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Question for Joe about Natrum Phos

Hi Joe, This is my first post on this wonderfully helpful forum. I am a 58 year old woman who has a long history of systemic mastocytosis, hypothyroid, osteoporosis, dupyutren's contracture, hiatal hernia, many serious environmental sensitivities and more. As long as I stay as far away as possible from allopathic doctors I'm doing okay.

A month ago, after probable viral pneumonia, then bronchitis and then very stubborn, violent asthma, I stumbled upon your posts about Natrum Phos, Arnica, and the relationship between Asthma and Gerd. Reading your forum discussions let me know that the double whammy asthma/gerd issue was what I was dealing with. Of course MD here, like usual, did not have a clue. I had been coughing so violently for a month that at one point there was a serious concern of vertabral compression fractures. After an xray which did show osteoporosis but thankfully no obvious fractures, I began your recommended Joepathy treatment and it worked quickly and smoothly to settle both the asthma and gerd. I have also quit coffee, quit gluten (using only brown rice and quinoa, quit sugar, and have been trying hard to stick to an alkaline diet. I'm feeling much better in many other ways also and wonder if the Arnica is successfully dealing with some of my many assorted body injuries throughout my physically active past.

My question has to do with your following statement:

Re: The Ultimate Cure for Obesity From Joe De Livera on 2004-12-28

'I wonder when Overweight becomes Obesity. I believe that both are due to the same factors and that Nat Phos 6x works for both problems'.

'My findings are that Nat Phos reduces weight by increasing the frequency of passing water which results in the weight reduction.'

I am only about ten pounds overweight so I'm sure the extra pounds will disappear as long as I stay on my strict diet and keep taking long walks with my dog, though I'm wondering if, by the increase of passing water, I could be peeing out too much of the calcium and other minerals I need for my bones/osteoporosis. I know that drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks are thought to do that.

What are your thoughts on that? Is continued use of your Natrum Phos Joepathy for gerd not recommended in cases of osteoporosis?

One other question is about Natrum Phos being used instead of the H2 blocker (zantac) that I take not for indigestion and acid but to suppress the mast cells from degranulating in my gut causing serious systemic symptoms. Do you, or anyone else reading this, happen to know of any action Natrum Phos may have on suppressing mast cells? I do also take an H1 blocker (hydroxyzine) but have refused to go near doctors who push the big guns.

I strongly respect and believe in homeopathy even though I have been dangerously super-sensitive with carefully selected remedies by homeopaths. I am so thankful that your Arnica/Nat Phos Joepathy worked swiftly without the typical bad reaction drama.

Has any other homeopath on this forum had a systemic mastocytosis patient?

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  tahbi on 2011-10-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please visit the link below and confirm that your diagnosis of systemic mastocytosis which I presume was made by competent physicians is correct:


I am glad to learn that your present condition has been helped by my Joepathy and you may like to know that I have recorded many interesting cases on my own website:


Please also list in detail the drugs that you are taking and indicate the reason for doing so with details of the time you have been on them.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Hi Joe,

Yes, I have had a confirmed, biopsied and tested case of Indolent Systemic Mastocytosis since the 1980s. I'm doing quite well and usually stable as long as I don't get stressed, keep my life free of triggers and stay away from most allopathic drugs and doctors.

I've been reading through your site for the last week and have not found the answer to my question there.

Re: The Ultimate Cure for Obesity From Joe De Livera on 2004-12-28

'My findings are that Nat Phos reduces weight by increasing the frequency of passing water which results in the weight reduction.'

By increasing passing water with Natrum Phos, could I be peeing out too much of the calcium and other minerals I need for my bones/osteoporosis. I know that drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks are thought to do that.

And, Do you, or anyone else reading this, happen to know of any action Natrum Phos 6X or other tissue salts may have on suppressing mast cells?

I look forward to hearing any thoughts from you or others on this.
tahbi 9 years ago
Sorry Joe, I did not see your last sentence in your post.

I am taking
hydroxyzine(H1 blocker) and Zantac (H2 blocker) at the lowest amount I can and have been for about 15 years. I also take 112 levothyroxine for hypothyroid and have been for twenty years although my dose is lower now.

