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6 month old boy with Eczema

My son has eczema for last few months. At 2 months he had some baby acne. Then later it developed into eczema. We are showing to a homeopathy doctor,but don't have much confidence in him. We would like to get a second opinion.

About a month back his doctor gave him Sulphur 30C just one dose to see how he reacts. He seemed to improve a bit. Then he got his 4 month shots. After that it seemed to increase. When we talked to doctor he said we should wait as this could be a reaction to the shots. Just 3 days back we started giving him sulphur again on his recommendation. Dissolved 1 Sulphur 30C in 2 tblsp water & give 1 tsp twice a day (morning & evening). After 3 doses, the Eczema seemed to worsen noticeablly. He asked us to stop & is going to check with medicine to give.

Late my son feels very itchy. He scratches his elbows, face etc. quite a lot. Doctor also gave Camomilla 6C to reduce his itchying, it seems to help but not much. Whenever he gets a chance he wants to itch & scratch.

I am not sure if we are correct path. Any guidance will be of immense help.
  pagarw on 2005-05-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
another thing I missed. His Cheeks & elbows are oozing pretty bad. I fear that he might get an infection.
pagarw last decade
Have your son tested for food allergies......... This was the case with my son and he developed eczema at 3 weeks old and was very fussy. He was a lousy "nurser". It turned out that he was allergic to milk, soy, beef, nuts, garlic, tomatoes and eggs!! In addition he is sensitive to chemicals, perfumes dyes and preservatives. He developed asthma at age 2 years. I learned that eczema is usually the first sign of allergies in young children

Best Wishes,

jentoun last decade
Thanks for ur update. But my understanding is the 6 month old infant should not be tested to allergies. Child should be at least a yr old before allergy tests can be done.

Can somebody look at the homeopathy information & advise, please?

pagarw last decade
sounds like the vaccinations stirred things up. Your homeopath should be able to help clear this if this is the case.
skookum chuck is a remedy for eczema after vaccinations and could help clear the effect of them. He can also be treated by the homeopath more specifically to clear vaccine effect and maybe this is the remedy your homeopath is researching at the moment for you.
After this there would be a need for further remedies as the main eczema started before the vaccines. let us know what your homeopath suggests.
erika last decade
Dear Pagarw,

I agree with the opinion expressed by user jentoun.
Our three year old son is a classic case of severe eczema, I guess his condition started from a week of his birth,probable reason could be the vaccaniation shots. Ever since he is suffering.
He is also allergic to Milk,Egg,Wheat,Barley,Garlic and nuts. We did his allergy test at the age of year and half. I can feel your and your son's pain, we are going through the same situation. Its interesting to note that the user Jentoun mentioned Garlic in the list of food that the child could be allergic to. Our sons allergy test showed positive to Garlic.
I have posted my concern under the subject 'Eczema help for 3 year old' User name is Vinfern dated June 9th.Even we have seen very slow and mixed results with Homeopathy but we are still keeping our hopes high in Homeopathy, someday..
I wish you all the best.
Vinfern last decade
I forgot to mention.
There is another kind of allergy test that needs just a drop of blood from the finger tip.
Its called Eliza test.I hope I spelled that correctly.
Will give you more info on that next week.
Vinfern last decade
My son's eczema started right after 2 month vaccinations too. I refused to give him another one in 4th month (having suspected it) and my pediatrician kind of gave in.

I am fortunate enough to get a doctor who understands my concerns otherwise it would have been difficult to convince myself. He is the one who suggested I take him to India too. I gave up my job and stayed in India for 8 months (4 months at a time). My sister-in-law did the samething for her daughter. They stayed continuously for one year.
periopatient last decade
I forgot to mention this. The ayurvedic medicine I gave my son is purely antoxidants to remove toxins from his body (which I believe came from vaccinations and my medications during delivery).
periopatient last decade
Just curious,you attribute the visit to India as an important part in the whole process Was it the weather and food in India that helped.?
Vinfern last decade
These anioxidants ayurvedic medicines that you gave your son is it specially formulated by some Ayurvedashala or is it available to buy over the counter in the market?
Vinfern last decade
There are so many factors that contribute when we go to India, weather playing the greater role. Food also plays an important role since it is seasonal and tropical.

