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Curious to know if you take a remedy of 30c and you need to antidote it with another remedy do you have to take the same potency (30c) in that remedy or would a remedy strength of 6c/LM/X potency be ok to antidote.
  kohler on 2012-05-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You will get different answers on this.

I read you can antidote with a 6c if
you took higher, and I read you can
antidote with camphor mother tincture
( don't know how to dose that though)

Brisbane homeopath will say you cannot
antidote you need another remedy
that has the symptoms of what you
are trying to antidote.

Personally I get a massage to antidote
a remedy, it works for me.
simone717 last decade
Why do you need to antidote? Are you sure that it is antidoting that is needed?

The same remedy will almost never be capable of antidoting - not never, but it is very rare.

Antidoting can only be done via the law of similars, that is the symptoms the patient is displaying would lead you to the remedy (the basis of homoeopathy). Using the same medicine is called isopathy and is not all that reliable unless used in particular ways.

Typically taking the same potency of the same remedy will just make the reaction worse. Taking lower or higher potencies will have unpredictable effects - sometimes it appears to modify the reaction (probably because the potency is more appropriate for the patient) and sometimes it creates more aggravation.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Calc carb - it's given me the problem of a 'flabby' tummy - although I bloat it was never flabby - kali bich when prescribed for sinus years ago did the same. I have enough stomach problems at the moment without it being 'flabby' and want to know how to reverse this.
kohler last decade
Can't contact homeopath at the moment.

I have been putting albas oil on my tissue and sniffing thoughout the day - will this antidote and drinking strong black coffee
kohler last decade
Camphor is an antidote to all homeopathic medicines, but you have to lubricate the entire body with camphor oil or ointment. You can also try the homeopathic camphor, such as 6C.

Parakletos last decade
So if I get some cream that has camphor in and put it on the body so that my body absorbs it I can antidote this and will this take me to where I was before I took the remedy
kohler last decade
How long ago did you take Calc-carb? If it is more than a few weeks, then you cannot antidote as the remedy has already ceased working. Anything that remains is now being caused by your own vital energy not a remedy.

If that is the case then the change may be permanent without getting proper homoeopathic treatment for it.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Two days ago so hopefully I can do something to stop its actions.

How soon do you need to start applying an antidote to stop its effects - am I catching this quick enough.

Would nux help.
kohler last decade
Or what would you suggest if I now need something.

Have to admit that I tried to antidote less than 24 hours after I took the remedy because I hated the way it made me bad tempered
[message edited by kohler on Mon, 14 May 2012 08:01:41 BST]
kohler last decade
2 days is not long, if the remedy is actually creating some effect it will probably wear off by itself.

Who prescribed Calc-carb? What other effects has it had? Has there been any positive result? How many doses did you take? How did you administer the doses? What exactly is a 'flabby' stomach?

You will run into trouble if you just start taking more and more remedies. Each one can have its own set of side effects. Homoeopathy is powerful and needs to be respected.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
So will the effects of the remedy not be permanent or long lasting. On-line homeopath prescribed and I've said it before but not doing this again.

I only took one dose of 30c in glass of water with teaspoon out. Within an hour the bad temper was there and I was very quick and sharp with people around me (not good as one was my 92 year old mum and I feel terrible that I was so sharp with her - have to live with that I guess). Really bad headache that night and since I took it I've had nausea and headache - nothing good has come out of it - the tummy looks like it has 'loose flesh' which wasn't there before - I bloat but never had the appearance like it has now.

I'm just hoping that because I tried to antidote with olbas oil early Sunday morning (took remedy 4 pm Saturday) that I actually managed to stop some of the bad effects.

No positive effects.

Do you think I've managed to save the situation - will the effects of the 30c be stopped and not permanent.
kohler last decade
Feel like I've gone up in size - all over.
kohler last decade
Feel like I've gone up in size - all over
kohler last decade
Aggravations normally take place for several days after the dose, sometimes as long as a week or two. A 'bad effect' on a remedy can actually be part of the cure, since most often a remedy will make you noticeably worse before you get better. You would not see postive results within the first 3 days for chronic cases. Quite the opposite.