Every morning when I wake up, I squirt pure, high quality magnesium oil in my mouth, swish it for about ten minutes and spit it out. This has been absolutely miraculous for curing five years of very severe depression and raising my almost nonexistent early morning cortisol levels and DHEA.

Magnesium taurate has also been a miracle supplement for me to stabilize the masto. I've been taking that every night before bed for about four years and it has made a huge difference.

I have been very close to death with no pulse twice from bee stings due to mastocytosis after taking the epi shot that doctors demanded I use, which I know I'm allergic to. That makes me lose conciousness and intensive care with steroids and everything bad. So after my diagnosis of serious osteoporosis I take emergency Aconite 30C, use a stinger extractor and other non-allopathic tricks and I have lived through several stings with no lasting effects.

Aconite has been an absolute life saver as I fit that picture perfectly at those times of mast cell reaction.

I have also had success with Lycopodium 30C.

I had a very bad experience with Anacardium, thiosinamininum, and others given by a homeopath here.

I've taken many different remedies over the years but Aconite has been the one that has been most profound. I remember Aurum did well for a while also, as Arsenicum.

Natrum Phos6X and Arnica30C per your Joepathy has worked very well for me for almost a week now.

Another question is.... What do I do when the 500ml bottle of Arnica is finished? I'm sucussing each dose but should I be counting how many total sucussions for the whole bottle? If I need another bottle and make it as the first one, it will not have the higher potency that I finish this bottle with.

Thank you....
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tahbi 9 years ago
Your case is indeed very complicated and it is the GERD that I consider must be controlled as it seems to my mind the possible cause of your other more profound ailments for which quite frankly, I have no experience in treating. I feel that it is essential that the drugs you mentioned, the Hydroxyzine and the PPI drug Zantac should be eliminated as they may be the cause of your other problems.

Please visit the link below to read my thoughts on the numerous pills that you are taking today which was the subject of an editorial in the Daily Mirror.


I have counted at least 7 tablets or other medication that you are taking at the moment and the idea is for you to decide in a few weeks which of these drugs are absolutely essential for your well being.

Continue with the Nat Phos / Arnica protocol and report your progress as often as you wish to enable me to keep track of your case.

Stop the PPI drug Zantac immediately.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Hi Joe,

I absolutely understand and am very aware of the pill popping culture.

Yes, Systemic Mastocytosis is very complicated. Most masto patients are on way more drugs than I. I am on the bare minimum to keep from serious mast cell degranulation and shock/vascular collapse. I am not having Gerd issues now but the Zantac is used not primarily for that but to help block the too many and too active mast cells. The H2 drug zantac is not in the same category as PPI. I know it is not good for me as far as osteoporosis goes but without it I begin having serious life-threatening flares due to the mast cells degranulating.

The drugs and supplements mentioned are the bare minimum essential for my well being. I've been dealing with this and researching for many years. I'm an independent thinker, not under the spell of modern medicine, and when I've tried to stop the H1 and H2 blockers in the past it was very bad.

When I began taking Nat Phos and Arnica a week ago, I cut the zantac dose in half.

I'm still eager to know the answers to my questions from you or anyone who may know.

Thank you...
tahbi 9 years ago
As far as I can see your only question which I had not replied was:
'Another question is.... What do I do when the 500ml bottle of Arnica is finished? I'm sucussing each dose but should I be counting how many total sucussions for the whole bottle? If I need another bottle and make it as the first one, it will not have the higher potency that I finish this bottle with. '

I know that it will be difficult to succuss the new bottle to make it up to the level of the last. In actual practice, I have not found any great difference in using the new bottle from scratch and succussing it before each dose.

Any other questions?
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Hi Joe, Thanks for your answer about sucussing. I don't really understand how Arnica could be successfully used in a weaker new bottle from scratch without taking a break from the remedy but I'll take your word for it. It certainly is easier this way.

I am trying again to wean myself off of Zantac. The problem is not the gerd issues but zantac (H2 blocker) is used in mastocytosis to lessen the degranulation of the mast cells and their released dangerous substances such as histamine, heparin, Interleukins, TNF-a... and many more. Those mediators that are realeased at a much higher degree in mastocytosis patients are the reason why osteoporosis is unfortunately often secondary to the disease as well as many other problems stemming from the degranulation of mast cells. So if I stay off the zantac and the Histamine is not controlled, I could actually cause more bone loss as well as very serious masto reactions. I know because I've tried it in the past. The zantac actually helps my brain processes by suppressing the mediators. But I'm giving it another try.