As I mentioned in my e-mail to you (I just sent it) his grandparents engaged him so well that he got diverted from his itching and slept well in the night from all the exitement of the day. That contributed to healing.

The ayurvedic medicine was prepared by my doctor just for my son based on his constitution.
periopatient last decade
Thank u for all your responses..

I have also heard that people have taken their children to their native countires & the severity of Eczema has reduced & it has been cured altogether. But thats the last option we will go for.

As I mentioned in my inital post.. the Dr was analyzing the situation again.. He changed the medicine from Suplhur to Graphite 6C. We gave him once... it seemed to increase the eczema... then the Dr asked us to stop the medicine...

Now its almost a month & we gave another dose just once 3 days back ... we didn't see any perceptible change..

Again today we are giving the dose, 2 times this time around.... there is a little improvement... of late he has been itching a lot.. we have been giving him camomilla 6 C throughout the last 2-3 months to help with itching..

I am not sure if we are going in right direction or not..

Also, somebody mentioned Biochemic medicine, I am not sure how effective they are..

Pls advise what is the correct course of action for treatment?


pagarw last decade
As I type this my 13 month old is once again screaming, crying and scratching. Once again into the wee hours of the night. Her excema flaired after her 6 months imuunizations and we have been in hell ever since. She does not sleep, therefore we do not sleep. we have tried natural solutions as well as western medicinal solutions. I fear the child will forever be scaly and suffering. My other children have nicknamed her " gecko". She has her own bathtub, her own towels, her own laundry detergent. she has her own shelf in the medicine cabinet. Not once has anything worked for more than a day or two. Not once has any doctor or homeopath been able to give us a reason why my precious baby must suffer. She is allergic to everything. I am afraid to put her in day care and find out she is allergic to another thing, has an even worse flair up. If anyone has ideas that will help please share them. We need the help. we need the sleep. She needs relief.
midnightmother last decade
I have helped adults suffering from Eczema but not babies. If however you do not get any advice from others on this forum to help with your baby's Eczema, I would recommend that you use this remedy as it most probably will help her in a few days.

The remedy that I have used is Arnica 6c which is given succussed in the following manner:

Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from your nearest supermarket.
Pour out 100ml
Drop in 3 pellets or 1 drop of liquid Arnica 6c into the 400ml water
Cap the bottle tightly and succuss it 4-6 times by banging on your palm and look out for the air bubbles to fizzle up from the bottom.
Give your baby just 1 teaspoonful of the water from the cup twice daily.

Stop all other medication if you use this therapy.

Please report her response in a week or earlier if she responds positively.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi, it's pretty serious and pretty sad. My daughter was like that. It took me two years to see a pattern, and stop baby food. in the baby food had orange as an ingredient. then i took her to get allergy tested, and confirmed oranges, strawberry, egg, chocolate. each one, has a better or worst reaction. I myself, after all these years, no doctor or dermatologist can help... it is absolutely food related, it doesn't matter if 'they've never heard of that before'.. they are not god... i stopped eating wheat and my adult acne started to clear up, gluten was a major factor. oatmeal creates worst acne for me.. and rice.. so when i see chinese people with terrible acne, of all the same severity, i know it is from hydrolized soy wheat protein in soy sauce or rice, the staples of their diet. Grains, sulphites, milk, scallops, all of these give me very bad eczema. I stil have not gotten an allergy test, and I'm near 40. No doctor believes me, it's crazy. DNA is individual, in the future all of these studies involving hundreds of people, will have to be abandoned, and an individual focus applied, like our fingerprint, and our ability to catch criminals, you are your DNA; I can't let doctors TRY things, and homeopathy has never worked. The very basic element, milk, that your son drinks, he may be allergic to it.
fdeen8 last decade
I would suggest trying ayurveda. The natural therapy works well for all problems plus the zero side effects is an added benefit. I had a cousin who faced similar troubles she adjusted very well to the ayurveda treatment and has recovered quite well. It was during this experience we came across ayurvaid hospitals in India. In fact my experience at ayurvaid opened my mind to a number of other ayurvedic procedures. They offer a variety of treatments along with specialised therapy messages. If interested I would recomend you to check out their site
ayurvaid4all last decade

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