) for the breastfeeding period, it is a sort of mineralisation and it contains the following: Natrum sulf.3DH,Silicea 3DH,Calc.carb.2DH,Calc.phos.2DH,Natrum phos.2DH,Mag.phos.2DH,Ferr.phos.2DH,Rubia 2DH,Julgans regia pulvis 2DH. Does this seems like a 'safe' tonic to take or can I keep taking tissue salts
during the breastfeeding period and if yes which ones?

Thank you!
Thank you again.
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Andorinha last decade
Dear Andorinha :)

I do not think Rexorubia is safe for you. It's likely that you will get numerous side effects due to your sensitive nature. Besides i seldom recommend combinations.

A few questions for you:

1) Can you explain this 'sort of anal fissure' more with sensation and other associated symptoms.

2) Who recommended Rexorubia and if it was recommended by a physician, what did he/she recommend this for? Did they diagnose you with bone demineralisation or deficiency in minerals or something similar?

3)Why do you think you need a tonic during breastfeeding? Are you taking a balanced diet? Do you feel weakness or lack of quality with mother's milk?

Let the doses act for some more time. Seeing your answers... will suggest further course.
maheeru last decade
Dear Maheeru,

I have not written for a long time as I was so absorbed for the care of my son and my troubles resolved on its own accord.

I have not taken Rexorubia for the reasons you suggested. So far I have not been experiencing any troubles with breastfeeding.

However, I have two 'new' situations. Firstly, my son has his first vaccination next week, thing wich distresses me as I fear all the ill effects. Can I give any h. remedy to counteract these ill effects?

Secondly, can I give him a remedy for theeting? I am not sure it is acctually theeting (he is 3 and a half months), but he is being very irritable and puts his fists into the mouth. It is worse at the evening and he finds some relief by being carried. At the same time he has colicky pains (bending backwards, when I carry him he arches way back) and a lot of gas. Stools are somewhat greenish (more than usual).

Thank You and God bless You, andorinha
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Andorinha last decade

For the picture you described of your son, please give him chamomilla 30c one pill or drop once in a day for 3 to 4 days.

What is the vaccine he's going to be administered?
maheeru last decade
Dear Maheeru,

The vaccination is for whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, Hib and poliomyelitis. It is his first dose.

Best wishes, andorinha
Andorinha last decade

If you want the immunisation to take hold but only want to make the process gentle without the associated discomfort, you might give him arnica 30c thrice daily for 2 days... post vaccination. This protocol will help in having immunisation with minimal ill effects.

On the contrary if you do not want the immunisation that comes with vaccination at all, then you might give him sulphur 30c two doses a day before vaccination, and thuja 30c two doses after vaccination. This protocol is likely to abort the process of immunisation and it's likely that he may not be protected against the vaccinated conditions.


On a general note, vaccines that may not be necessary are: hep B, hep A, tetanus, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox.
maheeru last decade
That is some wonderful news! I did not know homeopathy can abort the process of immunisation. I will follow this second protocol as you kindly suggested. I literally dread these vaccines as we have a child in our neighbourhood that is today an invalid because of the vaccines.

As for chamomilla it works! My baby is like a new person :) calm, smiling and he sleeps at night. I can not believe it!

Thank you.
Andorinha last decade
Dear Maheeru,

I have a question regarding 'snuffles' in babies. After I have been suffering from a bad cold that moved to repiration troubles and chest pains (which I resolved with a dose of Phos 30ch/ I tried it because you have already suggested this medecine for me when I had sinusitis) my baby is suffering from a congested nose and has dificulty breathing through his nose. There is also a great deal of sneezing. His behaviour is as usual, only that he declines to breastfeed as much (he doesn't yet eat solids). He also coughs in the evening and at night.
He is usualy of a mild disposition (except when he was teething) but wouldn't sleep at all during the day, or if I do get him down to sleep he awakens after 20-30min. Even a little noise will wake him. He is also very sensitive in general. To noise and environement. He is somewhat clingy and protests very easily, likes being rocked and held at all times.