That leads me to the other question I had for you and others. Does anyone know if Natrum Phos has the ability to suppress the mast cells in the gut. I ask this because Gerd can be caused by released mast cell mediators in a person with no mastocytosis. If Natrum Phos is able to treat the Gerd symptoms, I'm wondering and hoping it may possibly have some action on mast cells.

I also want to know if the Natrum Phos action of passing more urine more frequently could lead to peeing out more important minerals such as calcium. That would not be good for my osteoporosis.

I am still on the very good diet, walking, and taking the Natrum Phos 6X and Arnica 30C wet dose.

The curious thing about the Arnica for me is that almost always I feel some kind of sensation or flushing when I take a remedy, especially in the wet dose. I have felt nothing at all with the Arnica. I do a bit with the Natrum Phos though. For me that is usually a good sign.

Best... Tahbi
tahbi 9 years ago
Our medicines don't have specific physiological effects. A homoeopathic (potentized) medicine only works on the patient's dynamic field, what we call the vital energy. This is the control system for everything else, and when it is corrected, it automatically realigns your body into a healthy state.

Once your vital energy is operating efficiently, it fixes your problems. We don't suppress symptoms, we don't create effects to counter what your body is doing out of its unhealthy state, we actually don't even specifically aim the remedy anywhere. We use the whole picture of your health to prescribe a single medicine, and this stimulates change across all levels (holistic medicine).

Nat-phos will only cure your condition if it suits the whole case. Using it just to treat one area or group of symptoms is much less effective in homoeopathy than treating the entire case (totality). When our medicines are used this way, you will see dramatic system-wide changes that will tend to remain with you, rather than need constant reapplication of the medicines.

I actually posted a thread awhile back on what to expect from homoeopathic treatment. I will post a link to it here.


David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath
Dip.Hom.Med. 1994
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Thanks for your reply, David.

I do understand that about classical homeopathy but there was something I read on Joe's posts or site that got me thinking about the Nat Phos 6x(Joepathy) in a different way.

I have had some very scary and dangerous experiences with classical homeopathic treatments. I still am a believer and highly respect it but I unfortunately do not live in an area with a large number of homeopaths, specifically one who is very experienced with extremely sensitive people who's dis-eases are incredibly complex and stubborn. I've done well on my own with acutes in available 30c potencies and some cell salts but even the homeopaths I worked with were very nervous at how my body responded.

I have been reading your cases on this forum with much respect and interest. I wish I were brave enough to try again with real classical homeopathy but I am not yet. I live alone in the country and was in serious trouble in the treatments several times. Mastocytosis seems to be a very defensive and stubborn dis-ease process.

I will continue to learn from your posts David.....Thank you..
tahbi 9 years ago
Well as long as you go into this with your eyes open then.

If you had bad reactions to remedies, it was most likely because your prescribers were not using Split dose and were being careless.

Classical homoeopathy doesn't aggravate more than any other use of our medicines - it is all about dose and frequency, and any person can misuse that unfortunately.

I am at your disposal any time you need.

brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Thanks, David.

Two of them did use the split dose and one did not. Unfortunately, their nervousness turned to arrogance when I really needed help with serious reactions/aggravations/provings?...

When you are working with a patient who should not go off a certain allopathic drug yet, how does that change your course of classical homeopathic treatment. In an ideal case obviously the patient would be on no allopathic drugs or supplements, or any other unadvised stuff so the direction and response to each chosen remedy is clear and the body is free to respond naturally without mixed messages from the other substances... but what if the person needs to be on certain drugs to avoid going into dangerous shock, etc....

tahbi 9 years ago
You treat them taking into account the effect of the drug, and look for the changes that can only be explained by our medicines (mental, emotional, spiritual or energetic). Then when it is clear the patient has genuine cure going on, you examine strategies for withdrawing the drug.

If you were still getting those reactions, then they did not know how to use split dose properly.

