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Child Eczema

My daughter is almost two years old and suffers from eczema since she was one month old.

The first symptoms suddenly appeared on a hot summer day when she got overheated.

Right now she has red patches behind her knees and on her neck fold. She keeps scratching those areas periodically. Other areas of her skin that don't seem to be affected may also itch. Her genitals itch as well.

Symptoms are aggravated by heat, and possibly by water and contact with air (when she is in long pants, she scratches less). Also, worse on going to bed ~9:30pm.

Foods she likes: Meat, fish, grapes, pickles, cucumbers, cereal.
Foods she dislikes: spicy, onions, broccoli

Mind: Hot tempered. Everything must be her way, otherwise she'll scream and be in hysteria. Social, happy, and energetic when she is well rested and feeling good. Very vivid facial expressions. Attached to father.

Other health issues: food/environmental allergies, stuffy nose, lots of mucus in the nose and throat, wheezing with every cold virus, frequent ear infections.

Gave her Sulphur 30C for 5 days twice daily. Symptoms aggravated on a third day, followed by slight improvements, then the itch became worse again. The weather is very hot now, so it is hard to tell what aggravated the symptoms.

The mucus in her nose seemed to decrease after this remedy, but the nose became stuffy.

It's been a week since the last dose, and I don't see an improvement.

What should I do next?
I will appreciate any suggestions!
  koketka on 2012-07-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Right ear, left side of neck and always a red spot on a left cheek.
koketka last decade
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks a lot, Varun!
I will follow your suggestions. What if I find those medicines only in pellets?
koketka last decade
Dear Varun,

I could not find Lachesis 200c, I found Lachesis 30c and Lyco 200c both in pellets. Do you think Lachesis 30C will help? If not, I will order from this website.

I also have a few concerns...
Homeopathy is new to me as it is not widespread in the US. However, in the past week I read a lot about it online and I am afraid of the aggravations the high potency medicine may cause... but if you assure me that this is the right medicine for my daughter, I will go for it.
Reading this forum, I also had an impression that each homeopath would prescribe different remedies, and even if you stick to one homeopath, it takes a very long time to find the right remedy. Is it true? From your experience how long does if take to cure a chronic disease like eczema?

We went to see an allergologist last week and she prescribed us two allergy medications (for stuffy nose and itchy skin) for two weeks. Can I combine allopatic medications with homeopathy?

Just in case...I would like to give you more info about my daughter:
She gets scared when strangers come to house, but she is not scared to approach any stranger on a street. She is not shy.
She gets angry and would hit me hard when I say 'no' to her. She would close or roll her eyes (like a teenager) when I critisize her. Sometimes would smile when I yell at her. Never listens to anyone. Likes freedom, and likes to do everything by herself.
She doesn't like to play outside when it's hot (not even too hot).

Thank you for your readiness to help!
koketka last decade
Thanks for your prompt response.
I ordered the remedies and will keep you posted.
koketka last decade
Hello Varun,
I gave my daughter the first dose of Lyco 200c and Lachesis 200c on Friday evening, July 13. Here are the changes that I observed:

Fiday night- No changes

Day1- No changes

Day2- Doesn't drink, doesn't want to eat liquid foods (soups that she likes), eats less in general.
At ~6pm she woke up after a nap crying. She was hungry and I gave her soup. She was eating slowly pointing on her neck and never stopped crying. Crying for an hour for no apperent reason is very unusual, so she must have had a neck or throat pain!
At ~8pm - success with the toilet for the first time!
In the middle of the night she woke up crying, which is unusual, then returned back to sleep in a few minutes.

Day3- scratching mostly the neck. Doesn't drink water.

Day4- attention span is longer (builds cars from LEGO).
Success with the toilet.
Doesn't want to drink.
Falling asleep was difficult. Again, woke up at night.

Day5- neck is clear of eczema! No more neck scratching, but instead she starts scratching wrists and elbow folds.
Success with the toilet.

In summary, the remedies somewhat affected her mentally. Physically, except for what I mentioned above, I didn't notice any improvements in eczema. Her knee folds and legs look pretty bad and her itch is as usual.
The stuffy nose problem has resolved before I gave her this remedy (maybe it was viral). The runny nose, which she had all the time, improved after I gave her Sulphur30c a few weeks ago.