Again I ask, why do you need to antidote so early in to treatment - are you willing to antidote any curative effect it might have too?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
No but it does worry me that the flabbiness could be permanent.

I read a long time ago that if calc carb wasn't the correct remedy that weight gain could be permanent. I have had a full case taken and this was prescribed but I just hate the way I'm feeling today and the last two days especially when I've got an interview.

My weight I'm trying to reduce so going up the last two days is a worry that it could be perm. And the nausea, bad temper and headache hasn't helped.

So is this one dose permanent?
kohler last decade
You can use any of these medicines as Antidote to Calc Carb depending on symptoms:

Camphor, Ipecac, Nux Vomica, Nitric Acid
AsadGhumman last decade
Thank you Asad I gather you are also homeopath - I've got nux 6c would that do it and how would I take it?
kohler last decade
So I take it then you don't trust the homoeopath who took your case, and you don't really trust homoeopathy either. If you have no patience or committment to go through the process it might be best if you choose another style of medicine.

You clearly don't understand much about how this works. I would suggest you educate yourself rather than panicking like this and possibly ruining any hope you might have of being cured.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I do understand homeopathy and I do understand how bad aggravations can be too because I've had a few and a few that have been so bad I've lost days at work.

Don't you judge me when you know nothing about me I find your tone at times quite rude and I really don't care if I get banned from this forum for saying that - but Ive read your replies to others before and wonder how they've not said anything about your rudeness. I didn't ask you to answer my post as there are other good homeopaths on this site and if you feel that about my posting - don't reply!

What I probably don't trust and won't do it again is on-line prescribing!
kohler last decade
So I have offended you. Well I still believe you really need to learn more about how homoeopathy works, instead of reaching for new remedies whenever you get an aggravation. My suggestion was not meant to be rude but constructive. Educate yourself, so that you understand what is likely to happen, why it is happening, and so you do not get in the way of your own treatment. Homoeopathy is difficult to do, both for practitioner and patient. Aggravations are a part of the cure. Dosage is how we manage it. Patience is the key to getting to that cure. You probably should learn more about dosage if you get alot of serious aggravations (serious would be those that last more than 7 days). Dosage allows us to manage and help oversensitive patients.

You will not likely eliminate all aggravation though. It is part of homoeopathy.

You are hardly going to get banned for saying I am rude - I know I can be at times. I have spent 20 years defending homoeopathy, teaching it, practicing it, living and breathing it. The internet generally makes a mockery of it and I find it hard to hold my tongue.

So I gave my advice - you are being impatient at this stage and should expect your state to be worsening. If you start swallowing new remedies now then you will never know if Calc-carb can cure you. You may even avoid it for the rest of your life, and if it is your simillimum, that would be a terrible tragedy.
[message edited by brisbanehomoeopath on Mon, 14 May 2012 13:13:29 BST]
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I won't avoid homeopathy but I do agree - I need to see one face to face instead of doing it on line.

However, I have taken your comments on board.
kohler last decade
Kohler: As I suggested several possible medicines & told you to antidote calc carb as per your symptoms. But analysing the symptoms & selecting appropriate medicines is not a simple job. I would suggest you to see a homeopath face to face or stick to Brisbane's advice. He is more much more experienced than most of the homeopaths out there. Gudluck!
AsadGhumman last decade
Thanks Asad - I've taken all comments on board and will just sit it out - maybe there is a positive to come out of this after a few days - if not then I'll have to seek help to get rid of the bad bits.
kohler last decade
I know when you say use an antidote the same strength i.e. took 30c antidote with 30c.

What would happen if you took an antidoting remedy of 6c
kohler last decade
Also curious to know how long/duration - 30 c calc carb lasts.

6 days after taking the remedy I seem to be having an aggravation this morning- i.e. sweating the cold, shaky, panicky, irregular heart beat - is this calc and is it normal?
[message edited by kohler on Thu, 17 May 2012 07:13:27 BST]
kohler last decade

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