I remember a difficult case I had of a woman with severe chemical sensitivies and a bizarre water allergy. This sensitivity extended to the medicines, and she was almost afraid of homoeopathy (as she was of most other medicines).

I gave her Colchicum 30c, 2 succussions, 1 drop, into a full cup of water, stirred and a single teaspoon taken into the mouth.

She aggravated for 3 weeks. I had never seen anything like it.

However, she was much better after this, although we still had a way to go.

Her next dose required her to take that teaspoon out and put it in a second cup of water. She aggravated for about 3 days or so this time. The third dose we diluted it into a third cup, and she only aggravated for a few hours. The fourth dose we diluted it into a fourth cup, and this aggravated her for an hour or so. Then the last dose she needed, was diluted into the fifth cup, and she only experienced a few minutes of aggravation (minor too).

Obviously now I would start such a patient on multiple cup dilutions, rather than stepping them up this way. She was ecstatic because not only were we able to cure her disease, but homoeopathy became accessible to her again.

The Split dose, used properly, allows us to treat those patients all other dosing methods except Olfaction, cannot.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Thanks so much, David! Wonderful story that gives me hope. I can really relate to the severe chemical sensitivities! In 2005 I flared so badly at the onset of menopause as well as several awful emotional things that happened one after the other, that I would react severely to anything I put into my mouth immediately. Even a tiny bite of plain, organic rice cake. At one point I began getting shocky and passing out when my saliva started flowing even before any food at all was in my mouth. An acupuncturist got me through that tough time but it was very scary for both her and me.

One of the homeopaths I worked with did do the dosing in several cups like for your sensitive patient.

The worst reaction from the many different remedies with a different homeopath was to Anacardium... I think it was LM. It was intensely emotional and I felt very violent to myself and others. I was close to suicide I think. I then began to react bad physically and finally antidoted. Too many people read about homeopathy on poorly written, inaccurate web pages and think no harm can come from dosing themselves with remedies. Not True!!! It is powerful stuff and it takes so much more than just training and experience to come to a cure in long standing, complex chronic cases...... You must have so much patience along with the gift of real listening to the patient and your own grounded intuition. You seem to have that...

Thanks for the post...
tahbi 9 years ago
It is very important to do the dosing accurately and carefully, to really get the results from Split Dosing. I notice many people using diluted doses, but then giving the patient far too much of it which cancels out any possible benefit (getting them to drink the entire cup in small amounts for instance, which amounts to multiple doses taken over a short space of time). It is not just the number of cups you use, but the number of hits of the bottle which must be carefully counted and adjusted.

How many doses of Anacardium LM did you end up taking before getting this reaction? How many drops and how many hits of the bottle were you doing?
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brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Hi David,

I can't really remember the details as it was several years ago. I remember the cups, the sucussing and the very scary reaction when I felt I was going to kill my puppy so I would kill myself first. It was awful and the response of the homeopath was even worse. He basically acted like I was a nut case even though it was his remedy that did that to me. I also remember an inguinal hernia popped out on my left side at the exact same time which lasted for about two years. I had been born with a right inguinal hernia which had been repaired before I was able to have babies. I know.... rare in girls.

The next homeopath I had high hopes for. There were so many various acutes popping up at that time though that he kept switching remedies and my masto started flaring like crazy. There were sucussions and cups, and I remember Aurum doing the most good at that time but it was short lived. Again, he seemed overwhelmed and angry with me for not responding the way he thought I should. GRRRRR

My first homeopath seemed well trained in classical homeopathy at the time and did a very good, comprehensive case taking session. This was in the early 1990s right before the mastocytosis was diagnosed and the first dramatic symptoms were stroke-like up and down my right side. I had no use of my right leg and it was thought that I had MS, brain tumor, ALS, and more. He gave me dry doses of mercury and it was miraculous almost immediately with feeling my right leg and able to stand on it but it seemed my own body would antidote it each time after a few days. I would then enter into a very dangerous mastocytosis flare even though I did not know what it was yet. He lost patience with me also because my body did not follow the rules he thought it should... basically I freaked him out. That was my first experience with homeopathy.

I kept coming back to it though. It really made sense to me even though I was not responding well.

tahbi 9 years ago
With so much pathology in your case, unfortunately whoever gets to treat you sounds like they would be in for a hard time.