What are my next steps? Please advise...

Best wishes,
koketka last decade
If it does not help. Talk to me regarding using flower remedies.
amy cohen, strongestminds
Paintedcreation1 last decade
Hello Varun,
The previous week, after the second dose, passed with no changes. I gave her the third dose and will patiently wait for improvements...

I have a cream made from calendula officinalis 1x0.9% v/w (it says on it 'homeopathic', but I am not sure whether you consider it as homeopathic)-- may I apply it for eczema skin while taking homeopathic medicine?
koketka last decade
Varun... my daughter had definitely grown mentally in the last few weeks :)

I am only applying pure petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on her legs, and when the skin is inflamed or too irritated, I apply sea buckthorn oil (reduces redness and heals the skin).

I bought pellets. I follow your instructions to give the medicine: 2 pellets of each in 1/4 cup of water, let dissolve, stir slowly 4 times, give 1 tsp, discard the rest.

It is hard to answer your question right now (and no, I don't find it stange at all!)... I need some time to observe, so please give me couple of days.

Best regards,
koketka last decade
What you just mentioned about the cure path from top to bottom, gives me hope because the eczema on her neck and cheek has already gone.
It's a pitty that I only see my daughter late evenings and weekends because I work all day. It makes me hard to observe her and notice the little details...
koketka last decade
Varun, this is regarding your question... when she is resting in bed, she is on her back (never on belly), lifting her legs up, but not moving her toes much.
Actually, what you ask about is what I do sometimes- move my toes rapidly for a few seconds for no reason mostly when I am in bed. If this is what you mean... my daughter doesn't do this.
koketka last decade
I started noticing improvements in eczema on legs about a week ago. Now, the area behind the knees, which was the worst, almost cleared up :)! She still scratches other areas of her legs (upper legs), but much less...
I gave my her the fourth dose on Saturday morning and right after that, she complained about her neck. She pointed on her neck, said that it hurts, and started to put cream on it by herself:). The rest of the day she felt good and behaved as usual. At night she woke up crying (she never cries at night), I held her for five or ten minutes and she returned back to sleep. Just to remind you, she experienced these two symptomps after the first dose only, but the neck pain was worse the first time.
I am really happy to see the eczema improving, but what concerns me is the constipation and the lack of appetite (perhaps, one causes the other) since I started with the treatment. In the last couple of days, constipation was the worst.
Do you think it is the remedy that causes constipation and lack of appetite? If so, is it temporary or not?

Thank you!!!
koketka last decade
Dear Varun,
It's been ten days since the fourth dose and there are some important changes that began right after that dose. Although discouraging... but I am still hopefull...
As I said before, after the third dose, about two weeks ago I started noticing improvements in eczema, and by the time I had to introduce the next dose, the eczema on legs improved by ~90%. Unfortunately, after the fourth dose, the inflamation on skin started increasing again, the red spots on legs, which almost disappeared, became vivid again. However, my daughter's reaction is now different! Her itch did not seem to increase, but the area behind her knees is now painful or burning. She points at this area and says 'hurts'. She doesn't let me touch this area and put ointment on it. The sea buckthorn oil, which helped reduce the redness doesn't help anymore. Also, if wearing long pants helped with the itchiness and sctatching before, now it doesn't matter.
We took her for allergy testing last week and she tested positive in a mild form for milk, eggs, and shelfish, and in a strong-severe form to nuts. The doctor was concerned about the appearance of her legs, so I started applying a steroid ointment once a day to prevent skin infection.
The skin now looks better again.
I will stop the steroid and will give her the fifth dose of lyco. and lach.
koketka last decade
Varun, my daughter fell a day before yesterday and injured her right arm. She was in pain and unable to use her arm, so I gave her Arnica 30c this morning (and I think it reduced the pain), instead of sixth dose of Lyco snd Lach. I know it's wrong to give other homeopathic medicine...but what should I do?
She also developed an ear infection (found out today) and had two asthmatic episodes in the past two weeks...
Can I use Arnica again if she is in pain? When should I give her the sixth dose of Lyco and Lach?
koketka last decade

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