The immunisation went without any complications, although he seems to be very afraid of the doctors because he starts screaming when I enter the hospital (and I could not calm him till we got home which I touhgt strange, this happend twice). He has another immunisation scheduled this week but i will postpone it due to his current weakness.

ps. I forgot to mention that he rubs his eyes very frequently, as if there was something in the eyes or nose.
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Andorinha last decade

Please give him one pill/drop of pulsatilla 30c two times a day for two days. If you see significant betterment or worsening with any of the dose, stop with that and report appropriately.
maheeru last decade

Pulsatilla seemed to have some effect (nose has cleard up temporarily) but after two days the blocked nose and sneezing have returned. His sleep is also very much disturbed.
Andorinha last decade

Give him one pill/drop of pulsatilla 200c. Report after giving 4 to 5 doses, every dose 4 days apart.
maheeru last decade
Hi Maheeru,

Pulsatilla has resolved problems (nose and sleeping), I have given him so far 3 doses and shall continue up to the 5th as you suggested.

I have another question regarding tissue salts. My baby has had blood analysis done and the results showed that he is anemic (since I am breastfeeding, i tested myself as well and am anemic too), which is hard for me to understand since I really try to eat healthily. Can I take Ferr.phos. in a form of a tissue salt as I did in my pregnancy (every other week)? Would that help? Or should I give it directly to the baby?

Thank you for all your help, Andorinha
Andorinha last decade
Andorinha can you post the blood work results for you and your baby. It's possible that receiving deficient milk is causing anemia in the baby.

'which is hard for me to understand since I really try to eat healthily.' At times we cannot see objectively if what we take is well balanced diet or not. Please also consult a nutritionist or a dietitian.

Yes if need be calc. phos and ferr. phos. tissue salts can be taken.
maheeru last decade
I am 5 months pregnant.I have been seeing a homoepathic doctor for my morning sickness.My doc has asked m to take 5 phos tablets 6x(calc phos,ferrum phos,kalium phos,mag phos & natrum phos) ---3 tablets twice daily.Alongwith with this he has asked me to take Alfalfa tonic twice daily before meals.Since 3 months I have been following this medicine.I would like to know if I am doing it right and is it safe for me to continue this way till the 9th month??Kindly help
atiyask last decade

After following those medicines how do you feel? How much are you improved in specific aspects and overall? If answers for these questions are negative, then you need personalised treatment for your morning sickness.

The above protocol is not wrong for general supplementation but if it's me, i'd have changed and fine tuned certain aspects in the protocol.
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maheeru last decade
Hi maheeru-
do you have a standard protocol
and time period for morning
sickness?? Have two work friends
who are going to quit their jobs
bc of it. Thank you.
simone717 last decade
Hello Simone717

My earlier post might have been slightly misleading earlier. Now i have edited that. I was not talking about the protocol for morning sickness but general supplementation during this period.

Standard medicine for morning sickness is Symphoricarpus racemosa. This can help in some cases and go off the mark in some other cases.

If your friends can submit more details based on a questionnaire, a suitable remedy can be suggested. Personalised choice usually gives much more benefit.
maheeru last decade
thanks for replying Maheeru.
could you post your questionnare
and I am going to print it out
and keep. I seem to be running
into an entire group of first time
pregnant women.

I know they are going to ask me
two things-A. is it possible
you can harm the baby in utero by taking
wrong remedy or wrong dose of
homeopathic remedy? Or even
right remedy taken too long?
B. Nursing moms-same question?-
had someone on the Arnica 6c 'therapy ask me that ' and they
did not repost.

thanks -Simone
simone717 last decade
Dear Maheeru,
My morning sickness has improved considerably.During the initial period I had lost 4 kgs of weight and was unable to eat or drink water.Now I'm able to eat and have gained 2.5 kgs back.However I still detest the taste of water and would prefer not to drink.I have also become lactose intolerant during this pregnancy and any other liquids dont agree with me at all.If I consume these things ,I tend to throw up and severe nausea continues for 1-2 days.Also I feel a lot active and better from morning till evening 4'0clock.Thereafter in the evening till night I keep getting slight nausea and uneasiness.Also since the last 1 month I suffer from heartburn followed by intense pain in my chest(like gas rising up my throat, entire back and neck).My doctor has given me some medicines.However I'm unaware of the name of the homoepathic medicine.Thanks.
Kindly help.
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atiyask last decade
Dear atiyask

Given your symptoms, i would like you to take Nux vom. But you are already under the care of another homeopath, so i hesitate to override his/her suggestion unless you are not under their care anymore.

Also one can not mix up suggestions from two different people as the medicines may interact.

May be you can try to talk to your homeopath about the concerns you wrote here and see what comes out of that.
maheeru last decade

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