I have lots of experience with patients like you - they don't freak me out. I see them more of a challenge to my abilities and a chance to learn something (hopefully they get better in the process).

You are not alone in having these kind of experiences.

Well I won't harass you anymore - every patient teaches me something so I am always keen to know details.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
You certainly are not harassing me, David. I value the conversation and will keep you in mind. I'm way more stable than I used to be, even if superficially, so the thought of opening up to more drama and confusion right now is more than I can handle. I suppose it would take several years of treatment by a homeopath like yourself to unwrap the onion. It's good for me to read the cases here but there does not seem to be great resolution with the chronic cases with so much pathology. I do understand that this forum is hardly the ideal venue but it concerns me. I wish I could read of those complex cases like mine.... It could reassure me that it would not be an endless roller coaster of body and mind drama. Although I am on the few drugs still, I'm on an excellent, clean diet and in a very stable mind set. I think I'm just very nervous of falling in the can of worms.

I will continue to read your cases and the others on this forum, as well as do Joe's Joepathy with Natrum Phos 6x and wet dose of Arnica 30c for now because it does seem to be helping me.

Thanks again.... Tahbi
tahbi 9 years ago
Use the link I posted above to measure your progress though - that is important. Keep an eye out for suppression - you don't want to make yourself incurable.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Will do, David. I just read it again and it's excellent.

To be honest, I do feel that the osteoporosis is incurable and the domino effect scares me. I know that homeopathy should deal with the source of it, but that source is mostly a DNA issue in me that has made me have too many, too active mast cells which release many chemicals that cause osteoporosis on their own, even if I were not a postmenopausal woman. I don't understand how homeopathy can cure something that is so deep. If it can, please explain.

Homeopathy can not turn a person with Down's Syndrome into one with the right number of chromosomes but can probably deal with many of the health issues that arise because of the Down's syndrome. So how would you go about dealing with the osteoporosis if the too many mast cells are just doing what they are programed to do? Is homeopathy powerful enough to go back in time and re-set my DNA? I wish it were!

Sorry to go on and on about this but these are questions I have had for a long time. This is why I have only used acutes since the bad experiences with the other homeopaths. How powerful is homeopathy when the deepest layer may be from before birth?

I would like to hear from all of the homeopaths about this. I'm very curious. Is it wrong of me to think it can not go to such a deep source of the dis-ease?
tahbi 9 years ago
If the body can cure it, if it is curable, then homoeopathy can cure it. While there is life there is hope, as the saying goes. Homoeopathy activates the healing potential of the organism to the highest degree. If it cannot be cured, because the complaint is too old, the person no longer growing and changing (ie. height in an adult or the shape of the face in Down's Syndrome, or lack of limbs even in other genetic disorders), then no, homoeopathy cannot help.

But it leaves many things curable by homoeopathy that are not curable from any other therapy's perspective. The vital energy has supreme sway over the functions of the body. If it can be done, your simillimum can do it.

Yes your DNA can be reset, as long as the changes do not mean completely changing the physical structure of your body - but parts of it, like organs that grow and regenerate, absolutely can and will change under treatment. Anything that is constantly being renewed or replenished, can heal.

Everything is built around the energy imprint. Homoeopathy definitely confirms that for us. When you change the energy, you can change what forms around it. Whether or not the practitioner has the skill to do that - well that is another matter entirely.

Many people who prescribe homoeopathy have no faith in it, limit themselves, our remedies and the patients they treat to superficial, partial results. Homoeopathy is capable of so much more than that, of minor miracles in fact. Can you get that miracle, that is the real question. Have other people got them - our literature over hundreds of years says yes.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Wonderful post, David. Thank you!

I'm trying to find such challenging but cured cases online to read. Most of what I find is not so chronic and old. If anyone can point me to links where I can read of highly complex, long-time chronic cases, I would be very appreciative.

I am just 1/2' shorter so there is hope, I hope!
tahbi 9 years ago
Probably the best ones are contained in books that are not available on line. I have also seen a number of those cases at seminars - c-ancer cases and such. I will look around to see if any are available online though.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Thank you, David.

I continue to use the Arnica 30C wet dose with 6 sucussions each time and Nat Phos 6x after eating a few times a day.

Joe or David.... For three days now my neck has been sore. It is the back of my neck and seems to be coming from my spine, spreading up to the base of my scull and out towards my shoulders. It is worse with sitting and feels weak with my head heavy and flopping way more forward. In addition to my assorted complex pathology my whole life, I had also been very active as a self-employed landscape gardener, figure and speed skater, mountain sports and hiking, and more... with frequent mostly minor injuries until 20 years ago when my right shoulder/back injuries seemed to begin a cascade of more chronic musculoskeletal problems. I had always worked and played with gusto to keep my emotional thoughts away so I often over-did the physical and loved the feeling of adrenalin which I miss so much now.

So, How do I know if the neck discomfort now is the Arnica working on old stuff or just part of my smorgasbord of body aches and pains? I went to my very gifted kinesiologist/chiropractor yesterday and was surprised when she said structurally I looked good (rare feedback!) but my pancreas points were active.

How do we tell if our symptoms are good aggravations from the remedy or just the ongoing ache of the day?

I also notice that the acid reflux and cough has come back, but no where as severe as it had been before the Nat Phos. Our recent gift of more summer-like dry, sunny weather has also changed to typical US northeast Autumn- rainy, chilly and gloomy. It was about then that this neck issue appeared.

Thanks.... Tahbi
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tahbi 9 years ago
Hi Joe and/or David,

I had been doing very wellphysically and emotionally with the Nat Phos 6X and Arnica 30C wet dose 2 times per day, until our weather grew colder and rainy the last few days. The coughing and reflux seemed to come back a bit with the weather change but felt better again early this morning.

But this morning I felt I was slipping into a depression which was feeling too much like the old stuff compared to a lightness since beginning the Joepathy. So I took the first dose of Arnica, sucussing 8 times rather than the 6 I had been doing and my mood improved greatly over the next hour while I took my dog for a brisk two mile walk. As soon as the walk ended and I got back in my car I began sneezing, which is not common for me. Now, seven hours later, I am stuffy and feeling like I'm coming down with a cold in my nose and chest. I don't often catch colds but my last one, one and a half months ago, was a doozy with bad sickness with fever, probable viral pneumonia, then bronchitis, and ended in the stubborn asthma/gerd combo that brought me to this forum.

I am assuming this is a good sign since that was my most recent obvious physical issue other than the deep, chronic ones, but since I'm following Joepathy rather than classical homeopathy I'm not sure what to do now.

Any thoughts?

tahbi 9 years ago
Joepathy follows the rules for Palliation - improvement followed by aggravation. Homoeopathy of course follows the opposite - aggravation followed by improvement.

I am only giving you my understanding from the homoeopathic perspective of course so keep that in mind.

If you are being cured, then old symptoms can resurface as part of that cure. This should mean that afterwards you will be better (and not need the medicine continuously). It is possible that you have only just got enough of those remedies to trigger the healing crisis. However the crisis should not be continuous, and it should result in better health for you.

On the other hand, palliation often seems quite positive in the beginning, although it comes without the initial worsening usually, which for homoeopaths is the sign that the remedy is curing.

Palliation must be maintained by constant redosing. After a period of time palliation will cease to be effective, as it has not cured the underlying cause, although as new medicines and higher doses or more frequent dosing is applied, the effect can be prolonged. This is exactly the same as in many other medical systems,orthodox and otherwise (allopathic, antipathic).

After some time, Palliation will become suppression. This means the energy that is creating those symptoms, continues to try to do so until they have been blocked for long enough. Then that energy will redirect to other weak spots - other symptoms will worsen, or new symptoms will appear. Since the vital energy is already attempting to keep your disease at the safest spot, it must now choose the next line of defence, which is often deeper inside, in a somewhat worse position (skin becomes a lung problem, URT problem becomes an emotional one etc).

So the important thing is to watch the direction that things move in. If more superficial symptoms become more serious ones, this is the wrong direction. If serious ones become more superficial ones this is the right direction. Cure always moves from within out, from more important locations to less important ones, REGARDLESS of the way in which any medicine is administered (nature's law of cure).

Again, from the homoeopathic perspective, if a medicine is creating a healing crisis, you would stop until it is over, since taking more will just intensify that.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago

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